Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

Last day of the month already. March tomorrow ...

My car passed the smog test!!! And, then the check engine light promptly came back on! Oh, well, I have 2 years to figure out why now! Until the next test. Will go to DMV tomorrow and get the new tags.

I was so disappointed this morning when I went to the mailbox. There was no mail in there! Then I remembered what day it was! No mail yesterday!

Wow. The last WWI soldier died at 110 years old.

Loved this one! Mag7 OW slash. Stopping by MAC.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 27, 2011

I don't think it got as cold as expected over-night, but still very cold. No ice in the birdbath.
Have to go to the store this morning. Candace is out of food again. My mom wastes too much of it!

Another $65 poorer after that trip to the grocery store ... ugh.
Now to go through all the mail from yesterday. Several packages ...
Lots of beads!!!! Yay!  I guess I will have to stick with Listia. I win a lot of good beads ... hmmm.

Switched my mom's bedroom door around as she wanted it to open the opposite way. Someone in the past had flipped it, so I just put it in the original holes. Now, I have to fill in holes. But, not today.

Finished another Mag7 ATF AU slash by MAC, Queen of Hearts.

And, another ... Rule Number One by MAC Mag7 ATF AU slash.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26, 2011

Damn. It's freezing. 30F. If not for Jorgy, I would still be in my nice warm bed!

I'm not getting anything done today ... I did clean the doves' cage and let them fly around a bit. I went to the mailbox and got some nice Listia winnings. Wood beads, gold wire, cut-outs, stencils and fabric.

Just reading fanfic now.

Just discovered a brand new Anthony Starke fan site: Love the old Mag7 promo and bts pics!

Yep, just finished another reallllllly good Mag7 ATF AU slash story. I'm not really a fan of Ezra/Buck slash because it's usually pretty flippant and not a lot of my favorite h/c. But, this one is a favorite. Nothing Ventured by MAC.

Just watched the old Mag7 pilot. That was enjoyable. Bed now.

Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011

So glad it is Friday. It's not going to be an easy day. Still have a migraine. Have to drive through a storm to get to my Sacramento stores to meet Viola. Good she's going to help me. So, hopefully, I won't be out too long today.
Jorgy didn't want to potty this morning in the rain, so had to put her back to bed for an hour. I am soaked. Just took her out again and she finally went.

I heard from Darla!!!! She responded to my Facebook friend acceptance thingie. Have her email address and will write her this afternoon. Nervous. Have not seen her in nearly 30 years. OMG! Can't believe it has been that long!

Lights keep blinking like the power wants to go out. Power is out in some of the foothill counties due to snow. Storm has let up a bit now and see some blue patches, but supposed to rain throughout the day.

Can someone tell the elephant to finish crushing my head and get it over with ... :(

I need to go through all of my website info on my main website and figure out how to add a cart and that sort of thing to sell things directly this weekend. I hope my head clears up tonight ... I've wanted to do it for years, which is why I started paying for this particular site! I need to get going or I am going to continue to waste all that money!

I am really enjoying swap-bot, so far. I wonder if there are any other reliable swap sites like it? Will have to check around. It is really getting me to concentrate on certain crafts. And, I am getting into the coupon swapping, too!

Got all 3 of my Staples stores done! Had some real downpours out there. Glad Viola helped today.
I had to get customs forms for my package to Italy. I forgot about that sort of thing for international packages. It's been a few years since I sent anything bigger than a letter size overseas. Picked up a few extras for the future.

Must find food. Headache is nearly gone. Yay!!

I wonder if all the rain is done. Sun is out now. Too bad. It was a nice storm earlier.

Just finished writing a long email to Darla. I am so nervous. I hope she doesn't live far. I'd love to be able to visit.  I can't believe how much I've missed her. We were so close as kids. From 9-17 years old. And, then sporadic for the next couple of years and then never saw or heard from her again after I was about 21. Sucks. Tried to track her down a few times, but no luck.
Funny that her last name now is the same as one of my mom's relatives, Titus. I know it is no relation, though as that line died last year, sadly.
Can't wait to hear back from her.

Much better now! Headache all gone. Stomach feeling better, too.
Oh, I got a pair of Fiskars paper cutting scissors (have a scalloped edge) and a vintage turquoise and silver filagree thingie that I will use on some jewelry eventually, from Listia winnings in the mail yesterday.

