Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 12, 2016

Easy work day today. Three quick 'in-and-out' stores. Stopped at GoodWill on the way home and found a big parrot cage for $9.99! Two of my doves will have a new room! Need to clean it out tomorrow.

Today's to-do list:
100 jumps on the trampoline - done
Recycle ink cartridges and batteries - done!
Surface clean Papa's icebox - done
List sorted VHS tapes on eBay - done
Taxes!!!! - tried/failed, on the list for tomorrow

Spent the past hour cleaning the old ice box. Slowly prepping it to get a new paint job. It is a mess. My mom says it still worked when Papa died (in 1969.) But, once my dad got a hold of it, it's life was over. He just shoved it in our garage and just filled it with his car junk. Not sure what he did with the wiring (I kind of remember it having the cord and plug when I was little) ... :( Since I've had it, it's just been sitting on the deck being useless ... so, I am going to fix it up and use it to store some of my critters supplies - in the house! I'd love to have it re-wired, but doubt I'll ever be able to. Needs new door gaskets, too. But, I have the sandpaper and the paint, and can get it looking a lot spiffier!
The outside of the door is in the worst shape, as far as rust.
Ice box drain pans - the block of ice would sit on this and the thin piece slid in front to hold it in place.
The block of ice would go on top and the foodstuffs would go on the bottom. The wire shelves are missing. Who knows what my dad did to them ... :/
Inside of door is in good shape and the latch still works perfectly.
I think there must have been an expiration date on this. Lots of rust, now.
Wish I could find a year on this. I think it is from the 1940s, but have to research it more.
The back is in pretty good shape.
Didn't take a pic of the other side or the bottom.
The top isn't too bad.
Ice Cooling Appliance corporation logo.
Several lots of VHS tapes listed on eBay - tell your friends!
First lot
Second lot
Third lot
Last lot, for now
I tried to do my taxes online, like I have for as long as it's been an option. The free sites no longer allow you to enter the info for 1099-MISC! You have to upgrade and pay! Sucks. And, what I did fill out was not showing my deathcare penalty! I know I owe, but it wasn't deducting it from my refund! AARRGH. So, I guess I have to print out the forms and fill everything out by hand ... tomorrow ...

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