Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29, 2012

I've listed a few things in a couple of my shops today:
Auction: Learn To Sew Felt Pouch Kit (Bunny) - NIP! Details:
Auction: Learn To Sew Felt Pouch Kit (Butterfly) - NIP! Details:
Auction: You Design It Foam Character Kit (Turtle) - NIP! Details:
Auction: Doctor Tom Dooley, My Story by Thomas A. Dooley, M.D. - 1960 Hardback Details:
Priced $25.00. Categorized under Fashion >> Women's Accessories & Handbags >> Handbags & Bags. Main Color: Blue, Material: Denim, Condition: Refurbished, Style: Shoulder Bag, B...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26, 2012

Still windy today. This is getting old.

Have a crockpot of bone broth started. Getting ready for the new #containergardening chat.

And, reading fanfic. Another lazy day.

AARRRGGHHH!! Why do religious zealots insist on coming to my door! I have a gate blocking entry to my deck, so they knock on my glass window. Assholes. And, of course, they come on the weekend when Laura isn't here. She would not allow them in the park.

I am so completely and utterly bored today ...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25, 2012

Couldn't sleep, so here I am! I don't really feel that tired, so I must have gotten enough.

Recharged my mp3 battery overnight. Recharging my eReader now.

The darn wind is back!! And, it's cold ... bummer!

Doves and their room are cleaned up. I have so much I need to do, but all I want to do is read fanfic ...

Listing several old user manuals on Bonanza.

It's so annoying that you can't get basic Delivery Confirmation on letter-sized mailings ...

Vintage Sears AM/FM Clock Radio with Cassette Recorder Owner/Operator Manual - at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

Eureka Deep Steam Extractor Owner's Guide 2590 series - Carpet Steamers at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

Toastmaster Waffle Baker Use and Care Guide - Waffle Makers at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

Aloha Breeze Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control Instruction Manual - Other at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

Auction: Vintage Beautiful Flowers 'n Things Book - 1970

Auction: Vintage Round Enameled Clip-on Earrings

That's all the listing for today. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

February 23, 2012

Home in time for BlytheRawLive at noon!
Got one store serviced. Came home and cleaned the dog yard, watered the plants in that yard, filled the hummingbird feeder & checked around for any wind damage. There was none, luckily.
And, my mom just informed me she has a dr. appt. on Wed. that I didn't know about ... hmmm.

So, I got the 3 18-gallon bins down in the dog yard topped off with fresh soil. And, I dumped the seeds in one of them that I had been trying to sprout indoors with no luck. So, if they grow great. If not, oh well. I have plenty more! Also watered all the plants on the deck. I also fertilized the herbs and the blueberry bush.

It is so nice outside. I'm going out to read for a bit. It is 71F and NO wind!

I've been going through profiles on hundreds of G+ers tonight. I've had so many people Circle me the past couple of days, it's ridiculous. I have over 500 people who have circled me recently! No way I can Circle them all back!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

I can't believe this month is almost over.
The wind that didn't arrive yesterday woke me up at 2am! It's pretty heavy today. Supposed to have 45mph gusts, too. I hate wind.

Need to stop at the bank and pull out some money for the week. I am no longer going to use the debit Visa card. I'm going cash only except for the bills I pay online. I had started doing cash to pay my loan & some other bills last year. But, after yesterday's annoyance, I'm trusting my bank even less.

Herb chat was good. Made me hungry! Going to make grilled cheese/tomato sandwich.

Waaay too windy to do anything outside today. Nearly got blown off the road on my way home!

Got a load of laundry going and now will be spraying WD40 on all the hinges on all the doors. Tired of the creaking!

Having some sun tea and researching books now.

Damn. This wind is awful. Blew my wildbird seed bowl off the table that's on the porch. Seed everywhere ... keeps shaking the trailer, too.

Hmmm. I made a sale of 1 card in my greeting card shop. Big whoop! .38c commission! ;)


Auction: Golden Stars Address Labels

Auction: Hummingbird & Roses Address Labels

Yeah. I didn't get any books listed. So lazy.

Hobbyfarm chat was kind of boring, but eathealthy chat was fun.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

We have a darn wind advisory today. North wind. Hate wind! Hope it dies down by the time I get home from work so I can work outside & get the carport stairs cleaned out!