I just won this free auction: Table Settings for Plastic Canvas leaflet

I really hate it when people who mail stuff with delivery confirmation on it start bugging me that I have received it so why haven't I given feedback. Delivery confirmation only tells you that it was put into a mailbox for a certain address. It does NOT mean it has been received by the person it was mailed to! My mail comes in the late afternoon. The mail box is about a half mile from my home. I pick it up the following morning! Grrr. If you want to be sure an actual person received something, pay for signature confirmation!

Another really good, fun Mag7 OW slash story, In Between by MAC.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24, 2011

Migraine. Useless today until I get it under control. Just going to the post office around the corner today. No work.

Feel like throwing up ... just got back from the PO. Not going anywhere else. I have to go to the regular PO tomorrow, which I don't like to go to. I usually go to the PO annex in BelAir market around the corner from me, but they can't do international mail that requires a customs form! I did not know that. The swap I am sending to Italy needs one. Oh, well. Tomorrow is the deadline for sending it, so will have to.
I have an ATC and some homemade cards to get made today for swaps due tomorrow. So, hope this migraine lets up by this afternoon!

Listia actually did something I asked for quickly! One of the people I was having problems with yesterday and had blocked had bid on one of the auctions I had listed before I blocked her. I asked Listia to remove the auction and they actually did it! I will relist it later. Now, if they'd just answer a question I submitted 2 weeks ago!

WooHoo! I just won this free auction: Beading Loom Used up more than half the credits I have left! I have one, but it is metal and I never really liked using it. May just have to list it somewhere ... probably on Bonanza.

I need to eat something, but feel too sick. Apple cider isn't enough.

Just joined a bunch of new swaps on swap-bot!

Migraine still present. But, I have to make some ATCs for swaps due tomorrow. Shouldn't take too long ...
That is IF my damn PSP would read my printer! Ugh!

Got curious and surfed around. Found out when Eric Close's new show, Chaos, starts. April 1! Looking forward to it. Looks like it will be a fun show. Certainly not as serious as Without A Trace was!

Big thunder boom and some rain. Didn't last long. :(

Just finished an ATC for a swap. Kind of cute.
Now to make a set of greeting cards for a swap.

Done with the cards. Caught up on all my swaps except a fabric swap that will be partnered tomorrow. Signed up for about a dozen more that are going to be partnered next week. Fun!

Caught up with all my surveys that I hadn't done in 2 weeks! Have to stop doing that. I miss out on points!!

Still have a migraine! Viola offered to help me tomorrow, so will meet her in Sacramento at one of my Staples stores. Hopefully, we will get all three done and I will be caught up.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23, 2011

Wonderful news when I got home. Feds won't be enforcing dumb DOMA anymore!!! Good!

Found out my dad's friend Wanda died. About six months ago! Saw her son this morning when I was getting my mail.

I am so pissed about Listia right now ... Had some smartass early this morning making some rude comments about some of my listings. So, I hid the comments and blocked her. I get home and all the listings she had commented on were deleted! Really re-thinking this site. I've gotten a lot of good things there, but I really don't need the hassle.

Well, decision made. Once the few auctions I have left on Listia are done and my credits already earned are spent, I won't be playing on Listia anymore. Found out from one of my regular winners what is going on in some forums on Listia and I'm not playing that game. Way too childish. I'll be concentrating on Bonanza, Etsy and eBay in the future. And, I hope to eventually figure out how to do a shopping cart on my website and sell directly that way ... will take some time, but I'll eventually get it going. I'm truly disappointed in the site and the way it handles some things and the behavior it allows of its members.

Just finished another great story. Mag7 OW slash. Green Eyes by MAC.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011

Jorgy is 11 today ... 

Finally done with the curtains and windows in here. I'm exhausted. But, they are clean. And, one of the curtains that lost a hemline is repaired.

Don't feel like doing too much today, so going to read some more fanfic and hopefully get a few things listed online that I didn't do yesterday.

I'm giving away: 9 Paper Owls. Check it out -
I'm giving away: Cute Buttons and Sticker. Check it out -

Velda suggested I try eBay again. So, I have a couple of new listings there. They are having free insertion fees the next few days.
Hourglass 3-Minute Egg Timer - New
Vintage Cornwall Koffee Kit
The Wreath Book by Rob Pulleyn (1988, Hardcover)
That's all for today. I may list some more in the next few days if I have the time and energy after work. I know I will be listing more labels and craft sheets on Listia; other than that, we'll see.

Really good story. Mag7 OW slash. Lots of action. Finessed by MAC.
Gotta work tomorrow ...

Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011

Sucks that I didn't win or sell anything overnight. :(
Must find food before I get started on anything else. I need to go to the mailbox since I didn't yesterday. There may be Saturday mail in it.
I wonder if the garbage will be picked up today ...

Finally decided on toast this morning. Blah. Should have made cinnamon/sugar fry bread, but didn't think of it until I sat down here.
Will go to mailbox next and then pull down the rest of the curtains in here to wash before I start crafting something. And, then I have GOT to get some things listed online. My office is over-flowing!

The curtains are in the wash. The dust on them made me itch! Got my mom's magnets framed. There are four 3x4 magnets of dog and cat pics that I had bought her when I was about 15 or so. They kept falling off the fridge, so she wanted me to take them apart and put them in a frame. Did that. Now I have 4 magnets I can use for crafts! Starting to sew the dotee ballerina doll now.

Almost done with the dotee doll. Just need to draw the face and decide if I want to make 'hair' for her.
But, food first.

I'm giving away: 10 Assorted Used Stamps. Check it out -

Damn good story. Lest I Should Forget by Limlaith. Mag7 ATF AU implied slash.

So sad about the earthquake in Christchurch. It was a biggie.

I just won this free auction: 6" Round Plastic Canvas

Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20, 2011

Can't seem to get started today ... didn't want to get out of my warm bed. It was freezing this morning ... 32F when I got up at 7. It's up to a balmy 35F now.
Need to get the doves' cage cleaned as I didn't do it yesterday. Have to scrub and top off the fish tanks as I didn't do them Friday ... Have 2 more loads of laundry to do today ... Jorgy's bed and the doves' cover and some rugs.

The needlepoint blocked well overnight, so I can get that backed and measured later.

Still have the doves out playing. They've been out over an hour. Little Girl is roosting on the ceiling fan in the craft room. Big Boy has made it almost to my office in his floor investigation.  Oops. Spoke too soon, he just flew up onto my craft table in my office!

Little Boy is hiding in the craft room.
Their cage cover is in the wash, so they'll be out for a while longer. Big boy just jumped down and landed on Jorgy's butt. She was not impressed. So, he is now under my desk. I guess I need to put them back in their cage after all. Don't want to step on him or roll over him with my chair.

Pulled out the fabric that I want to use on the little ballerina doty doll I will be making for a swap. Purple tulle for the tutu and grey satin for the body. It will have pink accents and purple, pink and black beads on the hook and tail. Need to iron it. It's been packed for years. Need to iron the muslin I am going to back the needlepoint with, too ...

I can't believe that all the frames I have, none are the right size for the needlepoint. Have to stop at the thrift store this week ...
Must find food now ...
I just won this free auction: Craft Ring's 2-Sizes

I am getting so frustrated with Firefox. Constantly stalling and getting 'not responding'. Doesn't matter if I use separate windows or tabs. Cleared cache, history, etc. yesterday, which I hated doing as I had to reload passwords on some sites and auto-fields in others. Still having problems. I really don't want to go back to IE. Haven't used it in over 3 years, I think.

I just won this free auction: Metal "Gold Tone" Wire for Jewelry Making

Finished the Voodoo Doll! It's kind of cute. Just sent the pic to the group.
Going to cut out the Dotee Doll now.

Yay! Make It Or Break It is starting to have promos again & Anthony Starke is in the next episode!! March is coming up!

- Episode 2.11 - The New Normal - Promo

Good Mag7 OW slash by Limlaith - Anatomy of a Storm.

This is an excellent article!

Dr. Mercola
Why You Should Never With TV or Dim Lights On…
I just won this free auction: two plastic stencils

Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 19, 2011

I just won this free auction: 4 Scrapbooking or Gift Tags
I just won this free auction: Beautiful turquoise stone and filigree silver metal square embellishment

My mom is already bugging me about shopping! I'm not awake yet!
Waiting for the oven to warm up to heat my breakfast. Trader Joe's Apple Blossoms!

I just won this free auction: Fiskars paper edgers

I just won this free auction: COTTON FABRIC FAT QUARTER! Green with Gold

Got done shopping pretty quickly. Still have $3 left on the Target gift card. and $20 in the bank. Shocking!

Eww. That spray glue smells awful. Dries pretty quickly, though. Letting the coasters air out a bit before I package them up.
Working on the balloon needlepoint now. Should have it done after lunch.

