Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012

Another day I got woke up around 5. I have got to get the rest of those kitchen cabinets locked ...

Decided not to work today, but have to get gas & go to the co-op for some things. Very foggy this morning.

I think I killed my lettuce mix seedlings ... :( but, I have lots of Chantenay carrots and some hibiscus tea seedlings coming up. Will have to re-do the lettuce mix.

Well, it's good I decided not to work today. One of the roads in Sacramento I have to use to get to one of my stores is closed for a SWAT stand-off right now! Eek!

Some days it really takes me far too long to go through my email, Twitter & G+ feeds and reading articles ... need to make almond milk, get the pulp in the dehydrator to make flour (new experiment) & then make some juice for lunch before starting on the wardrobe cleaning and repair.

Making a yummy juice for lunch! Will be on the food blog later. I'm loving using fresh mint in stuff.

I was thrilled to find that the co-op is now carrying Organic Pastures butter! Now that I won't buy Organic Valley due to their falling into the GMO quagmire, this was perfect timing (and actually more local, too! Organic Valley is in WI.; Organic Pastures is in Fresno, CA.) AND, they are totally RAW with only ONE ingredient! Raw cream! Yum!

Gotta put the laundry in the dryer & start on the wardrobe ...

Got most of the wardrobe cleaned (except the inside and the side it is laying on.) It is such a pretty cedar piece. Repaired the feet. Couldn't fix one of the wheels as I don't have a vise to hold it still, so it is kind of crooked. Have one of the feet wrapped with a bungee cord until the glue dries. Will upright it tomorrow.

I won a 3-pack of handkerchiefs on Listia. Yay! Some of mine are getting worn out.

Finally (after having it more than 3 years in a drawer!!!) have started filling my MP3 player with music. I'm going to start taking it with me to work. I can keep it in my pocket as the earbud wire is long enough. I've actually always used the earbuds with my laptop! And, I use it's USB cord to charge & transfer on my eReader! But, they are versatile! Listening to Company with John Barrowman right now.

Am sad. I think the place next door finally sold. And, there are kids ... ugh! I'm surrounded!!!

Wow! There is a high-speed chase going on in Sacramento with a 12-foot box truck. It started in West Sacramento on Highway 80, then went southbound I-5 and is right now in Elk Grove. Started about an hour ago. Lots of cop cars following. No accidents yet. Rush hour on the freeway. So dangerous.

Still watching the pursuit. They are almost to the Galt & Lodi areas!

Oh, boy! More cops joining the chase now. And, LiveCopter 3 is going to have to stop soon due to fuel getting low! Nooooo! I want to see the end of it! hahahaha! Lost the live feed. Is sad ... will have to watch the 10pm news to see what happened. Oh, wait! It's back & they are going through Thornton! Looks like 10 cop cars following now. The chopper is just going to continue following & gas up down at Stockton airport. This is crazy. We never have pursuits like this around here.

Damn! The new Michael Jackson ep of Glee is on tonight. Glad I follow Chris Colfer on Twitter or I would have forgotten!

Finally! The truck was stopped in Stockton! He'd actually gotten just south of Stockton & then did a u-turn & headed back up I-5! Finally, got him with spike strips in a safe area. He went several miles on rims before he couldn't go any further that way. Crazy people. How they think they will get away with police and news choppers following their every move & reporting it to the cops on the ground!

Getting ready for Glee now.

I made the mistake of doing an upgrade on the MP3 player & it wiped out several of the original folders & the .pdf manual! Ugh! Have to search their website & see if I can download it there.

Damn. Kevin McHale is cute without glasses.

Found the video converter & the manual for the MP3 player & downloaded them to keep on the computer. Got about 30 albums moved onto the player. Still have tons of room on it! It holds 2GB. Music, movies and text files. Also has radio access. Doubt I'll ever use that part. Wish it could do .pdf files without being hooked up to the computer, though. If it did, I could just use it for my work files instead of the eReader. Oh, well.

Oh, one of my favorite Michael songs, Ben ... beautiful song (too bad people always associate it with killer rats & their psychopathic human, Willard.)

Still can't find my incense cones ...
Can't believe it is already February tomorrow ...

Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012

Blah. I didn't want to get up. Been awake since around 5 ... gotta work today.

Yay! I got in to both the composting & Spring gardening classes put on by the food bank!!

Work went well. My right thigh muscle is hurting today, though. Probably from lifting that wardrobe upright.

Must find food!


Auction: 11 Assorted Stamps - Used

So tired now. Finally got all the wardrobe drawers cleaned and back in the wardrobe. Moved it again, along with another 2 dressers to get things to fit the way my mom wanted in her room. Will start working on the cedar wardrobe cleaning & repair tomorrow. Won't be able to get it upright until Thursday as I have to move a bunch of stuff in my room to make space for it. Plus I want the glue to dry. I'll have to be very careful on it's old feet & wheels.

Also, just finished listening to one of the Winter of Wellness podcasts. Will listen to another tomorrow.

Eep! I almost forgot about the foodie chat & garden chat tonight! Damn. My mom is making dinner, so I'll be missing part of one of those ...

Ah, I'm gonna pass on the foodiechat. The theme tonight is eating out, which I don't do. So, I'll have time to eat before the gardenchat!

Gardenchat was kind of boring tonight. All about some upcoming gardening seminar of some sort.

I cannot find my incense cones ... I can't remember here I put them ... :(

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29, 2012

Hope to have a lazy day, but there's always so much to do.

Just put in an order for certified sprouting seeds from Dollar Seeds. I got chia, red clover & alfalfa. Yum. They are on sale for .80c a pack for the next few days. http://www45.instantestore.net/merchant29320/default.cfm
Wish Landreth had these & that they accepted PayPal ... :(

Nikky wears me out when I exercise these days! She always wants to jump on the trampoline with me. Then when I lay down on it to do crunches, she has to get on me, so I hit her with my knees!

Well, damn. Curtis just showed up to go get the furniture ... but had to go do something else first ... so much for a lazy day.

Aaand, 15 minutes, becomes 30 minutes ... he never could tell time ...

Well, We now have 2 antique wardrobes. One is all drawers, but with doors in front of them. It is probably from the early '70s. It's in pretty good shape. It might be oak. The other is red cedar & well over 50 years old. I have to repair the back and the feet before we can use it. Plus, it is missing the skeleton key. So the doors are locked. Going to try one of Papa's old keys. Might work. They both are filthy after being stored in that truck trailer for 12 years ... Luckily, I didn't really have to do too much. Neighbor Kelly helped Curtis haul them up to the deck & into the doves' room from the pickup. Now, I need to get to work cleaning them up & putting them in their new space.
Ezra wants to know where Curtis & Kelly went & why the glass door is open! That's the drawers to the oak wardrobe that I brought home a couple weeks ago and sorted through all the clothes that were in them.
 Oak wardrobe still on it's side for easy scrubbing.
 Nikky's getting in on the investigating now. That's the antique cedar wardrobe on its side ... locked.
 Broken feet need repairing. Luckily we didn't lose any parts. They're around here somewhere.
And, the broken back panels. Hope I found all the slats that need to slide back into place.

I am worn out! That oak wardrobe is HEAVY! Had a hell of a time getting it upright & into my mom's room with her 'helping'. Got it scrubbed and wiped down with Murphy's Oil Soap. Will do the drawers tomorrow when I get home from work.