Great. I have to spend my morning dealing with the bank. I have a overdraft because I got double-charged on a withdrawal! Not happy! Luckily, I still have the original receipt. They better reverse the charges!

Well, I now need to start figuring out how to move our direct deposits to one of my other banks. I'm not liking some of USBank's new overdraft policies. They wanted to give me the run-around & put it on the store. Well, I am never going to see $60 in OD fees. But, I went to the store & they refunded me the $7.51 that caused the problem ... ugh. Not happy.
I got one of my store's serviced, though. Just finished my paperwork & lunch. Going out to work in the carport now. It's 70F!

Well, that didn't take too long! Found a cool old folding metal rake that I'm keeping. The rest is scrap. Got both the extension ladder and folding ladder under the steps. Then, I tied up one of the lavender bushes that fell over last year. I had tied the other up, but never got to the second one! Now they are both upright. I feel like I have cobwebs in my hair ...

Going to research some books and pamphlets to list online now.

Downloading an updated version of my codecs in hopes that it will help me with my streaming video problem. It was just a problem on the UStream site, but now it is starting to affect all videos. Tried watching some Criminal Minds & CSI & Glee clips the past 2 days and the audio is great but the video is jumpy and like stop-action animation! Very frustrating.

Shoot! I forgot I was going to make sun tea! Gotta get to it! It is 74F right now!

Damn. Can't seem to get an uncorrupted download of the codecs mega pack!

Still haven't been able to download new codecs ...
But, I did win a gardening book in the Twitter #seedchat!!! And, I received the alfalfa compost tea (3 bags!!) today that I won on #superseedsunday earlier in the month!! Love these chats!

Well, it's almost 8 & I finally got the new codecs installed. So, need to reboot. I'm closing up now to watch Criminal Minds & CSI.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21, 2012

Another quick and easy work day. Serviced a store in Sacramento. Then went across the street to a Trader Joe's & bought a lemon thyme. Need to buy a bigger pot for it Thursday.

Going to clean up the driveway today when I'm done eating my almond butter and jelly sandwich. It's a mess with all the dead leaves that have blown under the carport the past few months. Also need to clean the dryer vent area.

Got my daily load of laundry going.

Ugh. I am exhausted. I cleaned the driveway/carport & weeded the area. Lots of sweeping, too. Looks much neater &a it's easier to get in/out of the car now. Tomorrow I will be cleaning out the crap under the carport stairs. I think there is part of an old antenna under there from previous owners. I'll give it to neighbor Kelly for scrap metal if he wants it. Then I can fit my other ladder under there. If I'm not too tired after that, I'll ream out the dryer duct, too. Didn't get to that today.

We got to 70F today. Nice! But, now my feet are cold. Need socks.

Oh, man! The new #growyourown Twitter chat was fun tonight. It's run by the gal that runs the BlytheRawLive chats, Aarica. Lots of good info on growing your own food. Tonight was the first chat.

Watching Criminal Minds & then Glee & then Criminal Minds. Good TV.

Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

Another boring day. Got a store serviced. Bought Ezra some new toys & some millet sprays and seed treat for the doves.
Had some yummy carrot/apple juice for lunch. 

Going to make more envelopes in a little while.

Well, I got the new envelope template made. That's about as far as I got.

Garden chat was good tonight, but I couldn't really keep up. Will have to check out the transcript, I guess.
Kids next door skateboarding. Distracting. Headache-inducing.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012

I didn't wake up until 8 this morning! But, I was up until 11:30 last night making my bed! I forgot after I got the sheets out of the dryer yesterday ...

I have over 400 followers on Twitter. That was surprising! And, I have 76 who've Circled me on Google+ ... only 2 on ... hmmmm.

I've just been reading fanfic all morning. Don't feel like doing anything else, but have soooo much to do ...

The sun is actually out today, but it is only 51F right now. I really need to get those flowers planted today, though ...

Ugh. I just remembered I have to go clip Levi's nails after lunch. Damn.

