Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October 10, 2017

Wow. The fires in Napa, Sonoma and Santa Rosa are just devastating. Thousands of buildings destroyed and hundreds of people missing (not to mention all the animals ...) ... And, the smoke is hovering down here in the Sacramento Valley. And, the ash ... I had to service a store up in Dunnigan, which is about 19 miles north of me. The fires are about 35-40 miles SE. There are a lot of other fires that may be contributing to the smoke, but those are the closest. I took these on my 20-minute drive up Interstate 5, between Woodland and Dunnigan. When I pulled into the truckstop (it's a Pilot/Flying J), about ten Nevada Department of Forestry trucks were pulling out. Probably heading out to help with some of the fires. They took the north-bound ramp, so may have been headed to the Clear Lake fires. Thank you.

From north edge of Woodland
Nevada Department of Forestry trucks
You should be able to see the foothills to the Coastal range in the distance, but smoke is blocking that view.
Oh, and I just took the dogs out a few minutes ago and heard a LOT of birds in the distance. They were resting in a big old oak a couple blocks away. So, I zoomed my camera in just as they were leaving. Got a few blurry shots. I wonder if they were resting here, getting out of the fire zones.