Thursday, July 27, 2017

July 27, 2017

This year just keeps getting better and better ... NOT!

As if having electrical and plumbing problems wasn't enough ... last night the water heater expansion tank ruptured. Luckily, it happened not long before I went out to put the chickens to bed and water was leaking out the closet door into their yard, or I wouldn't have noticed ... I got the water & gas turned off to the water heater and the pilot turned off - I got soaked climbing into the closet ... so, we have no hot water until I can figure out how to get that fixed. The part is $40-70, but it's not something I can fix myself ... so, I have to come up with more money to hire someone ...
Aaaand, the park inspection is today. I just got done talking to the inspector. Our biggest problem and expense will be the deck. She found too much rot on the surface to let it pass. So, we'll get a 30-day notice in the mail and will have to get a permit that costs $196 and will have 6 months to fix it ... :(
So, in the next month or so, I have to come up with that money, plus $150 car registration, $200+ for a catalytic converter so the car will pass smog (another $40+ for that), another $130+ for the space rent increase (and all the extra water use from working on the bathtub ...), along with the $400+ utility bill that is already late ... fun times ...

Anyway, I got the little key fob made for the swap the other day. Since both my sewing machines are not working right, I hand-sewed it. It turned out okay.

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