Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 27, 2016

Got my freebies out on the driveway for the day:
Recipe magazines, styrofoam for crafts, microwave cookbook, drain kit and more.

And, we have our very first chicken egg!! Have no idea which hen laid it, but I don't care! It's small and soft-shelled, but that is normal for a baby egg. Most likely it is from Gracie, the Ameracauna, since she is the oldest.
Thawing out marinated carne asada to make jerky today. Tomorrow, I'll be dehydrating rabbit livers, hearts and kidneys for the dogs. So, I should get those out of the freezer, too ...

Have a bunch of stuff I'll be taking pictures of today to list online for sale. First up is my entire collection of The Cat Who ... books by Lilian Jackson Braun - just missing 3 from the set. My favorite! But, I have all the books as eBooks AND audiobooks, so don't need these.

Well, pooh. I should have checked before I started tearing the back stairs out ... Home Depot will not let you order wood online, so I can't use my PayPal money!!! Grrr. So, I have to wait until Thursday, when I get paid to get the treads and risers ... So, after tearing the old stuff down, I had to go through and find the best pieces and lay them back in place (not nailed) and show Nikky and Gypsy how to climb stairs they can seen under! Crazy dogs. So, I will be finishing the stairs next Saturday. The following week, they will be painted to match the house.
Can't believe it is already time for lunch! I've got the jerky dehydrating and all the rabbit parts thawing out.

My mom's task today was to clean the smallest fish tank - 10 gallon - and its hood and light fixture. She has it soaking with vinegar and baking soda on the bottom (it had hamsters in it, at one time.)

Check out my listings on eBay ( )!

Did some more sanding, hammering, taping and painting in my bathroom. It's coming along ...

Clipped the dogs' nails. And, combed out Gypsy's ears and legs, and trimmed around her eyes. I need to clip the rabbits' nails after the dogs go to bed tonight.

Need to have my mom help me take all that broken wood around to the driveway this evening after we put the chickies to bed.

This damn laptop is being difficult! I can't post things to the yard sale group! I was able to post on eBay and Craigslist, but not the FaceBook group ... maybe tomorrow ...

Door-to-door politicians disturbing my dinner tonight! Grrr.

Got all the rotted wood from the steps around to the other side of the house, on the driveway. I was worried Gypsy might run into a nail, since she's partially blind. Will get rid of all of it this week.

Rabbits' nails are all clipped. It's been far too long since I did them and Kayla's were looking well overgrown!! Shame on me!!

Can't believe I got everything done on my list for the day!

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