Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010 - good night

Just made some roach bait:
"Baking soda and powdered sugar mixed in equal parts is a good roach killer. Just spread around the area where you see roaches and soon you won't see them anymore. (Boric Acid, while slightly more toxic, is naturally occurring and is another way to get rid of them.)"

Hope it works, as we've been seeing the little critters since the neighbor started remodeling recently ...
I'm not a big fan of lemon-flavored things, other than lemonades, but the lemon ice cream I made is delish. Having some now.
Forgot to post this earlier when I posted the Elders Meditation. My friend also shares these Daily OM articles. This is part of it.

Brand-New Day
"We don’t need to wait until tomorrow to start fresh, today can be a blank slate starting right now."
I just realized that our big yard sale is probably supposed to be this weekend! I just emailed Betty to make sure. If it is, I can't do it! I have to work Friday & we have to go shopping Sat. I'm hoping it's the following weekend. I can't find the note for what days we decided on!
I'm so unorganized lately!
Just paid my PG&E bill. $30 less than last month. This month was definitely cooler overall.
Chris Colfer has such a beautiful voice ...
Reset the mouse trap with fresh cat treats and pheromones. I like these little black traps. Seem to work better than my big green one. Both are live traps. I take the meeses out to the rural area about 4 miles from here to release them. I'm going to buy 2 more of the black traps at the Davis Food Co-op when we go this weekend. They are $2.75 each.
Here's a good article about buying your food locally:

Organic Connections organicconnect Bringing Back Locally Grown Produce | Organic Connections Magazine http://bit.ly/apRXRX

I try to buy as local as possible and am getting better about it with every shopping trip. Sadly, there is no co-op here in Woodland, although my mom says there was one when I was a baby. She remembers pushing me in the stroller to shop there, but could never buy much as we only had 1 car at the time (I soooo don't remember my dad ever having only 1 car when I was little!!) and my dad was the 1 to take it to work (& park it all day, since he drove truck!) But, I am so happy that I found the Davis Co-op, as it is only about 10 miles from us.
Love Dr. Mercola's articles and health tips. Here's one:
mercola HEALTHBIT: Mercury #amalgam fillings are primitive 19th-century devices, but they are still widely used in the United States.

All of mine have broken and fallen out, leaving gaping holes. I've started researching dentists in my area. I have found only 1 who doesn't use amalgams, so far. I really need to get my teeth fixed, but with no money ... I know I should have used part of my homebuyer's rebate to get started, but needed food and to pay bills and such more.
Had half a baked potato and popcorn shrimp and half a banana for dinner with raw whole milk. Stuffed. Will have homemade lemon ice cream later.
I try to Twitter A Critter as much as possible. You should try it!
  TweetACritter Good morning! Ready to help a shelter pet find a home with just a tweet? Let's go! http://TwitterACritter.com

I just twittered this cutie:
Kristina needs a home! http://bit.ly/9sGPoK

Ooh. Good coupon from PetCo on some quality dog treats:
PETCO $1 off printable coupon for new Gourmet Tails Everyday Indulgent Dog Treats. They're nom nom good. http://bit.ly/gtcoup 
Phil Lempert has some good articles and love his new product videos. Here's an apple article:
PhilLempert Happy TUESDAY! Do U like APPLES? They are a nutritious&delish snack! A SUPERFRUIT..what R UR favorite varieties? http://pub.vitrue.com/Fpy 
Ooh, new pics from Glee! Can't wait until the new season starts. Such a fun show.
AfterElton New "Glee" Photos Released! http://ht.ly/18NSO3
I did not know this! I'll have to look more closely at the signage in the produce sections to see if my usual stores carry any of this. I do buy some of their raw milk cheeses, etc.
OVhelp http://cot.ag/bvsnBC Did you know that Organic Valley offers fresh produce? Look for our sticker on your grocer's fresh produce.
I didn't get any real exercise done today, other than walking through stores and back & forth to the car. Be right back. Going to jump on the mini-trampoline! 

There! Did 20 jumps on the trampoline. Then refilled all my pill boxes with my vitamins and herbs for the next 3 weeks. I need to get more Whole Foods multi-vitamin or something similar at the Co-op. Will take the label with me.
RodaleNews DROP & GIMMIE 15! A few minutes a day could keep you slim and in shape- http://ow.ly/2xmlF
Method Man is going to be on CSI again this season. I love his character for some reason! 
SpoilerTV CSI: Las Vegas - Episode 11.02 - Pool Shark - Press Release http://goo.gl/fb/G2Smz

I'm going to miss JJ ...
SpoilerTV Criminal Minds - Episode 6.02 - JJ - Press Release http://goo.gl/fb/P8CgM 
I'd love to make something like this, but there is just no room in my yard and we don't get enough rain throughout the year to warrant it:
greenoptions How to make a rain barrel! Perfect for fall showers. http://bit.ly/diiqyC