My darn eyes are itching from all the dust. Ugh.

I am so tired right now ...

Just signed up for the Winter of Wellness Summit. Wish I had known about it earlier in the month. I missed quite a few sessions. They are free for several days after each session. So, I am catching up on all of last week's. They are 45 minutes each. http://winterofwellness.com/feature/David-Wolfe It's every Monday - Thursday at noon PST until March 22.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28, 2012

Can't seem to get in gear this morning. So much to do, though. Need to mail a Listia winning, clean the doves and their room, laundry, bake, maybe plant something ... must get moving!

Went to the PO, the mailbox (more paperwork for work ...), cleaned the doves & their room (the vacuuming takes forever picking up all those seeds!), fed the wild birds & hummers & started a load of laundry. Now, to wait for my mom to do the dishes so I can start cooking!

Going to get one of my laptop bags set up for work. I should have done it earlier in the month. I normally just take my clipboard, pen, store folder with paperwork, duster, gloves & folding footstool into my stores. And, all my extra pegs & other things for my displays are in the trunk of my car. But, when the weather warms up, I will be using my car less, so will need to be able to carry other things into the stores with me. Plus, some of my paperwork, I want to start using my Sony eReader & download the pdf files to it rather than wasting paper & especially ink. Many of the projects are only for a couple of stores & then the paperwork is tossed. Such a waste. So, trying to be a bit more paperless!

Seriously ... how long does it take to wash a small amount of dishes!!

Mmmmmm. Donut muffins ... goooood. And, juice!
Now, I need to get Nikky's bed remade since the laundry is done. Then ... need to get some things listed and get part of dinner figured out.

Read The Cat Manual by Michael Ray Taylor. Funny. Snag it while it's still free!

Auction: Make Your Juicer Your Drug Store by Dr. L. Newman - used

Bummer. Strawesome does not take PayPal. I was going to get a glass straw from her. Will have to wait ...

Ha! Found one on eBay! Should arrive next week!

Well, the bell peppers still haven't broken all the way through the soil. But! The Chantenay Carrots are well on their way. I may have to transplant the Lettuce Mix in the next day or 2. They are nearly 2 inches tall & starting to fall over. I think they need even more light than what they are getting.

And, I finally made an order from Blytheraw.com. I need another nut milk bag & mesh bags are always useful. So I got a set.

Had to download Calibre again. I couldn't find it on my computer. I must have deleted it at some point. Odd. Anyway. I am converting a bunch of Agatha Christie & Alfred Hitchcock ebooks that came as .mobi files, which I can't use. Making them .pdf files and adding them to my eReader. Getting a bunch of ebooks off of the computer.

I have so many damn books and magazines on this computer!

Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27, 2012

Been up for an hour. Gotta leave in about 20 minutes for my mom's appt. & sit in the cold car. Taking my book with me. And, my jacket & gloves. Hope it doesn't take long & she doesn't walk out again ...

Well, my mom's appt. this morning was fairly painless, apparently. Other than trying to add more Rx to my mom! I refused 2 of them at the pharmacy (a nasal allergy spray that she used to take that didn't do anything & ear wax cleaner!) But, her Atenolol (for HBP) dosage has been cut in half!! YAY!! Also, she was told that exactly 1 year ago she was 228 lbs. Today, she is 191 lbs.!!!!!! That is a 37 lb. loss or a bit over 3 lbs./month! Her blood glucose has recently gone down to the 110-115 range (from the 150-170 range.) She eats better, she feels better, she exercises more, she is slowly cutting down on all Rx. She will be 72 in March. It is never too late to take control of your health away from the mindless allopathic drones!

Vacuumed the area around the dinner table & got a load of laundry done.


I just had to use Inger's newest freebie & make something. Of course, when I saw the lady had wings, I had to add Castiel to the layout! Hope you all like.
I just signed up for a free composting class in April! Space is limited, so waiting to find out if I was accepted. It is sponsored by the local food bank. Oh, and a Spring Gardening class in March. Signed up for that, too!

Wow. They are also sponsoring a free breakfast 'Pig Day' at the Davis Farmer's Market in March. I'm taking my mom for her birthday if the weather is good!

I love Twitter. Glad I started following them!

ARRGGHH! The basketball players are out ... thump, thump, thump ... grrr.

I plan on baking tomorrow, but can't decide what I want to bake. I am nearly out of flour, so can't make Italian Herb Bread or Cinnamon Raisin Bread like I want to ... Will have to be something that doesn't take a lot ... won't be able to get more until next week.

OMG! I found so many things I want to make this weekend! And, I have enough flour to make them! Coconut Macaroons, for sure. And, maybe some donut muffins! Haven't made donuts in ages, so this will fit the bill. Also, an apple/cranberry dish and a chicken dish for dinner ... mmmmm. Is it tomorrow, yet?

Oh, forgot to mention earlier - I have another garlic coming up! That's 5, so far! And, they are out on the deck. So, the cold weather is not bothering them (even the freezing temps we had.) I have 5 green onions doing well by the sink. Pineapple ... not so good ... And, of course, the lettuce seedlings in my bedroom are doing great now! Hope some of the other seeds start peeking through the dirt soon.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012

Woke up & couldn't go back to sleep. Still have that headache that started last night. Annoying me!

Decided not to work today, but still have to go to the store for a few things.

Need to work online, too. I'm going to go through my affiliate site and start working on that stuff again. I've really lost ground with that. Need to start making more money online.

Just ordered some more Seagate Olive Leaf Nasal Spray on eBay. Paid a couple of bills online, too.

Love willow bark and feverfew. Headache is about gone.

About to go to the store, PO, get gas & drop off all those clothes in the car to GoodWill.

I decided not to get gas today. I have enough to last through next week. Got everything else done and home in time for the herbchat! Need to start a load of laundry, then mix some dough for tortillas after the chat. Still need to get to my exercises, too.

Gah! I hate when people use gifs for their icon/avatar. Very distracting in the chat ...

Got the air filter changed in the car; put the new registration sticker on the license plate & checked all the fluid levels. Added more windshield washer. I need to get more power steering fluid, it is a bit low. Hope Curtis comes over soon to change the spark plugs ...
Cleaned the dog yard; fed the wild birds fresh seed.

Now to get more purses listed and also get some affilitate ads going.

Started tortilla dough in the breadmaker. My mom wants to make tortillas. She hasn't used the press yet & wants to try it.

I ended up tossing more purses. They had some kind of funky stuff on them. Like a black mold. Have 3 nice ones that didn't have anything icky on them. Listing them now.

I finally got my Pinterest account: https://pinterest.com/quingem/ Still figuring things out there.

Vintage Clemente Snakeskin Handbag - 1970s - Like New - Handbags & Bags via at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

Now I'm getting a stress headache. My mom is pissing me off greatly ...

Dinner was yum!

Auction: Vintage Clutch Purse - 1970s

Vintage Black Leather Clutch Purse with Wrist Strap - 1980s - Handbags & Bags at QuinGem's Bonanza shop
Time for the eathealthy Twitter chat with BlytheRawLive!

Got some great ideas from the chat tonight for healthy snacks. Hope to be trying some soon and sharing the recipes on the food blog.

