Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

Early day today. I got through 2 stores quickly today, hoping I'd get out to the Monsanto protest here in town. If you don't know (and I didn't until very recently), Monsanto's largest operation in the WORLD is HERE in little old Woodland!!!! Well, I drove by and no one was there! The no parking signs were still up along the road and a few other things, but no protesters. So, I get home and check the FB page and they are protesting at the jail! Ugh. A few were arrested and the rest are outside with their signs until they are released ... Arrests for a peaceful protest. :( Monsanto is desperate ...

It is already getting too hot and it isn't even noon ...

I found out 11 protesters were arrested and 6 have been released so far - 1pm.

Don't forget to check out my sales items - today from Bonanza! Tell your friends!
Vintage Silver Rosary with bag
I finally got my butt moving and rounded up all of the items I have for sale on Bonanza and put them in one area. I still haven't found the magazines I had sold the other day and had to refund ... no idea where they are.
Shit. It's 100 frickin' degrees! 3:45pm! It's definitely going to be a bad summer ...

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