Friday, April 15, 2016

April 15, 2016


Finally, got the form to print out for the CA. taxes. I get a whole $9.00 back. The state has a real racket going with the forms this year. You have to round the dollar. I should be getting $9.21 back! :/ I'll mail it in the morning.

Starting to put the new chicken coop together that is going to go in the yard. It has wheels! This is the one I got:

Merry Pet Habitat Coop for Chickens

I got mine at OSH, on sale. And, mine has wheels at one end, so it can be moved.
Most of this has to be put together outside, but it is far too windy for me, right now. Damn north wind is blowing pollen everywhere! But, I am going to start on the smaller parts - wheels, doors, etc. I can't leave it leaning around my craft table and sewing machine. I have quilts and other things to make!

Noone proof-read the instructions ... axel! Arghhhhh!

I got one wall done. It only has a 2-hole nest box, but there is still enough room in the finished coop for 3 hens. The 3-hole coop was just too big for our tiny yard. And, this one can be pulled up and down the steps to the deck, if necessary. So glad it has wheels. It is around 100 lbs. when finished. I am going to caulk it and spray it in clear paint when I am finished. I want this thing to last. And, be fairly easy to clean. I need to get the paint tomorrow or Monday. I have plenty of caulking, though. I hope to have the older chicks moved into it by the end of next week.
In other news, I got the last piece of fabric for the gift I am making. And, I got black burlap to make a shade for the deck, to hopefully block the sun-glare off the noisy neighbor's carport awning. It blinds us when we are at the kitchen sink or out on the deck. JoAnn's has some great 50% off coupons this week. Got a bunch of craft stuff the past two days to keep me and my mom busy for a while!

Tomorrow morning I am going to TROTR for the first time since my car issues. I didn't want to take the little car there due to all the muddy ruts in their driveway when we were having all those rains. I would've gotten stuck! I miss those horses! Teresa wants to go with me and check it out to see if she might want to volunteer. It's nice that we are neighbors now, rather than her living across town. She is just 3 doors down, now.

I can't believe it's time for the Scottish Games at the fairgrounds again! I want to go! It is on the 23rd. Have to make the time. It's been years since we went ... 5 or 6, I think.

Had to clip the three oldest chicks wings again (one wing on each chick gets trimmed.) The feathers had really grown out since the first time they were done.

Well, I just couldn't leave it alone! The coop is half-done, now. I may need to ask neighbor Martin to help me get it over to my back yard, behind the shed before I put the roof and run on, tomorrow. It's now out on the deck.
 Nature itself is the best physician. - Hippocrates

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