Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August 30, 2017

Yep. Another bad day ... broke my pinky toe again this morning when I got up. Same toe as Monday. The swelling had finally started going down. Now, it's swelled again. The bruising on the toe and the rest of the foot is spectacular ...
And, the upper radiator hose burst on my car. I guess after I got home yesterday. I saw a big damp spot under the front wheel of the car this morning and popped the hood open. Sure enough, a huge hole in the hose. Called my cousin and left him a voicemail. Waited for a few hours for him to call and then got tired of waiting. So, I got my ebike ready and took off to get the part ... he called when I was almost half-way to town and told me to go home. He'd come later today and get the part and fix it. :)
My personal mini-fan stopped working this morning ...

Curtis has come and gone. He took me to get the hose and then put it on for me. Then, we went to CostCo and he got me another card on his account. Yay.

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