Saturday, January 27, 2018

January 27, 2018

A new year ... can't believe the first month is almost over! But, I am finally back in the mood to blog, etc.
It's been a stressful month with lots of work, lots of repairs and lots of decisions to make that I don't want to deal with but have to ... where to start ...
First off ... Freddie has a new home. My mom did not take care of him enough and started griping about him non-stop. I finally had enough and found him a new home where he will have a lot of attention and other cockatiels to talk to. This was his last picture with us. I know he will be much happier.
Next ... my cousin and I are about half-way done with the deck ... it's taking forever! But, we have never built a deck before and want to get everything right so it will pass the inspection the first time. Plus, the weather has not been helping. It's a muddy mess out there and neither of us want to muck through it all the time. So, we wait for the fairly dry days. The rains have now stopped for at least the next week, so we should make more progress. Plus, my work has kept me overly busy and that has prevented me from helping the past few weeks. But, here is where we are at:
Half-way there. Sixteen feet to go. And, have to replace the part of the steps that I didn't fix last year. Keeping the treads. They are still good.
The new part of the deck is under this mess.
Covered due to the rain. It's not sealed, yet.
Hoping to save the wall and brick corner planter, but was not built to code, so we have to modify it. Also, will take out and cap the stupid water pipe that's in the way and put in wrong ...
My critter room is now a tool garage ...
And, still have a mess more to pack up ...
I have gotten a couple of the cabinets in the kitchen painted inside. Slow progress with that being done in between everything else.
Hope to finish the pantry closet this weekend.
Just need to get the cabinet doors on these. Hope to buy the new hardware next week or so.
Another thing I have to deal with is a possible bankruptcy. The help I was getting with the local legal aid did not pan out as far as the credit card lawsuit. My only other option is to go ahead with a bankruptcy to get my credit cleared up. In the short term, it is not good. But, in the long run it is better for my credit and for interest rates. I am at 624 on my credit right now and my mom's is about the same. We owe close to $15,000 in old credit card debt - I still have to find all the old bill totals ... This may delay my timeframe for moving (as will all the repairs we still have to do ...) It sucks right now, but it will all work out in the end.

I am sick of my job. I have been at it longer than any other job I've had (started 9/2002,) not including the 20 years I was self-employed with my daycare and dog grooming, etc. I am past burned out ... but, I have to keep at it for a while, yet. Plus, I can't stand my new district manager ... I miss Viola!! It's actually a very easy job (or, I wouldn't have stuck with it this long ....) but, I know there will be a time when I really won't be able to do it. My sciatica and other back problems and shoulder problems are rearing their ugly heads more and more and lasting longer. I can still control them, for the most part. But, when I have to move heavy boxes and even heavier displays too much in a small/crowded space in a short time with no help ... I really pay for it. And, I HATE servicing CostCo ... and WalMart ... and ... other places ... :/

That said, I am going to get serious about my online businesses again. Seriously. Really. I know ... I've said that before ... many times. But, I have to do it. I pretty much gave up several years ago when my main site changed the way they paid and I went from about $400 a month to being lucky to get $50 per quarter, if that. For the same number of sales!!! Supposedly, they have gone back to the old way and also re-started affiliate sales, which they ended just when I started making money on that ... Plus, the copyright police kept flagging my Stargate images, which were a big seller ... But, now there are tons of acceptable fandom portals and we can sell fandom images. We will see! I am going to go through my shoppe one image at a time and update the image and products for that image. It is going to be time-consuming, but I have a plan to follow. I'm going to start with my past best-sellers and go through and eliminate those that didn't sell well before adding any new ones. My first project is Chimpanzee Hug and second will be Panda with Bamboo. Those were my all-time top sellers. I am going to slightly change the images to remove my old over-sized text logo and put my blended QG logo on them. Luckily, I kept all my layered images files and it shouldn't be too messy to do!

We are still dealing with a washer that won't agitate on its own. I'm using a plunger handle to stir things up. Hopefully, next month I can replace it. Cousin says the gear box is shot and that can cost more than just replacing the washer. At least it still fills, spins and drains fine.

Also, the look of this blog will be changing slightly and will have more links to affiliate sites that may interest people. I really need to get back into making money online the way I used to. And, be more creative! There will be Amazon and eBay links, but also SurThrival and a few others that are geared toward a healthy lifestyle. And, I'll be updating my site to reflect the changes with my shoppe site when the new images/products are updated and will also have affiliate links there to other image sites. And, a lot of this blog will be duplicated on my FaceBook Group, which I will be using more (every day!!) and shared on my FaceBook timeline.

Lunch is a BAS (big-assed salad!) Spinach, hard-boiled egg, nuts, raisins, apple, Canadian bacon, various grated cheeses, olives and bit of honey/dijon dressing. The spinach is hiding all the goodies ...
I've been watching some great stuff on Roku. So many channels, so little time! Last night I watched a true story about a kid who helped save the few remaining Spirit bears in Canada:
Spirit Bear
 And, with Roku I can watch YouTube videos on my big TV. Love it! Right now, I'm listening to a lecture on Vitamin C from the Linus Pauling Institute: