Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011

Can't believe I just woke up. An hour later than usual. Good I'm not working today. Feel awful. Hope to not do anything but read fanfic today.

Well, I changed my mind and did the upper cabinets on the kitchen island. They were pretty easy. Just need to put everything back in them now. Mostly cookbooks and some spices.

My mom dropped the electric mini chopper in the dishwater. Now I have to make sure it gets completely dry before I test it out and see if the wiring got ruined …

Just renewed my MagicJack for a year. I wanted to renew for five years, but didn't have enough cash … Maybe next month I can extend it … we'll see.
Waiting for my lunch to warm up. Leftover Spanish rice from last night's dinner.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25, 2011

Finally got the last bit of wallpaper off. Have 1 small section of glue I need to get off still. Scrubbed the countertop appliances. Found a place for the vintage Sunbeam mixers in the laundryroom cabinet (for now.) Got the last of the drawers scrubbed and nailed together and put back where they belong. Got the 3 cutting boards scrubbed and back where they belong. After lunch will start on the kitchen island upper cabinets …
Here you can see the funky '70s paneling and also some of the damage to it from the wallpaper paste.

Well, I didn't get the cabinets done. I'm crashing. I've done too much this week. My stomach is really bothering me. And, I just can't do anymore. And, I have another busy work week and a dr. appt. to take my mom to next week.

We had a bit of rain! Lasted almost an hour; a drizzle. It's so nice out. Only 70F. My kind of weather!!
Just dropped 2 of my groups! Down to 9, now. There are a couple of others I am still debating about …

I did it! I just sent a note to Brad about stepping down as mod of IGR.

Did I mention I got the Melt & Pour Soapmaking book from Paperback swap the other day? Well, I did! I really want to learn to do this. I need to find a good source of coconut base or else a recipe to make it!

It was such a nice day! First day in ages that I didn't turn the air on. I think it only got to 72F today.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 24, 2011

It's nice and cloudy this morning. It's only 70F right now, but I feel hot. Might have a fever. Trying not to have a migraine. Just took a feverfew capsule. Have soooo much to do today in the kitchen. Plus, need to clean the doves' cage and walk Nikky to the pet shop for some food.

My day is already not going as planned. I don't do anything before 9 that resembles work & she KNOWS this. I've already had to go out and help lay the new soaker hose out. I'm already hot and need to rest before I do anything that I had planned. NOT happy. Won't be walking to the mailbox or the pet shop today or I won't get the other stuff done.

Birds are done. Nikky was not happy being on the deck, watching them through the screen. But, she only jumped at the screen twice when they all wandered too close. I want her to learn to be around them without trying to 'get' them.

Figured an easier way to get the wallpaper glue off of the paneling. Removal is progressing. But, after lunch, I will be removing vinyl flooring from the shelves under the sink. Stapled on … This kitchen is just a weird hodge-podge of things in places they shouldn't be. The worst is the wallpaper. Whoever thought of covering wood paneling with wallpaper and contact paper should be shot! Sticky mess. Wood is ruined in a few places and will have to be replaced. Some of it (behind the sink) is really bad. Going to find a nice mosaic tile to put there, though.

Leftover hot wings for lunch again. Last batch.

Got about half of the kitchen done. Wallpaper off. Half of shelf liners stripped. Vinyl stripped off shelves. Half of cabinets and doors and drawers cleaned. Tomorrow I start on the kitchen island cabinets and drawers. Fun … Hopefully, by next week I'll have the stupid drop ceiling pulled down. My mom wants to leave the wall frame, but the grid and plastic ceiling tiles are going. Next year the flourescent fixtures will be replaced. And, the tops of the cabinets will get wooden covers so they can be used as display shelves. Right now the ceiling grid sits on top of them, so they can't be used.
I really hadn't planned on working on the kitchen until my bathroom is done. But, that is delayed as usual.
But, WooHoo! I convinced my mom to get rid of all the plastic containers!! NO more Tupperware, Rubbermaid and other odds and ends cluttering my cupboards! Room for more Pyrex and Bell jars!

Been feeling sick the past few days. Started Thursday morning. I've been doing too much. My stomach is a mess.

Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23, 2011

Just refilled the hummingbird feeder. There were 2 of them waiting and chittering when I took Nikky out. Hungry little things. They've been eating for 5 minutes now! They actually sat on the chain link fence watching me until I hung it up.

Just got home in time to watch BlytheRawLIVE!!

Bad air day!

Finally got nearly all of the crappy wallpaper and contact paper off of the walls. There's just 2 small sections that I have to soak to loosen the glue so I don't damage the paneling. Will do that tomorrow and clean out the cabinets under the sink.

Yay! I mentioned recently that I thought my car insurance went down. It did. Instead of $68/month, it is now $56/month. I need to go to their office and check on how much more I can cut it since I drive so little these days and plan to drive even less in the future.

Need to find a recipe for cucumbers. I have 3 that I need to use up before they go bad.

Got all of my surveys caught up finally. Had about 30 to do. Many were expired. But, I still made a few bucks. May cash out on one of the sites again tomorrow.

Guess I should catch up on emails at my groups tomorrow … I'm probably going to stop being mod at IGR this week and drop 2 groups I am just a member of. That should help me get back in the mood for my own groups. I'm only in 11 groups right now …

Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22, 2011

Forgot to mention yesterday … someone stole one of our garden hoses! They took the one by the carport. Pissed me off. So, now I have to buy another hose and spray nozzle …

I think there is some kind of compatibility issue between Firefox and Incredimail. Sometimes links will lock up. If I click on a link on an email, it will not open. I have to close Firefox, then click on the link and then Firefox will open. Weird. Annoying.

Looong, hot day. I am so hot and tired. I hate special projects! Have another tomorrow. Can't work on the kitchen today. Need to find food …

It got to 100F yesterday. We are at 98F right now. Might match yesterday … Yuck.

My mouth is on fire. Had hot wings for dinner. Yum! Will have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21, 2011

Been home about an hour. Of course, my mom pounced before I was even through the door wanting me to do this and that. I snapped. She's not talking to me now. Yay!

I can't get my damn printer to work. Keeps saying it is offline. It's NOT!

Really haven't felt like playing in my groups lately. I'd really love to just drop them completely. Kind of hard to do when you own them … I just don't get the enjoyment out of them that I used to.

Been reading a lot of Criminal Minds fanfic. Can't wait for the new season to start tonight! And, a new CSI, too. Watched Glee last night. Can't believe how tall Chris Colfer has gotten since the show started.

Great. Now she's throwing a tantrum about the dishwasher …

Exhausted … Pulled more wallpaper and contact paper off of kitchen walls. Cleaned one more cupboard and put 4 more drawers back in. Feeling sick to my stomach. It's too hot. Have the air on now.

Now to figure out why my printer doesn't want to connect.

Finally got the printer working. Had to reboot everything and then change the USB port it was plugged into … Have lots of work projects coming up starting tomorrow …

Seen on Twitter … disgusting, but probably true.
@HankWill Hank Will
Fun Expt: take Iron fortified cereal, mush it in water, stir, mush more, stick magnet into glop, stir and voila! metal filings on magnet

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

Woke up a little early today. Have sooo much to do!

Cleaning out kitchen cabinets today is exhausting me!! Will have to do more next weekend, I think. I know I can't get them all done today. Have to repair a drawer. Hopefully, next week I can buy several rolls of shelf liner

Have a load of laundry going.

Need to rest before I fall down.

Bad air day.

Exhausted. Did too much yesterday and more to do today. More cleaning of the kitchen to do after I take my mom to a dr. appt. in Davis.

Just got back from Davis. Have a load of laundry going. Bringing all the drawers in off the porch and then will start on some of the cabinet shelves. Ripping out the awful shelf liners that don't match.

I made this for dinner last night. It was sooo good:

I didn't take pictures of them, though.

Bad air day … AGAIN!
And, these cabinets are so filthy I am starting to have trouble. I think I will only get one more done before I get something to eat.

Well, I got the 2 cabinets and the pantry closet done along one wall. I am sweating terribly and overheated. Just turned the air on finally. Doing nothing else but read fanfic today. I have to work tomorrow!

Wonderful news seen on Twitter:
@whitehouse The White House
As of 12:01 am, the repeal of the discriminatory law known as ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ finally & formally takes effect.

Sadly, transgenders will still have to stay in the closet to serve ...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 17, 2011

Just got back from taking Nikky for a walk to the mailbox. Going to rest a bit before going out to drain the water heater and flush it out … finally! There is so much sediment that the hot water pressure has gone way down. And, I need to wait until my mom is finished washing dishes to do it …

Got the water heater done and re-lit (I HATE gas water heaters!!!) Wish I had the money to get an electric one … but this one is only 2 years old. It was installed the month before we bought the place. So, it has many years of use ahead of it. I retaped the blanket around it with duct tape. The tape that came with it, the glue had all melted and the blanket had slipped down. All's good, now.

