Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 14, 2016

I don't feel like I have accomplished very much the past couple of weeks. Migraines, my mother, stress and too many other things taking up my time! And, now that things have settled down a bit ... I fall and break my finger today! So, I couldn't even get the chicken coop cleaned, like I had planned! Ugh.
Small, round bruise at the left side of the big knuckle is where it hurts the most. Cracked, dislocated, sprained? Who knows?

Let's see, what's been going on ... I got my yearly raise last week. Yesterday was my 14th year with Foster Grant ...

I got another claim check yesterday - $16.00! Nice surprise in my mailbox. This one was for the Stevia In The Raw class action lawsuit. I join a bunch of class actions (if it is something I have used) and have received money from several of them.

My mom decided she didn't want to go to Washington last week, which led to a panic attack and three days of severe migraines ... then, she changed her mind again!

The chickens are all growing up! We are getting 1-2 eggs every day, now!

Gypsy is doing well. She is at a perfect weight now, her coat has filled in nice and thick (except under her chest and belly ... but, it should fill in, eventually.) I gave her another hair cut the other day and she looks gorgeous. She's still deaf in both ears, but I am sure she occasionally hears certain tones. I had stopped spraying in them with colloidal silver (I had stopped making it when I was upset ...), but, started again yesterday, so it may help. Her cherry eye had started getting a bit irritated because Nikky insists on licking her face (and eye!) incessantly! So, started spraying it with the cs again, too. Plus, I ordered some ointment online that should be here tomorrow. I can't let her get dry eye.

I started a swap group on Swap-Bot and also a blog to go along with it. QuinGem's Swaps With A Purpose. So, if you like to create useful things and swap them, check it out!

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