Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 9, 2016

It's been a rainy, lazy day today.
Took my mom yarn-shopping, again. There's just not a good selection around here. We went to JoAnn's, Michael's and, ... WalMart :(. She found 4 skeins that were close enough to what she wanted. I found a couple of bias tape makers (½-inch and 1-inch), and a diamond shape form for the quilts I am going to make. I had 40% off coupons for almost everything. Found nothing at WalMart, as I expected. I hate shopping there, anyway. This town really needs a yarn shop!
And, I dropped off some small appliances that no longer work at the Bulky Waste Drop-Off Event.
Came home and ate, and fed all the critters their lunch-snack.
Still raining. Love it!
I have a jigsaw puzzle I've been working on to finish. It's been on the big table for over a month. Just hadn't been in the mood to make it. But, I want to get started on the quilts I want to make and need the table space to do it. I have a gift to make. And, I want to make some replicas of the tied star-panel quilts that were made for me when I was born. Three were made, but one was worn out years ago. The one on my bed, I hope to repair. The one on my mom's bed is still in pretty good shape. My grandma's friend, Mrs. Nellie Blizzard, made them by hand in 1963. I'm mostly going to machine-sew mine. They will be 100% cotton. I found rolls of cotton batting at JoAnn's that I will get in about a month. I have almost all the fabric I want to use. Just need to decide on the solid base color that will be on the back and on the front borders. The originals are pink ... don't want pink.
This is the one on my bed. One of the edges needs to be re-sewn and a lot of the ties need to be replaced.
The size of the quilts has 4 star panels by 3 star panels. They were made for twin beds, but fit perfectly on the top of a full-size bed (edge-to-edge, with no over-hang.) The only thing I'm having difficulty finding is the cotton crochet thread that was used for the ties. I'll have to search online for that. All I find around here is the thin tatting crochet thread or regular cotton yarn and twine. That's not what I need ... :/

Oh, we moved the bucks back into the house yesterday, before I left for work! Yay! My mom realized that the deck is just not set up for them. And, she kept saying they were not happy out there ... which is true. They kept thumping at night, which is a warning ... I think the stray cats were bugging them, plus, they were cold. Basically, thumping is a sign that a rabbit is very unhappy about something. They have not thumped once since they've been back inside. I know ... spoiled babies! :)

Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons,
It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.

~ Walt Whitman

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