Got Levi AND Bruno's nails done. I also will be giving Steve my dad's old air compressor. Will do that next month when I rearrange the shed. It's buried in there.
Just got done planting the violas and bellis. Will take pictures later. Right now the new neighbor kid is out there being irritating. Ugh. I'm surrounded.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012

Been awake since before 5; been up for a few hours. But, I don't feel tired.
Just got a great link on Twitter: Going to read through it later and figure out how to participate. I get quite a few different birds here and pass a lot on my drives.

Doves are cleaned, exercised, fed & their room vacuumed. Outside birds are fed. Fish are fed & tanks filled.
Load of laundry is in the dryer.

It is cold outside. For me, anyway. It's only 54F right now. I doubt it will make it into the 60s as the weatherman predicted. I did get the parsley & mint transplanted to bigger pots. But, I may wait and plant the flowers tomorrow.

I am worn out. But, I no longer have any excuses not to do any crafts. My table is clear & there is room for my chair.

Oh, now the sun is coming out! Figures! I'm too tired to go outside & plant the flowers ...

Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17, 2012

Gotta go to the PO, then to OSH. Getting some plastic containers for .74c each (OSH member special) to put some of this crap in so I can better organize my office space. Hopefully ... going to get 10 of them. And, a 6-pack of annuals for $2.09.

Wow. I was gone longer than planned! Got some pretty violas & bellis to plant in the hangers on the deck. A couple of clay pots for the mint & parsley. And, 10 containers. Also, made a home insurance payment. Broke again! Need to get lunch & try to watch BlytheRawLive. Then, will do some work outside. Nice day today. No wind!

BlytheRaw was so good today & the film streamed today, so I could watch it all! Lots of great info about plastic & a great film called Plastic Paradise about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and how it is affecting the Midway Islands and the Pacific Ocean.

I am so thrilled that so many states are passing marriage equality! Maryland just passed a bill minutes ago. But, stupid NJ gov vetoed that state's about an hour before that ... jerk.
And, the DOJ has said they will no longer support the denial of military benefits to gay partners! Yay! I have quite a few friends who left the military due to DADT. This has been a long time coming. Too bad benefits couldn't be retroactive.

I got all the plants on the deck trimmed of old leaves and pulled up all the dead stuff. Ready for some planting tomorrow. If it doesn't rain, I might pull the big shopvac out of the shed and vacuum the deck, too.

The clouds have moved in since I came in.

Got one box filled with all my little plastic ziploc bags that I'll be using for my jewelry sales & other small stuff. Filled another with small pieces of bubble wrap and my pack of tissue paper. Emptied out a drawer that I put all my cardstock into. Will do more organizing tomorrow.

I am beyond stuffed. Tamales & beans. All organic from the co-op.

Chris Colfer's movie Struck by Lightning is finally going to be released! Check it out:

I actually stopped at Home Depot today, too. Didn't buy anything. But, I did find sliding glass door rollers that might work for me (so I don't have to replace the whole damn door.) $14 each. Hope to get that in the next week or two. It'll be $30 or so with tax to replace both at once. Only one is broken completely, but it's only a matter of time for the other to go! I'll also price the gasket in case I damage it when I take the bottom frame off the glass. It might be an all day project! I'm so tired of not being able to use that door the past 5 months.

Got my new registration paper on the mobile home that I paid last month in the mail. Good for another year.

I'm not renewing my Pando Pro or my Club Pogo again. I never use them ... and I'm going to be closing my old Stargate website soon. Just got the bill for that. I haven't updated it in probably five years. Wasting my money ...
Watching A Shot In The Dark. Inspector Clouseau. Love the Pink Panther movies.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012

It's been a nice day, so far. Got one of my stores serviced fairly quickly. Stopped at Grocery Outlet beforehand to get more Vitamin D3 & B12 drops, melatonin & A&H laundry detergent. Got home halfway through the herbchat. At least I got a bit of time in there and some good info about companion planting. Tonight is the hobbyfarm chat & then BlytheRaw's eathealthy chat.

Got a load of laundry in the dryer. And, washed my bathroom sink, toilet & window.

The wind has died down pretty well, so I should go out and do some work in the yard for a bit. I'll get some exercises in first, though.

I have a blister on my finger from weeding. Bah! And, got dust in my eyes. A bit breezier than I would have liked out there.

Sold 2 books today! WooHoo!

Ugh! I can't find one of them in this mess! It's in here. I just have to unearth it ...

