Monday, August 14, 2017

August 14, 2017

We have hot water!! My cousin Curtis was able to install a new hot water expansion tank for me. First one he's ever done (he didn't even know what one was!) He's installed water heaters before, but this was new for him. I think the weird rumbling noises we heard coming from the water heater a week or so before that little tank blew was the tank breaking down inside. We shall see if it makes that noise anymore.
He checked the air conditioner and has no idea what's wrong with it ... we both think it may be the compressor or the same as the rest of the house - the wiring ...
I wasn't able to get under the house to check the wiring this past weekend, as I had a massive migraine (partly from stress and the high temps with no air to cool me ...) But, I will get under there on Wednesday. If I can't find a problem with the visible wiring, we'll have to wait a couple more months before I can hire another electrician. Curtis isn't sure he can fix that. One of his friends knows of one who did some work for a reasonable price. He's going to get me the number. Hopefully, he'll come to my area and understands mobile home wiring ...
Curtis is going to help me get the car fixed (again) - he always comes through with the cars. I'll get it registered before it is due. He'll get the catalytic converter and smog test done and I will pay him back.
So, at least 2 of my problems have been figured out and potentially the problem with repairing the deck once I get the home inspection papers for that. He's said he will help with the rebuilding of it.
Oh, and amazingly, we finally got re-approved for the CARE discount for utilities. They dumped us 2 years ago because we 'used too much electricity' ... :/

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