Saturday, November 5, 2016

November 5, 2016


To-do list:

100 jumps on the trampoline - done
10 counter push-ups - done
Make dog food - done
Make chia gel - done

What did I consume today:
6 oz. water (with 2 drops iodine with kelp)
1 capsule Niacinamide
1 ml. B-Complex
2 ml. Vitamin D3
½ t. golden paste (turmeric/coconut oil/black pepper)
¼ ml. boric acid solution
2 T. colloidal silver + 1 spray in each nostril
Vitamin C water (1 t. Ascorbic Acid Powder, ½ t. baking soda, 12 oz. water)
5 sprays CBD+ oil
Dr. Bronner's Naked Organic Lip Balm
IPSAB Tooth Powder Peppermint
12 oz. water
1 Walkers Gluten-Free Ginger and Lemon Shortbread Cookie
1 sandwich (1 levain sourdough roll, 1 T. butter, 2 slices pepper jack cheese)
5 sprays CBD+ oil
Organic India Tulsi Red Chai Masala Tea - with 2 oz. raw milk/10 oz. water
12 oz. water
12 oz. raw milk
1 country-style pork rib
2 fried eggs
½ cup hash brown potatoes
½ levain sourdough roll with 1 T. Chevrine cranberry cinnamon goat cheese
hot chocolate (12 oz. raw milk, 1 t. maple syrup, 1 t. Dagoba Organic Authentic Drinking Chocolate, 1 smidgeon Diatomaceous Earth)
12 oz. water
2 sprays CBD+ oil
Hot Hemp Muscle Rub, and DMSO Roll On with Aloe
2 tabs Hyland's Cell Salts #6 Kali Phosphoricum
2 tabs Hyland's Biochemic Phosphates
20 sprays Magnesium Oil, and DMSO Roll On with Aloe

This has been a very lazy day. I just can't get in gear to accomplish much more than I did this morning of the to-do list. I have so much to do tomorrow, on top of cleaning cages ... :/

Listened to CD2 of Jo Stafford: Her Greatest Hits

Tonight's dinner movie - Buck Privates Come Home
The neighborhood is sooo damn noisy tonight! 


Must turn clocks back an hour ... :/

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