Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31, 2011

Last day of March already ... days pass too quickly.

I hate servicing certain stores. I have been all freakin' day in one store. Takes forever to do the inventory with the stupid, slow telzon guns. And, of course, they never allot enough time to get everything done that needs to be done. So, I have to tack on extra time and hope no one questions it! Arrrgh. I am so tired and have a headache! I'm going dog-hunting tomorrow.

Not feeling great today. Still refreshing the craigslist pet page. Found an ad for a Pet Celebration at the local Tractor Supply on Sat. Called the store to make sure what time it will be held - 11-2. We'll be going, whether I find a dog tomorrow or not. I hope I do find a dog tomorrow. I hope this dog will get as socialized as the Girls (Quinn & Gemini) were. Jorgy wasn't well socialized. She would get along with anyone, but she wasn't happy about it and I never took her anywhere. That will change with the new dog. I want to get out with her and do things. I have a lot of phone calls to make tomorrow. I am going to troll backwards on the craigslist calendar and call several I have been seeing, but didn't have enough cash at that time. I have enough now. So, we'll see what I find. And, my mom wants to go to the Yuba/Sutter shelters, too.

Damn. The kid next door is mowing their weed clumps. Had to take an allergy pill. I don't want to close the doors. It is hot today.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

Stomach is bothering me again this morning. Will take a few days to get all the milk proteins out of my system and the allergic reactions to wear off.

It's really windy today. Will be stirring up the pollens.

I didn't really feel like working today, so just serviced the local Staples not far from me. It's next to WalMart, so I went there and bought napkins for a swap due tomorrow. Then stopped at the local shelter. I sure won't adopt from there. The dogs I checked that I'd seen online didn't really grab me in person. But, their rules for adopting have changed so much from the last time I adopted there in the 1980s that it really deters adoption, in my opinion.

There's so much pollen in the air with the wind today, that I don't want to go out to pull weeds.
Going to try to get a couple of Easter cards made for a swap due on Sat.

Got the cards done! They turned out kind of cute. They are a Spring/Easter theme.

Still searching for a dog. Have eliminated shelters left and right. Still seem to be leaning toward Yuba/Sutter shelter as most reasonable fees and least distance to travel. Quite a few I like on Craigslist, but they want WAAAAAY too much on the 'rehoming' fee. That is such a stupid term.

Have any of you heard of Groupon (this is different than Grouply) and have you gotten anything on there? Do you like the site?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011

Still need a dog and still upset about yesterday ... need to show my mom how to use the Magic Jack phone this morning before I leave for work.

I've decided my dairy allergy has gotten the best of me. I am cutting out dairy starting today ... again. It has gotten bad. I've had a rash on the back of my thighs for almost 2 months. Nothing I do is clearing it up. And, my stomach problems are getting worse. Along with a few other symptoms that I've always had. Going to pick up some coconut or soy milk today. I still believe if you do use dairy, you get as close to the original as possible (raw is best if you can get it.)

So. No dairy; no corn; no mushrooms; no oranges; no peas or pea relatives; no peanuts. Allergies suck.

I need to fix the sliding glass door. I think the screws holding the rollers are stripped. I have to tighten them every couple of days. It's getting old. And, I need to be able to open/close that door often and easily to take the dog out when I get it! Looked on the Home Depot website and it will be about $30 for the 2 parts I need. So, will get that done this weekend. 

I got some great stuff in the mail yesterday. Tea, papercraft supplies, beads, several things I will be putting up on Listia, coupons, and shells. Fun mail!

I am going to call AT&T next week and have them shut the account down. We'll just be using my Magic Jack for a phone now. Showed my mom how to use it this morning. Need to call her dr. offices with the number and WalMart pharmacy. And, give it to Laura (park manager.)

I'm wondering if I need to rethink the female-only dog choice. There seem to be an inordinately large number of male dogs available. I haven't had a male in over 10 years. I've just always been more partial to female dogs for some reason ... may widen my search. Just saw a cute little boy on craigslist ... but he's not black ... hmmmm. I'm also not seeing any seniors that grab me, either ...

Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

I only got one store serviced today. And, didn't go up to Yuba or Sutter Animal Shelter as planned. My head is bugging me and my stomach. There is so much pollen in the air now that the rain has stopped and the wind is picking everything up.
Just came in from repairing the corner siding piece. Hope it holds this time. If not, I may have to take several pieces off and re-do the holes where they screw in so they will hold it. I feel like I have ants all over me. There were ants on the ladder ...

I'm still searching for a dog. I keep refreshing Craigslist pet page. I've called about 3, but none have really impressed me enough to go see the dog. Like I said before. I am going to be picky and not just grab the first baby that gets my attention. And, I am not going to pay a lot of money, so that leaves out most rescues and a lot of individuals who want more than the shelters! I also have the pages for PetFinder, PetHarbor and Adopt-A-Pet open.

I mailed 5 swaps today and signed up for 5 more on swap-bot! Tomorrow, I will get the fabric to make the napkins (or will buy napkins if I find a good deal, as the swap allows for either.)

I have definitely lost weight. I am back into my 32x30 pants. Yay! My 34x30 I have been needing a belt for a while now.

Gah! I still have to do my taxes!!! Guess I will have to set aside time this weekend.

I'm giving away: 10 Assorted Used Stamps. Check it out -

I'm giving away: 10 Assorted Used non-US Stamps. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Coral-look Plastic Beads. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Olympic Key Fob - New. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Dream Catchers - NIP. Check it out -

I'm giving away: 3 Assorted Greeting Cards - New. Check it out -

I cannot believe this! Damn former relative tracked down where we lived! Luckily, she stopped at the office, and the manager would not give our exact address out and came by and told us about it! Persistent bitch. I don't want anything to do with those people. Take a hint!

Great. Now I am in a bad mood ...

Feel like I'm going to throw up ...

I feel like panicking, I am so depressed right now. I keep expecting a knock on the door that I don't want. Or, that they will show up while I'm gone and my mom will let them in.

I really need a dog right now ...

Make It Or Break It will start in 30 minutes. Hope Anthony Starke is in this episode.