Got both books packaged & ready to mail tomorrow. Just in time for the chats to start!

The hobby farm chat was kind of a dud. Lots of people having problems with the new Twitter layout, I guess.

Well, the eathealthy chat was fun!

I think I'm going to take my laptop to bed. Feel like laying down in my pillows and reading some fanfic. Nothing really good on TV tonight.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012

OK. So, I haven't felt like blogging for several days. Had an aura from hell for about 5 days and then the migraine hit like a bus on Sunday & didn't really leave until yesterday. Soooo ... I'm gonna catch up a bit now.

OMG! I made my first sale from my old Printfection shop that I recently started updating and advertising! I made $20 on one sale (a sweatshirt)! Yay! That compared to 2 sales I made this morning from my CafePress shop and only made $3.50 (a t-shirt & a teddy bear)! It's the kind of money I USED to make on CafePress before they changed everything to Marketplace sales and barely 10% commission! Must work on more updates & designs!!

Got some nice thank you cards the other day from Darla's oldest kids for the gifts I sent them. That was a nice surprise!

I am kind of thrilled to say that I am now down to 125 lbs.!!!! I lost 7 lbs. the past 5 weeks. I have 6 lbs. to go to be the weight I was for nearly 30 years until I tore my shoulder out. I'm on track to do it this summer, as planned!

The wind is terrible today. Thought I'd be blown away! We have a bunch of doves, finches/sparrows & a jay hanging out on our deck trying to stay out of the wind. The new neighbors cut back all their little bushes along the back fence where the finches lived. :( I don't have any good bushes for them yet.

Must go do some exercises. I've been slacking while my head rebelled.

Ah, #seedchat at 6 tonight on TweetChat.

I'm getting annoyed. I'm trying to get an email out of my GMail account to download to my computer again (I deleted it from my Incredimail earlier & should not have ...) So, I moved it from the AllMail folder back to the Inbox at GMail about 20 minutes ago. It never moved. So, I marked it as Unread. Still just sits there mocking me!

Well, I had to forward it to myself!

Wow! My mom's blood sugar was in the 70s this morning. WooHoo! And, of course, she's been so brainwashed by the allopathic quacks at the clinic, she was worried about it! Ugh. It is slightly low. But, the goal is to stay in the 80s. This is great since she had been in the 150s for the past few years. The past few months, she'd progressed down to the 110s. So, this is quite an accomplishment for her. She stopped the statin drug last month & the quack actually cut her bp meds in half! So, hopefully, soon! She will stop the rest of the drugs. She will be 72 in 2 weeks. She exercises almost daily (exercycle, trampoline, resistance rings, abdoer); has cut out most sugars & grains and is eating more fruits, veggies, meats & fats. We buy no boxed, bagged, packaged, over-processed foods. Only real, whole local foods. She has lost 40 lbs. in the past year. She feels better than she has in years.
It's never too late to take control of your health.

The wind advisory was supposed to let up at 4! It is still very windy and cold out there. Hate wind.

My mom is making tortilla pizzas for dinner.

Oh, man. That was a good dinner.

Chat time!

The seed chat was great! I am definitely going to try Winter Sowing in the future. I think I will do much better than Indoor Sowing. That was a big fail. It is too dry and too dark in here for that.

New episode of Criminal Minds tonight. Too bad about Paget Brewster leaving the show again ...
New episode of CSI, too. Elizabeth Shue joins the show. She's a good actress. Hope the character is good.

Join me on!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mourning Doves

I haven't been in the mood to use my blogs the past couple of days. I'm testing out my page. But, here are some pics of 2 of the mourning doves resting on my covered deck. These 2 seem to hang out here all day.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9, 2012

Still feeling a bit sick. Did not want to get up. Got up at 7 to let Nikky out and then laid down again for an hour.

I just bought these free ebooks:
25 Quick & Easy Low Carb Breakfast Recipes: Delicious Food That Helps You Stick to Your Diet (Quick and Easy Low Carb)

The Ultimate Coconut Book

Civil War Era Recipes

It's been a fairly crap day. So much I want to do, but just don't feel like it! Kind of an odd statement, I know. But, I can't get to a lot of my craft stuff still until I move all this other crap out of the way & can't do that until the hutch moves in as it will all get off the floor & be put into that. Frustrating having to wait for other people to do stuff! I'm thinking tomorrow, I'm going to have to bring in one of the bins from outside, clean it out and just put all this stuff in that & put it in my closet out of the way.

