Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28, 2011

It's raining, it's thundering, it's lightning!! Wonderful summer storm. I love it. I got soaked coming out of my last store getting to my car!

Still raining hard. This is so nice and relaxing.

Love this rain! It's steady and only 60F. Nice & cool.
Read on the deck for a while. Relaxing.
Going to list a couple of old car manuals on Bonanza after I research price averages.

Vintage 1970 Mercedes-Benz 220/8 Owner's Manual - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Vintage 1967 Volkswagen Owner's Manual - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Ezra decided early on that he likes to sleep on my sewing machine. He is mad that I have a swap package in his way. I had to move it so he wouldn't dump it on the floor!! He is happy now. Brat.

Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Asthma was bad last night. Didn't think I would get to sleep. Air was really bad yesterday. Hope it's not as bad today. I hope to get 3 stores done here in Woodland today. Then have to clip Bruno's nails for Steve.
Making sun tea this morning & waiting for my breakfast to heat up. Fed & watered the critters already. Nikky & Ezra are playing rough & my mom is outside watering the gardens.
Seems like a busy morning already!
And ... I'm wheezing ... and, my eyes are itching ...

I only serviced one store. Then went to Marshall's next door to it and spent some money. Got a crockpot cookbook, a bamboo hairbrush, craft mini stamps, & a couple other things. Then went to Pet Factory & bought a mini Nylabone & raw food for Nikky, and canned & dry food and a mini litter box for Ezra. The litterbox is for the old puppy playpen I have set up on the deck so the baby can go outside & sun himself. Finally, I went to Steve's for a few minutes to clip nails on his critters. Bruno is already getting fat ...

Need food now.

Made a strawberry/banana smoothie with strawberries & cream kefir and Greek honey yogurt mixed in. Pretty good! Even my mom is having some.

I just discovered a section of Bonanza that I hadn't noticed before. You can welcome new members to the site. I'm going to try to welcome at least 5 newbies a day. Free advertising!!

Sorting through all my books and getting the ones listed that aren't already. I have too many books that I don't want!! And, there will be more coming this weekend when we pull some more stuff out of the storage trailer.

Great my PSP has stopped working. I have to uninstall, then reinstall everything. Fun ...

Still can't get it to work!! I need my PSP8!!!!  All I wanted to do was rotate a picture slightly so I could list a book ... Guess I will just re-scan it and see if it will be straight. I don't have the brainpower today to figure out why PSP isn't co-operating.

I have no more large car parts!!!! I just kept some smaller stuff that I can list online and won't weigh a lot to mail. And, I kept about 6 old moon hub caps that I am going to make some kind of craft with. Maybe painted wall art or something like that. Eventually. Martin and the neighbor on his other side took the rest as scrap metal. Daisy gave me a bunch of irises that she split from hers'. Going to plant them this weekend.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011

Day 2 of yard sale. Gotta eat something and then get Nikky out of bed.

My asthma is bothering me this morning ...

Yard sale done and put away. Made $5.35 today!

Nikky is having an icy broth bone.

Have to stop at Steve's tomorrow after work to clip little Bruno's nails for him.

It's been a fairly lazy day. Bad air day for asthma, so just played online and held Nikky a lot after I put the yard sale stuff away.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011

Ugh. I'm up. Yard sale today. Have to put the rest of my stuff out. Didn't get to sleep until after 11 last night because of the noisy neighbor kids up late. Isn't there a bedtime for kids these days?
Not too much more to put out on the tables. You know, this is the first time I've had a yard sale at my own home that I can remember?! I've always had to haul my stuff to someone else's home or to a flea market as I've never lived anywhere conducive to having one.

Made nearly $30. Better than I expected, really. All car parts!! Will set up again tomorrow for a few hours. Also spent $8 buying a small hexagonal fish tank and 2 succulant plants for my mom from Daisy & Martin next door. There is 1 more plant I want to get from them & I might tomorrow.

I did it. I have been without internet connection for nearly 6 hours!!!! Finally figured out that the wireless inside my computer quit. So, I put the router away and using a direct line to the cable modem. And, voila! I have internet again! Trying to catch up on things now.

Cool. I just sold some ink in my Bonanza shop! Leftover from my Epson printer that died.

Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011

jjjjjjjjjjjj]8\amiu2qjuqw <---by Ezra!
Just dug an old crinkly cat tunnel toy out of a bin and opened it up. Ezra is already playing in it! Nikky's small enough to get in it, too, once she notices it!
Ezra's having a blast. Nikky is just staring ... trying to figure out what that moving thing is!

Carrot cupcake for breakfast. Yum!

Just got back from picking up my mom's Rx and also new water pitcher filters. Don't know what Ezra did to my laptop, but I had to hunt for my Google sidebar. He made it disappear somehow and had the computer wanting to restart (I must remember to close the lid!!)

; <---semi-colon by Ezra!
Just came in from getting the carport cleaned and all the car parts laid out. Exhausted! Changed my clothes and now need to eat before I start going through the stuff in here that will go out in the morning.

dxxceeeeeeeei981i8u1` <---another message from Ezra while I was making my lunch! The feline language is impossible to decipher! hahahahaha!