I just won this free auction: 1800 Mix Czech Glass Seed Beads ~ *Brand New*

Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011

Candace made a mess throwing up late last night. I have to clean the carpet cleaner and then clean the carpet this morning. Poor old gal.
Looks like our rain is gone.
I have so much to do today. I have the first load of wash started. More dog hunting online. Must get some more things listed on Listia and elsewhere. I have so much stuff to get rid of!


Have the third load of wash going now. Vacuumed my room and moved the dog's room around and getting it set back up and ready for a new tenant. Need to clean the carpet cleaner and then clean the carpet now.

Scrubbed my shower.

Trying to get my bed put back together. That is always a chore.

Cleaned the carpets. I'm exhausted! Damn soap dispenser has a crack in it, so got way to much soap in the carpet. Took forever to suck it all out and dilute it. Need a new carpet cleaner! The motor sounds and smells like it is about to go, too. I want to get just a little handheld Green Machine. Used to have one of those and wore it out ...

Last load of laundry done. Now to finish my bed. Ugh.

Going to toss a bunch of stuff from the shed - some of my dad's old car radios that I have no use for. Might take a couple weeks to get rid of all of them as our garbage can isn't all that big.

That didn't take long. Got rid of half of them. I'll toss the rest next week, then start on the pile of parts under the tarp. I want them gone by the end of April.

Watching Arctic Blast with Michael Shanks, now.

That was a pretty good movie. Watching Abbott & Costello show now.

Well, that was an enjoyable few hours watching dvds. Sure didn't get my floor repaired or get any swaps made ... oh, well.

I think I've refreshed the craigslist pet page about 200 times today.


Just saw this timely tweet:

Mother Earth News
How to Color Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes:
I can hardly keep my eyes open tonight! Trying to play Mahjohng on Pogo.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26, 2011

I am so tired this morning. Hope I wake up soon! Rained all night it looks like and still is. Making cinnamon raisin toast.

Got some cute ATCs in the mail yesterday. Need to finish making my little witchie butterfly dotee this morning.
Let the doves fly around a bit while I cleaned their cage. Need to top off the fish tanks and change filters now.

I've been informed that today is Earth Hour day. This was my response:
"Hmmm. Ok. So, apparently it is not the same hour worldwide. Interesting. So, it is not a constant. It is whenever 8:30pm hits your area. Not really a statement then.
To me, it should mean everyone worldwide at the very same hour ... like, ready-set-go-now, for the next hour no matter where you are at ..."
Finished making this cute dotee doll - Wilma Witchie Butterfly Dotee.
Now, I am making a couple of magnets for a swap. I really have no idea what I want to make, though ... will have to eat and then go through my craft supplies for inspiration.
OK. I now know I am not a fan of tahini. Tastes too much like peanut butter ... And, it seems awfully runny ... But, I have a whole jar of it, so I'll have to finish it ...

Just finished re-hanging my mom's bathroom door. She wanted it to open the other way ...
I am getting a migraine ...

Going to work on the magnets now.

Ooh. Fun. My next swap project is a map! What shall it be ... I think I want to do a constellation map ATC for it. Must look through all my paper stock, etc.

Got my 3rd and last load of wash in the dryer for the day. Need to get my bed done tomorrow.

Hah! I'm making a hardiness zone map ATC! Found a great pic in a flower catalog! I will save that constellation idea for another time.

Finished my map. And, realized partners aren't assigned until tomorrow! Will have to wait to package this one up!

Now I am making a green dotee. Fabric, beads, ribbon are in greens. Need to find something green for the hair. I wonder if I have some green yarn somewhere. YES! Found some.

Done with the green dotee. Gracie Green. Her head is a little pointier than I like, but it will do!
Hmmm. The next swap project is a set of cloth napkins ... Need to forage through my fabric bin to see if I have enough that is thick enough for napkins ... Hope I have something and don't have to go buy any fabric for this one.

Damn. I'll have to go to JoAnn's on Monday. I don't have any fabric that is a good weight or thickness for napkins! Bummer.

So. Next project is Easter cards which I will do tomorrow.

The sun is coming out! Darn. I want more rain!

Having fettucine with spaghetti sauce for dinner.

Really good article on eggs. Check out the 3 links at the end to find local farms. Not just those who raise eggs.

Mother Earth News
Beware of the promises the labels on egg cartons make. Here's the breakdown:
I want another Gemini. I'm never going to find another Gemini. Just saw a story on the news about a photographer who takes pics of shelter dogs to help them find homes. Made me cry. Of all the MANY dogs I've had in the past, Gemini is the one I miss the most. She was part of my soul from the moment she was born and I tore the sac off of her and her twin. She's been gone since 1998, but sometimes I feel like she is in my lap and I can smell her. I've been thinking of my sweet GemmaJam a lot since Jorgy died.

I've been scouring the classifieds, craigslist, AdoptAPet and several shelter sites the past few hours. I called about a gorgeous chocolate Cocker that needs a home, but the gal wants $300 for her! Good luck! I will probably end up adopting from either Yuba or Calaveras County shelters. They have the most reasonable adoption fees I've found so far. Both are a bit over an hour away from me. I am going to try to go up to Yuba on Monday to check it out. Calaveras will have to be later in the week, I think. There are several free or 'cheap' on craigslist right now, but too late tonight to call. Will check on them tomorrow if they are still listed.

Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25, 2011

I got 1 store serviced here in town this morning. Went to the PO and BelAir. Got soaked getting the groceries to the car. By the time I was down the street and around the corner to my carport, it was pouring buckets of hail! I'm loving it! Just need thunder and lightning, but I know that won't happen. We never get that any more.

Got some fun stuff in the mail. My favorite is kits to make 4 dotee dolls. They are gonna be cute!! The other is a jeans purse through a swap. It's cute, but ... I don't use purses, so will probably sell it or put it on Listia ... will think about that. I've never been into girlie stuff like that.

I just joined something called VirtaPay. I think it is going to try to be a rival to PayPal in the future. Not too sure yet. But, if you'd like to check it out, click here: and you will get $25 virtual money to get started. Lots of other ways to earn real money there, too. I'm still trying to figure it all out. Thanks to Inger for pointing the site out to me!
Divine White Chocolate with Strawberries is divine. Yum!

