Friday, June 2, 2017

June 2, 2017

Well, we finally got notice after nearly a year of dread ... the owner of the mobile home park got his wish. The city is allowing part of the rent hike that he wanted ... :( So much for rent control. He got his usual summer rent hike that is effective in July. Now, he's got the additional rent hike that starts in September, PLUS 2 additional months (for July and August!) also due in September. So, I'll have to try to come up with almost $200 extra in September. After that it will be around $50/month more than it should be ... Totally sucks. I have so many bills due at that time (quarterly house insurance, car registration ...) and I had hoped to go to the Magnificent 7 convention in Old Sacramento for Labor Day weekend ... :(
I am not a happy camper ...

I'll be riding my bike to the farmer's market again tomorrow. Bunnies need carrots. And, I might get some cherries, apricots and nectarines. Maybe sweet potatoes, too, if anyone has any.
When I get home, I'll be pouring out 3 big bags of bark nuggets in the big brick box out in front of the house that I finally cleared all the weeds (foxtails!!) out of last week. All the aloe veras and bulbs in there should be happy they are finally being taken care of after a couple years of near-neglect!!

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