Got more of my photo albums cleaned off. Need to hose off the milk crates they were in before I add them to my book area. Also found my 63 year old medical book and all my vet books from college.

Great way to wake up completely from trying not to doze off in office chair - spill ice water down the front of your shirt!

Ezra is sleeping on the vintage medical book. Too cute.

Why is my mom still up!!? She's usually in her room by 7. Can't even watch anything I want on TV right now, if I wanted to watch TV ...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23, 2011

Nikky is feeling MUCH better this morning. Full of energy again.

Looks like the tornado in Louisville damaged 9 barns, not 5. 150 horses were moved to other stables. Poor babies must have been so terrified.

Forgot to say yesterday, I weighed 136lbs. Slowly getting it down to normal.

Seems to be cooler today. It's 85F right now. I got another third of the driveway weeded. Going out to sweep that section now.

Done. Have another third to weed and sweep in the morning and then start setting up my tables and lay the old rug out.

I have 2 days to get 2 crafts done for 2 different swaps. And, my mom is complaining about 2 missing puzzle pieces and of course blaming Ezra who she still will not use his name or accept he is a boy! Grrr.

Finally going through the rest of the stuff I brought home from the storage trailer the other day. I am amazed to find that I still have the majority of my old stamp collection in an old suitcase! I was shocked to find them. I thought they had been left behind in Florida!! Need to do a lot of research and put them online to sell!! Some are VERY old as they were some my dad had collected as a kid.
Found all my old grooming scissors and cleaned them up. Need to oil them, too.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found Papa's framed passport picture!!!! I thought I had lost it forever! In the rush of leaving Florida I had to leave behind a huge, heavy box of vintage books (I still cry about that) and I had thought that I had slipped this little picture in that box when I was hurriedly packing. But, I just found it!!! In one of my boxes of kennel supplies!!! I'm shocked and so happy!!

Just had an odd visit. Wanda's (my dad's friend) son, Steven. He helped us move in here and also helped move stuff out of my dad's house to storage after he died. I've only seen him a couple times since (he has friends that live here at the park.) He is an odd one. Made my mom nervous.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

Been awake a while. Nikky was sick in her bed this morning.

Already 66F. Another too hot day in store.

Still have the weird rash on my finger ...

Got Nikky out of bed. Poor thing. Had to give her a bath and throw out her bedding - ick! Hope she feels better after all that. Had to open the bedroom window to air it out. Stinks!!

Only going to do one store today in Sacramento. This heat is going to be bad. Hope to be home before noon.

Early day! They didn't have my shipment of glasses, so just had to dust and straighten the displays.
Going to eat and then sweep/weed the driveway!!

Sooo hot right now. Just came in. It is 92F. I weeded and swept about one-third of the driveway ... On the plus side ... Martin paid me $40! $260 to go and the truck will really be his!

Nikky still doesn't feel great and Ezra has waaaay to much energy!

It's 99F. I feel so lazy. There is so much I need to be doing!!!

OMG! My mom is watching Dirty Dancing. I hate that movie. Put the NCIS reruns back on if you have to!
Thank you! She changed it to Without a Trace reruns!

Just gave Nikky one of the frozen broth bones. She loved it. Licked until she got to the cheese center. At first she wasn't sure what to do with it and then she got the taste and went for it!

Amazing news about Churchill Downs getting hit by a tornado earlier. Five barns had significant damage. All 48 of their barns were full with about 1400 horses on site. Luckily, their general manager reports no major injuries to humans or horses. Nearby stables are offering stalls to the displaced horses. Watching the Weather Channel.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011

WooHoo! Sold a vintage Buick manual overnight! $25!

First day of summer. I am not impressed. It is supposed to get to 104F today. I hope it misses the mark. I am already sweating and haven't even done anything! And, it's a bad air day - unhealthy for sensitive people. That's me. I'm already wheezing ... I doubt I will get 2 stores done today ...

So glad I am home. It is 96F out there! I got a store done and also stopped at a Michael's and WalMart & The Dollar Tree to get some supplies for the stationery gift set I am making to sell & for one of the swaps I am doing.

I don't think I am going to be ready for the park yard sale. It is too hot out to sweep and weed my carport area so I can lay the carpet out!!! Arrgh! I am not working Friday, so hope I can do it that morning.

Got a lot of fun stuff in yesterday's mail. A free can of Alpo Prime Cuts for Nikky; several handmade items (turtle pincushion, zippered coin purse, zippered bag), tea & socks.

It is now 100F at 3pm in Woodland, CA. Summer is here. :(

I still have so many things I want to do today, but it is too hot to function and I am inside with the AC on & still feel hot!!!

Just made frozen bone treats for Nikky & maybe Ezra. They are chicken broth with a piece of Cheddar cheese in the middle. Don't know how long they will take to freeze, so this is the first experiment.

It is 102F!!

I have a rash on my finger. Looks like tiny little water blisters. Doesn't itch, though ... yet ...

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

So tired and sore this morning. Glad I only have one store to service here in Woodland today. Not much of a drive.