I've started making a butterfly witch dotee for a swap. Hope it turns out good.

Well, the excitement is over. The man 3 doors down had a medical problem that brought 3 fire trucks, an ambulance and a fire chief SUV. It took about 30 minutes to get him out of his trailer and into the ambulance. It took 7 firemen to lift him (on the gurney) into the ambulance. He is huge. Sad. Martin (next door) said he either fell again or had breathing problems. I've never seen the guy before. Just see the lady watering in the summer. He never comes outside.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24, 2011

I got an email and saw tweets about a 6.8 earthquake in Thailand, but nothing on the local or FoxNews!

Rainy and windy today. Have 2 stores to service and going to the thrift store and PO, too. Gonna get wet!

OMG! The storm is really raging. I am soaked! I only did my Dixon store today. I love storms, but not driving in them. I almost got squished by a semi! I didn't even go to the thrift store right next to my store. I just came straight home. I did hit the PO, gas station and cable office before heading to Dixon, though. I think I am going to have to teach my mom to use my Magic Jack phone. I wasn't thrilled with the details of the Wave Phone ... and they don't take California Lifeline discount. :(

We've been having some hail the past few minutes. Very small and doesn't stick. And, lots of rain! Loving it! Several doves and finches hanging out on the porch to get out of it.

Got some fun stuff in the mail. Altered clothes pins, various card-making goodies, ATC & beaded key fob.

Was just invited to a jewelry swap group on swap-bot. That was nice. I joined, but I don't wear jewelry. So, hopefully, there will be some swaps offered that I will be able to join ... we'll see.

Damn Incredimail crashed and won't open again ... grrr.
Got it to open but the junk mail folder keeps freezing.

I want to play Dominoes on Pogo, but all the rooms seem to be full! Keep getting an error that there are no seats available!
Fine. I'm going to go through swap-bot and find some more swaps to watch!

Joined a bunch of swap-bot groups & a couple more YahooGroups. Waiting for approvals now.

Still need to decide about creating my own group on swap-bot. I'm thinking of calling it QuinGem's Quirky Qurafts. We'll see.

Rain seems to have let up for a bit. No birds on the porch.

Just downloaded OpenOffice. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some .pdf files now!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011

Spent most of the morning trying to figure out why my Incredimail wouldn't open due to the new Firefox 4 that I upgraded to last night. Looks like maybe the FF didn't download correctly. I uninstalled, then reinstalled and things seem to be working now. Then, my Yahoo toolbar disappeared and had to reinstall with a new version that is compatible to the new FF. And, I don't like the layout of the toolbar buttons on it. And, I want my 'stop' button back! So annoying how they move everything around.

Getting Listia winnings packaged up to mail tomorrow. Hope I feel better. Stayed home sick today.

Having one of my mom's Activia yogurts for lunch. It is Parfait Crunch Vanilla. Never had this before. Not bad.

Woke up to the sad news that Elizabeth Taylor died. She was a gentle lady.

I'm going to organize the craft shelf today after I eat. Need to get it done.

I don't know why my mom likes Activia so much. It is tooooo sweet. I should have read the ingredients. It has corn starch in it, too. Ugh. My stomach will probably rebel later.

I just retested my phone line as I found another wall jack when we moved the craft shelf the other day. It is definitely the line as the phone works fine when I tested it on my Magic Jack line ... So, in the next week, I will be adding phone to my cable bundle ... I don't like the idea, since it will be a bit more expensive if they don't accept California Lifeline discount. I only pay about $8/mo. with AT&T. But, that doesn't do any good if I can't use it ...

Packaged up a bunch of Listia winnings and a Bonanza sale to mail tomorrow. I have to work whether I feel like it or not tomorrow. Didn't do much besides play Pogo games today.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011

Well, so much for rain every day this week! Been mostly sunny all day and no rain yesterday.

I got 2 stores serviced & bought groceries today, and looks like I made out like a bandit in the mail department yesterday. Let's see what all I got!
Bummer. A return. The address is correct and so is the postage. Sending scans to the swapee and to the swap host. Not sure what to do about it yet.
Got some good stuff. Tea, beads, cross-stitch kit, handmade wood buttons, ATCs, 2 dvds (the original Father of the Bride & Abbott & Costello TV show!!), & yarn.

I'm not accomplishing anything today ... feel kind of blah. Might stay home tomorrow.

I just joined a Plastic Canvas group. Looks to be really active, so we'll see how long I can stand it!

Just cleared out my emails that I had saved to answer ... deleted most of them, they were so old! Still have 26 in that folder, but they are mostly so I won't forget to check on some websites later & sales that I save until people receive their items.

I caught up on all my surveys. So many had expired. I have been terrible lately about completing them on time! Missing out on points and money!!

Oh, got approved for the PC group already! I hate having to wait days to get approved to groups. Going to look through some of their archives now.

Got a response from the swapee. She forgot to change her address on swap-bot when she moved ... sigh ... will resend her swap Thurs.

Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

So much for rain today. Looks like the sun is coming out. Have 1 store to service today in Sacramento.
Hope to get the rest of my books and crafts organized when I get home.

I'm home! No rain, so far, but it sure was cloudy in Sac.
Is it weird not to recognize my office when I came home? Have to get used to the new arrangement.
I went to the main PO in West Sacramento this morning as I had something to send outside the US. I did not realize that birds could still be mailed. How archaic & barbaric! Someone was mailing 5 adult roosters. Wish there was a law against that ...

We are getting closer and closer to WWIII.

I was going to join another swapping yahoogroup, but changed my mind. I am enjoying swap-bot too much and don't want to mess with that! I mailed 6 swaps this morning and joined 6 more when I got home and watching 12 more that I will join later.

I really should get started on organizing my shelves ...

I think I have all my books, mailing supplies and papers organized finally. I'll work on the craft shelf tomorrow. Sorted through all my coupons and tossed the expired or soon-to-bes. I am in a coupon swap soon and waiting to get my partner.