Have to rest before I make lunch. Going to have a grilled cheese & tomato sandwich. Then, I'm going to make some stuff and figure out my new dehydrator and make some stuff in it!

Oh, have to watch BlytheRawLive at noon!! Making my sandwich now!

I HATE the traverse rod. It's a piece of shit! I can't wait to replace it totally. But, my mom insists on having those ugly gold curtains up. So, I take it down and put in the extra sliders I bought so all the panels could hang. It's too heavy now for the cheap piece of shit. Pull on the cord and one side totally separated from the bracket. So, I put in extra bolts (luckily had the right size). The middle sags from the weight of the curtains, so it doesn't open and close smoothly. I'm over it … I've been working on that dame thing over an hour.

So much for cooking anything today. I'm too hot. It's a beautiful 78F outside, but I had to turn the air on in here!

Read the booklet that came with the dehydrator. There are some good pet treats in it!
Steve emailed and asked if I can clip Bruno's nails tomorrow. Going to ride my bike over and see if he can get my handlebars tight. They keep slipping.

Well, I forgot to post this blog last night, so I'm continuing it today …
Went to bed after 11 as I was reading some good fanfic. I actually didn't wake up until 8 this morning! That is extremely rare for me!!

Having Brown Cow cream top Maple yogurt with organic granola mixed in for breakfast. Will be going to Steve's after I am done.

My day is nearly shot already. Just got home from Steve's. Bruno is sooooo different from Ezra now. He's short and stocky and even his tail is shorter. And, he is long-haired!! And, MEAN! Steve had to hunt for him when I got there. Took more than 15 minutes to find him. Levi is 12 today. I clipped his nails, too. Steve fixed part of my handlebars, but Curtis has his hex wrenches, so he couldn't do part of it. I think I have the right one somewhere, so will try to find it and go back there another day.

Well, my cooking plans aren't going as planned. I have the coconut in the dehydrator. It will be done at about 9pm. Will be drying basil leaves in the morning and probably some lavender. That is at a different temp than the coconut and takes less time. But, I forgot to germinate some almonds overnight, so have them soaking in a sprout jar now. I need them for the soup I want to make. So that will be tomorrow's dinner and not tonight. Looking for a smoothie recipe to make for lunch right now.

OK. I made this for lunch: Carrot Apple Ginger Green Smoothie Recipe I had to alter it slightly as I added too much spinach. So, I added 1 small Medjool date to cut the bitterness. Much better! It was the first time I'd made a green smoothie!

I need more sprout lids for my Bell jars. I only have one …

Just found a great article on germinating nuts and seeds and it is actually about feeding monkeys! But, it definitely applies to food for humans! I just bought cheese cloth the other day, so I can use that to top the Bell jars to germinate some more nuts for a spiced nut recipe I want to make tomorrow.

Going to read a chapter of Tomcat Jones on the deck now. When I come in, I need to shell more pecans.

Going to watch last week's online ep of the Anthony Anderson show with Daniel Vitalis as the guest in a little while.

Oh, I really recommend that vid. It was great!

Having leftovers for dinner. Coconut chicken and mac 'n' cheese and sliced kiwifruit.

Here's a must-have book if you want to learn about real whole foods and good nutrition in an easy-to-read format. There are some great recipes in it, too.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15, 2011

Got home a couple hours ago. Just been going through emails and reading articles, tweeting, etc. I just finished making watermelon 'gatorade'. It's not bad. I milked a coconut for the first time! Well, I cut the top off, poured the coconut water in the blender and scraped out the coconut meat to use later. It is in a jar in the fridge right now. Then I cut half a watermelon (Nikky is eating a chunk of rind – sorry no pics as she inhaled it!) and cut in chunks. Put that and 4 frozen strawberries in and blended. Yum! My mom doesn't like it …

Yay! My dehydrator has arrived! I just got the email from WalMart to pick it up! Going now.

Just got done repairing the kitchen sink sprayer. I had stopped at Home Depot after I got my dehydrator and got a new spray nozzle. Well, the darn thing didn't fit the ancient hose fitting! So, I am drying it out and going to return it. So, I fiddled with the old one for a while and got the handle to pop back on. Don't know how long it will hold …

I can't wait to start playing with my dehydrator tomorrow. I have ingredients ready for a couple of recipes!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011

I'm up … don't wanna be! My mom has an appt. at 9 this morning. Then I drop her back home and go to Sacramento to get 2 stores done … ugh.

