Friday, June 24, 2016

June 24, 2016

I wrote this yesterday, but my browser was acting up and wouldn't let me post!

Whoa. This is my first post on the blog this month! It's been crazy-busy and blogging has not been on my mind at all. BUT!! I got a new critter! My mom has been wanting another cockatiel for over 20 years and I got tired of her bugging me about it! So, today I picked up Freddie, Too! He is gorgeous. He's a Light Pied pattern. Nikky is driving me crazy with her whining and trying to climb the cage to lick him - always a mama ... crazy dog. For now, Fred is staying in his cage, until she settles down around him. Anyway, I found him in one of the local FaceBook pet groups. This lady in Yuba City found him a couple weeks ago in her yard. She put up flyers in her area and also posted in the FB lost and found groups. No one contacted her, so she posted him for a new home. I saw the post on Monday and made arrangements to get him today. So far, he is fairly quiet since I got home. He's preened and made a couple of curious sounds. Other than that, he's been sleeping. It was a long ride home. Nikky is being a nuisance. Luckily, I had this big cage on the deck that is perfect for him. Just need to clean some other perches and replace the one in the cage.
I had to put a chair next to the cage for Nikky, so she would stop trying to climb the cage.

Last week I gave up 7 of my stores that are in Sacramento. There are several more I may give up. All in Sacramento. I was creeping closer and closer to 50 stores again. I cannot keep up with that many. About 10 years ago I had over 50 and gave up nearly 20 (that's when Viola was hired - she took those stores on. Eventually, she became my district manager!) But, I don't want over 30 stores or I don't feel I do a good job because I rush through them to keep up on my schedule! So, I hope to eliminate all my Sacramento County stores. I will still have stores in Colusa, Yolo and Solano Counties ... still a big travel area ...

And, I got the baby quilt finished on time and mailed on time. Poor Robert is still in the hospital, though!! Breathing issues at birth. :(
The quilt and pillow are 100% cotton; the quilt batting is organic cotton. But, the buttons are plastic and the inner pillow is polyester ... :/
So, here are all the pics I took as I was making it:
I put in a double thickness of batting.
I made my own bias tape for the binding.
I made my own edging for the pillow.
It was fun to make. Can't wait to start on the next one. Right now, I am working on the footstool covers again ... I'm repairing the one I finished as Ezra tore it up ... and, the other I never finished ... after that, the next quilt will be a cage cover for Freddie. I have all the fabric for it already!!

The rabbits, doves, chickens, Cassia and Nikky are all doing great. I can't believe Cassia is still alive! She was 2 on the 12th of this month. That is beyond ancient for a hamster. And, she is still fat and sassy! Her hips are a little stiff sometimes, but other than that, she's great.

One of the other things going on involves my oil royalties ... the company that drills filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy! Ugh. So, my royalties essentially stopped with the March payments. I got a bunch of paperwork last week and have to talk to a lawyer about it all. I have an appointment with someone in legal aid next week. I may not have to fill any of them out, since I am an owner and not a creditor ... we'll see. I have until August to send them in, if I have to. I am so sad about this, not just because the oil royalties were a BIG part of my income ... but, because they are a part of my grandfather. He bought into the wells on the day my dad was born 9/29/37, when they were owned by the old Standard Oil company. Hopefully, in the future, they will be productive again ...

Well, I had to block Nikky's access to the bird cage. She was pushing on it too much and then started climbing on the end table to get closer!! Ugh. Spoiled brat. We'll arrange things better this weekend. Luckily, she's too small to actually knock the cage over, but she could hurt herself. So, now the cage is further in the corner, one of the fabric gates is in front of it and the chair is in front of that, about a foot away. She can't reach the cage or the end table and she can still see the bird! She'll get used to him and then get bored of him, like all the other critters. I really need to get her a buddy ... Started looking for an elderly, small dog a couple weeks ago, but I'm being picky. May not find one until later in the year. Has to be in the 7+ years range, under 10 lbs. and female. Nikky will be 7 in October.

Of all the doves, Wo-ya is the most adventuresome. He was the first to make it up to the perch in the upper level cage and now he has finally found the swing! Looks like his mother, Doveling, is following him up there, too! The others tend to stay on the floor area or climb on the ladders.