I have decided! Next week the search begins for finches and a dog. I want 3 finches. Preferences - Spice, Society, Star or Cutthroats - I used to raise all those. No Zebras (used to raise those, too) or Canaries. For a dog. It has to be under 20 lbs. Park rules and my ability in the future to lift anything bigger. Sadly, that rules out a Cocker Spaniel. It has to be female (spayed) and at least 90% black. Wire hair or long hair. I prefer a spaniel-type or spaniel mix. Will go for long-coat Chihuahua or mini dachshund. Hopefully, a senior (7+ years.) Will know my future dog when I see it. Am trolling through the dog rescues online right now until I have actual cash and then will hit local shelters and classifieds. I prefer getting one on-the-spot and most rescues take a bit of time and require a home visit. I'm not totally opposed to that, but don't like being under a microscope.

I'm thinking of creating a group on swap-bot. I need to go through all their rules & such. I might do it over the weekend. Need to decide on a name ... it needs to have a 'qu' in the name. I just like that idea ... it will mainly be for crafts and supplies, thrift store finds, and maybe coupons. I don't like doing cheapie swaps like postcards, stamps, fbs, etc.

Well, I didn't get the bathroom tiles fixed today. That might wait until the weekend, as I have quite a few stores I need to get serviced this week.

I can't wait until next week for this show!!

- Episode 1.01 - Pilot - 2 Sneak Peeks

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011

What a wild storm we had overnight. I didn't sleep much at all with all the noise and the trailer shaking! Not any real damage for us, luckily. The garbage can lid was blown open, so there is water in the garbage. One of the old card tables blew over under the carport. And, the piece of corner siding that I've had to repair twice before has to be repaired again! But, I can't do that until the storm is done next weekend and it dries under it! I need to check my mom's bathroom closet to make sure it hasn't leaked into it.

Got some good mail yesterday. A cute kitty dotee doll, some vintage buttons and lovely glass beads and aglets I won.

Going to scrub the laundry room floor now.

I can't believe I just applied to another swap yahoogroup. It was rec'ed by someone in another group.

Floor is clean. Maybe tomorrow, I'll feel up to fixing the tiles.

I am going to rearrange my office now to fit the big craft shelf into it. Wish me luck! This will take most of the day, I think.

Still rearranging shelves. Heavy stuff.

Still working on the shelves. It's looking so much better.

I am exhausted! But, I've got most of the furniture situated. The wall has been scrubbed with Murphy's oil; the area has been vacuumed. Several things have been hung on the wall, including the horse picture I won on Listia before Christmas. It's looking good. Will finish after work tomorrow, I hope. Later in the week, all the books and crafty things will be rearranged on the shelves.

I didn't get ANY crafts done!

I have a Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer. I hate when I make hot tea and forget about it. My tea is sitting on my regular coaster getting cold! Mint tea is icky cold.

I've been awake 37 hours. I'd go to bed now, but I want to watch CSI Miami, as Anthony Starke is in it tonight.

Well, damn! I got distracted and missing Miami ... will have to catch the rerun.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011

Quinn and Gemini were born 23 years ago today. They've been gone 13 years. I still miss them.

Lovely rain again today. I sure would have liked to have stayed in bed longer.
Need to eat, then finish scrubbing my bathroom floor. Don't know if I will get the laundry room floor today.

The sun is trying to come out! What's up with that! I want rain!

Got some great stuff in the mail - teas from Europe, ribbons, ATCs, coupons. Good stuff. I hate not being able to translate some of the teabags to see the website or ingredients. They go straight back into my swap bag.  :(

Got my bathroom floor finished. Will do laundry room tomorrow.


Aw, shit. We're in yet ANOTHER war ...

US Launches Strike On Libyan Air Defenses - Details On
I ate lunch, but just don't have the energy to want to do anything! The wash is in the dryer, but that's about it ... I really need to get a move on!
I got most of my surveys caught up. A lot had expired. I have been so lazy about doing them this month! I really need to keep up. I get a lot of goodies and money through them!

I finally got around to putting the balloon needlepoint in the frame I bought for it. Looks pretty good. My mom wants me to hang it above the sewing machine. I'm not even sure I want to keep it or swap it! So, it's sitting on the sewing machine for now.

The wind has really picked up. Still raining. Lovely.

Made these for a swap prize:

Tripoli is being bombed again. Not good ...

And, another pair of earrings for a swap:

And, a key fob for a swap:

Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18, 2011

What fun. I'm awake. So much I want to get done today. It's raining. Very nice. Love it. I have lots of crafts to get done for swaps and must get some things listed online today and over the weekend. I might go to the post office later today, too.

I think Blush, my angelfish is dying ...

Wow. We are supposed to have rain for the next 7 days. Fun!

Got the doves' cage cleaned and let them fly around for a bit. Now finally getting things listed online.

  Auction: Boxtops for Education (5) + bonus labels

Auction: 3 Assorted Greeting Cards - New

I'm trying to burn The Bay City Rollers Greatest Hits. I may have done something wrong. We'll see when it's finished ... I hate Windows Media Player for burning, but I could never get my Power2Go to work on this computer.
Auction: Cute Friendship Bracelets - 2

Auction: Greeting Card Organizer - New!


Load of wash in the dryer. And, wiped down the round tablecloth. Need to repair a couple of small tears when it dries.

More things to list now.

OK. CD didn't burn earlier. Damn thing. Got it going now, though.

Well, I am going to try the Get It Now! feature on my address labels. Hope it goes over well!

 Auction: Apple Address Labels

Auction: Blue Swirl Address Labels

Auction: Boxer Address Labels

Auction: Button Address Labels
Auction: Celestial Address Labels

I guess that is all for now. Going to play a Pogo game for a bit before lunch. After lunch, I'll be making ATCs.
I got 2 ATCs made for a Junk Mail ATC swap. I used images from TVGuide, Kohl's catalog and OSH flyer.

I thought they turned out OK.

I think I am done creating for the day. Need to get some things organized and maybe move the last cabinet from the former craft room into my office. Then, I'm going to play some Pogo games.

