Sunday, July 30, 2017

July 29, 2017

Keep your fingers crossed. I may have solved my electrical problems. I won't know for a few days if what I did corrected everything. We shall see. I turned all the power off and checked all the fuse wiring to make sure nothing was loose ... nothing was ... so, I started work on my bathroom light fixture. It was all original, with fabric-covered wiring (yes, that old!) that was starting to fray badly. I was able to salvage the glass globes and metal fixture and chains. I painted the metal and chains white. I replaced the wiring and a few small parts that I could find. There are several parts, like the finials that I would still like to replace in the future, but can't find them locally. But, I now have a working light fixture and we'll see if the old wiring is what was causing some of the previous problems. I haven't moved anything off of the heavy-duty extension cords, yet. I have the second fridge and all my computer stuff on extensions. I will start doing that tomorrow and see if there are any problems.
Yes, I still need to paint the ceiling ...
If the problem isn't solved with this project, I will start slowly replacing all receptacles and switches, room-by-room.

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