Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 13, 2017

I'm getting excited. I'm going to the Magnificent 7 Western convention in Old Sacramento in September. One way or another. I just filled out the volunteer application and hope to help out on the Friday and Saturday. If I'm approved as a volunteer, I get in the convention for free! I'd just have to pay for the photo op and the autograph session and whatever else I want to get. But, even if I don't get approved, the tickets are reasonable to get in. I can't wait to meet Anthony Starke and the other guys, too. But, he (as Ezra P. Standish) was my favorite character on the show. I'm so glad they moved the convention from the L.A. area, or I'd never get to go! Now, it's only 20 miles away!!
Hopefully, I can handle the crowds. It's being held during the Old Sacramento Gold Rush Days, at the Railroad Museum. Around 100,000 people go through Old Town during Gold Rush Days! Yikes! And, I need to find out about parking ... I might have to park at my cousin's house in West Sacramento and take a bus over the River ... hmmmm.

In other news ... I've had a migraine most of the day!! Ugh. At least it didn't really hit until I had gotten 2 stores serviced ... and, I'm off on Wednesdays, so it should get cleared up by Thursday.

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