I got half of my bathroom floor scrubbed. I'll finish it tomorrow.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17, 2011

I was bad. I didn't work today. I went shopping! I found a new thrift store in West Sacramento run by a little Afghani guy. I could have spent all day in there and it is just a little hole in the wall! Lots of vintage stuff. I found some things to use on crafts and an old wooden spool holder I'm going to use for my beading wires. And, I went to the Goodwill there and found more craft books I will be selling.
I need to eat. I guess I will have a hot dog. Then I need to go out and put the vent panels in the skirting back on that I took off to get under the trailer the other day. Should be dried out under there pretty well now.
 If I'm not too tired after, I am going to pull weeds. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I won't be able to. And, I need to get a few wooden clothes pins out of the shed to make some crafts for a swap.

Got the panels back in place; weeded a bit; swept up most of the drainage debris; got some vintage clothes pins out of the shed; found my exacto knife; just need to get a good cutting board since the one I need is apparently still in storage ... will do that next week. Until then, I'll use thick cardboard.

Have a load of wash going ... might get caught up this weekend.

I may have to take an allergy pill. My hands are itching ... so are my eyes ... damn pollen. Nah. I'll deal with it.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to re-activate my Club Pogo account. I do enjoy the games, but I don't know if it is worth $40 a year ... hmmm. Works out to $3.33/month. That's not really bad ...

Ooh. Anthony Starke is guesting on CSI Miami on Sunday. I haven't watched that show in about 2 years. Will have to Sunday!

OK. Time to work on the crafty clothes pins.

Just got our first crows at the bird feeders. Hope they don't bully the smaller birds too much.

I have 2 clothespins done. Kind of cute. Will take pics when all 4 are done.

Finished the 4 clothespins. They did turn out good. I decorated both sides of them, as I thought they looked unfinished otherwise.

Well, I did it. I paid for Club Pogo ... I'm doomed. haha!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

I am sooo tired. And, my mom is already bugging me.

I did finally pay my membership at the co-op yesterday. I also donated to Japan relief while there.

I have sadly discovered someone I will avoid swapping with through swap-bot in the future. She's a real bitch. Not happy with what she was sent, so having to resend tomorrow or I doubt I will get a good rating from her. Some people are never satisfied. I always send quality stuff, but apparently it wasn't enough! Grrr. There was no dollar amount listed, just an envelope size, which I used! But, she is the swap host, too ... won't be joining any more of her swaps. And, luckily, you can see who joins a swap, so if I ever see her name, I'll drop out before partners are assigned rather than risk it.

This happened right in front of one of my Staples stores! Luckily, I don't service it until next week!

Worker Crushed To Death In Sacramento - Details On
So many more problems with the reactors in Japan. Getting scarier for them.

I need to make 4 altered clothes pins for a swap. But, I only have 1 in the house. I don't feel like going out to the shed to get more! I have until Monday to mail them. I am just so tired from work and still tired from doing all the plumbing repairs. I have so many craft swaps to make this week! Just no energy right now!

I still need to scrub the floors in my bathroom and laundry room ...

All I got in the mail yesterday was tea and there was only 1 I can drink. Will swap the others.

I'm thinking of renewing my Club Pogo account ... haven't had it in about 4 years.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 14, 2011

Just redeemed survey points for a $50 WalMart gift card.

Didn't get much done today. Only serviced one store and then shopped at Trader Joe's & JoAnn's. Came home and straightened up 3 of my craft drawers. I'm going to start working on my Southwestern needlepoint now.

Well, that idea is shot. I need to find a couple of new wingnut/screw sets. Two are totally stripped, so I can't tighten the fabric on the stretcher. I know I have some, but don't feel like digging them out of the bin.

Glee was great tonight! I wasn't sure how it would work out with them writing there own songs, but it was fun!

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

I'm awake. Sort of. Yesterday I changed the clocks in the kitchen and living room. I did not remember to change the ones in my bedroom! I thought it was 6:30 ... until I came out here.

Looks like a book I requested for my mom through Paperback Swap was lost in the mail ... sucks.

Time to take my mom to a dr. appt. and then to the PO, bank and back home to resume trying to solve the plumbing problem before resorting to calling a plumber.

Hmmm. Just did a test before we leave and I seem to just have a VERY slow drain rather than a totally blocked one this morning. Will get more drain poison today.

OMG! Japan is not doing good. New numbers ... tens of thousands of bodies washing ashore. Several nuclear plants heading toward meltdown.
 500,000 + homeless. Still constant quakes of 6.0+.

I DID IT!!!!!!!! I solved the plumbing problems all by myself!! I've got a load in the wash and the toilet flushes and nothing overflows!! My bathroom is filthy, but I am too tired to scrub floors today. Tomorrow, I will tackle repairing the tile that got undermined and regrout it.

Second load of wash going!
Finally going through today's mail. I stopped and got it when I went to Home Depot for the drain coupler. Let's see what goodies I received! Ooh, lots of tea - 16 different bags, friendship bracelets, and a wonderful dotee doll. It is gorgeous!

Having yummy black cherry tea.

I just won this free auction: Green Glass Beads

I think flexible straws should be banned. Don't people realize how much bacteria gets hung up in the little accordianed area. Ick. And, whatever happened to paper straws?

Japan is so screwed right now. They can't seem to keep control of the nuclear reactors. Radiation leaks still possible!

I just won this free auction: SEWING/CRAFT NOTIONS - Silver Toned METAL BOLO TIPS /aiglets

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13, 2011

Well, it looks like I am going to have to call a plumber tomorrow. I got my oil check and have some money left on a credit card ... I sure hope it will be enough. I have no idea how much plumbers cost ...

This is so cool ... not the subject matter which is so sad, but the ability to see something like this.

what a catastrophe - Satellite Photos - Japan Before and After Tsunami - Interactive Feature - -
I got some wonderful swaps in the mail the past couple of days! A beautiful teacup/saucer set through a thrift store swap; lots of tea from 3 different swaps, coupons, notecards and fancy stick pins. Can't wait to try all the teas. Some I've never heard of. I will have to look them up to see the ingredients. I am allergic to jasmine, rose hips and chamomile, so always have to make sure they aren't in them.

I just figured out the zoom on my camera and took pics of 2 of the mourning doves eating out on the porch feeder.