WooHoo! I'm going to Whole Foods again today. My Living Social voucher is ready to print. I paid $10 for the deal yesterday and I can use it to buy $20 worth of stuff! Cool! More food!

Just got home. It is hot in here. All doors and windows are closed and the air is not on! WTF?

Bad air day.

I was a little disappointed at Whole Foods. They don't have nut milk bags or anything that would work as one. I'll have to check at the Food Co-op next week when I go to Davis again. If they don't have them, I'll have to search online.

We're having homemade chili beans. My mom hasn't made that in ages. Using the crockpot.

I think Twitter is down … can't get my homepage to refresh and can't tweet any articles … not getting a 'fail whale' or anything …

Finally! Twitter is back up!

Just came in from cleaning the dog yard, harvesting 2 more tomatoes and refilling the hummingbird feeder.

I got a great book through Paperback Swap in yesterday's mail. Tomcat Jones by Willa Okati. It has a fun premise. A guy who shapeshifts into a cat and ends up falling for a wizard and is his familiar! Can't wait to start reading it after I'm done with Chaz Bono's book.

Just joined Klout to see how much influence I have. Ha! 32. Not much, obviously!

My eye is itching. Has been all day. Made me nervous while I was driving. Feels like something in it, but rinsed it and still feels like a lash or piece of dirt or something.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13, 2011

I feel like I am in slow-motion today …
Nikky was sick in her bed during the night, so had to do a load of laundry. Yuck. She's feeling fine this morning. I think it was all the potatoes my mom gave her last night … Too much for her tiny stomach.

Yay! I sold a stud book register on Bonanza!

I am exhausted. Just got home. Serviced 2 stores and went to Whole Foods. Got some goooood stuff. I got a coconut, raw walnuts, chia seeds, maca powder and other good stuff.

I saw something I thought was unusual on the road – CHP officers assisting stranded motorists. One with a flat tire and another with an over-heated truck. I thought that was a thing of the past. It was nice to see.

My mom just told me that Nikky ate her figs! She had set 2 of them on the table by her chair and then left the room for a few minutes. When she came back, they were gone!

Yet another bad air day …

Was too tired to make the watermelon gatorade. But, will cut it up later to mix tomorrow.
Nikky just had another dove egg.

Will have to work after my mom's dr. appt. tomorrow. Will be another long day …

We're having waffles for dinner.

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011

Just got back from riding my bike to the store. That was enjoyable! Then, when I got home, I ripped the canvas bag pulling it out of my basket! It got caught on the bolt that holds it on the handlebars …
Just watched this cute vid and had to share it!

It is very cloudy today. I hope it rains! I'm still going to put a jug of sun tea out to steep. Just won't get heated up by the sun.

Need to go out and take a pic of the bouganvillea and cut the spent belladonna flowers.

Just came in from weeding the dog yard and trimming dead stuff off vines and tomato plants, etc. It is nice out! It's only 74F right now! Love it. Going to get pictures off of the camera, find something to eat then go on the porch and read.
I'm heating up leftover squash soup for a late lunch. Just got outbid on the juicer. Found another to try that ends this evening.
Going out to read now while the soup heats in the oven.

Just gave Nikky a baby carrot treat. She didn't hesitate to dig in!

Tomorrow if I'm not too tired when I get home, I'm going to make watermelon 'gatorade' and give Nikky some rind.

I'm getting the ingredients together for dinner. We are having elk burgers and roasted fingerling potatoes. I found the recipes on these sites:

My mom said she likes when I experiment!

OMG! I am stuffed! That was a good dinner! My mom wanted to know if I was cooking again tomorrow night! No. Not unless I find something that really strikes me. Plus, I'll be too tired anyway when I get home. I have 4 stores I should do tomorrow, but will probably only get 2 done …

Luckily, I got my oil check. So, I can make the first payment on my home insurance tomorrow. And, fill up the gas tank since I didn't last week. I don't have enough to get to Sacramento and back, I don't think.

Didn't bid on that other juicer. I noticed an outrageous shipping price, so pass on that one. Will just keep looking for a while.