At least I got a load of laundry done and made some juice for lunch. Haven't done any exercises in two days ... Nikky keeps trying to get me to do the trampoline ...

My almond flour recipe was a featured (front page) article on the Blythe Raw Live Daily today.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012

Well, this day didn't start off great. I was kind of blah. Didn't eat this morning. Got to the PO & felt queasy, so came home.

Check out I just joined. We'll see how user-friendly and useful it is. As long as it's not going to be cluttered & unsecured like Facebook, I may use it!

Cool! I got the old Watkins Almanac that I won on Listia!!
Also got the Acerola powder I ordered! Tastes sooooo much better than regular Vitamin C powder!
And, I got a birthday present! Thanks, Velda!

Still don't feel too good.


Auction: Fleur de Lis Address Labels

Auction: Frog Address Labels

Taking the rest of the week off. I'll make up the time on Monday. 

I got 8 envelopes made half-way. Can't do the folding, etc. until I get a can of acrylic spray (or find the one I know I have!) to seal the collages.
Not the best picture. Got a lot of glare from the overhead lights.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7, 2012

Pouring rain. Love it. Have all the blinds open to watch.
Have to go out in it, though ... just going to service the Staples down the road. Should take less than an hour.

Trying not to have a headache.

Well, that was a quick work day! Came home & crushed more eggshells & made more flour. Need to make more almond milk in a bit & then put the pulp in the dehydrator.

Have a load of laundry going.

Laundry in the dryer. Living room vacuumed.

My mouth is on fire. Too many red pepper flakes in my grilled cheese sandwich! But, it was sooo good!

Such great news about Prop. 8 today. Hope it doesn't take another 3 years for the stay to be lifted. So many people wanting to get married, but can't. I love the comparison that one of the lawyers made, citing Loving vs. the state of VA. If that court case hadn't changed the law about inter-racial marriages, President Obama's parents would have been arrested and sent to a Federal prison. He would not exist. The comparison is very valid. How can being who you are (black, white, gay, purple-polka-dotted, 3-legged) automatically mean that you are not allowed to marry who you love. And, in the end, why does it matter. If you are over 18, you are allowed to enter into a legal contract & that is all that getting married is! The Christian religion (& some others) has hi-jacked the word marriage, making this country think that they hold rule over it. They don't. It is a legal contract, NOT a religious contract. I think many people, even the lawyers & government have forgotten this. A WEDDING is a religious ceremony. A MARRIAGE is a legal contract.

Got another kitchen cabinet locked. Have 4 more to do in the kitchen. And, have to fix one in my mom's bathroom already ... So annoying. Then, I'll have to do the 5 in the built-in hutch. Wish Ezra would outgrow this already!

It was such a peaceful day out here. My mom stayed in her room most of the day. She's up now, I think ... :(

Got the rest of the stuff I wanted into the cedar wardrobe. Now I have room in my main closet to stack more bins full of vintage stuff I'll be selling some day! Made more room in the doves' room.

Wow! I just won this for free, Victorian Houses cross-stitch pattern booklet

Enjoying a CSI marathon on Spike. Used to watch it on Spike all the time until it became the Wrestling & other dumb sports channel.

Loading up more music on the MP3 player. Might get some audiobooks on there, too.

Eek. I already have 1.31GB of music on there. I'll wait on the audiobooks for a bit.

Auction: Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe

Got a package ready to mail in the morning. One of my juice books that I don't like was won on Listia.

Just have to service the other 2 Staples in Sacramento tomorrow, so should be home fairly early. Will get some more books listed when I get home. And, maybe a set of envelopes. Trying to decide whether I should put a liner paper inside the envelopes and whether or not to 'seal' them to make sure the collage is smooth. But, don't want to make them too heavy.

Well, I was going to have some hot chocolate, but I boiled my almond milk over in the microwave ... bummer.

Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

Gotta work today ... just one store over in Dixon, so should be done before noon. Have to cut across to Davis & go to Trader Joe's for some more food for Ezra and toilet paper on the way home.