Oh, some good news for Japan. Seems their over-heating nuclear power plant has gone down into the normal range! Hope it stays that way!

I'm loving this tea I got in a swap - Lipton Green Tea Vanilla. Yum.
 Kim Moreno recommends a link.

Auction: Purse Collection Pattern Booklet

Auction: Patterned Sticky Notes

Auction: 5 Recipe Cards

Auction: Gray Wolf Bookmark

Auction: Girl Scout Bookmark - NIP

Auction: Handmade Shamrock Bookmark

Auction: Gardening Apron - NIP

I can't believe I just cracked my amber-colored mug. I had just finished drinking hot tea in it, so it had been sitting on my mug warmer. I poured cold water in it! duh!
I just won this free auction: Owls, Birds, and Leaves Craft Destash - Scrapbooking, etc.  
I just won this free auction: 24 Vellum Animal Embellishments!

I just sold one of my Breyer Staplemates through my Bonanza shop!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12, 2011

I'm up. Still feels weird not to have to be up this early to take a dog out ...

Poor Japan. Now the nuclear reactor that was damaged in the quake has had an explosion and is leaking!! Five of their 11 nuclear plants are having problems now.

Looks like it is supposed to rain tomorrow, although it is very cloudy today. I hope I can get all the plumbing fixed today.

Well, time to crawl under the house and see about fixing my drains ...

Well, the drain line is clear for 25-feet ... That is how long my snake is. It went from the cleanout to about as far as where my bathroom joins the line. So, next I will be pulling my toilet up, since I have to replace the wax ring. I will snake the rest of the line from there. If I can't find a clog, I don't know what the problem is! Since my mom's bathroom and the kitchen don't have a problem!
I don't have the money right now to replace the whole drain line even though I know how, or get an actual plumber ...

It has taken me all this time to get my shower to drain all the dish water out. I had not realized the kitchen sink had been backing up into my shower! The toilet is unbolted. I will be pulling it up after I have lunch ...
I'm exhausted. But, I WILL get this done today! I hate using my mom's bathroom! I haven't had my own bathroom in 15 years until I bought this place, I'm not losing access to this one!!!

I am so tired. Just put baking soda & vinegar down EVERY drain. Now going to put the new wax ring in and get the toilet back in place and seal it to the floor. Will let it dry overnight before it's used.

I decided to get the part of the wall behind the toilet painted before I put it back on. Won't have to take it out again later. Have one coat on. Letting it dry for a bit now.

Oh, this is so not good ...

170,000 Evacuated Near Japan Nuclear Plant - Details On
I'm thinking I may have to save up some money and get a plumber. I got the toilet back in place and sealed. I'm not turning the water on until tomorrow. I scrubbed the paintbrush and my hands in the kitchen sink and now I have water in the bottom of the shower again ... I'm not happy & I am exhausted. Will have to use my mom's shower ...
I'm going to the dollar store tomorrow and buy a bunch of drain poison. I hate using that stuff. But, that is my last resort. I have so much laundry to do!
Damn. Have to change the clocks again tonight. I wish DST had never been invented. It's stupid.

I forgot to go to the mailbox today ...
I have re-discovered ...
And, my free On Demand cable is working again! I can catch up on some White Collar!

Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011

I couldn't sleep. Been awake a couple hours. Came out here to find that Japan had a massive 8.9 earthquake and a tsunami from 13-33 feet high. Hawaii and California coast has tsunami warnings for the next few hours ... scary.
It's the 7th largest earthquake ever recorded! OMG!

Still watching coverage on the earthquake and tsunami on both Fox news and the Weather Channel. Death toll has moved up to the hundreds.
Of course, now I am so tired I want to ago to sleep. And, my stomach is bothering me again ...

Tsunami hitting Hawaii for a while now. Some waves up to 6 feet high, but no damage reported yet, but lots of evacuations.

Luckily no real damage from the tsunamis in western states. I have to go now. Must stop at Home Depot to get a wax ring for the toilet and a drain auger (snake). Then to work.

Thank goodness I have 3 days off. I am so tired. I got the auger and wax ring for the bathroom and will start working on that problem after I eat.
Seeing some reports from friends that there is damage along the coast from the tsunami already with more possible in the next few hours. Mostly boats and piers/docks. Some deaths up in Oregon. Sad.

Well, I couldn't get the snake to make the curves in the plumbing, so I took part of the skirting off the trailer to get under and find the end cap on the drain pipe so I can snake that. Found it and will do that in the morning. I didn't get any weeding done ...
I am so tired right now. Hope I can sleep tonight!
Feels weird not having to take a dog out or clean up after one.

Watching The Defenders. Don't like the show. But, loving Anthony Starke, as always. And, just saw the first commercial for Chaos. Eric Close and James Murray's new show. Can't wait until April 1! I see some good potential slashing! There will be fanfic to find!

OK. I've reassessed The Defenders. It is crap.

Poor Japan is still having massive earthquakes and aftershocks over 6.2. I have a feeling we may have more tsunamis ...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

No rain yet! But, cloudy.
Have one store to service today and then going to Trader Joe's for some things. I should go to Wave's office and find out more about their phone service ... we'll see.

I need to renew my Davis Co-op membership. Maybe I will go there instead of TJ's ... hmmm.

Damn. I spent more money than I had, so had to transfer some around. Hate when I do that. And, I didn't even renew my membership! Have 3 more weeks until it is due, but still. I should have ...
I got some cute fancy stick pins in the mail along with a book through Paperback Swap. I am disappointed in it. There was this huge sticker on the cover. I am slowly picking and peeling it off and hope I don't damage it. I have always been very picky about books and having stickers on them is a no-no! I may just put it back on my wishlist and put this copy up on Listia or something ... Problem is, it is not a common book ... Tapas on the Ramblas by Anthony Bidulka. I love his Russell Quant mystery series. I have them all in .pdf, but want the real books, too. I bought the first 2 a couple years ago. Ick. The cover is all sticky ... :(
Going out to pull weeds before the rain comes back.

Eyes. Itching. Ugh!

Must make a friendship bracelet for a swap now ... Hmmm. What will I use on it. Hemp and wooden beads, I guess. Not much turnaround time on this swap. I will have to watch that in the future. Partners assigned last night and due in the mail tomorrow ...