Nikky and Ezra have way too much energy in the morning.

Supposed to get to 100F today!!!!!!

That was an easy work day. It is getting pretty warm now. I want to go out and pull some weeds in Jorgy's yard.

Food first. Have ciabatta pizza ... kind of. It is ciabatta with mozzarella and black olives on it.

Got that little area weeded. Going to vacuum my office now.

Ezra has discovered his tail and is trying to catch it! So funny and cute!

Heat alerts going up all over this area. It is 96F right now.

Joining and watching a bunch of swaps on swap-bot. I was down to 4!

Had a yummy dinner of sausage and pancakes. Now, I haven't eaten sausage in at least 15 years as I can't stand the taste or smell. I found this sausage last month at either the Davis Co-op or Whole Foods. I can't remember which, but I know I had a coupon! http://store.nimanranch.com/p-95-niman-ranch-uncured-apple-cinnamon-breakfast-sausage.aspx It is really good and doesn't have that overdose of sage and nitrates that regular sausage has.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19, 2011

Already nearly ran over Ezra with my office chair this morning. He and Nikky are always under my desk!

Nearly finished the cross-stitch last night. Should do today. Not much left to stitch. Then to press it, trim it and find a frame for it. Then I have a stationery set I am going to make to sell. It is ladybugs. I hope it turns out good.

But, first on the list this morning is a load of laundry and clean the doves' cage after I find something to eat ...

Wild mourning doves are having fun on the deck today. Looks like courting. One of them keeps landing on the light fixture right by our open living room door.

Listening to more Glee albums today.

Been very windy today.
All I did all day was cross-stitch. My eyes are tired now. Going to play Pogo the rest of the day.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18, 2011

Great. Ezra likes to eat CheeriOs! He tried to get in my mom's bowl, so she gave him some and he is chowing down!

My allergies are bad this morning ...
Going to the TSC to pick up the dewormer this morning; then to Steve's; then to WalMart to drop off a Rx for my mom & then to Home Depot to price and possibly buy some lattice panels to make the deck puppy escape-proof. If I do, I'll have to go back to Steve's and borrow the little pick-up ...

I am so sore from crawling around in the storage trailer the other day. But, I want to go back and get more stuff!

I am getting stressed about Carnie & Mark prowling around. And, I've seen Steven more in the past week than I have since before aunt Jeanne died!

Nikky is not graceful. She is a klutz like me.

I'm exhausted. Just got home from the store. Earlier, I borrowed Steve's pick-up and went to Home Depot and bought 6 white lattice panels (4x8 foot.) For now, we are going to tie them to the existing deck rail. But, hopefully, next month, I am going to frame them and totally replace the old crappy rail. But, at least after today, Nikky can play on the deck without worrying she will jump off and hurt herself or get lost.

All done! So tired. It only took 4 of the panels to do the rail. So, for now, we have 2 extra ones. But, that is OK. They will all be used once we start enclosing the deck.  Here's what it looks like now.

It is 86F right now. Would be nice if I hadn't been working on stuff. I am so hot right now.

That was nice. Sat out on the deck and read a chapter of Dresden Files #10 (Small Favors.) Nikky sat and watched the world go by through the lattice.

Nikky has started carrying Ezra by the scruff whenever she can! What will she do when he gets bigger than her! hahaha!

Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17, 2011

Forgot to mention yesterday that Steve named his kitten Bruno. Ick.

Didn't sleep well last night.

Found all of the Glee albums. Downloading them now.

I had to work this morning. I had a store that would have been late if I didn't get it done today. So, missed Uncle Buddy's service ...

Going through some more of my stuff. Found my pheasant and owl feathers! I went hunting (ONCE!) with Uncle Buddy, Steven & Curtis and some other people when I was about 8 or 9. I got the tail feathers from one of the pheasants. The owl feathers were off of a dead owl that my best friend, Darla, & I found when I was about 12 or so.

I also found the big show ribbons that Quinn, Gemini and some of the rabbits, rats, hamsters and cavies won!! Going to clean them, press them and hang them in my bedroom.

I can find no place local in Woodland that carries vaccines! I just want a simple 3-in-1 kitten vaccine. I have the needle/syringes. Just need the vax. I'm not going to pay the vet for something I've done hundreds of times. Guess I'll have to send for it through JeffersPet. Hmmm. Unless Wild West Feed in West Sac still sells them. I'll have to check there next week. Too bad I didn't think of that this morning since I was there! Just checked their website. Seems anywhere that has VIP low-cost clinics no longer carries vax ... grrr.

Shit. Jeffers just has the flats! No singles!! This sucks!! But they do have the HomeoPet WrmClear that I want. Going to check Amazon and eBay ...
Well, damn. Shipping is outrageous. But! I just discovered Tractor Supply of all places has what I want!!! They don't have the HomeoPet but they have another that is safe AND they have the vaccine drops!! No shots! Going tomorrow!! They are just around the corner! Yay! Kittens will get dewormed this weekend! And, vaxed next month. Going to do Nikky, too. Probably should do Levi, too ... hmmm.

Will have to go to PetCo in Davis to find the HomeoPet Wrm Clear locally. I want to keep it on hand.

