Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 15, 2017

Well, the great roommate experiment has ended. Roomie has left. :( She has a friend in her hometown in need of a roomie ...
So, back to the status quo around here ... :/
I slipped a disk about 2 weeks ago and it's really been giving me a lot of grief. Moving is agony. But, it is slowly getting better.
Busy, busy time with work. All the stores are getting resets of their displays; both reading glasses and sunglasses ... plus, all of the seasonal summer sunglass displays are arriving at the stores to be put out on the floor ... yeah, I know, it's not summer, but they always ship them early ...

Can't decide if I'm going to work tomorrow ... it's a Federal holiday, so the office in RI will be closed ... and, I need a day of doing NOTHING to rest my back ... :/ but, it is our busy season and I don't want to get behind on my stores ... but, then, Tuesday is the California Rights Rally that I had hoped to go to in Sacramento ... It's at 10, so I wouldn't be able to get to it since I'd have to get to Dunnigan at that time ... arrrgh ... just not enough hours or energy to get all of it done. I wish the rally was Wednesday, my normal day off, and I could go ...

Yep. Back to the status quo ... the dogs get in a fight and my mom is back to being a fucking bitch ... I hate my life ...

Today's to do list:
Clean rabbit cages - done
Vacuum - done
4 loads of laundry - done

2 hard-boiled eggs, topped with shredded Mozzarella cheese and paprika
Morning Lemon Detox Drink

Black rice with chicken chunks and butter
2 fried eggs
1 chicken apple sausage
12 oz. raw colostrum

Hot chocolate (12 oz. raw milk, 1 t. pure maple syrup, 1 smidgeon Diatomaceous Earth, 1 t. Frontier Cocoa Powder)
The Very Best of Bay City Rollers 
Dinner 'movie':
Double Sin

Murder of a Creped Suzette: A Scumble River Mystery, Book 14 
Murder of the Cat's Meow: A Scumble River Mystery, Book 15 
Today's quote:
Paso Robles, California
The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them. ~ Ida B. Wells-Barnett

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