Jorgy is gone ...

To top off this great day ... the wax ring under my toilet just failed and flooded the bathroom and laundry room. Just finished mopping it all up and turning off the water to the toilet. Can't fix it until Sat. so have to use my mom's bathroom until then.
This day sucks. I quit.

Only good thought. I won't have to get up early any more to take the dog out ... First time in too long ...

I just bought a new bag of dog food today. Will give it to the neighbors along with her little toys as they have little dogs. Don't think her shirts will fit them, though.

I need some baklava. I bought a big box at the Co-op today. It will go good with the yummy strawberry tea I am having that I received in a swap.

OK. Looks like it's a bigger problem than just my toilet. The washer backed up from it's drain pipe. There must be a clog in the drain somewhere ... It's not affecting my mom's bathroom, so it has to be at the middle part of the line. Can't do anything about it until after work tomorrow. And, I am out of towels. Luckily, I used the carpet cleaner to suck up most of the water.


And, doing all that work, I missed CSI and missed out on bidding on 2 auctions on Listia! Will this day ever end.

March 9, 2011

Ha! I forgot to post this yesterday. I guess I forgot to say good night to my groups, too ... hmmm.

Woke up with a stomach ache ... have to work, though ...
Jorgy still feels like crap. But, her fever is gone. More tea and honey for her. She is not happy.
Great. My mom's big coffee pot stopped working. Have to add it to the list of things to get ... eventually. She'll just have to deal with using the little one.

My eyes are itching. And, I did break down and take an allergy pill this morning before I left for work. Must find lunch and then go out to pull weeds. Very cloudy today.

Yay. Found one pair of pinking shears. I know we have another somewhere.

Got 2 fabric ornaments cut out and sewn. I won the little kit on Listia a few months ago. It is a candy cane and a bell. Just need to stuff them.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

Jorgy doesn't feel good and does not like the medicine I am giving her.

And, she doesn't like slippery elm tea with honey ... will try the mullein when I get home this afternoon.

I. Am. Exhausted. Got a store done. Came home. Weeded for a couple of hours. Actually got hot out there. Then had to fix the sliding glass door. It started hanging up yesterday. Today, we could barely get it open. So, I took it off. Luckily, it was just a loose screw on one of the rollers. Just finished putting it back up. That sucker is heavy. I am sooo hot. And, it is only 64F outside. I need one of my ice packs for a bit to cool off. And, my eyes are itching!!! Damn weeds are blooming before I can get them all pulled ...

Going to make some fancy stick pins now.

I finished the cute little stick pins and packaged them up. I also packaged up a tea swap to three people. I love those. I got a Paperback Swap request to wrap up, too.
Ah, hell. I am missing Glee. My mom is still up. She doesn't like the show! Damn. Will have to catch it online ...

Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

The rain is gone.
Have two stores to service here in town. I also want to go to Staples and use my ink refund voucher before it expires. And, go to JoAnn's and one of the thrift stores to pick up some swaps.

I've decided to get a library card for the Woodland Library. I haven't had one since about 1981 here!

OK. I was lazy and didn't do my stores today. Will have to tomorrow. I went to the PO, then to Staples to use my rebate voucher ($14!) and bought some circle labels that I use on the backs of my ATCs with my logo and website. Then, I went to the library and got a new card and bought a Reminisce magazine. I love those. Lots of vintage pictures that I will be cutting out and using on ATCs and cards, and other paper crafts. And, I finally got all my tax forms there. Then, to WalMart to drop off an Rx for my mom and buy some swaps for a treasure hunt swap & found corsage pins so I didn't need to go to JoAnn's. They are for a craft swap to make designer pins. Then I hit the thrift stores! I bought a gorgeous needlepoint kit with a southwest design that will go in my office when I finish it; a frame for the balloon needlepoint I finished last month, and LOTs of hardback craft books that I am going to sell online. One of the thrift stores was having a 50% off sale. I'll be going through them and scanning a few of the projects to keep. When I got home, I spent almost an hour weeding the yard!

I need more light in here!! I think I really need to try to get the parts to remake Papa's floor lamp this weekend. I want to do some beading. I have a bracelet to make for a swap, but can't see to do it this late in the day ... and it's overcast, so not enough natural light ... sigh ... I am going to move the folding table lamp in here ... if I can find the clamp for it ... maybe I will tie it to my crate shelves ... yeah.
Ahhh. Much better. Will be perfect when I get the old lamp fixed, though.

I cannot find my pinking shears. I know I have 2 somewhere ... Must find them. I don't want to have to buy another pair! I have enough scissors around here!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2011

A nice rainy day today! Love it. I'm watching some of the purple finches eating through the window and listening to The Bay City Rollers Greatest Hits!
I finally heard from Darla through Facebook last night, but I don't think she received my email ... will have to send it again. But, did find out she lives in Washington ... :( so, probably won't see her again. At least we'll be able to write or email.

Got some beautiful beads and buttons and a Victorian ATC in yesterday's mail that I picked up this morning!
Trying to work on the damn phone. I have pretty much decided to drop ATT & get WavePhone through my cable. The phone just will not work. It's not the phone and not the answering machine, so it has to be the line. Tired of paying for something I can't use! My MagicJack phone got through twice, but then it stops working again. Annoying.

Now to work on the sewing machine.
Wow. It took me over an hour to find a website that had a free copy of a Domestic manual that showed how to thread the darn bobbin and thread, etc. on the old thing. I know I have an old Singer manual around here somewhere, but couldn't find it. Will need it to work on the other machine. Until then, the Domestic works perfectly!! Time to work on the dotee dolls!!!

I got 3 ATCs and 2 dotee dolls made today and packaged to mail tomorrow. Going to read fanfic and play Blackbeard's Island now.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5, 2011

Looks like it might be another nice day. Didn't rain last night. Maybe tonight. Will get more weeding done today! Yay! They are taking over! For such a small space, we get a ton of weeds!
I have so much to do today. Have to rearrange the bird seed in the wooden box on the deck. Emptied the 25 lb. bag yesterday. I want to split the 50 lb. bag, so it will fit in the box. That will take a while as I have to scoop it out into the other bag. Also, need to clean the doves cage, change the water filter in the pitcher, vacuum and see if the sewing machines work ... ugh. Not enough hours in the day ...