OMG! I just talked to Steve about getting dewormer for Bruno & he told me Carnie found out where he lives!! She & Mark are going over there this weekend! They better not find out where we live. I will call the cops on them for trespassing or something. Steve may call the cops on them. They apparently found out about Uncle Buddy's service and she told him she would have come to it if he'd called and told her. How idiotic is that. You weren't invited for a reason, Moron!

My mom refuses to call Ezra by his name. She doesn't like it. And, keeps calling he a she! Arrrgghh.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011

Can't believe my mornings are now spent making sure Nikky isn't too rough with Ezra. She just wants to love on him constantly. He doesn't seem to mind too much. But, her 8 lb. body hitting his 8 oz. one when she runs at him is a bit much. And, she is a klutz, too!

Apparently there were some bad riots overnight in Vancouver over a stupid hockey game of all things! Talk about sore losers! Glad I don't like any sports at all.

Ezra discovered Nikky's mini tennis balls. He loves playing with it!!

I got home to find that Steven & Curtis have been to the storage trailer and brought some of my pictures!!!!!! And, Velda, I have pics of Sydney, Squintly and another dog that I think was yours' but I can't remember his name. And, a whole album of all the dogs I used to groom and board! They are supposed to come back so I can go with them later.

And, a pic of Quinn & Gemini's father, Joe!!! I don't have many of him. I hope their baby & show album is in decent shape. I can't wait to find it!!

I has pictures!!! I has grooming supplies!! I has my juicer!! And, exercise pen, books, and oh so much more!! We filled both cars up with stuff and it is HERE!! We are going to be going back for more in a few days. A little at a time until we get it ALLL. After 11 years. Finally!

I am exhausted and can't seem to cool off. It was so hot inside that trailer as we couldn't get the door rolled up all the way. I had to crawl up on top of the cedar wardrobe and hand things down to Curtis from the other side of it. Ugh. And, so dusty/dirty. My breathing is crap right now. And, have a headache.

Went through a few of the things I brought home. Emptied two boxes. Found my senorita dolls from Spain!!! All in good condition!!

It's like Christmas in every box!! Such memories! But, we are tossing some things. Like a lot of my grooming stuff that is no longer good! Sprays, shampoos, etc. And, some cracked plastic kitchen containers. My mom found her fridge magnet collection. She's happy!

Finally got to my mail. I received some pretty handmade coasters and pillowcases in swaps!

I think I am stuck at 138 lbs. Or, my 50+ year old scale needs to be replaced ...

OMG! Going through another bin. On the bottom I found a feather that belonged to my pet rooster, Elijah! Wow.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15, 2011

Sad news. Lilian Jackson Braun, one of my favorite authors, died last Saturday. She wrote The Cat Who ... series of books that I collected. She was 97!

Nikky and Ezra are awake and Nikky is just so thrilled. But, Ezra had a rough night in a new home and right now is doing the 'Hallowe'en cat' to her every sniff.

Damn wind has picked up. Doubt I'll get more than one store done again today before my allergy pill wears off ... and, it's already 80F!

Got one store done and stopped at a few other stores to get some things. Went to Ross and found a cute kitty toy, a frozen bonecicle kit to make treats for Nikky and some card-making stuff (sticker papers and a couple of diecutters.)

I bought a bunch of raw nuts (pecans, cashews and walnuts), organic raisins to make my own snack mix. Added some raw sunflowers I already had. It's yum!

96F!!! If it is this hot in June, I soooo dread August and Sept. heat.

Got all of today's Listia winnings & a couple of swaps packaged up to mail tomorrow. Didn't have too many.

I wish I could add pics to this without having to upload to Picasa or another site. Just upload direct from my hard drive ... but, I can't.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

Nikky's up! I sure hope I can find a kitten I want. She really does need someone to play with. I want a little red male with green eyes and going to name him Ezra. Haha!

We have a new kitty! Nikky loves him. I want to name him Ezra, but my mom hates that name. He's not red, but he does have greenish eyes.
This was the ad we found him in. Ez is the kitten on the lower left pic. The adult cat in the upper left is his daddy. His mama is a brown tabby who I met.

Finally got the pictures off the camera and uploaded to my Picasa album. They seem to be having server issues today ...

I forgot to put the flag out for Flag Day today ... :(

I have my very own Ezra Standish now!!!  ;)

Still 91F!! This heat is awful!

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

Just got another email from cousin Steven. He wants me to get him a kitten for Levi! Levi has never been around small kittens! Adult cats, but never kittens. Steven is disabled. I really don't think this is a good idea ... but, I will look into it. My mom wants me to take Nikky over to play with Levi. Not sure that is a good idea, either ... I still hold a very big grudge against Steven for some things that happened in Florida that I will never forgive. We are barely on speaking terms as it is.

I have a feeling I'm going to be needing to help him a lot now that he is alone. I'm only across the street and his brother Curtis is over in West Sac.

Huh. Just got home from Steve's. Nikky and Levi played a while and got to know each other. He had really fixed the place up before he nearly died a couple years ago. He has more plans for fixing up now that his dad is gone. We're going to take him kitten-hunting tomorrow after I get off work. We'll probably get one, too ... I saw a couple on Craigslist I am interested in already.

