Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 15, 2016

I am so exhausted! Rearranged the critter room and put together my two old chrome dog cages/puppy playpen for the doves. Of course, Big Boy and Little Boy immediately started fighting! Ugh! That's why I separated them all years ago. Little Boy has a scarred head because Big Boy can be a real bully. I hope there is room in this set-up for them to find a corner and not have bloodshed again. I don't want to separate them all again. I want to sell all the other bird cages. They all have a lot more room in this arrangement, but the cages take up less room than the individual cages.
So far, no one has figured out they can go into the upper cage.

I also separated Parker and her one girl bunny. Five boy bunnies are on their own.

Got another craft listing up on eBay for
Item picture
Mixed Lot of Papercrafting Supplies and Book

Hope these sell! That's another drawer emptied to make room for fabric! haha!

Well, I had another bird ... at least, temporarily. I found a little house sparrow when I was putting the chickens to bed. He was cowering under the corner of the air conditioner. Felt very weak and had a dirty butt. I put him in a small cage with food and water. But, he died an hour later. Poor thing. Don't know if it was sick or one of the local stray cats tormented it. Saw no injuries ... Didn't have it near my birds. 

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