Ooh. I can go to Whole Foods tomorrow! It is down the street from one of my stores in Sacramento. I want to get an organic coconut for the 'gatorade' I am making tomorrow when I get home. Now that I know the right way to open one from watching BlytheRawLive. :)

Phantom of the Opera (1943) with Claude Rains just started. Not the original, but still good.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

Can't believe how much the temps are supposed to drop today. It's only supposed to get to 84F today!! Love it!!!

Did you fly your flag today? I just put mine out at half-staff. We have a slight breeze. Oh, and that bouganvillea is actually blooming. Will take pics of that tomorrow. It has pale, almost transluscent flowers.

It's so nice out today. Going to go out and read in a while. I just got finished with the doves' cage and letting them fly around and get behind things I can hardly get to! Little brats. ;) Vacuumed that room and rearranged some of the storage bins. Found all my expensive Cocker Spaniel books, so will take them in my room and put on shelves in a bit. Need to rest! Just gave Nikky a dove egg. She likes! I hated just throwing them away! She did not like the shell, though. Need to pick that up and put in one of the planters outside.

Just harvested 2 more tomatoes. The other 2 I thought would be ready today weren't quite red enough for my liking. Maybe tomorrow.

Amazingly, there is no sun out to make a new batch of sun tea! Overcast skies are keeping it cool, though!

What's for lunch!? I have no idea …
Just got the third load of laundry going. Have the juicer partly taken apart. I need to find the paperwork that came with it and my Juicing book.

Waaah! Had to toss the juicer … motor was froze up … suuuucks. So, that is next on my list to get after I pay off the dehydrator. A new juicer …
So, I'm having an almond butter and jelly sandwich …

Have to help my mom as she wants to put the soaker hose back on the brick planter … don't know why. She complained about it last year because it doesn't spray like our old one did … but they don't make them like our old one anymore …

Got 4 loads of laundry done today. Must make sun tea tomorrow! Just came in from reading a chapter of Chaz Bono's book out on the deck. It warmed up a bit, so I turned the air on when I came inside.

OMG! Have you heard about Husbands, The Series. It is a new web series that starts on Tuesday. Check it out! I hope I remember to watch it. Might be funny!

I went through some more stuff today and found my collection of Cocker Spaniel history books!! These were very high dollar books when I got them from the ACS Club. They are nearly mint condition. I also found my vintage Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens! I thought it was left behind in Florida with a bunch of my other vintage books!!!

I forgot to take pics of our yummy fruit yesterday that we got from the Farmer's Market. (The watermelon and bananas are from Trader Joe's, though.) We've already eaten most of the grapes!
And, the lavender doesn't seem to be bothering me that I brought in yesterday! After the initial feeling of wanting to sneeze, all's good! So, I'm going to keep having some in here!

I downloaded season 6 of Criminal Minds yesterday. I need to go through the eps and make sure they are good and then burn them … eventually. I am so behind in burning stuff …

Whooo! I have this nasal spray called Allergy Buster. It is a capsaicin and nettle-based spray. Wow! It can burn a bit at first! But, it works good. I use it in the afternoon. In the morning I use an olive leaf nasal spray. Plus, I take an astragalus root capsule each day. I haven't taken an allergy pill in over 2 weeks!

Ezra is getting too big. He's not a fluffy kitten anymore. He's a sleek teenager. And, nearly as big as Nikky already!

Waiting for John Barrowman to be on the British QVC online. His segment is late! This channel is so boring! Damn. I have to go core an apple now for dessert, so I'll probably miss it.

Gave Nikky the apple core. She's not sure what to do with it yet! Still waiting on JB on QVC … We are having spaghetti for dinner.

Nikky ate her apple! Going to give her a baby carrot tomorrow.

Hmmm … maybe I got the time wrong for when JB is on there. British time mixes me up …

I am sooo stuffed. That spaghetti was yummy!

JB will be on in about 5 minutes. He's tweeting the times now!

John's new product line looks interesting. I'm not into that kind of stuff, though. He's looking good, as usual!

I want to get the Trader Joe's cookbooks! Going to see if any are on eBay.

Darn. Too expensive for me right now. There are quite a few on eBay and Amazon. They will have to wait a while …

OK. I couldn't pass it up! I just bid on a Jack LaLanne juicer on eBay. I have some money left in my PayPal. The auction ends tomorrow night. So, if anyone outbids what I have bid by then, I will miss out. I am not going to go higher on it.