I got my Pinterest site arranged. Going to add some pics tomorrow, I think. Then, roam around the other Boards there.

My mom has a dr. appt. tomorrow at 8:15! Way too early to go out ... It is the make-up appt. for the one she walked out on a couple MONTHS ago. Hopefully, will be her last visit to the clinic. She wants to get her records from them ... along with the lab results they were supposed to give that last time. Then, we will be going to WalMart pharmacy & hopefully pick up her last pills (they are 3 month prescriptions.)

Well, didn't get any affiliate work done or exercises ... for another day ...

Going to read some fic & then go to bed and work on crosswords for a bit.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012

Did I miss Glee last night? There were no tweets about it ... hmmm. Did it get pre-empted due to SOTU? Ah, well. New Criminal Minds and CSI tonight!

Ick. Just discovered that I don't like Almond milk yogurt. Too sweet and the texture is not good.

Had to request another refund of credits on Listia for some craft patterns I never received! Just got them back. Getting a lot of bad listers on there lately ...

Have a load of laundry almost done. Sorted my vitamin containers. Had a good lunch when I got home. Got a bunch of exercises done. And, my lettuce sprouts are really growing. A couple of pepper seeds have almost broken through the dirt, too. Still at 'dirt-level' like yesterday, but might make it above the dirt-line soon.

Busy night for tweetchats! Rosechat was at 5, seedchat started at 6. Good info!

Aw. Crap. Twitter failed, so the tweetchat failed. :(

Listening to the original Sweeney Todd with Angela Landsbury & George Hearn. This was the first Broadway show I ever watched all the way through on PBS many years ago - 1982. It's on TCM. Won't see all of it, though, as Criminal Minds & CSI are on in a bit.

Martin is working on his deck at this hour! Bang, bang, bang ...
Oh, wow! Another ep of CM!

Damn. Getting a headache in the right side of my head. Very rare for me to hurt there. Hope it doesn't last.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24, 2012

I am freezing! But, it is 41F right now. Gotta leave in about 25 minutes. Ugh. Don't want to, though.

It's been a long day! But, I came home to sprouts! They weren't there this morning! I have quite a few lettuce mix & a bell pepper!

I'm stuffed. Had a late lunch & then an early dinner! Too close together!
Just started a late load of laundry.
The kids are playing basketball outside my window ... ugh. Might have to go visit the doves ...

OMG! I just saw a Walgreens commercial promoting ... VITAMINS! Shocking!

Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

Decided to stay home today. Storming badly.

Going to get some things listed online today.


Auction: Pink Bow Address Labels

Auction: Fall Leaf Address Labels

Auction: Hoover Type A Vacuum Cleaner bag (1)

Auction: Ceramics Magazine, January 1986

I finally got all Jeanne's clothes sorted and the stuff for GoodWill out to the car. I have a bunch of clothes to list online, too! I only kept a few of the t-shirts & my mom kept a robe.

Need to get lunch and then start taking pictures of some more things to list.

Vintage Silver Lamé Handbag - Handbags & Bags at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

Vintage Gold Lamé Handbag with original tag! - Handbags & Bags at QuinGem's Bonanza shop
Auction: Nylon Belts/Straps (2) - Used

Auction: Vintage Lions Club Pin - District 4C5 - Loomis, CA. - 1980s

 Vintage Lioness Club Vice President Lapel Pin - Gold 'L' -1980s - Clubs, Memberships at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

Vintage Lioness Club Lapel Pin - Gold 'L' with attached scroll -1980s - Clubs, Memberships at QuinGem's Bonanza shop
My mom's blood glucose has been down between 110-115 the past week. She is very happy. She is stopping the statin drug in the next week (the anti-cholesterol pill) & we'll monitor things from there.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22, 2012

I did not want to get up. Been awake for a few hours, but didn't get up until almost 8. Nikky had to go.

Gotta find something to eat, then finish the diaper bag if I can figure out the instructions to finish it ...

Finally finished the diaper bag & have all the goodies it will be stuffed with to mail tomorrow.
I'm also sending a bunch of Dotee dolls I had collected in swaps. She might like them when she gets older.

Damn. Burned my cheese sandwich in the toaster oven. Had to scrape the black off one side ... :(

Rain's still coming down nicely.
Tried to get the garbage disposal working again. Still won't work. I changed my mind about replacing it. I'm going to save up and get a new one. My composts just are not doing well & we produce way too much stuff for them at this time. :(

Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012

I'm already tired, but too much to get done today. Doves and their room are done. Next will be starting some bone broth & get some almonds soaking for milk. Really need to get the sewing machine checked and working (I think my mom messed up the bobbin.) Have to get the diaper bag made this weekend. Then, hope to get the cabinet locks installed. After that - seeds!

Oh, great. Now the MPAA & friends have commercials on the TV about stopping online piracy! Ugh! I didn't hear the whole thing, but I know it is trying to get the general public in their corner! I bet Dodd is behind it (he's just as bad or maybe worse than Mr. Ratings {Jack Valenti} was.)

Huh. Nothing wrong with the sewing machine! I don't know what her problem was. Working fine for me ...

Need to get a bandaid back on my finger. I have an annoying crack beside my nail. Soaked it in tea tree oil earlier. Will do again.

Need to make some juice for lunch before I start sewing. This day is flying by!

We have blue skies right now. Would have been a nice day to move furniture, but it's probably very muddy around the old truck they are stored in. Supposed to rain again later. The wind has really come up, though. It's 55F.

OMG! A diabetes cookbook commercial with nothing but sweets & high carbs highlighted! Ugh!

Well, I got 3 cabinet doors done. But, this darn finger is really hindering me! Five more doors to do. I'll try to get them done tomorrow.

Going to track down all the seeds now.

I planted a bunch of seeds. http://quingemsquisine.blogspot.com/2012/01/planting-seeds.html

Ugh. Half-way through making the diaper bag. I'm stumped on one line of the instructions. Too tired to decipher it. Will finish it tomorrow.

Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012

Looks like it rained all night. Just kind of drizzly right now. Supposed to get more wind this afternoon. It's 43F.

Well, looks like SOPA & PIPA are dead bills now. That's great.
Gotta go to work now ... hope I get home by noon for the new season of BlytheRawLive!

That was a quick & easy day (which is very surprising for a Rite Aid!) Stopped at Auto Zone & finally got spark plugs & an air filter for the car. Maybe I can get Curtis to change the plugs this week (I'd do it, but I don't have the right socket for my wrench ...)
Yay! I'm home in time for BlytheRawLive! Gonna make a quick juice for lunch before it starts!

Well, don't you just love technical glitches. Blythe's show has no audio. Her director is trying to figure out the problem (keeping us apprised in chat.) The recorded stream will have audio, so will have to watch it again later. I was looking forward to seeing Ed Begley, Jr. as her guest.

How long does it take to get an invite from Pinterest? I sent for one yesterday ...

Started a load of wash. Went through some of the shirts & now have several new t-shirts to keep & some blouses to list online.

I got our new, updated platinum credit card ... and, I shredded all the papers that came with it ... and it had the phone number to call to activate the card! oh, boy. Gotta piece together the pieces. haha.

This is one of my favorite songs. It was shared on G+ by someone I Circle, so thought I'd share it here!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012

It's 40F & very cloudy today. We are 'supposed' to have a week of rain. We'll see.

