Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 8, 2017

It's been a very stressful few weeks for me, especially the past week. I'm feeling very overwhelmed ...

I have the impending park inspection looming (in about 2 weeks) and I'm expecting to have the expense of replacing the posts for the carport awning (one of the things they inspect.) I went to the meeting about the inspection on June 20 and they seemed to stress on that - if there are even small dents, they will fail ... they were dented when we bought the place!! Plus, a few other things I am nervous about that might get wrote up ...

A few weeks ago, my mom's constant nagging about fixing the garden tub in her bathroom went to DefCon levels ... so, after 9 years, I fixed it. I had tried several times over the years, but she just doesn't 'get' how hard something like that is for me to do by myself ... the opening under the tub is 8 inches square and is inside the small bathroom closet, the opening of which is right next to the toilet. I am not big, and I can barely get in there. Plus, I have to lay on my side on the hard floor. The pipes are all original and corroded in place ... I don't have very good upper body strength. It took me about 5 days to break the pipes loose, working a bit at a time. Plus, when the water is turned off at the access point outside ... it doesn't really turn all the way off inside!!!! So, I was also dealing with flooding under the tub much of the time. We are in a mobile home. Mobile homes and excess water don't mix well. I'm worried about the future of the floor underneath the tub ... I was able to get the hot water turned off completely at the water heater ... after nearly scalding my hands and arms ... It took a week, but we now have a working tub with no leaks. I am still in pain from that. It cost me nearly $300 to replace the pipes, etc. This mobile home was built in 1977 and the pipe fittings, etc. are in odd sizes and are not made anymore (trust me, I went to hardware/plumbing stores in 3 counties and even online!!) So, since I could not get the copper pipes leading into the house replaced, I had to do a lot of modifications to fit the new stuff to the existing stuff.
This is what fighting the pipes through the tiny opening did to just one of my arms. Doesn't look quite as bad today, but still hurts.
Plus, to top that off ... during my fight with the tub, we started having electrical issues!! Random rooms kept flickering on and off for no apparent reason. Only part of my mom's room, one kitchen wall (where one of the two fridges is plugged in), the air conditioner and the laundry room were not effected! The circuit breakers are NOT tripped. I scraped together enough money to get an electrician out here to try to figure it out. He checked all the outlets and switches; fixed 2 outlets and switches and 2 overhead light fixtures. Everything worked when he left ... then, the same thing happened that night ... I can't afford to get another electrician to come out. So, I started a GoFundMe page. I hope to at least get all the outlets and switches replaced and possibly all the circuit breakers. The electrician that did come out said that the wiring itself should be good for at least another 20 years ... but, I want another opinion, too ... something has got to be done. At this moment, everything has been working all day today, but who knows if that will last! It's nerve-wracking.

And, when the electrician came, I had to put the dogs out on the deck ... in the heatwave ... Gypsy just laid down by the door, in the shade of the covered deck. Nikky decided to lay down on her favorite step by the dog yard ... the guy was here an hour. Those of you who know the girls, know Nikky would have barked and went nuts the entire time if I had crated them and he was going from room-to-room checking outlets, so she would have been all over him if I left her loose ... anyway, I called them in the minute he left and Nikky didn't come right away ... I called her several times and then saw her struggling to get up the steps. Little idiot got heat exhaustion. Her eyes were 'bugged out', and she couldn't control her front legs, and her gums & tongue were bright red. I grabbed her up and grabbed all the ice packs from the freezer and took her to my mom's bed (her room is the coolest in the house.) It took about an hour for her breathing/heart rate to calm down and the redness to start fading. And, she finally took water. She had severe diarrhea the next day from the stress, but is back to normal in every way today.
Nikky and Gypsy. Gypsy is 8 today.
I still haven't finished painting the carport stairs ...

In less than 2 weeks, my manager for work is retiring. I dread it. I really like her. I don't look forward to dealing with someone new ... I've been working for this company since 2002 and she has lasted the longest. :/ I actually trained her about 10 years ago. I had given up half the stores in my route (I had around 50 stores, at the time, and just couldn't handle it anymore.) She was hired to take over the stores I gave up. About a year later, she became my manager! I'm gonna miss her.

And, we have rats and mice again. Haven't had a problem since we moved here in 2009. Caught quite a few back then. This month, I've caught 1 mouse, 1 baby mouse and 1 baby rat. I use a live trap and release them in a small wildlife area a few miles from here. I know there are more, though. There is a lot of construction going on nearby and I think that is where they are coming from. More farmland is being eliminated about a mile from here. :(

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