Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26, 2016

Washington State! Here I come! ... Well, in 1-2 years! Ha! I just told my mom the plans and she wants to do it. She's all disappointed that she can't help me with all the repairs, etc. But, I told her that I will give her a task each day that will really help me and I know she can do. So, she said she would do that.

Now, I'm nervous. I haven't seen my best friend since we were about 20 years old ... almost 34 years ago ... one day I saw her and the next I couldn't find her ... never again. I know where you live, now, Darla! And, I will track you down! haha! Can't wait until we are neighbors, again! <3 p="">
I'm so stressed the past few days, I have hives! Haven't had that for a while ...

Well, my ancient hamster, Cassia, died two nights ago. She was well over 2 years old.

Just heard back from my district manager about my move. I can transfer to Washington as a floater if there are no stores without a current rep when I get there. And, she'll give a high recommendation to my new manager! Yay! I've been with the company nearly 16 years, so I figured it wouldn't be a problem continuing in another state. So, I will still be working for Foster Grant. But, I may also start grooming part-time again (small dogs only) and do some doggie daycare/boarding for small/elderly dogs.

I need a new computer so bad. This laptop is so frustrating! I can't click on links or fill in fields without waiting for several MINUTES for each one and sometimes I have to refresh the page several times before I can even try! I wonder if I can put the hard drive from my other computer into the one that won't boot ... hmmm ... might experiment tomorrow ...
I can't even watch videos on this thing without the buffering stalling out ...

I just realized this will be the first move I've ever made that wasn't forced on me or others manipulated me into ... it has to work. This one will be my choice.

It's a record. Nikky and Gypsy made it two whole days without fighting ... until tonight ... crazy dogs.

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