Wow! I think I made out like a bandit with all the great stuff I got in the mail. All swaps. I got handmade notecards, lots of ribbon, 2 adorable dotee dolls and supplies to make more, and a vintage cigar box full of little vintage things to use in my crafts!! Gets me in the mood to just do crafts today, but I have that whole list above to do first! Ugh!

Had a nice surprise! Martin paid me for last month and this month on the truck payments! Went to the bank right away; came home and paid the electric and phone bills! So, now all I owe is $100 on the cable and it's not late until next week. Hopefully, my oil check will come on time and that will be paid!
Just got finished vacuuming, except for my bedroom. Now, I need food!

I'm exhausted. I love to vacuum, but not with a 50+ year old canister vac that I have to drag around, even on wheels. So, I don't vacuum often enough. And, next week, I hope to have the energy to do at least a little carpet steam cleaning ...
Going to rest a bit and then go out and get some weeding done. The clouds are starting to move in!

Gah! So much for rest. Just spent 20 minutes moving a 100 lb. TV and a desk in my mom's bedroom ...

I'm going outside before I get roped into anything else not on my list ...

That was relaxing. I pulled all the weeds along the back of the trailer along the fenceline. Looking much better. It has started to sprinkle a bit.

Now, I must make a bookmark for a swap and then some more ATCs. I don't think I will get to the sewing machines until tomorrow.

It's about 65F. I've had the sliding door open all day. The doves are loving it as their cage is right next to it.

I made 2 ATCs for a Princess Bride ATC swap. And, a simple bookmark. Too tired to make any more things tonight, but I might lay out the parts for some dotee dolls ... maybe.

Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011

Looks like another fairly nice day out. Guess the storm will come in tonight. I might get to do a bit of weeding again today.
We'll be going to get groceries at about 9, I guess. Just going to BelAir, although I would have preferred going to Trader Joe's. But, Candace needs food AGAIN and TJ's doesn't have much selection.

I'm going to try to get a bunch of ATCs done today as I signed up for a bunch more swaps for them yesterday. I think I need to make about 10 now! And, I have about 5 dotee dolls to get made this week! I may have to break open the sewing machines and see if either of them is in any shape to use without too much maintenance. The one, I have no idea if it even works as it was in my dad's garage as part of his yard sale junk. And, the other, I haven't used since we got it from Betty about 6 years ago. I had it serviced at a Singer place, but that was then. It was her mother's, so very old.
I really need to go through and copy, burn or print out some more files. I still have to make a lot more room on the computer and external hard drive.
Spent almost all the money I had left. At WalMart! Grr. The local WM is not a Super WM, so they don't have much food selection. My mom got a bunch of crap there. Then went to BelAir ... I did find a cool loaf of Ancient Grains bread ...
I got some good stuff in the mail. The wooden beading loom that I won on Listia. She even sent a bunch of glass beads and string as a bonus as I paid so much in credits! Very nice. I also got a ton of coupons through swap-bot and also a nice stamp art ATC through swap-bot and she sent me some nice backs and papers! Will help with the ATCs I plan to make today!
Going out to weed now before lunch! I want to get the ground under the gas meters cleared before all the weeds go to seed.

I did it. Got that whole section cleared of weeds. Had a pecan butter and jelly sandwich on the Ancient Grains bread. It was good, but I'm not thrilled with the millet seeds on top. Read some fanfic. Now, to make some ATCs ... what shall I make first ... ladybugs, beach scenes, Princess Bride .. hmmm.


Well, I made 6 ATCs today! That was kind of fun. Tomorrow I will be starting on the dotee dolls I need to make. Will try to get a voodoo doll dotee, a Victorian dotee, a butterfly dotee and a green dotee done this weekend. That's a lot! Eek. I hope I can do it. I also need to make some fancy hat pins if I can find enough old stick pins ...

Time for dinner. Grilled cheese & tomato sandwiches and chicken noodle soup! Yum!

My mom just put a Glade plug-in in the living room. I love vanilla scents, but I think this is going to give me an asthma attack. It's too close to my desk ... I can already feel a wheeze coming.

I need to clean my desk. I got glue on it when I made the ATCs ...

I just won this free auction: Fabric Pieces!!!! These are going to make some fun crafts!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3, 2011

I can't believe how broke I am already this morning. And, still almost a month behind on the cable/internet bill. I would pay it all, but my mom wants to get groceries tomorrow. Only have about $200 to do that ... PG&E is going to be late this month ... Sucks.

Ooh. Anthony Starke is going to guest on The Defenders on 3/11. I don't watch that show, but will that day!
I just got home a bit ago. It is such a nice day. I'm going out to pull weeds for a few minutes now that I have eaten.

Did a bit of weeding and now going to spackle!

I lied. Not in the mood to create ATCs. But, I joined several more ATC swaps, so I hope to get in gear tomorrow! Going to read more fanfic now.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011

My mom is 71 today.

Just got done spackling for 30 minutes in the bathroom. I might get that room done sometime this century ...

I have about 6 ATCs to get made for some swaps. I hope I can get them all done this afternoon ... ready, set, go!

I got 3 ATCs made! I will do the other three tomorrow. Plus, I really need to catch up on artwork for my Stargate group ... I am soooo behind there ...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

Well, my day was blown this morning by the DMV. I was there nearly two hours just to get my sticker tags! Waited over an hour in line just to get a number to sit for another 30+ minutes. Then it took all of 15 seconds to get the tags! Ridiculous! I really need to find the office in Davis in the future. The Woodland office is a joke! I was too annoyed to do anything else, so came home!

I got some fun stuff in the mail! Voodoo doll with cute swap-bot pins stuck in it; coupons; cute button ATCs; plastic canvas circles I won on Listia and a garden apron from National Home Gardening club. I'm sending back the book they sent. I don't want them to send any more!

Crap. No Glee tonight. Stupid American Idol ... yuck.

Where has this day gone. I've been reading fanfic for most of it!