He was actually pretty civil. It's so hard to tell how he is going to be sometimes, especially with some of the comments he makes in his emails ...

Had to change my clothes when we got home. Even though he is cleaning the place up, it still smells terribly of smoking. Yuck. Need to give Nikky a bath, too.

Since it's Monday, I was going to get some more music burned, but don't know if I will get to it now. Still owe a bunch of email replies in my groups ...

Have six possible kittens to check on tomorrow. My mom has picked the ones she wants us to check on. She's not going with us since the car will be packed (Steve is big) and Levi & Nikky will be going with us, too. And, we will have a cat crate, too ... I have a tiny car ...


The park re-scheduled the yard sale to June 25-26. Hopefully, I will be ready for it!

I'm hungry. Doesn't feel like I had dinner 2 hours ago ... making up for not eating much the past few days.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12, 2011

June 11, 2011

Migraine. 'nuf said.
June 12, 2011
Well, I didn't do anything but read Mag7 fanfic yesterday. I still feel like qurap!

Well, my mom's blockade of the deck rail didn't work. Nikky got off while I had her out there so I could let the doves fly around while I cleaned their cage. Luckily, I heard her leave and she only got next door and was sniffing Pookie. So, I didn't have to chase her down.

Migraine was nearly gone and I was feeling better. The neighbor's are now bbq-ing. Why do people insist on using poisonous lighter fluid to start fires ... my migraine is back and I can't breathe ... how am I going to work tomorrow ...

It so totally sucks that at the end of the day and the end of the weekend I feel better. I hope it lasts now as I really have to work tomorrow ...

Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10, 2011

Nice day out right now. Just got home. My mom blocked off the entire railing around the deck with 'stuff' so that Nikky could sit out there with her while she read. Looks awful, but Nikky is safe from jumping off the deck. Hopefully, when we unload all our stuff from storage, all my exercise pens and my Greyhound cage are still in there and we'll use those to line the railing.

I had felt better all day. But, now my migraine is back!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9, 2011

Migraine. Bad. Bad migraine ...

Just got an email from my cousin, Steve. Uncle Buddy died last night. I didn't even hear an ambulance and they are just down the street at the other mobile home park ...

Maybe we can get our stuff out of storage now ...

Great my direct deposit didn't even cover my overdraft charges. I'm still $10 in the hole. I'll have to roll some coins and go to the bank this morning ... don't know how I'm gonna get any gas ... I sure screwed up ... just moved $10 from my PayPal, but that won't show up until Monday probably ...

Scraped enough change together to be back in the black on my bank account & to get some gas tomorrow. Also found that I actually do have a lot of money in my coin box that I had forgotten about. It's actually my dad's old coin collection that I never remembered to go through to sell! Probably not worth a whole lot, but is collectible stuff. Must start doing that. There's also some old foreign currency (paper and coin.)

Got some mail returned for unknown address. It's a Listia winner, so need to contact the person and find out the problem!
Well, shit ... the person is no longer a Listia member and no way to contact her!!!

Cousin Curtis just left. We're going to be going through the storage in the next month and getting our stuff. Hopefully, it's not all ruined! It's been in there 11 years ...

He wants to get together and try to start listing some of the stuff he has at his house to sell online, too.

Need to eat. Still have a migraine ...

Listia told me I could relist the returned item.

Migraine seems to be gone, but toothhole still hurts.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8, 2011

Feeling a little better today. Got some sleep. Have stores in Sacramento to do. At least 2 have to be done today ...

Fees are starting to pile up in my bank account. $10/day. Most of tomorrow's direct deposit will go to cover it. Hope I have enough left to get gas ... very expensive mistake I made. Will never forget to put the car insurance payment on my calendar again!!

Ripped Baby's Day Out last night for a request in the Pando group.

Summer weather has arrived. Supposed to be in the 80s all week and 90 by next Tues. Yuck.

Easy day, thank goodness. Have a headache, though. Stopped at animal shelter and got them to put the right address for Nikky's license. Gave copies to Laura. Got a pretty pillowcase from a swap in the mail.

Got some weeding and watering done. And, transplanted one of my geraniums to a different area. Going to put the catnip in the hanging basket it was in tomorrow. Resting now before I go out to read for a while.

A migraine is trying to come forth ...

I'm gonna have to find the ice cream recipes I used last year. I'm getting in the mood for ice cream now that the weather is going to stay hot. My head is killing me ...

Evil migraine. Probably stay home tomorrow ...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011

That bitch that didn't like what I sent in a swap back in March wrote me last night that she still hasn't received the replacement I sent, so she's going to give me a bad rating! Because she didn't like my first swap (which was according to the guidelines of the swap)!!!! But, she was the host, so gets to change the rules apparently! She also says I never responded to her last note in April. I kept the message I sent, so she is lying! Ugh! I so hate people like that! Definitely on my no swap list!