I just won this free auction: BIG BLUE WOODEN BEADS
Starting on the 2nd load of wash. Late start today. Usually done by now! Back to the needlepoint!

I won some pretty Jasper beads and some fancy toggle clasps earlier, but Listia is very slow to update to my Twitter feed right now ...
And, I finished the balloon needlepoint!! I'm blocking it now. Tomorrow, I will cut a piece of muslin and back it before I measure it for a frame.

I want to get started on something else. Either the dotee doll or the voodoo doll, but it is too dark in here now. :( Will dig the bins out that have the material and picture frames in the morning. I guess I will print out the patterns for those so they will be ready when I find the material.
I'm on the 5th load of laundry for the day. Ugh.

I've got Rollercoaster (as sung by John Barrowman) running through my head today!

I have so many things I need to get listed at my various sites. Too late tonight as I can't take decent pictures right now. Not enough natural light.
Hopefully get a few things up before I get started on the crafting.

Finally, several hours after I actually won them, the tweets came through from Listia ...
I just won this free auction: 4 Sets of Toggle Clasps
I just won this free auction: Leopardskin Jasper Beads
I just won this free auction: "China Picture Jasper" Stone Chips

Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011

I just won this free auction: BAG OF SHELL BEADS
I just won this free auction: Vintage Buttons

It's been another lovely, rainy day in which I got soaked again. I drove a road today that I haven't been on since 1969. It is the road we used to take when we went to visit Papa and Grandma in Dixon. After Papa died , I never went there again until around 1989 when I was showing Quinn and Gemini at the Dixon Fairgrounds and I took the freeway to get there. That is the way I normally go to service my CVS store there nowadays. But, I am so tired of all the traffic, so I looked on a map the other day to find the old road. I'm so glad I did! Almost zero traffic and actually quicker to get there! Amazing! That road is still all agriculture! Orchards and fields and farms. Sadly, I only saw about 10 sheep. That area used to have so many flocks! I also saw where the UC Davis Primate Research facility is ... grrr. But, I will be using this road from now on to go to Dixon.
After that, I shopped the GoodWill next door to my CVS and picked up a bunch of craft supplies; then to the SuperWalmart and found more craft supplies (used my $10 gift card). Oh, and before I left this morning, I stopped at JoAnn's and got even more craft stuff! I bought a Knifty Knitter set that I've wanted for a while! I can start knitting things again. One of these days I will fix my Sweater Machine, too. But, I have bins full of yarn to get used! Most of it is acrylic and I want to get it used up. I want to just use cotton in the future, once that is all gone.

Ah, if only I wanted to get back into leather crafts. This looks cool.

Tandy Leather
My mom wants to go shopping tomorrow ... so, looks like the $50 Target gift card will be used and the rest of my cash ... I still need to pay the cable/internet that's late and get the smog test on the car. I hope I make enough to do both next week. Martin should be making a truck payment, so that will help!

Working on the last 2 watermelon coasters. Should have had them finished, but didn't work on anything the past 2 days! Will have them finished by tomorrow!! Then will finish the balloon needlepoint and see if I have a frame in one of my bins to fit it or will search the thrift stores for one next week.
Cable is messing up badly. Trying to watch Shepard Smith/FoxNews. It's like deciphering code with missing parts ...
My stomach has been messing up the past couple of weeks. I hope I'm not having reactions to milk again. I thought I had solved that problem. May have to experiment. I hope it's not milk. I love this milk! We shall see ...

None of the channels want to stay in! Decided to listen to John Barrowman Glasgow concert instead!

I'm getting faster at this plastic canvas stuff. I'll have this coaster done after dinner.

Dinner was kind of blah ... 

Cable is working again. Finished the coaster. Starting on the last one! 

I was telling my mom earlier about taking old Pedrick Road today and she said there were a lot of chicken farms along there when we used to use it. I don't remember them. I just remember all the sheep.

I finished the coasters! Well, other than gluing the felt backing on tomorrow. I have to do that out on the deck as I can't have the smell in here. Here is a pic:
My scanner didn't show the true colors, so I had to PSP the coloring a bit. I will definitely use this pattern again.

I can not seem to warm up right now. I'm sitting in front of my little heater, but it is not helping! I think I will be taking the hot water bottles to bed to help the electric blanket while I read. I won't keep them when I go to sleep. Don't want to risk a leak with the blanket turned on. I think it only got to 41F today ... Not sure. It is 40F right now. The wind chill is 32F, though, according to my Weather Channel desktop thingie. Still raining, too.

