Saturday, August 20, 2016

August 20, 2016

Selling quite a few things and some things I can't even give away! Seriously, I have them out on the driveway for free! And, I advertised them several places ... they'll go to the thrift store on Monday if they don't leave on their own merits by then! Ha! I have a lot of little stuff like that, that I will set out on the weekends and what doesn't move will go to the thrift store. Something different each weekend. Lots of other stuff that I will try to sell first, though.

Spackled another wall in my bathroom. Will finish painting the second coat on another section later. Just doing small sections at a time. I think that was part of my problem when I first started on this bathroom, years ago! I tried to do too much of it at once and got very burned out ... plus, my mom wanted me to do this, that and the other thing RIGHT NOW ... so, I ended up doing nothing ... Not this time. End of September is the goal for this bathroom and to replace deck back stairs. October will be replace deck front stairs and painting carport stairs.

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Just finished putting the fence back up in the yard the chickens are in. I had taken it down last year when neighbor Martin put up his picket fence. But, some of the spaces are too wide apart (not spaced evenly ...) and his dogs and chickens kept getting through and a couple of mine could fit, too ... so, there is a double fence there, now. The yard is pretty much chicken-proof, now. Next, will be lining the bottom of the fence with the decorative bricks again to help keep it sturdy. My mom will be doing that next week, I think.

Battling severe tooth hole pain ... upping ascorbic acid to massive levels to get rid of it ... Up to almost 10,000mg, so far. Must take more. I felt great earlier today. Pain started at around 11 ... haven't accomplished much of anything since then ...

OK. I gotta make some more colloidal silver tomorrow. I sprayed some on my aching tooth hole and the pain is nearly gone for the first time since it started. I've taken about 16,000mg of ascorbic acid and no reaction. Probably need to go higher with that ... Been spreading DMSO on the outside of my cheek over the area that hurts ... not sure if that has helped ... swished coconut oil in my mouth - nada. The colloidal silver seems to have done the best job of stopping the pain, so far.

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