Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 4, 2016

What a long day! Very rainy today. Scary on the road when you barely have brakes and the car wants to die ... Hopefully, tomorrow part of that will be solved ... if the car part arrived. Haven't heard from my cousin, yet.

I got two more chicks on my way home today. I should have got them yesterday. I wanted to get a Brahma, but they were already sold out today ... so, I got one Golden Lace Wyandotte (which I wanted) and one Brown Danish Leghorn. They are already settled in with full tummies.
 Golden Lace Wyandotte (left) and Brown Danish Leghorn - 2 days old
Ameracaunas - 2 weeks old.

I had a nice surprise in the mail - a patronage refund for last year from my co-op. Almost $70! Plus, a $5 coupon on meat. Spent it on food, of course.

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