Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 18, 2016

Wow. It's been too long since I've posted here. Too much on my mind, lately. But, it is all settling down, I think. I've made a decision and I have a goal. Don't know if it will all work out, but we will see! What am I doing? I'm moving! In two years, I hope to have us in Washington! Sooner, if things work out, but I won't push it. I just hope to be in Washington by August of 2018. That's my deadline. So, the next two years is going to be spent fixing this dump enough to sell it for what I still owe on it and $10-15,000 to move. That will be $30-40,000. Well below what I paid. That's going to be the big problem. Mobile homes (manufactured houses ...) as old as this one do not sell well. It's a 1976 ... I'm finishing my bathroom (FINALLY!!) and starting on the back stairs this month and next. I can only do a little at a time, since I have no real help to do it all. I have SOOOO much stuff to sell, too. So, will be posting a lot on FaceBook groups and Craigslist and eBay. Sold a couple of things this week, so that will help get parts for the stairs.
What finally lit a fire under my lazy butt? The space rent in this park is going up nearly $100 a month! The owner has petitioned to do this, even though it is rent controlled! So, my space rent will be around $530 a month, on top of my loan payments and utilities. We can do it - barely - with my mom's social security, but I have to look to the future when she is no longer around. No way can I pay that myself. She gets my dad's SS; I won't even make half of what she does, when I am able to get it. Plus, my oil royalties are next to nothing these days and no way to know if/when they will go up again ... So, my income won't cut it! When we bought this place 7 years ago, the rent control was a selling point for me ... :/ I'm not positive that it has been approved, but I have a feeling that the owner will continue to push for it, if it didn't this time.

I haven't told my mom, yet! Ha. I'm waiting on a couple of things first to surprise her. I know she wants to move and in the past, she's always wanted to go to Oregon or Washington. And, since we found out that my childhood best friend, Darla, lives there ... she's been 'hinting' at it more often ...

OK. I have a bunch of pictures I've taken the past few weeks, I think ... I'll just put them on here in order.
Hibiscus kombucha. This was sooo good.
Colloidal silver.
When is this patio going to be finished!?
Starting to get some weight on her.
A bunch of pictures taken for my local food co-op. The produce manager asked me to send some for a bulletin board display they will be making of all the members' co-op fed critters. I only sent a few of these ... some of my critters wouldn't hold still, so multiple pics.
I can't believe little Cassia is still alive. She's over 2 years old, now! Still fat and sassy.
PROOF! I have proof that Nikky and Gypsy can get along. This was the first time they actually loved and licked on each other. Most days they ignore each other or fight each other. 
Today was actually the first day in a couple of weeks they didn't fight at all for a whole 24 hours! They might start to like each other some day! They are both dominant, but I think Nikky is finally caving in. They are both extremely jealous of my attention, too.


r- q- said...

I'm so sorry about the difficulties the rent increase makes. I offered clean out something of yours, but unfortunately there are 2 issues. It is so much easier for me to do where I live, meaning I'm able to do in segments. And coordinating times between us.

Still I really do want to help...just list what you need and I'll volunteer for what I think I can do and we'll figure out times. How does that sound? Teresa

QuinGem said...

Thanks for the offer. I will definitely let you know when there is something you may be able to help with. :)