Have to clean my bike tomorrow and air the tires up if they need it. My mom is out of milk (oh, catastrophe!) so I need to run to the store in the morning & I don't want to use the car just for that.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 10, 2011

Getting ready to go to the Farmer's Market and Borders this morning. Already 70F. Hope we get done early before I melt.

Going to make some artwork and a stat of some old pictures from Life magazine of a nekkid Pat Boone later.

I've decided that the only way I am going to be able to get a 3-wheel bike is through WalMart with BillMeLater. I'm going to wait until December since right now I have the home insurance and some other yearly bills coming due this month. But, by Spring I will have one.

I am waaay broke again! Just got home from the Farmer's Market & Borders. At the market we got the 2 dozen eggs I ordered last week, then got some lemon cucumbers, peaches, plums, grapes, pears, figs, and 2 plants – parsley and oregano to add to our indoor herbs. Then we went to Borders. They had a lot more books left than I expected! I got Chaz Bono's Transition book! And, a Dresden Files graphic novel Storm Front, Homeopathic Care for Cats & Dogs, Clean Home Green Home, and 2 cardmaking books – World of Cards and one on Embroider on Paper which I have been wanting to do. My mom found 14 romance books! So, I am happy with what we found. Spent about $13 more than I planned on books, so I need to transfer some money around now.

Just had a soy butter and jelly sandwich. Used the last of my soy butter. Doubt I will buy soy butter again unless I can find a source that uses non-GMO soy … will stick with nut butters (pecan!!) and I hope to start making my own soon!!

Finally! I went through the last of Jeanne's clothes that have been on the loveseat in the bird room for over a month! I just kept a few of the nicer things to sell online. The rest is now in the car to be taken to Goodwill when I go out again next week. I also kept a bunch of nice purses to sell. A few things still had tags! There are still a LOT of clothes in the storage inside of the big wooden wardrobes. Hopefully the guys will feel like finishing the emptying before the damp weather starts up again.

Just finished making some artwork of Pat Boone. The images are from Life Magazine's Archives and I don't think they were ever published. He was good-looking in his day. Too bad he's such a nut now! Made this into an IM stat, too.
So many days in a row with bad air alerts is so depressing … and it is so hot. I hate taking Nikky out in that heat, even for a few minutes. It is 96F right now.

Dinner was good. A small salad and butternut squash soup with pasta in it. And, grapes we bought today for dessert. They are VERY sweet. Not like the grapes in the store!
I decided that tomorrow I am finally going to take the juicer apart and clean it and make sure it is all still in good shape from being in storage so long. Can't wait to start using it again!
I'm also going to finally move the chain and electric cord to the ceiling fan in the bird room so that it will reach the socket attached to the wall switch. Will be much easier than climbing over the loveseat to turn it off and on!

I've started reading both Chaz' bio and Clean Home Green Home. I'm going to start doing everything in this book page-by-page. Lots of good green ideas.

I just cut 4 sprigs of lavender and put in a vase on the table. It is a test. I've never been able to have cut flowers indoors due to my allergies. Going to try these.

Hmmm. Five minutes in and I feel like I need to sneeze. Hope it's not the lavender. They are about 10 feet away from me. Will wait and see.

Friday, September 9, 2011

September 9, 2011

This day seems to be dragging by right now. And, I am HOT! The air is on and it is 'only' 94F outside, but I feel very hot sitting here …
Got one store serviced in Davis. Came home at about 11. Got caught up on some email and twitters, then watched BlytheRawLive actually LIVE at noon. Really great ep! Still have one more to catch up on from last week and will be current on all the eps then. Will watch it tonight. There is just something about her show that I really 'get', ya know?! While I was watching it online, my mom was watching Sheppard Smith on FoxNews and I caught the info about the quake in Vancouver! I was really surprised even though I know quakes happen all over every day. But, so many are over 6.0 lately. It's scary in a weird way …

Went out and took a few pics of one of the tomato plants that has ripe (finally!!) tomatoes and picked 2 to have tonight in a small salad.

You can't see any of the flowers in these shots, but the vine on the fence is a trumpet vine and the flowers are the same color as my tomatoes!

Came home to a note on my doorstep from the City of Woodland. They have dropped them at every door in the neighborhood. The city is going to be re-topping the streets in the area in the next 2 months. So, our street leading into the park is one that will be closed! Luckily, they will be giving 2 days notice before the street is closed. I foresee lots of detours …

When I came home earlier, the front door was closed, so I assumed the air was on. I just discovered it was NOT! I've been sitting here sweating for 3 hours! It's on now …

I just finished watching this great documentary called Forks Over Knives. You should check it out!

