Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 14, 2016

I sure have been lax on blogging. Just don't seem to be in the mood for it, sometimes.
It's been a really busy few weeks with work and that has really tired me out, that's for sure. So many insane projects with unattainable (almost) end dates. But, I am caught up on them. Which is good, as there will be corporate walk-throughs soon. Hate those, as there is always a rush to make sure everything is 'perfect'. On top of all the projects!

I've been spending far too much money on stuff from the craft stores ... mostly JoAnn's since I get so many great coupons to use - 40, 50, 60% off! But, I have everything (almost!!) to make 3 quilts and a few other things I want to do.

I have to wait on a part for my Domestic machine and get a spool of teal cotton thread (I thought I had one!) before I can continue on the baby quilt I'm making. The part should arrive next week.

Just got finished fixing my fence to block off one of my entrances that we never use, but all delivery men think is the main entrance! They are always coming up the steps and dropping packages on my deck. So, now, they can't even get to the steps! So there! ;) We haven't used that as an entrance the entire time we've lived here.
This is temporary. I will be getting a post to make this more permanent. It's just wired together right now.

I'm finally seriously considering changing my email client! Incredimail has been great over the years, but it is no longer really functional for me. All it does is bounce around and freeze up. Very frustrating. I'm considering Thunderbird (again). I tried Thunderbird a while back, but was so stressed out about some things, that I don't think I gave it a real chance. I'm learning more about it and it might work, after all. I will probably use it if I can figure out an easy way to move all my saved mail ... I just cannot fathom forwarding thousands of emails to put them into the new program. And, I don't want to keep IM installed just to have access to all those old emails ... Might have to, though. Many are work-related and most I refer back to at various times.

Well, I need to start researching some parts for my Singer 99K sewing machine. I need to find out about the wiring harness for the light and the motor; if a hand-crank is an option I can use; it needs a spool pin on top and I need to thread it and test the tension. I'll use a toothpick to hold the spool to do that. I think it needs a new belt, too. It seems a little dry and frayed on the edges. I know it won't take much to get it going, just to get the money to get the parts once I find them. At least the shaft turns and is not froze up, so that's a big plus!!

Oh, goodie! My vintage zig-zag attachment just shipped. Should be here in TEN DAYS ...:/ Hope it gets here sooner!

Butchered a bunny. Have 3 more to do in the next week. Then in a month, the last 6 will go. Then, no more bunnies for quite some time. Going to give all my does a good rest and spoil them and the bucks for a while. I have so much I want to get done this summer and it is a lot of extra work with the critters when there are babies. By the end of summer, I'll also have 4 chickens to butcher or sell. I'll know which are hens by then and will hopefully have 3 keepers.

All six of the doves will be moving back into one big cage together, tomorrow. I'm going to set the old puppy playpen up for them, again. Will clean up and sell all the individual bird cages. Big Boy, Little Girl and Little Boy are all 6 years old now. Hard to believe! No more dove breeding. The eggs they do lay will all go in the frying pan with the chicken eggs. Squabbie and Doveling are both around 2 years old and Wo-ya is 6 months old.

Well, it's been a long day and I didn't get to the fridge-cleaning, so the science projects can grow for another day!


Mom said...

Wow has it really already been 6 years? Seems like just last year you started with the doves. Maybe you need to educate me on dove care. Could be another project for me ;)

QuinGem said...

Yeah, it surprised me, too, when I looked at the calendar for this month and saw their birthdates!