Yaaaay! Perry is dropping out of the Presidential race!!

Gotta go. Need to go to the PO to mail winnings/sales & get gas before I go to my store to service. Want to get home by 11 for the #herbchat, but don't think I will make it. Have to get some groceries, too ...

No rain yet, but it's looking like it will show up soon. Gotta get some lunch! Then start on all the laundry.

I missed the herbchat. :(

Finally got a load of laundry in. Had to go through all of the clothes to see what was worth cleaning. Several things went straight in the garbage. Why did she keep jeans falling apart at the seams ... Will be about 7 or 8 loads. I'll only get about half done tonight; the rest tomorrow afternoon. Will take the stuff we're not keeping to GoodWill next week.

Just took a pic of me. Haven't had my pic taken in years ... but, it was for Matthew Gray Gubler! hahahaha! Really. He asked on Twitter for pictures from those who bought his shirt. So, he gets a dorky picture of me ...
In BlytheRaw Tweetchat now.
Started laundry load #4 ...

Must make bone broth tomorrow. Getting too many bones stored in the freezer. Going to try to remember not to put any onions or garlic in it, so Nikky & Ez can have some of it.

Got a response from Gublerland for my photo! Nice. ;)
Rain's coming done pretty steadily. Supposed to get wind with it tomorrow. Oh, joy ... Rain I love. Wind. Not so much ...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

I'm freezing again. It is 35F, much 'warmer' than yesterday morning, but it feels just as cold.
I'm a bit disappointed in the internet 'blackout' as I really expected more of the 'big' sites to do 'something'. Google was the biggest disappointment. If they had done it right (not just blacking out their logo!,) they would have shut everything down (search, blog, email, etc.) It would definitely have angered people, but it also would have made more of an impact. True lack of access to something due to censorship is what is being protested, so really show people what it means ... oh, well.

Well, several senators and other politicians are starting to tweet that they will not vote for SOPA or PIPA, so that is good news. Maybe it is working!

And, it looks like the pipeline XL will not be getting the OK at this time. We will see!

I had every intention of working today ... but, didn't. I renewed my Barnes & Noble membership & bought two books for the newborn baby gift package. I bought some organic potting soil to start seeds & cabinet locks for all the floor-level kitchen cabinets. Tired of Ezra waking me up playing with the doors. He slams them really loudly! And, bought a light bulb for Betta's tank. He's been in the dark nearly a week. Have to figure out why his air pump/filter is not running since my mom messed with all the tanks. And, I stopped at Trader Joe's for a few things. Juiced lunch when I got home. After I'm done, I'm going out to put up the new seed bell I bought & fill the hummer feeder and fill the birdbath if there's still ice in it.

Oops. I just deleted some mail on accident. I'll have to troll through my GMail & see if there was anything important ... hmmmm. Haven't done that in a while (deleted without thinking ...)

Surprise visitor. Curtis came by to see if I'd help him with the rest of the furniture finally. Sorry, no. I have to work the next two days & don't want to risk hurting my back. So, hopefully, it won't rain this weekend & we'll get the last 2 big pieces. Two old wardrobes. We did go get the drawers and clothes out of them, though. I've started a load of wash.

Had to strip when I got home. I was wearing beige clothes & they got filthy. Got dust in my eyes, too.

Made almond milk, hummer nectar, got 2nd load in the wash, put up new seed bell, cleaned dog yard (got the other part of the pooper scooper out of the storage!), took out scraps to compost & I am tired! I wanted to get those cabinet doors locked today, but not going to happen ... going to catch up on Twitter now.

Oh, cool! I just sold a vintage VW manual! $15!

Ezra seems to like the way my mom moved the damn fish tanks. He has a spot to lay in front of Betta's tank.
In the Twitter #seedchat right now. I'm going to be starting some seeds this weekend in cardboard egg cartons. Can't wait! I bought some organic potting soil this morning.

Put in the third load of laundry.

Seedchat was interesting. It was nice to learn that Renee's Garden seeds that I have bought in some stores is a very good company. I still need to do an order from Landreth Seeds & possibly from SeedSavers Exchange soon.

New Criminal Minds in an hour! Yay!

Just paid my car registration online. Another $123 gone ... I dread next year. Will have to have another smog check.

Last load of wash in the dryer. So, all mine are caught up. Will start on Jeanne's clothes tomorrow & see which to keep, which to sell and the rest to go to GoodWill. She sure had a lot of clothes. I think this was the last of it, though. Unless there are more still stored at Curtis' house! That is the next project. Going through the 2 bedrooms and the loft at his place that are so stuffed you can't open the doors & help him get organized and get rid of more of Jeanne & Buddy's stuff. Maybe this summer. I know she had more craft stuff, books & puzzles that we will take. And, Curtis is giving us his huge hutch which I'll use to display my dolls.

Awww. That was a sweet ending on Criminial Minds tonight. Even some slash fodder.

Gotta buy a new air filter thingie for Betta. His bit the dust ... So, I'll have to go to the pet shop again tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17, 2012

It is 23Freaking degrees this morning! The birdbath AND the hummer feeder are frozen solid! This is nuts.

Looong day for me. Just got home from doing the WG reset by myself. It wasn't hard, just tedious ...
It's a whopping 47F now. Now, it's acting like Winter around here. Might have rain moving in soon.

Got pissed at my mom again earlier. She moved the damn empty fish tanks AGAIN today. Then, when I got home, she wanted help moving them more! Enough already!!

Then, the kids started playing basketball outside my window again. I moved into the doves' room to read my fanfic and watch Bonanza for an hour.

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Shit. It's only 29F this morning. And, I was sick all night. So, staying home. I feel awful & dizzy.

I think I've hit the wall with the Vitamin C powder. So, I'm stopping it today for a few days to test that theory.

I am soooo lazy today. Just reading fanfic ...

Felt like a very long day. Feeling better. Have to work tomorrow anyway.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15, 2012

It is MUCH colder today. We won't hit 70F, that's for sure! It's only supposed to get to about 58F.
Not going to get anything done outside. I have to haul Steven around at about 11. Not sure what's wrong with his Jimmy now, but he needs to go to the auto parts store and some others ... there goes my day.

I received my credits back on Listia for the Sandisk that I never received.

Been a pretty lazy day. Mostly been reading fanfic all day ... Holiday tomorrow. Might just stay home and work online ...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14, 2012

Well, I woke up to the smell of burned wiring. My mom killed her percolator ...

My oil check arrived!! Gotta go to the bank in a bit before I start on the doves.

Got money back in my bank accounts. Bought more discounted bananas and a couple apples. Made a yummy kiwi/apple juice for lunch. I am stuffed! Amazing how filling real juice can be. I'd forgotten that. Doves are done. Wish I'd taken the camera in there with me. The 3 of them hung out ON the loveseat while I cleaned their cage and vacuumed the room. They were so cute on there. And, of course pooped a lot on there. So had to clean it, too!

Going to do some exercises & then work in the yard for a bit.

I am woooorn out. Been digging in the dirt, pulling weeds. HATE Bermuda grass or crab grass or whatever it is. So many roots and creepers.

Glee marathon on Oxygen channel!

Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012

I got off to a late start this morning & didn't even remember to start my blog today.
Went to Diane's store only to find out that the reading glasses didn't show up. We searched everywhere. All the sunglasses showed up, though. So, I just took down the discontinued readers, straightened, dusted and put up new labels. I was only there for an hour. No biggie ...
Got some groceries at the Whole Foods across the street, then went to Barnes & Noble to get a birthday gift card & finally mailed it today.

Made juice with my new juicer! Yummmmm.
Did a bit of yard work, too.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12, 2012

I'm annoyed. Had a winner on Listia for an auction that is NOT free shipping & clearly states that I accept PayPal ... she does not have PayPal & wants to send me cash. I hate when people do that! Idiots. I'm tempted to just reverse the auction & put the item in my Bonanza shop to sell.

Plus, I don't feel good right now, so not going to work ... but I do have to go pick up my mom's damn Rx.

OMG! I got the Gubler Flu t-shirt in the mail! And, a Gublerland sticker! Sweeet! Can't wait until Matthew does the next design run! Even my mom thought the design was cute!
I also got a juicing book from Paperback Swap.

Went back to Quick & Fresh Market & got some local meat & veggies. Going to have lamb shoulder chops & white sweet potatoes for dinner. Yum.

Highlander series marathon is on SyFy! Wonder when it started. I miss this show!

What do I want for lunch ...

Just bought some astragalus extract on eBay. Been out for a few days. So glad I have money in my PayPal account to get it. I'm playing the waiting game for my oil check again ...

Just not in the mood to do anything today ... I did find some instructions for making banana chips that I've been wanting to do lately. I finished the last of my store-bought banana chips the other night. Need more, but not going to buy them. Guess I'll go cut up a banana and experiment now.

My juicer arrived!!!!! YYYYYAAAAYYYY! ;) Let the juicing commence ... tomorrow ... after everything is washed. There are tiny little styrofoam fragments everywhere from the packaging ... yuck. It came with 2 Jack LaLanne juicing books packed with recipes, too! My mom's is browsing them now. She's actually excited about this.

I have a banana dehydrating. If the chips turn out right, I'll make it again this weekend for the food blog, with pictures. 

I am amazed that someone was hired to do the yard of the empty trailer next door. NO one has done anything back there in MONTHS. Looked awful. Maybe they are serious about selling the place now or something ...

Have a sore in my mouth. Have to figure out what it's from. Might be one of the teas or cacao powder or cacao nibs. The only things I've had that possibly have caffeine in them ... hmmmm. Will have to experiment.

Closing up for the night. Tired ... after doing almost nothing today ... have to work tomorrow. Helping Diane again. But, only for a couple of hours.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012

Decided not to work today. But, have to go to WalMart & drop off a couple of Rx for my mom. Then go to BelAir for a couple of lemons ... wish they had organic ... hmmm. Might go check out the new Quick & Fresh Market first and see what they have.

When I get back, I'm going to work on my store.

I stopped at the Quick & Fresh (http://quickandfresh.net/). I like it! It is a tiny hole-in-the-wall type of place, but they were packed with local goods. I will be going back often! I just got 3 lemons today (only .35c each!,) since I have no money. But, will be getting a lot of produce there in the future (especially when I start juicing!) They had some cool heirlooms. WHITE sweet potatoes. I'd never seen those before! And, local honey! Asked if they ever have raw almonds or pastured eggs. They haven't found a source for raw almonds and looking into a different egg farmer than they carry right now (he didn't know if they were pastured & the egg cartons are styrofoam, so not interested in those.) Didn't look at the milk products (although I did see goat cheese,) but will look closer next visit. I am happy with this find! They are owned by the local food bank, so I just started following them on Twitter. I did not know anything about their Moveable Market & other programs. Interesting stuff!

QuinGem's Creations & Collectibles has been updated ... finally ...
I've made the list of links easier to follow & added the newest shop first on the list (new designs there!,) as well as my new foodie blog in the last link. There will be a new featured item at the end of the page every week, so check back when you can!
By this summer, there will be a few direct-from-home sales of some of my home-made crafts listed on the site as well (once I get the cart figured out ...)
Thanks for looking!!

Got all the weeds pulled under the gas meters and trimmed the ornamental grass. Made nut milk, toothpaste and did a load of laundry & most of my exercises today! All done. Just going to play online now. Read fanfic and shop on Listia.

Nikky has been driving me crazy with her whining and barking. Martin, next-door, is tearing out his rotten porch & re-modeling it. So there is hammering and other noises that are scaring her.

I found yet another cool site I am going to start selling things off of within a couple of months. Will be great for crafters! My designs on all-cotton fabric! I need to adjust a few of my graphics to look right on it, but that's easy. Just time-consuming. I'll actually be selling some of it in my Bonanza shop in limited amounts, too. Still working some of the details out.

Made a yummy pasta dinner which I'm putting on the food blog right now.

Ooh. Fun. I just found a #seedchat on Twitter. Interesting conversations!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012

Forgot to mention yesterday. I got 2 of the gifts that I bought/won & also got a cool vest that I won on Listia. Doing a load of laundry this morning. I want to wear the vest.

Need to eat now & do some exercises before I go to help Diane with one of her stores.

Got done with Diane's store about noon. She's nice, but talkative. Will help her again on Friday.

Received a bunch of stuff in the mail that I'd won. The diaper bag kit, 16GB memory stick (just scanned it and it works great), power cord replacement for my laptop, & some craft patterns! And, I sent in a claim for a credit refund on Listia for the 2 GB Sandisk that never arrived & the seller has made no communication at all. Hate that. But, I want my nearly 900 credits back!

Going out to work in the yard now!

Cut back the trumpet vine & cut all the dead stuff off of the passion vine. Wind started to come up, so had to stop. I'll re-tie the remaining passion vines tomorrow.

Ah, this sucks. On eBay, it reads that I should receive my juicer today! On the FedEx site, the tracking number says Friday! :( I want my juicer ...

OMG. I just found out there are Criminal Minds novels. Must get them! Eventually.

Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012

I don't want to be up ... but, have to work with Viola today. Projects ...

Sad thing ... can't read my own writing on my desk calendar. Birthday present needed for 18-year-old, not 11-year-old ... need to figure out another present ... gah! But, have 11-year-old presents set for March! Might have to cave and get a gift card, but I hate giving impersonal things like that ...

Need food. Have to leave in an hour ...

My right eye has been itching since last night. There is something in there irritating it & I can't seem to flush it out!

So tired. Reset was very easy, though! I am going to do my other 2 by myself. I am helping another rep on Tues. & Friday with hers', though. More money!

Beautiful outside. Going out now to clean the dog yard, refill the hummer feeder & birdbath & pull up the old tomato plants and turn the soil in those bins.

I got strafed by hummingbirds! ;) They thought I should feed them before I dealt with the tomato plants, I guess!

Before the freeze hit, there were still a LOT of big tomatoes on the middle plant. I put all of them in the compost. Who knows, they might sprout some day!

My eye is STILL itching. It's like I have a dirt clod in there! Ow.

Hmmm. Adding milk to hot tea is not bad. First time I've tried it. Still learning a lot about teas.

Joined in on the Twitter #gardenchat tonight. That is one busy chat! I couldn't keep up! And, it wasn't even a topic I was interested in that much ... next week is on composting, so definitely have it on my calendar to join in.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8, 2012

Getting a late start today. I didn't want to get out of bed. Woke up about 4:30, but didn't get up until 7:30. I would have stayed in bed longer, but I didn't want to make Nikky stay in her bed. She had to go out.

