Sunday, November 19, 2017

November 19, 2017

It's been another crazy week for me. Friday was the worst. Migraine. Much better today, but tummy still annoyed with my brain ... at least my head is not trying to explode.

Last Saturday, my farmer came and got my chickens and coops. They are happily living at the farm, now. They are still hanging together and the farmer said they have to catch them out of the trees at night to put them in the coop so the wild critters don't get them. But, they will learn the routine there. I took this pic of them Thursday when I went for milk.
Silver, Goldie, Gracie, Fancy, Dominique and Snow. All there, but hard to see Gracie on the other side of Goldie.
Still packing and sorting more stuff. I was going through some old coin and stamp books that were my dad's and found an old newspaper clipping from 1949 of him looking at a lobby poster at the old Yolo Theatre. He was 11½. His big sister, Juanita, worked at the theatre during high school. Interesting article on the backside about the damming of the Blue Nile in Egypt.
Stupid car is still messed up after replacing the catalytic converter and another spark plug ignitor ... check engine light still comes on for the same ignitor ... cousin is going to trade cars with me again. He's going to get his mom's old car running (that I had after she died and before he gave me this Camry) and I'll use it while he tries to figure out the Camry's real problem. I just want to get rid of it now. Putting money into it is not accomplishing anything.
I did finally get the building permit on Monday, for the deck repair. Cousin was supposed to come over on Wed. to start replacing the carport awning supports, but it poured rain. He's supposed to come today, but haven't heard from him, yet. Need to get that done before we can start on the deck ...

Well, the supports are a bitch. We got one done! The old paint and rust on the bolts are a pain to break loose. Of course, they are at the top of the posts. And, at the bottom of the posts, we have to break through cement to get to the bracket! So, cousin is coming back on Tuesday and hope we can get the other 4 done.