Saturday, November 12, 2016

November 12, 2016

To-do list:

100 jumps on trampoline - done
10 counter push-ups - done
1 load of laundry - done
Shake out bedroom & bathroom rugs and hang outside to air - done
Clean bedroom, bathroom and laundryroom floors - done
OdoBan dog yard - done
Clean and oil Domestic sewing machine - done
Cut out fabric for K's gift - done
Brush and comb Gypsy - done

What did I consume today:
8 oz. water (with 4 drops iodine with kelp)
1 ml. B-Complex
2 ml. Vitamin D3
1 capsule Niacinamide 
1 capsule oregano oil
1 chunk Crystalized Ginger
Colloidal silver - 1 spray in each nostril
Dr. Bronner's Naked Organic Lip Balm
½ t. golden paste (turmeric/coconut oil/black pepper)
¼ ml. boric acid solution
5 sprays CBD+ oil
Vitamin C water (1 t. Ascorbic Acid Powder, ½ t. baking soda, 12 oz. water)
IPSAB Tooth Powder Peppermint
Vitamin C water (1 t. Ascorbic Acid Powder, ½ t. baking soda, 12 oz. water)
1 T. coconut oil
1 levain sourdough roll
3 T. cranberry goat cheese 
5 sprays CBD+ oil
6 oz. water
1 capsule Niacinamide
Vitamin C water (1 t. Ascorbic Acid Powder, ½ t. baking soda, 12 oz. water)
12 oz. water
12 oz. raw milk
chicken wings
6 dates
mixed candied nuts
1 T. cultured cream cheese
2 T. colloidal silver
2 sprays CBD+ oil
chocolate milk (12 oz. raw milk, 1 t. maple syrup, 1 t. Dagoba Organic Authentic Drinking Chocolate, 1 smidgeon Diatomaceous Earth)
12 oz. water
Hot Hemp Muscle Rub, and DMSO Roll On with Aloe
10 sprays Magnesium Oil, and DMSO Roll On with Aloe

Just joined the action list for #NoDAPL protest in Davis at the Army Corps of Engineers office. Gotta make a sign. Join one near you!! It's on Tuesday, November 15 from 2-3pm. #IStandWithStandingRock #MniWiconi #WaterIsLife I've never done anything like this, but it has to be done.

Can't believe I got everything done on my list! Plus, I ironed the fabric and adjusted the tension on the sewing machine. Yay.

I don't think Goldie (Golden Wyandotte hen) is going to live until we move ... she's pissing me off every night this past week when it's coop-time. The yard is small, but there are a lot of obstacles and chasing her down is becoming painful for both of us. My back is killing me and I have a stress headache from 10 minutes of arguing with her.

Tonight's audiobook - Bully for You 

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