Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2, 2016

It's finally been decided ... we're getting another dog! I've actually been looking for about a month ... Just found out that one of the shelters in Sacramento is having free adoptions this weekend! So, we are going tomorrow at noon to check them out. There is one named Alicia that I am really interested in. There's also one named Chi-Chi at another shelter that is 11 years old and we may go up and look at ... both are Chihuahuas. But, we are open to any small, female dog.

The chickies had watermelon for lunch ... loved it! They also got their first day of having the 'big' yard open to them. That is where their coop is, so they have to walk from the tiny backyard through it to their coop at night ... They had a blast. But, they kept going to the backyard because it is shady and their water was there. Hope to have my fence back up permanently by the end of the month and they will be safe in that yard. We took it down when neighbor Martin put up his picket fence. But, the space is too wide between the slats and their chickens and dogs can get through, so I am sure mine can, too! I was not happy about that. So, there will be a double fence for about 20 feet. Right now, I just have the panels leaning along his fence. They just need to be re-attached to my metal posts that I never pulled out of the ground.

Today's to-do list:
100 jumps on the trampoline - done
Rip 2 DVDs - done
Vacuum cobwebs from ceiling - done
Clip Nikky's nails - done
Clean under computer and monitor and floppy disk file box - done
Make fly bait and hang fly catcher jar in chicken yard - done
Make strawberry/yogurt popsicles - done

Just had one of the popsicles I made earlier. Held the stick out for Freddie and he tried to attack it and got a taste. Surprised him! Then, he wiped his beak on the perch! Not sure if he liked it!

Firecrackers going off ... :/

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