I've missed out on 3 bead auctions in a row. I keep getting distracted!

I just won this free auction: 25 Bright Sky Blue 9mm x 6mm Czech Glass Teardrop Tear Drop Beads Transluce
 I just won this free auction: 25 Alexandrite-Colored 9mm x 6mm Czech Glass Teardrop Beads Translucent Ama
I just won this free auction: 2x3" bag full of copper colored bead mix

Have a bunch more auctions I will have to make a hopeful bid before I close up as they end overnight. Fingers crossed I will have winnings in the morning.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011

Wasn't in the mood to blog yesterday. Or do much else!
Did some shopping in the rain this morning. Picked up more crafty stuff at JoAnn's; got some swaps at the thrift store and Cost Plus; & stopped at Trader Joe's. Oh, and went to Borders to use the Borders Bucks I cashed in for points from one of my survey companies. I had $15, so I got a Quilling for Dummies kit for free! And, mailed a bunch of winnings, including a Breyer beanie sold through my Bonanza shop.
Got more bead winnings in the mail today. And, a vintage postcard that the seller forgot to send with a bunch I won last month.

Facebook is so incredibly boring.

Check Engine light turned itself off again. Hope it stays off. I really need to get the smog test done next week. I do think it may be the oil pressure sensor going out ... hope not, though.

Waiting for dinner to be served ... my left eye is still bothering me. Feels like something is in there. Started yesterday at one of my stores. Took an allergy pill. Used eye rinse. Still no relief.

Lots of lovely rain today. I got soaked. Lots of birds using our deck railing to get out of it. :)

OK. So last night was Criminal Minds. Good ep. Then after was the spin-off, Suspect Behavior. I did not like the ep of CM that introduced this. I still don't like it, now. And, I was wholey un-impressed with Janene Garofolo. I've never liked her. But, so far, none of the characters do anything for me ... the storyline was good, so I made it thought the whole ep.

Tonight is a new CSI. Justin Bieber is in it again. The last one he was in was pretty good.  Oh, starting off good. Bad step, Nicky!

Just packaged up an adorable stuffed country cow angel that I found at the thrift store today for a thrift store find swap. Something I would have kept! Only paid $1.78 for it as it was 50% off storewide today. It is 18 inches tall, so not a small find.

Stuck in a warehouse with two bombs ... break the damn window and get out! Damn, Lou got hurt! Don't kill him off!! Awww. Killed the cute bomb squad guy.
Yay! Lou lives!
Damn! That was a good ep!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15, 2011

I took melatonin AND valerian last night and still woke up too early. I feel so tired. My throat is still hurting like it's bruised right in the front. Annoying. I didn't hit it or run into anything and can't see a bruise. But, it hurts! And, it's not a swollen gland or anything like that. Weird.

Facebook is still not getting my Twitter Tweets. Did their troubleshooting for it last night. Maybe I'll reboot the computer later.

Have 3 stores I need to do. Hopefully today's rain will hold off until I get home as I have to travel a highway for 1 of them. The other 2 are here in Woodland.

Damn stomach is acting up again. Might only get the 2 stores in town done today ... damn.

I got my oil check today. Spent nearly half of it at the grocery store! I've been home 2 hours and didn't even have lunch. So, I am having graham crackers with butter!

I got a really fun swap today. It is a whimsey jar filled with buttons, ribbons and other crafty things. So cute! I will be able to use all of it on something! Here's a pic:

Yep. I am now hooked on Blackbeard's Island again ...
Better get some needlepoint done.

Got a lot done on the needlepoint. I just had a sale on Bonanza! I sold a Breyer beanie!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011

Woke about an hour ago to the lovely sound of rain on the carport. Supposed to rain all week.

Pulled 2 sets of curtains in the living room to wash. Don't know if I'll get to the other 2 today, though. Out of detergent & washing soda. Using good ol' Boraxo. Need to save the rest to wash jeans this week.
Burning Arctic Blast again. Doing it with the right program this time. I love my Ulead on this computer! I won't use the Power 2 Go again for that. Not on this computer, anyway. I like the Power 2 Go Express on my XP computer much better. But, I couldn't get the program to completely transfer over ...
Deleting more files today!