Going to eat & then get started on updating/listing my shops.

Baby's Day Out is on!! One of my favorite movies!!

I've added Key To My Heart to the shop: http://www.printfection.com/quingem/Key-To-My-Heart/_s_488285 & I've updated the canvas bag section: http://www.printfection.com/quingem/Im-Not-A-Plastic-Bag/_s_137100

Adding another heart-themed design, Heart Thread, next. Ready for Valentine's Day.

Oh, Godddddd ... NCIS hell ...

Heart Thread is done! http://www.printfection.com/quingem/Heart-Thread/_s_488336

My newest design - Apple Trio! http://www.printfection.com/quingem/Apple-Trio/_s_488344 Sadly, I saved it in the wrong format the other day, so wasn't able to offer it in the premium (darker) colors and had to remove one of the hoodies that only came in premium colors ...

Wrinkled design updated! http://www.printfection.com/quingem/Wrinkled/_s_115912

Last one for the day - Nothing of the Host Survives: http://www.printfection.com/quingem/Nothing-of-the-Host-Survives/_s_103623

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7, 2012

Wow. It sure is windy this morning! And, feels a LOT colder than 52F!

Going to work on my shop again today. Felt really good to get it going again & hope to start getting sales when I start really advertising things!

I wish the doves would clean their own cage ...

I need to make toothpaste this morning. All out.

Done with the birds, vacuuming their room and exercising!
Now, to work on the website! Adding Chimpanzee Hug first! My best seller, along with Panda With Bamboo over at CafePress!

Ugh. This wind is awful. And, stirring up Alder pollen. I'm actually having a runny nose. First allergy symptoms I've had in quite a while! Need more olive leaf spray soon. Better see if I can get any more on eBay ... Yep. It's on its way, now!

Chimpanzee Hug is live! http://www.printfection.com/quingem/Chimpanzee-Hug/_s_488070

Gotta get some lunch before I do more.

OMG! I actually just got a payment from CafePress. First one in about 4 months, at least. A paltry $37 ... I was making hundreds a year until they changed the way they pay their commission ... grrr. Well, I can pay some on my Bill Me Later account with that!

Back to listing!

OMG! My mom is using the dumbbells after using the exercycle! Shocked!

She just told me she did the trampoline and the ab-doer, too! Yay!

Well, getting cards made this week was a huge fail! :( Must work on accomplishing things like that!

Got Panda With Bamboo updated! http://www.printfection.com/quingem/Panda-With-Bamboo/_s_51699
I also decided on one product I won't carry. The aluminum bottle. They should offer stainless steel bottles for us to carry.

Working on Sunshiny Day next. Might be tomorrow before I get to that. Have to catch up on some other things around here first.

Hah! I turned the TV to the Magnificent Seven movie. Sooooooo sick of listening to damn Walker ALL damn day.When she comes back in the room, I bet she asks, "You turned off my Walker?"

I ended up doing Sunshiny Day, after all: http://www.printfection.com/quingem/Sunshiny-Day/_s_102425

Cool. A bunch of Charlie Chaplin movies on TCM. I love silent movies!

Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012

Woke up at 4 and couldn't go back to sleep. Come out here to find my mom already up and NCIS on. UGH!

I hope the juicer arrives soon. I really want to start juicing again ... I'm drooling over Juiceman's recipes.

Much colder this morning. It's gone down to 31F. Sitting here in my electric lap blanket. My toes are cold. Hope it warms up enough to work in the yard later. Supposed to be windy tomorrow.

So annoyed about the CD I burned the other day. Whatever format it decided to burn in won't work in the car CD player. And, I already deleted it off the computer! Will have to find it again somewhere to make another copy ... oh, well.

Yet another reason not to trust Facebook: http://news.consumerreports.org/electronics/2012/01/report-malicious-worm-steals-45000-facebook-logins.html

Really need to go to the Co-op this morning. Out of a few things. Also, need to get some decent batteries that will last more than a couple of months for the smoke detectors ...

I have both of the sites pulled up (Printfection & Spreadshirt) so I will work on them. I'm going to work on the prices of the existing products and streamline them both.

My mom is giving me a stomach ache yelling at Ezra getting on the kitchen counter and appliances that she is rearranging yet again ... I keep telling her he'll get on them no matter where she puts them.

About time for chat for the BlytheRawLive show. It's actually a rerun. New shows start next week. But, chat is fun.
I'm going to make an apple/clementine smoothie later for lunch.
I went to the co-op earlier & forgot to get butter! Don't think we have enough to last until Monday ... oh, well. I also stopped at the Grocery Outlet in Davis (never been to that one; it is very different than the ones here & in W. Sac. It is small & they have a LOT of organics!) I bought my mom a pot of blooming pink tulips and batteries for the smoke alarm. Then went next door to the Dollar Tree & bought a couple more gifts for the 11-year-old & the new baby to go with what I've won/bought already.

And, uh, yeah ... still have cards to make and mail ...

Smoothie turned out great.
Load of laundry in the dryer.
Listening to this interesting lecture about Ancestral/Paleo diets:

Been working on my pricelist for Printfection. Decided against going forward on Spreadshirt. I forgot they charge for additional colors on images!

Sloooooowly adding new products to the store. Then, I'll set all the prices in there. Maybe I'll be able to add new images tomorrow or Sunday.

Aw, hell. Their beta thing to add new products sucks. I have to go in and adjust each image on the product. Oh, well. I'll do it as I do the prices.

Got the first section done! It's just my logo. http://www.printfection.com/quingem/QuinGems-Creations-Logo/_s_137107

And, a quote from Stargate: http://www.printfection.com/quingem/And-So-Therefore/_s_100978

Will do more tomorrow!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5, 2012

I won a 4 GB memory stick on Listia. Yay.

Just got home from servicing 2 stores. Tiring day. Went to the bank and put in that cash I got yesterday. Didn't go to the Co-op, though. Need to find something to eat & then go out & do some yard work. Really nice outside.

Just came in from weeding. It's 65F out there again. In January. Yeah, there's no global warming ... suuuuure.

Now, to figure out why I can't get my external hard drive to turn on the past few days. I'm sure Ezra unplugged something ... or my mom did in her constant furniture moving ...
Fixed it. Power box was partly unplugged from the cord.

Huh. Two cars at the empty trailer next door. Had someone stop and ask me if it was for sale while I was out there weeding earlier, too. I don't know. Makes me think it is finally being advertised somewhere for people to be checking it out after all these months of being empty.

There's a tweetchat with @BlytheRawLive tonight at 5:30pmPST. New chats for the new year (they are every Thursday at the same time) & the show starts up again on 1/13 at noon on Ustream. #eathealthy is the hashtag to put on the TweetChat field if you ever want to join in. Fun!

Well, it looks like the finches that I could not figure out are Chipping Sparrows. Although the description does not mention that their rusty cap can crest ... Everything else is the same as my birds.

