Friday, December 15, 2017

December 15, 2017

I am wore out! I thought I might have an easy day after my cousin left a voicemail this morning to say he wouldn't be coming. He has a sinus infection and a dr. appt. for it. So, I decided to give Gypsy a much-needed haircut. Got that done and vacuumed up all the hair. I was just finished with lunch and went out to pull 'weeds' for the bunnies' dinner and here comes cousin! His doctor appt. didn't take as long as he expected ...
Soooo, we started tearing the deck down!!! We got all of the skirting and the frame that holds it tore out. It actually went faster than I expected it to. I got most of the bolts out that are holding the railing posts. I left a few in until we are ready to take that part down completely on Sunday. I worry about Gypsy going to the edge and falling before I can stop her (blind girl ...)
As you can see, it's a mess.
Currently the deck is 7x32 feet. We have to make it 6x32 feet or less, because it is too close to the edge of our space!!! Pisses me off! It was like that when I bought the damn place ... so, we have to modify it. BUT!! We have discovered that the original deck was only 4 foot wide. The frame is bolted into the concrete pad and the wood is in very good condition ... so, I am going to take pictures once we have the deck floor tore off and go to the permit place and ask them if we can just make it 4x32 and if I have to modify the submitted plans. That will cost us a lot less money if we can do that.

Guess what!? I might actually get my car smog tested this week! Cousin worked on it again on Wednesday and, so far, the check engine light has NOT come on. I've put over 100 miles on it. Last 2 times, we barely got it out of the driveway before it came on!! So, tomorrow, I'm going to see if the place he wants me to take it to has any openings. Fingers crossed that it will pass!!
Tomorrow, my mom and I are also going to the laundromat and get some of our clothes clean. It's very hard to get them really clean when the damn washer does not agitate. Cousin still hasn't decided what he wants to do about that. He may just buy us another one (the amount I owe him is mounting ...)

He also wants me to just file bankruptcy for all my old credit card debts. I think I may have to, at this point. I just need to find my old bills and see what all I owe to everyone - I think it is over $10,000. I need to get it all sorted before I sell this place ... Just need to find a place that will do it quickly and cheaply.