Saturday, June 3, 2017

June 3, 2017

I feel so tired right now.
I rode my bike to the farmer's market this morning. Nice ride. I bought a gluten-free brownie, a pint of organic blackberries and 2 bunches of carrots (with tops!) Came home and got the 3 bags of bark poured in the brick box. I need 3 more bags to cover it well. Then, I drilled holes in 6 more of the old 18-gallon bins for my mom and she filled some of them with the 2 bags of garden dirt I bought. Need about 4 more bags of that, I think ...
Mixed up a big batch of dog food, boiled eggs, and started a batch of pork broth.
Fought with my mom's bathtub for a while. Some day, I will get the old parts off of it ... I did get the faucet sawed off today!! Progress. Still have one tap that I can't get loose and can't saw through it or I'll have a flood under the tub. I've been fighting with this damn mess for almost 8 years (off and on ...) Usually, we have to use the garden hose attached to the kitchen sink so she can use the tub, if she doesn't want to use my shower. Pain in the ass ... All the plumbing in this place is a mess and I've replaced so many things, but the tub has really been a bane ... Plus, last week my toilet stopped filling. So, I have to replace the tank innards again (replaced all of it when we moved in 8 years ago.) I've been using a dishpan filled from the sink to flush ... Woodland water has always been horrible and corrodes everything in sight ...

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