Had to wash the curtains again. So filthy. I thought I had washed them since we moved in, but now I'm not so sure. I know I have washed the bedroom and kitchen curtains a couple of times. I can't wait until I can make or buy new ones for this room. They are white and lacy ... so not my style! But, the dirt has made them dingy gray. I added some of my mom's Clorox powder to this 2nd wash and hope it helps. Damn, forgot to add vinegar ...
Waiting for a few thousand files to finish deleting from my Incredimail program before I can do anything else on here.
Today is Candace's birthday. She's getting old ... :( Need to comb her out real good today.
I don't feel good today. My throat is bothering me. Feels bruised ... weird.

I finally got Arctic Blast burned correctly. Will watch it some time this week. Didn't get as many files deleted as I would have liked, though. But, I am done for the day with files.

I am debating about opening a new account on Facebook or trying to alter my old account.

OMG! I just reactivated my Facebook account and found a friend request from Darla!!! She was my best friend growing up. We were inseparable! Wow. I have thought about her for years, wondering what happened to her.

Oh, thank goodness. I figured out how to get rid of some of the clutter on Facebook and hid a bunch of messages I wasn't interested in!
Now, to figure out why it won't let me save my interests ...

Gah. I don't think I will be offering labels on Listia anymore. People seem to think they can ask for all kinds of changes. It's free, people! If you want different text color, etc. you can order from one of my paying sites ... or get your own printer ... guess I will have to write up a long list of rules about them ... becoming a pain in the ass.

I did nothing crafty today. Sucks. Wish I felt better. And, I have to get at least 2 stores done tomorrow and pick up some groceries with no money ... tricky.

I am about done with Listia. There are a bunch of fucking idiots on there lately that don't know how to read.  I'm getting so fed up with it. And, it is costing me too much in postage, anyway. :(

Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 13, 2011

Doing a lot of uploading to Pando and 4shared and burning some disks today. Have to make more room on my HDs. Getting crowded and sluggish.
Going to walk to the mailbox now. Breathing is too crappy to ride my bike today. Hope I got something good in the mail yesterday. Our mail comes in the afternoon, so I always get it the next morning.

Not too much in the mail. Got 4 ATCs from a swap and 4 vintage postcards I won. And, a $10 WalMart gift card from one of my survey companies! Better than the day before!

OK. Not much weeding today. Too cold out there in the shade. Only 48F!  Eek. I didn't realize that before I went out there. But, I got a 2x2 foot patch totally weeded! So much more to go, though.
Time for needlepoint and Arctic Blast!

Aw, hell! I burned Arctic Blast in the wrong format and it won't play on the dvdplayer!!! So, Magnificent Seven it is ...

Watched the last disk of Mag7 ... still miss that show. Can't wait until Eric Close's new show, Chaos, starts. And, Anthony Starke's Make It Or Break It takes such long breaks between episodes!! Don't like that show, just want to see him!
Loading Arctic Blast to megaupload site and will try to burn it again later. I'm also loading a bunch of files to my 4Shared site to clear more of my HD.
Charging my eReader. Haven't touched it in months. Battery died. I want to move some of the craft files and maybe some audio files onto it.

Missed out on bidding on some tomato red round glass beads! Bummer. Waiting to bid on some amber beads now ... hope I don't get distracted again!
Found a great way to keep my feet warm!! The water bottle my mom found the other day. I filled it up earlier to lean against in my chair for my back. But, it was TOO hot and made my back itch! So, I set it on the floor under my desk and was going to let it cool down a bit. Then I put my feet on it. Ah, warm toes!

Yay! I won some pretty purple glass beads! And, I won the amber beads!!

Finished another watermelon coaster!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 12, 2011

Didn't sleep to bad. I remembered to take melatonin last night.

I just got Arctic Blast from one of the Pando Groups. Will check it out later and then share it.

Rode my bike to the mailbox. Just one piece of junk mail! No good stuff! I'm so out of breath now. My tires were low from the bike sitting so much. So, Martin offered to air them up for me. Stick came from his yard to help! Such a cute puppy. Found out the new baby is named Macy Grace.
Going to sort my recycling and put in the car once I can breathe ...

I'm giving away: Brass Tag. Check it out -
Just got the neighbor kids in trouble. I think the 5 y.o. is acting up because of the new baby. He and one of his buddies climbed my fence (it's only 3 feet tall until I have the money to raise it as planned) into my backyard and were goofing off. They ran off when I went out. Went to get Martin and he caught them pulling Pookie's trolley line down in their backyard! Oh, boy.
I hope they go in for a nap soon so I can go out and weed!!