I did not sleep well at all. Maybe got an hour in. Have a headache and a toothhole ache (where a tooth used to be long ago.) Hate when that happens. Making my whole jaw hurt. Hasn't happened in a while.

Was Make It Or Break It on last night? I forgot about it listening to the JB albums. It would have been a rerun, but still ...

Well, I am screwed. Because I forgot about my car insurance automatic withdrawal, I am now overdrawn by nearly $50 and I don't get paid until Thurs. unless my oil check miraculously shows up early ... great. This day just keeps getting better ...

I so don't feel good. But, I have a store to do today here in Woodland. At least it is a close drive.

Looks like summertime temps are back. Gotta go to work now.

I got hot out there today. It is 69F right now, but feels a bit warmer already.
Nikky is now legal and can go places that require a license - like doggie events and such. If I find any I really want to go to. Need to make copies of her rabies and license certificates to give to Laura at the front office in the morning. The idiot at the shelter put my old address on the paperwork ... and my new address was all over the spay and rabies certificates AND the application form!

Toothhole ache is back and I need to eat lunch ...

Going to pull weeds for a bit & fill the hummingbird feeder. Nikky needs some outside time, too.

Got that done! Also made more sun tea. May go out and read for a bit after I cool off. It's 75F now.

That was relaxing. I missed doing that since last summer. Sitting out on the porch reading with a bit of breeze. Only now, I have a dog that is happy to sit out there with me. Jorgy never wanted to ... I have the doves out on the porch, too. They are still out, but I needed to come back in and get some things done on here. Plus all the kids are arriving from school, so it's going to get noisy out there.

I am so hot. It is 77F right now, but feels hotter in here. I may have to start using the AC this week. I don't want to do anything. Just reading fanfic.

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

It's Anthony Starke's 48th birthday! He's still a cutie with those pale green eyes and dimples.
It is also the anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944.

Gotta work today. Sucks.
No rain in sight. Some clouds. So much for that 4 days of rain we were supposed to have. Only got 2.5.

Serviced one store; went to the PO; went to WalMart and dropped off Rx for my mom; did not get Nikky's license. The shelter is closed on Mondays. I forgot. Will go tomorrow.

I am having a tofurky sandwich on Rudi's gluten-free bread. I have never had bread made from rice flour. Kind of melts in your mouth. Not bad.

I had a very odd thing in the mail. Mail that had been lost back in January!!!!!!! It was my first set of ATCs for a swap on swap-bot. Four Seasons. They all had my address label on the back of them and wrapped in tissue paper and in the notecard I wrote on. All that was missing was the envelope!! No damage other than a tiny tear and a scuff mark on the notecard. Weird. I also got a pretty flower applique and a set of birthday rubber stamps I won on Listia.

Trying to decide which downloaded music to listen to and then burn. Still need to burn Daniel Boys album, too.

Listed some more mini stamps & a bracelet kit as I have a bunch of duplicates that I bought on clearance.

I'm giving away: Clear Mini Stamp (Friend) - NIP. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Heart Bracelet Kit - NIP. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Clear Mini Stamp (Sweet & Sassy) - NIP. Check it out -

I should be doing something. But, I'm a statue. Just sitting here doing nothing ...

OK. Go through my audio files now!

Listening to Daniel Boys album again to assess the skipping issue. If there are still problems on this computer, I'll have to hook up my desktop again and test it on that computer. I really hope it was just the player having issues when I last tried it. I really want to get it burned so I can play it in the car.

So far, so good.

Ah, the garbage man is finally here!

Daniel Boys has put me in the mood for John Denver music. Must go find John Denver albums to download now! Annie's Song is so beautiful.

Half-way through the album and no skips!! It must have been the player the other day!

Yay! The album played perfectly! Going to burn it now and print out the cover art.

Chicken tacos for dinner!

Inger's town is on the news. Eagar, AZ. was shown on NBC Nightly News as well as my local news! Sad reason to get national attention, though ...

I must thank Liliana for sharing a link with me last month with a lot of links to rare CDs and vids of John Barrowman! I am FINALLY starting to download the albums. Hope to get them all downloaded this week and start listening to them and burning them by the weekend. I am in heaven!

Damn neighbor's cat is pissing me off. Keeps getting on my deck and stalking the wild birds. I have nowhere else to put feeders safely where the damn thing can't knock them off and break them again! And, it looks like she is with kitten!

Listening to Songs From Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom Of The Opera, With Bonus Songs From Sunset Boulevard (1993 Studio Cast)

Not enough John Barrowman, but as always his voice stands out in the songs he's in!

Got a couple of herbal books/mags uploaded and shared. Also, downloaded a couple of John's albums and listened to one. Will get more of them done next week.

It is only 63F, but I am so hot right now!

I'm listening to The Fix now. I need to find something to convert the files to mp3, though. They are .aac. Media player will only play them one at a time instead of 'play all.' I've never had anything with that file extension before ... odd.

I'm trying to get the movie License To Kill (a Bond movie) because Anthony Starke was in it. But, everywhere I look, it is in pieces. I hate joining videos. There is always a jump where they join, it seems to me. I am so picky! Do any of you have the movie that you could rip as .avi and Pando it for me?