OMG! It is 104F!!!!!

My mom cooked my red pear with a strawberry in the center for a dessert … Ummm. Rather have it raw. It's a bit hard. But, at least she's trying …

I used to enjoy the news. My mom depresses the hell out of me. She is such a fucking bitch about some people.

Going to listen to the last ep that I haven't seen yet of BlytheRawLive now (last week's ep.) I can drown out the ranting with headphones ...

I want a dehydrator …

Yay! I just bought a Snackmaster dehydrator from WalMart using Bill Me Later. I would have used PayPal, but it was about $10 more than I have in there right now. I should be able to pick it up from my local store within 2 weeks. I have wanted one for years! This is the one I got:

We are going to the Woodland Farmer's Market in the morning to pick up the 2-dozen eggs I ordered last week and any other foods that catch our eye. If I have any money left, we are going to the Davis Borders and see what books they have left. They are 70-90% off now.
Time to watch an old Criminal Minds.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8, 2011

I've been up since 4. Don't know what woke me up, but I couldn't go back to sleep. Watched another episode of BlytheRawLive. Very interesting program. I really enjoy it.

Been home about 90 minutes. Got one store done. Also went to WalMart and got a couple packs of planter hooks. But, they didn't have any curtain rod hook thingies. So, I went to Home Depot - $2.49 for a pack of 6!!! NO way! I am going to search online and hopefully find them cheaper or more in a pack! I need about 20!

The past few times I've traveled Road 102 to Davis, I noticed that there is an abundance of the little yellow/cream-colored butterflies (Cloudless Sulphurs, I think) everywhere! And, dead on the road and windshields, too.

I just bought a pack of 50 traverse rod carriers on eBay for $8.95/free shipping. So, I should be able to finish putting those curtains up by next week. I can always resell the extras!

Just poked a new hole in the ceiling to hang a planter. Only doing one today. My shoulder is bothering me.

I finally figured out yesterday how to get Swagbucks when I play games. I had a bad habit of closing the window when a game was done. If I just left it open, the pop-up appears every few games. Wish it was every game, though.

Just made an IM stat. Here's the main image:
Just finished watching a couple more episodes of BlytheRaw Live. One more & I will be caught up and there is a new ep tomorrow. You can catch her channel on YouTube here:
I hope everyone in the flood zones are staying safe and dry!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 7, 2011

Yep. Another day I didn't work. I had every intention of working … But, then I stopped and got the mail and there was a nice check from one of my paid email companies that I had to put in the savings. And, there was an odd letter from my other bank about a dormant account with $1000 in it that I just could not figure out! So, had to go there and talk to someone and found that it is the account linked to my secure credit card that I got when I needed to get credit started for the home loan when we bought the house. Next month I am going to close that account and rid myself of one big bill!! I don't need that credit card any more!
So, by then it was too late to get started on stores. So, I went to Walmart and found a traverse curtain rod I needed to hang the curtains correctly on the sliding glass door. Then went to Home Depot and OSH to double-check the prices on the garbage disposals. Will try to get one tomorrow if my pay from FG is enough this week. Then, I went to the Food Co-op in Davis and got some good food. Of which I am eating some for lunch.
This is soooo good!!

I think this is a good cause. I just sent for one!
“A Need for Seeds! America’s Oldest Seed Company Needs Your Help!

I am exhausted! Took down the rest of the blinds and then put up the traverse rod. Still have to get the curtains up. My mom actually put all the hooks in the panels! Need to rest before I hang them.
Just got money in my PayPal from CafePress! That was a nice surprise!

Well, crap … Got 3 of the panels up, but there weren't enough hook slots for the 4th one. I need to get more tomorrow. And, the rod is too low, so I'll have to hem the panels so they don't drag the floor! I held the curtains up against the wall before we started and asked my mom if they were on the floor … she said no! So, I measured from the ceiling to the top of the curtains, etc. There is about 2 inches of curtain on the floor now! Ugh! Always more work for me … I actually don't mind it, but I know she'll start complaining once she sees Ezra laying in the folds …

I've decided to stop at the Borders in Davis tomorrow to see what they have left. Might be able to pick up a few good books before they are all out.

I just loooove goat milk. So creamy.

I'm trying to catch up with my surveys again. On the last one in the folder and it is sooooo long and drawn out and repetitive!!!!

