Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December 5, 2017

Cousin showed up yesterday afternoon. He put the washer back together. He hasn't figured out what to fix on it. So, it still doesn't agitate. He'll come again tomorrow and decide what to do with it.
My mom decided not to get a cat, after all! Yay! One less critter to have to figure out how to get it to Washington! If she still wants a cat after we move, we'll get one, I suppose. :/
Took her shopping at GoodWill today. She is stocking up on cold weather clothes. So, she found 5 tops and a nice trench-type coat with a hood and removable liner. Next month, she'll get pants and boots.
Then, we went to CostCo ... got a few things, then splurged on their whole pepperoni pizza. Brought it home and added olives. Several meals ahead from that. I know I'll have a stomach ache later ... :( Damn carbs and crap.
Gotta get back to the Low Carb/High Fat way of eating. I've been slacking a bit, lately. Want to get into ketosis in the next year, if I can. I was close to that a few years ago, I believe. I felt much better then.
Yeah, okay. Joint pain. That's what the wrong kind of carbs gives me. Hurting already ... my fault. :(
I've gotta make some Keto Fat Bombs tomorrow. Coconut oil and wild berries whipped together and frozen. Mmmm. Plus, making some almond butter. Hmmm ... an idea ... Fat bombs with almond butter centers! Must experiment.