Friday, September 2, 2016

September 2, 2016

Long day, even though I only serviced one store. I got up late! So, I had to rush to get all the critters up and fed. I was in such a rush, that I picked Gypsy up wrong to put her on the grooming table for her morning face wash ... I wrenched my back in the same place I always do! I've been in pain all day ... but, I worked with my manager and did the one store and did a walk-through on two others with her. Then, paid bills, shopped for food and bought nails for the deck steps. And, I got a box for the books I sold last week and got those shipped out.

Still in pain ... this is so annoying! May go to bed early tonight. It's getting dark sooner, so I've been slowly adjusting the chickens to an earlier bedtime. It's harder to do with the inside critters ... but, just might tonight. Need to stretch out my back a bit ...

Going to my bed. Way early for me. But, sitting in this chair is killing my back.

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