This is an excellent article and so true. If you have ever visited factory farms and small, old-style farms you would know the difference in the sanitation. I've been to both. I choose old-style any day! I've been to dairy farms where old M&Ms and sawdust were part of the feed-mix for the cattle. There were piles of the stuff taller than me! Where's the nutrition in that. And, the smell ... I can still remember it 25 years later.
MotherEarthNews The Root of Our Food Contamination Problems: http://bit.ly/aPnIWp
Good dogs!
kcranews kcranews Police Dog Bites Wanted Parolee: A wanted parolee who tried to hide in a shower was bitten by a Sacramento police ... http://bit.ly/cXzUHK
kcranews kcranews
Barking Dog Alerts Neighborhood To Burning Home: A yapping Chihuahua alerted a neighborhood to a burning Rocklin h... http://bit.ly/dloMU2
I hope they get this going again. Such a waste of money warehousing proven killers indefinitely!
kcranews kcranews CA Moves To Resume Death Row Executions: California officials are moving to begin executing death row inmates agai... http://bit.ly/cFPdjb
Ah, decisions, decisions ... I hate that the Glee reruns are on at the same time as Make It Or Break It. Will watch Glee and then get a download of MIOBI. Can't miss Anthony Starke! 

August 31, 2010 - home from work

Got home about 2pm. I ended up going to WalMart to drop of a couple of Rx for my mom and also went to the bank as my oil royalty check came early. That's good. I need to pay the PG&E and the cable. I'll do that in a bit so they won't be late! Bought several more swaps, so I think I am all caught up including a harvest raffle swap that I didn't think I'd be able to get until next week. Will package them all up tonight and mail in the morning.
Came home to over 200 emails and over 200 Twitter posts to go through ... folks have been busy!
I've got my work stuff entered, so now I can find something to snack on along with my tea & lemonade (I sweeten my tea with lemonade.) I think I will have some Ritz crackers with salami slices. Mmm. Good.
A friend shares something called Elder's Meditation with his group. I love some of the quotes in these. Here's one of today's:
"Our Creator makes available to us all that we need. It is an honor to go out and gather it. We must remember to say 'Thank You.' It is honorable to give away, to show our gratitude... And to let the children see this."
--Barney Bush, SHAWNEE

Next week, I'm going to donate to my favorite charity, Heifer International (heifer.org) in memory of my friend, Gloria. I think I'll do a flock of chickens, ducks and geese - "Flock of Hope". I think I will do it on her birthday, the 15th.
Well, I better get caught up on my mail and tweets before I do anything else or they will keep piling up!

August 31, 2010 - Morning

I'm having leftover strawberry/blueberry smoothie and La Creme vanilla yogurt for breakfast.
Have my vanilla pillar candle burning on the desk here. Smells so good.
I need to take yet another mouse out to the boonies for release. I've lost track of how many I've caught this month! Will be getting 2 more traps this weekend when we go to the Davis Food Co-op.
Then, it's over to the post office in the BelAir market. I am going broke mailing all these swaps. I am in a couple of swap groups in yahoogroups and I am enjoying them, but postage is so bad these days! Have to get a few more swaps at Walmart later, too, to get caught up and will mail the rest tomorrow.
Luckily, I only have 1 store to service today in Sacramento. Hopefully, the reset project won't take too long and I'll be home by lunchtime.
Time to feed the baby doves and get my things together to go!

August 31, 2010 - Old Farmer's Almanac

The morrow was a bright September morn;
The earth was beautiful as if new-born;
There was that nameless splendor everywhere
That wild exhilaration in the air.
–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–82)

The Oldest Moon Photo

Samuel D. Humphrey's 1849 Lunar Daguerreotype

by Randy Miller

The oldest (surviving) photo of the Moon is from 1849.
One-hundred-fifty years ago, on the night of September 1, 1849, the nearly full Moon appeared over the town of Canandaigua, New York. At 10:30 P.M., Samuel D. Humphrey slid a highly polished, silver-plated copper sheet measuring 2–3/4x1–3/4 inches into his camera, which was pointed at the Moon.
Humphrey then exposed the light-sensitive plate to the shining Moon nine times, varying the length of exposure from 0.5 seconds to 2 minutes. After developing the plate with mercury vapor, he sent his daguerreotype to Harvard College.
Louis Daguerre, the Frenchman who explained the secret of the world's first photographic technique in 1839, had daguerreotyped a faint image of the Moon, but the plate was soon lost in a fire. John W. Draper of New York City is credited with making the first clear daguerreotype of the Moon in March 1840, but this also was destroyed in a fire.
By 1851, the Harvard College Observatory was producing detailed, world-renowned daguerreotypes of the Moon, doubtless inspired by Humphrey, whose 1849 daguerreotype is now considered by many to be the earliest extant photograph of the Moon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30. 2010

My goodness! I haven't updated in quite some time! That must change! I've been very lazy about writing anything down, taking pictures, etc. It's been a busy summer. I need to get back to writing down my exercises, stuff I've been doing in the garden, the ongoing (never-ending) remodelling and everything else! Will do that very soon! Keep checking back!