Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016

It has been a busy week or so, but I don't seem to have accomplished much! Let's see ...
My farmer has milk again! I even got 2 gallons of colostrum! Yay. Both of his cows calved within 48 hours of each other! So great to have raw milk again!
I've started working on the quilt finally. I'll be able to show the pictures of the progress on it in a couple of weeks ... once it is delivered. :) Then, I will start on another one!
I'm down to my last litter of bunnies. Parker's babies are almost 9 weeks old. One girl/5 boys! All the adults are getting a break, possibly until next year.
My mom wants a cockatiel ... :/ I don't ... no one will ever be able to replace Freddie (8/2/1973 - 1982) and I can't take the noise they make ...
I've had some major tooth/jaw pain, but seem to have it under control now. I tried antibiotics (killed my gut critters ...) and don't think they did anything. But, I was taking numerous herbs and other good stuff that may have helped more. Probiotics, colloidal silver, hypericum, belladonna, feverfew, white willow bark, clove oil and a few other things. Still taking all of that, except the antibiotic. Just have a twinge now and then and avoiding chewing back there.
Oldest chick is 15 weeks old. Should start seeing for sure who is rooster and who is hen soon. No one crowing, yet!
Got my mom another NuWave oven ...(she broke the other one last year and been bugging me to get her another one) :/ I also got her a NuWave stovetop thingie. She decided after one use that she didn't like it!!! grrr. Luckily, was able to send it back and get a refund ...
Barbecuing this afternoon. Invited my neighbor. She's bringing some veggies. We're having grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and salad. Plus, yogurt with blueberry topping. So, I went out to clean the grill and set it up ... but, I can't find my electric charcoal starter!!! Looked everywhere and it is probably right in front of me. But, I need one, so ordered one from Home Depot with some PayPal money and waiting for them to let me know it is ready for pick-up at my local store. Hurry up!! Been waiting an hour ...

Jeeze ... how long does it take to walk 100 feet, pick up an item (I know exactly where it is located!) and walk back 100 feet to the service desk and send an email ... still waiting, Home Depot!
11:30 and still listed as 'being processed'.

Whew. Just got back from Home Depot. The chicken has been marinating for about an hour. Have to get the veggies prepped now.

The grilling is on. My hands smell like onions ...

Well, dinner went fairly well. Burned the chicken skin, but the meat was good. The chicken skin was still edible, too. haha! The sweet potatoes were perfect. And, the carrot and onion dish I made up turned out better than I expected.
This is the recipe I used for the chicken: Chipotle Lime Grilled Chicken I got the flame a bit too high for a while and it blackened the chicken skin ...
The carrots and onions I cooked in my small Dutch oven on the grill. The sweet potatoes were foil-wrapped with lots of butter in the coals.
We also had yogurt with thawed frozen strawberries, raspberries and blueberries mixed in.

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