Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6, 2016

Cages are cleaned, critters are fed. I have 2 rabbits to butcher, but can't do that until after my cousin comes to work on the car ... still waiting. It's going to be after dinner before I can get to the rabbits, at this rate ... it's also about to rain, so I'm going to have to bring them back in the house ... ugh.

And, my mom has the TV on too loud ... again ... she's watching The Tingler ... lots of screaming.

Yep. Rain ...

Crap. If I realized he'd be this late, I would've done the rabbits already ... I just didn't want to have to stop in the middle of a mess ...

Well, crap ... new part is in the car; check engine light is off (YAY!!) ... can't figure out why it has been running so rough and dying at stops this past week. It is not idling right ... so, tomorrow, I'll be taking it to cousin's house and getting my old car (he still hasn't sold it ...) to use while he tries to figure out the problem ... gah! One thing after another ...

Now, to rest for a bit before I start slaughtering bunnies. ;)

Only got one bunny done. The other got a reprieve ... I'm not very fast at the whole process, so starting later than planned kind of made it impossible to get them both done before dinner ... :/ Oh, well ...

But, I did get Patty and her babies moved into the bigger cage this morning!
They are 3½ weeks old.

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