OK. I made this image a few days ago and forgot to share it, I think. So, here it is. I've made Incredimail stationery with it. And, now, I'm trying to get into my Printfection shop (which I haven't touched in probably 2 or 3 years!) to put it on some stuff to sell. I'm hoping by the end of this year to get this shop going well. I pretty much have abandoned my CafePress shop since I hardly make anything there even though I do sell a lot. I won't be adding any new images there. CP changed the way they pay, so the percentage on each sale is paltry, at best. But, I am going to work on my Printfection shop and possibly my Spreadshirt shop this year. You can see what I have at the Printfection shop here: http://www.printfection.com/quingem
I'll be updating some of the images that are already there & removing a couple of crappy ones! I also be adding my most popular sellers from CafePress, like my Chimpanzee Hug.

My mom started dinner late again. I'm going to be late for the Tweetchat!

I'm annoyed about one of the auctions I won last Friday. The one for the Sandisk memory card. I still haven't heard from the seller! I hate lack of communication from a buyer or a seller. I always let people know when I am going to mail anything, etc. That's part of the business. If I don't get it or hear from him by Saturday, I'm contacting Listia for a refund of my credits.

Wow. The chat was fun! Lots of good ideas. I have GOT to make chia pudding tomorrow!

It's bedtime, but Nikky, Ezra & I are at the races! Such fun. Sounds like a herd of elephants running across the house. Back and forth about 50 times. I'm worn out just watching them and egging them on! They should sleep well tonight!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012

Yay! Michelle Bachmann has suspended her campaign. One homo-phobic bitch down!
Gotta work today ... 3 Staples stores with regular service/no projects.
Gotta get some exercises in now.

I really gotta look closely at the garbage disposal to see if I can fix it. Need to find the wrench thingie that goes to it. We just have way too much food waste to compost well right now. I have 3 compost bins going and no progress that I can see yet ... Luckily, there is no smell, though.

OMG! I want to see this movie:

Disneynature's film, opening in April, will help Dr. Jane Goodall save chimps with a portion of first week ticket sales. 

Yay! Matthew Gray Gubler is shipping the Gubler Flu shirts out today. I should have mine in a few days! And, there will be random doodles included. Hahaha!
matthew gray gubler
9 of which have been stuck to my face
matthew gray gubler
115 random doodles for 115 random people
matthew gray gubler
shipping shirts

Received the Allergy Buster spray (the capsaicin/nettle spray) that I bought last week on eBay. Love this stuff.

Spent a couple of hours outside, pulling weeds. Martin came by & paid me $80! He just owes another $80 & the truck will be paid for! Putting that in the bank first thing in the morning, so the car ins. withdrawal payment won't bounce on Friday! Yay! And, I'll be able to get a few more groceries that I can actually eat!

I am upping my Vitamin D3 to 10,000IU starting today. I am so glad I found the sub-lingual drops! That is one thing that I can say good about Grocery Outlet. The Naturalist is a fairly good line of vitamins & herbs. I got sub-lingual D3 and B12, which I had been looking for before.

I just won a saw miter on Listia! Yay. Need it for whenever I get around to making the baseboards & ceiling molding for my bathroom. Hmmm. I'll be able to use it for woodcrafts/frames, too ... very useful. I have several saws that were Papa's that are still in good shape for being 50+ years old.

Oh, wonderful ... NCIS ... just kill me now ...

Dinner is smelling sooo good.

I found my Juiceman book. Yay! On the shelf with my records ... hmmm.

Ugh, noisy skateboarding and basketball again. I need earplugs that actually work. Anyone know a good brand ...

Yay! I won a cute cloth diaper to go with the diaper bag!
Damn. Got outbid on another one.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012

I woke up to 3 complaints/problems this morning. Ugh. TV wouldn't work (wrong button was pushed), smoke alarm in my mom's room beeping for a low battery, and we're out of honey.
But, I won a nice Southwestern-design vest overnight on Listia!
Ugh. What an annoying morning. Got gas, mailed auction winnings, dropped off a car trunk-load of stuff to GoodWill, went to bank, paid bills, went to Grocery Outlet & spent $100 on crap. No money left to buy good stuff ... and still need all the basics - milk, bread, butter, cheese, eggs, honey ... have to do some creative things with my money this week so the car insurance withdrawal doesn't bounce, too ... hmmm.

Now to figure out what to have for lunch ... ha!

Finally getting my exercises in since I didn't do them this morning.
Need to find some batteries around here to put in my mom's smoke alarm. Didn't have money to get any today.

Listened to this on David Wolfe's website while I had lunch. Interesting stuff. Only about 12 minutes long: https://www.longevitywarehouse.com/Articles.asp?ID=350

Oh, this is a must-see! Love Charlotte Gerson http://rawyouth.tumblr.com/post/15251488794 Amazing historical health stuff. About 48 minutes.

I must replace my juicer!!!

Looks like I won't be getting much done today. I just don't have any incentive this afternoon. Just doing lots of emails, reading tweets and articles ... lazy.

Been hunting for juicers and comparing prices, etc. Might be able to get one for less than $40 w/shipping! Just deciding which one ...

I found one juicing book on PaperBack Swap, too. It's on the way. I wish I could find my Jay Kordich Juiceman book. I saw it when we got everything out of storage, but I can't remember where I put the darn thing!

Yay! I got a Jack LaLanne juicer for $39.46 on eBay! Can't wait to get it! Using my nutmilk bag to juice is not very effective and it's waaay too messy for me!

Just bought a cool outdoor toy for the boy I wanted to get a gift for. Hope it gets here quickly so I have time to mail it out!

Have several more things I am trying to win for the baby to go with the other thing I won for her.

Yes, those 2 sentences were very cryptic ...

Well, I got my work folders out for tomorrow. Going to service all 3 of my Staples stores. Should be home by 1. If its a nice day outside again (it got to 64F today!) I hope to get some yard work done.

I'm looking through some of my craft books to get ideas on making some cards this week. Need to make 4 or 5 ...

Happily, the boys next door didn't play ball for too long today, so didn't get annoyed!

I discovered last night that my desktop monitor has failed (it had been giving me problems ...) So, next weekend, I'm going to work on getting my PC to TV thingie attached and see if I can use my old TV as the monitor for a while. Maybe I can get a new monitor in a few months. I also want to gut the computer & upgrade it if Steve will help me. I hate tossing a perfectly good computer again just because it can't be updated or things are no longer compatible. It has great storage and memory on it.

Guess what? I was wrong about the boys next door. They are out again, playing in the dark. I'm taking my laptop to my room now. It's warmer in there anyway ...

I forgot about my laundry in the washer. So, just started the dryer. Will warm my room up a bit since it is right across the hall. It is nice in my bedroom. Have my electric blanket on and Criminal Minds marathon on the TV! Nikky is not sure what to think about going to the bedroom, but not to her bed! Just discovered that she has almost chewed through my laptop power cord! Going to do a search on a new one. And, will have to figure a way to block all the cords under my desk!

Well, heck. Rosie is on & I don't have a digital box on this TV ... oh, well. Will have to watch clips on her website tomorrow.

I gotta say ... I love Wireless N!!!

Nikky wants up on my bed, but she's not allowed ...

Oh, I found this really cute craft I'm GOING to make tomorrow for a friend. I bought the stuff for it last year & then didn't make it! It should only take a couple of hours. Although, I do still have to buy a small wooden stand for it. I may stop at GoodWill or the other thrift store in town to see if they have one, as I will be painting it. Hmmmm. If it turns out as I hope, I will be making more of them.

