Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016

I am feeling much better today! No migraine!

I didn't find the key to the red trunk, but I was able to pick the lock without wrecking it! Some of the books I'll be keeping went in there. All of John Barrowman and Chris Colfer's books that I have and the dictionery that my grandpa John bought when my mom was 6.

My mom has gotten 2 of the aquariums cleaned for me and is working on a third one. Without prompting! Taking pictures of the first one today, to post on the selling sites. There are 6 more to go.

I've been getting a little spackling, sanding and painting done in my bathroom, each day. Little-by-little, it is getting done.

Well, I have to work tomorrow, and on Friday I'll be working with my manager - time for my yearly raise ...

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