Finally got a reply from SAAC with info for Martin to get his dog spayed since he doesn't have internet to fill in the forms. Will let him know tomorrow and hopefully he can get Pookie spayed soon.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5, 2011

Woke up five minutes ago! Late this morning! Still raining. Yay!

I was in a bad mood yesterday due to someone in one of my groups. I about left them all. Still thinking about it. So tired of dealing with other people's problems and trying to think of fun things to do and not being enough for them. And, another group where the owner has become wishy-washy about who to let in the group. Going to stop being mod there, I think. That will help a little with how I'm feeling, I think.

Apple slices and almond butter for breakfast.

Yay! Nikky's appetite is back. She's eating breakfast, too. Newman's Own dog food. She didn't eat yesterday until late. She had some shredded mozzarella and FreshPet last night.

Going to make the coasters today and a pair of earrings or two. And, finish the cross-stitch, hopefully. Only one load of laundry to do. Need to put it in the dryer after I eat.

Need to look in the shed for the extra gravel. Can't remember where I put it. Want my mom to refill the 2 fish tanks that are empty. Will probably get a couple of goldfish for one and a betta for the other.

Almost done with the coasters. I am so picky, I take too long to make things.

Finished them! Three are face up, the other shows the back.

Need to eat, then make some jewelry.

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Handmade Beaded Bracelet and Earrings Set - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

That's all for today. Going to cross-stitch for a bit before dinner. We're having apple-smoked ribs from CostCo with some Curry Naan bread.

Well, I did not finish the cross-stitch this weekend. The light is getting too dim to do more tonight.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4, 2011

Nikky is still kind of groggy this morning. And, stiff. Poor baby.

Need to eat something. Then clean the doves' cage and then start sewing 2 pillowcases for a swap due TODAY! I'm so bad about getting these swaps done on time! But, I haven't been late yet, so that is good ... but, I prefer mailing in the morning. This will be mailed this afternoon sometime.

OK. This day is already moving at warp speed and I am going slow motion. I got my third load of laundry going and the doves' cage done and their room vacuumed. Going to start on those pillowcases now. Really!

Done with lunch. Finished 3 loads of laundry. And, got one pillowcase done. Starting on the second one. Hope I can get to the coaster set today.

Both pillowcases done. And, now have a stack of vintage ones that my mom wants me to join into body pillow-size cases. I really don't want to because these are pillowcases that she embroidered when I was growing up! She used to do beautiful work ... But, I will see what I can do and not damage the embroidered areas.
This is both of them. They are going to 2 different people.

Now to cut out the coasters. It'll be a set of 4.

Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3, 2011

Nikky has surgery today. We'll leave if she ever goes potty!! Stubborn.

Nikky is at the vet's now. She was shaking so bad when I left her. There were big dogs ahead of her and the memories are recent of the shelter I guess ... Oh, well. Has to be done. Will call at 2 to check on her and pick-up should be about 4:30pm.

Have to eat and then we are going shopping and paying bills.

Oh, and there is a big sign out front by the office - the yard sale this weekend is cancelled. I expected it. It is supposted to storm starting tonight. It is chilly and cloudy already. So, hopefully, I will get off my butt and do more sewing and jewelry-making this weekend. And, finish the cross-stitch.

I'm broke.

For National Donut Day, I bought myself 2 maple bars and 2 lemon-filled for my mom. I'm eating mine for lunch!!!!

Yay! Nikky's ready to come home already!

Groggy doggy is home. She is in my lap and trying not to have muscle tremors in her legs.She weighs 8.4 lbs. now. I think she gained a pound since we brought her home. Can't believe it's been 2 months now! Have to get her license next week.

Believe it or not, the blanket she's laying on was one of mine as a baby! I'm such a packrat!

Big fresh salad for dinner. Yum!

That was good. I think I will have some apple slices and almond butter for a snack later.

Printed out Nikky's license application. Will pay it next week and she will be legal! Only $10 since she is spayed now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011

Blue skies today. Doubt we'll have that over the weekend, though ...
I have so much to do today. Two stores to service in Sacramento; then find Eagle Outfitters to use my gift card, OSH to find the 2 planters I still want, and Kohl's to use a discount card. Oh, and go to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods! Long day ahead ...

Looks like the yard sale will be a bust this weekend. Supposed to storm.

Only got one store done. The other was having inventory! So, have to go back there next week. I stopped at the OSH next door to the CVS I serviced today. They didn't have the wooden planters I wanted, either! So, I got something different! I got 3 wrought iron hanger planters with that woven brown stuff in them (the wild birds love that stuff for their nests!) I'm going to hang them from the deck awning posts. I stopped at Whole Foods for a few groceries. I then stopped at Arden Mall to find the Eagle Outfitters so I could use my gift card. I got 2 shirts. I stopped at the Mrs. Fields there to get a cookies and cream yogurt and a white chocolate/macadamia nut cookie. I ate the yogurt. But, the cookie went to a good cause - there was a teenage girl and her dog along the side of a freeway ramp. Looked homeless. Had a unique sign - I'd rather beg than steal ... so I gave it to her ... I was in a giving mood.

