Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 16, 2016

I did it. I built a chicken coop. hahaha. It is done and in the yard. Nikky approved of it. But, I know when the chicks are in it, she will have to be watched so she doesn't dig at the wire.
Nikky checking out the coop.
It was too late to set it up for the chickies right now. I had to stop and have dinner. In the morning I will make sure the bottom edge is on level ground and then put in the hay, food, water and chicks! They are upset because they have been in the little coop on the deck most of the day ... I didn't want them to be loose in the yard while I was gone today. After I volunteered at TROTR, I came home and put them up because my mom wanted to go shopping - my mom needed more yarn! I started working on the new coop as soon as we came home from shopping.

I over-did it today ...

Oh. My car is totally legal now! Finally got the sticker in the mail and put it on my license plate. So, Monday, I just have to stop by a local police station and have them check that I did it and remove my 'fix it' ticket.

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