I'm giving away: Amber Dropper Bottle. Check it out -
I'm giving away: Crochet Ripple Throw Project Sheet. Check it out -
I'm giving away: Grapevine Wreath Project Sheet. Check it out -
I'm giving away: Table Decor Project Sheet. Check it out -
I'm giving away: Fun Duct Tape Bag Project Sheet. Check it out -

I weeded for about an hour. Trimmed a few plants. Still have a lot to do in that corner. Doesn't look like I made a dent! Damn allysum acts like a weed ...
Going to needlepoint for a while now.

Just finished making a new jewelry set:
Brassy Blue Glass Necklace & Earring Set by QuinGem on Zibbet:

I have started working on my first plastic canvas project! It is a set of 4 round coasters with a watermelon design. They are cute! I am making them as a swap on swap-bot. I have until 2/25 to mail them. I should have them done well before then.

I finished my first coaster! It's kind of cute. There will be another pink one and 2 red ones in the set.

I'm going to close up now and watch Arctic Blast.

Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11, 2011

Woke up and couldn't go back to sleep! Hate when that happens. Just too many things going through my head!
I tried doing this blog without putting the date in the title the past couple of days. But, I hate how it links to the first line of the blog ... so, have to remember to put date in the title field.
Cold this morning. 36F. Hope it warms up a bit by the time I'm done working today. I want to pull more weeds. They took over so quickly the past week.
I have to go to DMV before work today to pay the car reg. Have to break into my quarter stash to mail out all my swaps and auction wins. Waiting on some PayPal money to transfer to my account.

I can't seem to warm up this morning. I have my little space heater on my desk blowing, my electric throw on high and my eyeballs are cold ...

Damn. It's colder. Down to 35F.

Hmmm. Looks like Mubarek has left Cairo! Good. Now if they can get rid of the other guy.
My mom has been driving me crazy. She thinks she wants this thing that's advertised on TV called a Neat Organizer. Why!? She can't use a computer! I would end up having to do it. And, I can do the same thing WITH my computer ... stupid.

I don't want to go anywhere!

Well. I paid for my car reg. $118. But, they don't give out extensions anymore (red tags) if you don't have the smog done and can't complete the registration! So, if I get pulled over after this month, I just have to show the paperwork, I guess. I know I won't be able to get the smog test done until at least next week. And, if it doesn't pass ... oh, well. At least I won't get charged late fees for the registration since it was paid on time.
Got my Rite Aid serviced here in town.
After lunch, I went out and weeded the driveway. Just got done. I'm exhausted. I hate how it looks when there are weeds coming up along the front and side of the driveway in the seams. Looks good now. Tomorrow, I start on the corner planter area. My eyes are itching so bad I had to take an allergy pill when I came in. While I was outside, I met Martin's new baby. She is 2 weeks old. Don't remember if he said her name! They have 3 boys and now a girl. And, I also met the new puppy that lives on the other side of them. A tiny wire Jack Russell named Stick! Kept running over to see what I was doing. They have another little terrier named Puppy. Martin's 2 dogs are a Chihuahua, Sweetie and a bull mix, Pookie! Obviously, these people have kids. Poor dogs. Such undignified names! haha!
I have to remember to rub coconut oil on my hands tonight! Forgot last night. So dry! I have put it at the front of my bathroom sink to remember.
I received the silver aglets I won last week. Now to get a bolo braided and find a slider I want for it. Maybe in a couple weeks.
Got accepted into 2 swap-bot groups over night. Have a couple more I am waiting on. One is for dotee dolls and one is for craft patterns.

I am so hungry. Only had a pecan butter and raspberry jelly sandwich for lunch. Don't know what we are having for dinner. Should I ask? Yeah.
OK. We are having burritos with the taco rice leftovers in them. Good.

I am so tired. But, I want to watch Supernatural before I go to bed. Supposed to be an Old West one!!
Trying an acai berry tea with honey that I got in a swap. It's not bad!

Disappointed. It wasn't the Old West ep of Supernatural tonight after all. Bummer. And, no Castiel, either ... boooooring.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to meeee. Yeah, right.

Don't know what I want to eat. Got all the critters inside and out fed. I have a persistent headache from the wind we had the other day. Not a migraine, thank goodness.
Need to eat something and then go out and pull weeds.

Sucks that almost every penny in my checking will go to pay the car reg. tomorrow. And, will have to get a red extension sticker since I haven't gotten it smogged yet ...