Wow! That was quick and easy to find the right laptop cord! Only $7.20 on eBay & free shipping. On its way!
OK, I've spent enough today. Thank goodness for PayPal/BillMeLater!

Can't wait until new Glee episodes come back ... same old reruns tonight ... turning it back to Criminal Minds marathon.

Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

I couldn't sleep. So, I've been awake for about 90 minutes ... Oh, well. Getting a very early start to my day.
Found this poem at RewardPort. No author credited.
"You Might Be
You might be a full-fledged mountain man,
Living each day without a written plan.

You might be someone who plays away
Each day without a single word to say.

You might be a solitary hidden gem,
Beneath the ground, away from mayhem.

You might be a lonely spirit feeling trapped;
Like a present waiting to be unwrapped.

You might be anything you want to be,
But if you don't try, life can be such misery."

Have a lot I want to get done today - bake cinnamon raisin bread; make a couple of cards (I can get to my craft table!); list at least one thing online; do a load of laundry (sheets!); clean another shelf in the doves' room; and some FlyLady Zone stuff - working in the entrys, porches and dining room this week! Oh, and walk with Nikky to the mailbox! Hope I can get to all of that on top of my usual exercises & such.

Interesting conversation trying to explain to my mom about the new pesticide with the Agent Orange ingredient that's been approved ...

Ugh. Why are we watching this channel's news! We usually watch KCRA3. Channel 13 is soooooo pro-Big Pharma, etc. My brain is bleeding from all the misinformation. Three or 4 stories in a row! Crazy minions.

I have 2 kid gifts to make this month. For a 11-year-old boy and a baby girl due at the end of the month. Want to get them done in the next week ... but have to decide what to make!! The baby will be easy, but not sure about the boy ... must go through my craft books soon.

Trying to get a CD burned, but don't think it 'took'. May have to start over ...

Well, got the shelf done, laundry is in the dryer, jumped on the trampoline, burned a CD, made some artwork, and going to the mailbox now. It's up to 45F. I think we'll survive. Going to put some clothes on Nikky, too.

Just got done reading my mail. Found a local craft/ceramic shop on Main Street in the local ad magazine that I want to check out. I also found a very reasonable community acupuncturist in Davis in the Food Co-op newsletter. I am thinking of checking it out sometime this month & find out if they accept Medicare, etc. for my mom. It is something for her to think about as we both want to find alternative care for the future. I will NOT go to an allopathic dr.

You can find pics of Nikky's jacket on my health & food blog. She loved her walk. We haven't done that for a while.

Downloading another CD to burn tomorrow. Like I don't have enough already on my computer and XHD that need to be burned ...

Finished making my bed, although I'm going to wash at least one of the blankets tomorrow. But, the sheets/pillowcases are clean. Also, got the bread started mixing in the machine. I think it's rising now. Need to gather up more stuff for GoodWill that is taking up space in the doves' room & put in the car to drop off tomorrow when I pay bills & get gas.

Got everything into the car. I did keep a few of Jeanne's nice clothes to sell online, though. And, got all the pins off the Lioness vest that she had collected. We were all in the Lioness club back in the '80s. She was President and Founder of the W. Sac. chapter. I was the chaplain, believe it or not!!! I also was the Founder & Editor of the club newsletter. I used to type them all up on my ancient Remington Rand manual typewriter. I still have them somewhere, I think.

Kids next door are driving me NUTS with that damn basketball! GRRRR. I need to work on my wireless, so I can go in the other room!

Finally, I have the wireless set up. Going to try to take the laptop to the doves' room now.
OMG! It works! Wow! This is a good N router. Will get my desktop in the bedroom hooked up tomorrow! Or, maybe even tonight! Works way better than my old G router.
Waiting for the oven to beep, so I can put the bread in.

I'm watching Bonanza! I think I'll be coming in here more often, especially when my mom watches the damn political crap & NCIS & Walker & JAG ad infinitum!

I need to get something listed this evening. I have 4 winnings from Listia to mail tomorrow.

Still need to make a couple of cards & go through a couple of craft books to get ideas on what to make the kids ... I'm pretty sure what I'm going to make for the baby. But, most 11-year-old boys aren't into crafty stuff as gifts ... hmmmm. I used to make Harry Potter scarves, but don't know if that is something he's into.

Damn. Downfall. Forgot power cord in the other room! Battery is down a bit already. But, sounds like the basketball and skateboard noises might be dying down. Bread is smelling soooo good.

OK. I think my yeast is dead. The bread didn't rise well ... and not cooking well ...

OMG. That bread is good, even if it didn't rise much. Yum. I have made it MANY times in the past and it has risen really well, so it must be the yeast. Will have to get more. Recipe & pics on the food blog.

Want to make some Italian Herb bread later this week. One of my favorite recipes.

Yay! I just won a pamphlet with Southwestern cross-stitch patterns. First thing I've won today & I've bid on several things!

And, I won another! Country-style plastic canvas patterns!

Finally. New Rosie shows are back. Two-plus weeks of reruns got a little annoying for a show that hasn't been on too long, yet.

Soooo, I didn't get anything listed today. I didn't make any cards ... have to get those done tomorrow. But, most of the day will be paying bills and grocery shopping at stores I don't want to go to. My mom was whining because she wants to go to CostCo and Grocery Outlet ... ugh. Nothing there for me to eat or anything. Blech.

Huh. I won another auction. I thought I was outbid on it earlier ... weird. But, it is 3 more plastic canvas pattern booklets.

I hope I get this next thing I am bidding on. It will be part of the baby's gift if I receive in time to make it.

Yay! I won a diaper bag kit to make. One gift down (after I receive it and make it, of course!)
My strawberry incense is done burning. Gotta clean up the ashes.
Going to watch my Highlander Bloopers finally, then to bed.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

Well, I just wrote 2012 for the first time! Without really thinking about it! Maybe I'll remember it on all my paperwork this month!
Having a breakfast of two scrambled eggs with chives. Yum.
Ezra is busy trying to catch the fish in the big tank right now. Cute.
Will be doing all of my exercises in a bit. Then, want to get a load of laundry
And, since it's the 1st, it's nail-cutting time. Fun ...

Busy day. Did a load of laundry. Refilled hummer feeder. Cleaned a shelf in the doves' room (3 more to go. Only going to do one a day) My mom wanted to clean the ceramics on them. Got all my paperwork printed and ready for the projects this month and cleaned out old files. Got my desk calendar ready for the year (birthdays, etc.) And, made a new recipe for the other blog of a tropical chai smoothie that I had for lunch. Oh, and did nails. Nikky was a very good girl again. Ezra was fussy, but not too bad.

I made some artwork and an Incredimail stat. Haven't made any for a while. It's Stargate-based.

I am uploading a video of part of the 2010 Longevity conference to 4Shared. This part is all Dr. Mercola & it is VERY good and easy for everyone to understand. Hope you all will check it out.

It's loading slowly. I might have to share it tomorrow.


I'm giving away: Dream Catcher - NIP. Check it out -
OK. The video finished uploading & you can download it here:
It really is a good lecture.
Just finished burning a yummy strawberry incense stick. Almost out of those.
Going to soak my feet in Epsom salt and Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil and rub my nails with Watkins Lavender Hand & Cuticle Salve. Love this stuff.