Saturday, May 20, 2017

May 20, 2017 - March Against Monsanto

Wow, I haven't written in this blog since February ... I got annoyed because I can't figure out why my posts stopped sending me an email that I could forward to my Yahoo Group which it has fairly reliably done for years ... we'll see if this one works ...
Well, it has been an interesting day and this will be a picture-heavy post at the end. It's a day I've been kind of looking forward to for a year, since I missed the last one! I joined the March Against Monsanto in Sacramento! It was a fairly good turn-out, but the organizers were a bit un-organized (they admitted) due to a couple of leaders not being able to help this year ...
So, my day started out around 9:30 this morning when I headed for the local farmer's market! I lucked out and found a very healthy lemon cucumber plant that I wanted. Already has 2 long vines and some baby cukes on it! I also found a cute birthday present for someone special that's coming up in a few weeks. And, some carrots for my bunnies. And, a gluten-free brownie for me. Then, since the farmer's market is on the grounds of the library ... I went in and renewed my card. After that, it was off to fight the traffic to Sacramento. It was horrible! Found a parking spot in a residential area about 6 blocks from the capitol and walked to the meeting spot on the West Steps of the Capitol building. After the speeches and some music, the March headed to the Sacramento Convention Center where the California Democrats State Convention is being held. There was even a politician marching with us, but I didn't catch his name ...
I'm a little disappointed that no one mentioned that glyphosate (main ingredient in Round-Up, made by Monsanto) has been found in vaccines ... but, I'm not quite brave enough to speak in front of crowds ... yet ...
I snagged this pic of me from one of the videos that was taken, which you 'might' be able to see here: I'm in it at various times, just standing around with my backpack and my sign. ;)
Of course, my camera decided to have errors and I couldn't get it to work. So, I had to use the camera on my little flip phone and it's crap. And, it cost me 200 minutes to send them to the computer (you can't just hook it to the computer and transfer them ...) Now, I have to figure out what is wrong with the camera ...
When I came home, I had to soak my feet - Epsom salt and tea tree oil did the trick. I don't think I'll have any blisters, but it sure did feel like I would when I was walking back to my car!
Front and back of my sign.
Cute little honey bee.
I think this was the best one.
Two of the organizers and the politician that Marched with us.
Seals of California.
Our chant leader - Aren - 11 years old. He was great. The future.

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