Going to cut some lavender, rosemary and catnip to dry. I'm going to start listing them on Listia, I think. As well as make some things with them. I have LOTS of it!  Need to run a line either in the laundry room or the kitchen to hang them. Will do that this weekend.

Done with weeding along the front walkway.

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Scrubbed all the rails on the deck. I love having the outside birds visiting, but they sure can make a mess!

Doing some needlepoint while watching FoxNews to see what's going to happen in Egypt.

Tahrir Square is like a trainwreck. I want to keep watching. But, of course my mom is bored, so she changed the damn channel. Grr. But, heard most of Mubarek's speech. Knew he wouldn't step down until Sept. Too bad.
At least I got 2 more colors done on the balloon needlepoint project.
Need to print some more labels and then go clean my bathroom sink area.

The neighbors around the corner are building a new deck. The pounding is so annoying. But, I am jealous! I wish I had the money to build the deck and ramp I want under the carport ... Will have to wait probably a couple more years ...

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My hands are so dry today. Have to start using the coconut oil again. Haven't used it for a while.
Just signed up for a bunch of swaps at swap-bot. Mostly coupon or craft swaps.

Got accepted in a Dotee swap group on swap-bot! Yay!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Didn't work today. Went to JoAnn's and got some black earring findings, some memory wire and stuff to make some cute plastic canvas watermelon coasters. By the time I was done there, I started feeling sick ... so, didn't go to service my Rite Aid down the street from there. So, stopped at BelAir and got a few things my mom wanted and came home. Will have to work Friday. I am not working tomorrow. I never work on my birthday.
My stomach is starting to feel better. There is still a breeze going, but not the winds we had. So, I will be going out later to fix the skirting that pulled loose yesterday.

Damn. Got outbid on a huge seed bead auction. Sad.

Bunch of my own auctions ending today. Getting ready to start packaging stuff to mail on Friday.
Have lots of address labels to print up for winners.

Just finished a fun SG-1/Mag7 crossover, Only The Strong Survive by JJJunky.
And, another of the same crossover, Ain't No Fun.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The wind was awful all night. The trailer was shaking. Happy I found no damage outside this morning.
I am sooo tired of my Incredimail crashing.

I felt like I was going to get blown off the road in my little car. That wind is fierce today! Still shaking the house.
Made scrambled eggs and hash browns and toast for lunch. Dropped an egg on the floor. Messy.

Damn wind has loosened the siding in front behind the brick planter. I'll have to repair that tomorrow if the wind has died down by then.

Another good Mag7 OW Gen story from JJJunky! Bitter Silence.
Cashed out another survey site. $36. to my PayPal!! And, I got $30 iCard at another site! Plus, had enough credits left to donate 10 trees!

I feel so tired right now. This wind is awful.

Another excellent Mag7 OW Gen story. Cruel As The Grave by JJJunky.

Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

OK. I'm going to try to get back to doing this blog daily!

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I serviced a CVS store this morning ... and I had to go to WalMart and buy a new mini filter for Blush's little tank. I think the motor burned out on the other one. Didn't notice until last night as he was looking sluggish. He seems to have perked up already since I put the new one in when I got home.

Must find lunch now.
Ah, chicken quesadillas. Always a good choice!
Went out and trimmed the mums and the cabbage flowers and pulled some weeds. The brick box is starting to look good again. Lots of flowers are blooming. Still have some more weeds to pull. Then, I'll add some topsoil. Hopefully tomorrow after work. Then I'll take a picture!

Going to add some more things to Listia.
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I cannot get the rosemary smell off my hands!

Ugh. Just got news I didn't want. A 'relative' I hate is in town. If he steps foot on my property I'll call the cops. His mother is harassing others in the family to get addresses/phone numbers of everyone to have a get-together. NO ONE wants anything to do with these asses!!! They are the reason we left Florida!!
Now I'm stressed and don't want to do anything ...

Just finished reading Calf Killer by Cobalt. Very good Mag7 slash.
Going to sit outside and read a chapter or 2 of Dresden Files #7. It's really nice outside. 67F and no wind.

Just finished All For One by JJJunky. Mag7 OW Gen.

The mourning dove came by to eat again today. Hopefully, coo will spread and more will come by this year. The purple finches don't seem to mind sharing!

Gah! I LOVE Little Britches stories!! Just finished this one in the Mag7 OW AU - Second Chances by JJJunky.

Mag7 OW Gen. Manifest Destiny by JJJunky. Very good.