Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016

Just finished giving Gypsy her first real haircut with us. Bought a cheap Oster clipper at Wally World - HATE shopping there, but 'must needs' and all that. Had to get a clipper and can't get an Oster Golden A5, like I used to have when I was a real groomer, right now due to cost ... So, I got an Oster Calm Clips. Damn thing has no power, but I did what I could with it ...
Her skin is very splotchy and dry, with lots of little bald spots from the fleas and mats. Next month it should be fairly smoothed out and I'll be able to see where she really does have skin damage and scarring. I do think she is missing part of an ear flap and can see/feel scarring in a couple of spots.

She and Nikky are doing better together. Just the occasional growl/nip from either of them.

She has adjusted very quickly to raw food and I'm slowly upping the amount, so she should start putting on some weight soon.

Next week, I start working on her teeth - scaling/tartar removal. Fun ... I do know she has 2 chipped canines and her lower incisors are crooked. Once I assess her teeth, I'll be able to give her bones to gnaw on.

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