Friday, July 1, 2016

July 1, 2016

So, I saw this fun idea on FaceBook the other day and decided to try it. Freeze veggies and fruit in a bundt pan for your chickens to help keep them cool in hot weather! They love it! They have mixed veggies and mango, today. The two oldest chicks are too bossy and try to keep the younger ones away!

And, of course, the beginning of my 4-day weekend is starting off with a migraine!! I had so much planned ... :/
At least I got the bills paid, the grocery shopping done and bought 3 more fence panels and 10 border bricks ...
Today's list of things to-do (on top of the above and so many other things not on the list!):
Clean shelf above computer - done
100 jumps on the trampoline - done
Rip 4 DVDs - done
Make strawberry gelatin - done
Cut my nails! - done

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