Was going to go out and plant the flowers, but Martin is now mowing his lawn!! I'll give Nikky a bath instead.

Oh, I got the Dresden Files book, Small Favors, finally!

Got plants planted, planters hung and watered, and birdbath scrubbed and filled. Nikky's bath is next now that my mom cleared the potato plants off the kitchen counter. They were right next to the sink and I was afraid Nikky might knock the jars off.

Nikky is clean! She is tearing through the house, rolling on the carpet, having fun! Here's some pics of the wet dog.

There were about a dozen other pics, but they were very blurry - she was moving so fast!

I took pics of the new planters. I don't think that the verbena will survive. I waited too long to plant them and they were really root-bound in the little six-pack. Will have to get something else.

I also took a pic of the weird flowers that this one plant gets. A white flower inside of a purple flower. I can't remember what the plant is, though!!

WooHoo! For all you Torchwood fans who like the Radio Plays ... Ianto is back! Gareth tweeted about it earlier:

Gareth David-Lloyd
Ianto's back... in three new Torchwood radio plays set between S2 and Children of Earth. Doctor Who mag #435 has...
Can't wait!! Wish it was current and that he was going to be in Miracle Day ... but, we take what we can get!!
Ah, I remember the name of that plant - Statice. Weird name.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1, 2011

June 1 and it feels like March! I'm kind of chilled. It's 52F, though. Need to eat some breakfast, feed the critters and fill the birdbath before I go to work. Just have 2 stores here in Woodland today.

I got wet! I only did 1 of my stores today and also ran into the grocery store for a couple of things. Got lots of mail yesterday. I got coupons, some free samples I sent for (fish flakes and doggie vitamins), blank labels I won on Listia, and the first book in the Mahu series by Neil S. Plaky from Paperback Swap! Still waiting on that Dresden Files book ...

Got my coupons organized again. I feel so lazy. I have so much I need to do. But, now I have a bunch of auctions ending on Listia, so have to deal with those ... I need to print up a bunch of things for the weekend. I need to get 2 pillowcases made ... arghh! I think I will work on my cross-stitch while I wait for the auction ends.

This morning I weighed 138lbs. again. Last Wed., I was down to 135lbs. Back to working towards my normal 109lbs. But, 119 would be fine. Actually, I really just want to stay in the 31-32 inch waist jeans I am used to. I hated wearing 34 inch. (And, that is men's jeans, so that's actually the hips ... I'm around 29-30 inch in the waist.) Now, I need a belt with those. Yay! The weight isn't bad, as long as it is not fatty. Nikky is working me out every day playing. She LOVES to run. She tears down the length of the deck about 10 times and runs the length of the trailer inside and around the kitchen island. I can't keep up! I really need to think seriously about getting her a buddy this summer. Anyway, she is getting me toned again.

Thunder. I almost wasn't sure what it was!

Annoying. I am not getting my emails from Listia when an auction ends.

I was very shocked to see and hear a TORNADO warning on the TV from the NWS (NOAA's National Weather Service) for east Yolo and Sacramento counties a few minutes ago! That is the West Sacramento to Natomas areas straddling the Sacramento River. It would include downtown Sacramento, north to Elverta. Extremely rare! I am in western Yolo County. But, I am only 20 miles from Sacramento!
Here is the alert link to their NOAA page:
It is the second entry on that page. We did have a lot of very loud thunder earlier that lasted about 20 minutes. So, I think it has passed.

Wow. Just got an email from KCRA3 showing pictures of a funnel cloud near Davis! That is 10 miles from me, to the west. This weather is freaky!

The warning for my area was supposed to end at 4pm. But, they ended it early. I will find out at the 5pm local news if there were any sightings other than the funnel cloud in Davis and possibly near Arco Arena in Natomas. That was an interesting thing to happen around here. Now bring back the nice, dark thunderstorm we had earlier but without the possible cyclonic problems!

Have I accomplished anything useful today? NO! I did package up Listia winnings to mail in the morning. But, that's it! I am so not going to be ready for the yard sale this weekend - if we can even have one since it is going to rain! I won't be able to lay the carpet out under the carport because the edges will get wet. So, it will have to be partly rolled against the wall. Frustrating. I love the rain. We need the rain. But, not this weekend!

There is about a 4-hour delay on Listia emails arriving in my inbox.

The new address feature on Listia sucks. It won't even accept my address! And, the email they send when a winner provides their address does not even include the address! You still have to click a link to go to the site to see the address!

Nikky just wore me out running the deck and inside the trailer again. Even my mom is saying we need to get another dog for her to play with! I. Am. Shocked! But, I had already started searching. There is a cute little terrier at Placer County shelter. But, I am not going to pay $125 for a mixie. No matter how cute. Will look at Sutter county later. That is where we got Nikky.

Just had pea-sized hail for about 3 minutes.
There has just been a tornado touch-down 5 miles NNE of Yuba City. A tornado warning email had just arrived in my inbox a couple minutes ago and the news is now reporting one. That is where we got Nikky.

Ripping the Glee CD. Will share it when done.

4Shared and Pando are taking forever to load this album.