Saturday, July 9, 2016

July 9, 2016

I think I finally have what is looking more like a Cocker Spaniel today. She got more trimming, brushing, combing and another good bath and blow-dry. She's had colloidal silver sprayed in both ears and on both eyes. She's had her first raw food (beef stew meat) and raw milk. She's sleeping now. She slept an exhausted sleep last night. Nikky is extremely jealous, the little shit.
She has a lot of alopecia on her front and rear from fleas and mats pulling the hair out. Amazingly, her ears had the least mats, so I was able to save most of the feathering. I'll be able to even out her coat better next month when I can get some good clippers. The irritation is almost gone from her left eye, as you can see. The right has the severe cherry eye - didn't get a pic of that right now - but, it seems less inflamed now, too. No facial hair poking the eyes constantly and the colloidal silver will help. And, I don't think she is completely deaf ... I think she does hear certain tones.
Oh, and her new name is Gypsy - Precious Gypsy Calypso.

Gypsy has decided that she likes the corner of my office. Nikky isn't so sure she is happy with that, yet!
You can sort of see the cherry eye in these pics. It was a bright, bloody red when we brought her home last night. Now, it's kind of a dull, rosy pink and doesn't seem as swollen.
I now have nearly everything to make my own colloidal silver. Can't wait to start making it next week ... sooooo much cheaper than buying the tiny bottles. My only ongoing cost (because I think I will be too lazy to make my own) is distilled water. I should look more into making my own, though, since I can't find it in anything but plastic gallon jugs ...

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