Going to watch some episodes of Blythe Raw Live online now.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011

Decided to take another day off today. My mom is feeling better, but didn't want to go up and down the stairs to water the yard. So, I did that after Nikky & I walked to the mailbox. I got the laptop fan that I won on eBay. It is cool how little it is when it folds up! And, it works well. I'm actually using it as a regular fan with it sitting on its side right now! Another neat thing is that it uses a usb port, but it has another in it, so you don't lose the use of a port!

I've been pricing garbage disposals and traverse curtain rods at the websites for WalMart, Home Depot and OSH. Looks like Home Depot is actually cheapest for what I want. Will get them tomorrow after work.

It was so peaceful in here yesterday …

Bad air email alert AGAIN today.

Must find food to eat …
I am making Medjool dates with organic cream cheese and raw pecans!! I have never had this before, so hope it's good!

I am stuffed! These things are really good and filling! Of course, my mom's comment is 'they're fattening!” And, I said, 'well, you don't see a lot of fat Hindus!' It's all in how you prepare a food and how much of it you eat, just like anything. But, real food, eaten in moderation is not going to make anyone fat!

Anyone know of any good book-swapping sites, other than Paperback Swap? I've been having problems over there lately. I know of BookCrossing, but I don't like the idea of putting labels in the cover that I can't get off without damaging the book, etc.

Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011

Got the flag put out.

There's a Criminal Minds marathon on today. Do I get to watch it? Nooooo. NCIS is on. Figures.

Huh. My mom went back to bed for a while. Said she doesn't feel good. Criminal Minds marathon starts in 2 minutes! Yay!

Dishes done. Garbage out. Wash going. Sun tea steeping.

It was a nice, fairly quiet day. Usually is when my mom hermits in her room. Enjoyed the peace and watched the Criminal Minds marathon and played games online.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 4, 2011

Just haven't felt like writing anything or playing in the groups at all the past couple of days.
Had a major problem with my Incredimail email program. I finally had to give up on my older version of IMXe and install the newer IM2. Hate it. But, I'm stuck with it now. At least my stats still work in it.

My mom is already giving me a headache this morning … like I haven't felt crappy enough this week.

I have so much I have to get done today and she keeps adding things to my list. So, I doubt I will get to everything today and still have time to list anything online! Need to walk to the mailbox with Nikky, get the doves done, do laundry, shell almonds and pecans, take 3 screens down and clean them and get the windows behind them clean, clean the furnace/AC filter, drain the water heater tank to flush sediment out … that's just on my list …

Decided not to go to the mailbox this morning since there's no mail tomorrow and the mailbox won't get overfull if I don't go today. Hope to go tomorrow morning to pick up Saturday's mail.
Just got finished with the doves. Going to rest before starting a load of laundry and then will get 3 plant hangers put up for my mom.

Not sure what happened, but last night at about 11pm the power went out. I was just falling asleep and my air filter shut off. The lack of sound got me up. I thought maybe we blew a fuse until I looked out the window. The street light next door was out and then I heard neighbor Martin talking to neighbor Kelly about no lights. I stepped out to the carport and noticed the whole park was out. I went back to bed. Woke up at 4am to the sound of my air filter running. So, it was out for about 5 hours. Very unusual for here …

Got half the almonds shelled and a load of laundry going. Only got one plant hanger up. Discovered I need to buy more hooks. I thought I had a pack, but couldn't find it where it should have been …

Just got a bad air email alert. We have gotten waaaaay too many this summer.

Going out to take the screen off the kitchen window and then clean it and the furnace filter. Don't think I will get the screens off my bedroom and bathroom windows today …

Time for lunch. Having the rest of yesterday's smoothie as I made a double batch. Starting on 3rd load of wash. The screen and filter should be ready to put back in place when I'm finished eating.

Got all of that done. Need to fix the garbage disposal now. Something jammed it … ick.

Well the garbage disposal is history. It has a bent tooth, so is totally jammed. It's been heading toward dead for a while. I had already been pricing replacements, but now it is definitely on my list of things to buy. So, I've taped the switch to remind my mom not to use it. Need to unplug it, too.

Got the almonds all shelled. Starting on the pecans!

Obviously, not getting anything listed online … again!

Got about 1/3 of the pecans shelled. Will finish those tomorrow. Also will get the other 2 screens done and the outside of those windows and then drain the water heater. Never enough time or energy to get things done!