My left eye is itching again this morning. Damn birch pollen.

That was such a nice drive through farmland today. Lots of sheared sheep & alpacas/llamas; horses, cattle, goats, emus, miniature angus. I see all kinds between Woodland, Davis and Dixon. Love it.
And, my eye is still itching ...

Spent a couple of hours weeding and cleaning up seed pods from the Ming tree. It is so nice out right now. Supposed to rain tomorrow.

Got my mesh bags & nut milk bag from BlytheRaw shop. Got a bonus grain bag, too! Nice quality on all.

Almost time for chats. #foodiechats at 5 (not sure of theme), then #gardenchat at 6 (roses theme.)

Wow! I just won this for free, Strawberry incense 20 sticks

Eh. The foodie chat is boring. What everyone had as super bowl snacks. Not much healthy stuff. Ugh. Now, what to make for your Valentine.

I couldn't take it any more. Moved over to the garden chat room early.

Well, it's supposed to rain in the morning. Won't be doing my 2 Sacramento Staples as planned, but will do the one here in Woodland.

The garden chat was really good. Lots of good rose tips and several more added to my list to check into when I am ready to buy roses.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 5, 2012

Been awake a few hours. Finally got up at 7. My mom is still in her room. Lazy day, I guess. Doves are sure talkative this morning, though.

This afternoon there's a 2-hour garden chat on Twitter #supersowsunday for those not into the Super Bowl. I'm going to try to do the whole 2 hours, but might not. I want to get some things listed and get some advertising and website work done today. Want to get some baking in, too, but don't think I will ...

My eye has been itching for hours. I think it is the damn birch pollen that just started showing up on my allergy alerts the past few days. We'll see if it clears up soon.

Going to make a chocolate chia pudding later. Will be on the food blog.

Made the address labels for a Listia winner to mail off tomorrow. I made an envelope to mail them in. I'm out of that size & probably won't be buying any more. So, will be making them from now on. Actually, that might be what I do today. Re-do my template as it is getting pretty nicked up. Need to make it out of posterboard. Then make a few more envelopes.

It's so nice out. I should take Nikky for a walk to the mailbox, but probably won't ... blah.

My eye is still itching. My mom finally got up. Now, she is watering the plants and will probably overflow them & I'll have to sop it up from the rug in many places ... :( she never pays attention. Just pours.

Got to get in gear! I don't want to!!

OK. Not going for a walk. The wind is too chilly. My eye is still itching. I'm too lazy today ... ugh.

Finally. My mom is done in the kitchen so I can get more dehydrating done and start some sprouts & make more almond milk.

Got the milk done; made more flour; have more almond pulp and eggshells in the dehydrator. Now waiting for the dates to soak for the chia pudding. Will start seeds after lunch.

Got the dog yard cleaned. And, got some sprouts started ... mache salad greens. Might start some other seeds tomorrow. Going to go through all my templates and posterboard, etc. & get some envelope templates made and re-made. I really need to get back into the crafting, etc. And, making envelopes, card sets & letter sets is cheap.

OK. I thought this was kind of funny after I transferred these pictures to the computer. I hadn't realized when I took them that there was a Foster Grant commercial on the TV in the background. It's almost like Nikky was trying to get me to look! (I work for Foster Grant!) Anyway, I was taking a pic of Nikky on her favorite perch. The back of the couch in front of my office area. She can watch me while I sew (the sewing machine is covered so Ezra - the kitten - won't steal my thread!) or play on the computer!

Found a bunch of old manila folders that I am using to make sturdy envelope templates. Working out great! Have about 5 different sizes/styles I am making right now. I have a huge box of 9x12, so won't need to make any of those for a while. After I cut these templates, I need to make some adjustments for bubble mailer templates. That is going to be interesting. Haven't made those before, but have tons of bubble wrap to make them. I hope to never have to buy envelopes again.

Got my 'paperwork' transferred to my eReader for work tomorrow. Need to add some more music to the MP3 player now.

Waiting for #supersowsunday chat to start. I'm tearing up old magazines & catalogs for images to make envelopes. Going to be listing most of these on Listia in the future. Making themed sets. First up will be Healthy Women. Have a bunch of sporty/healthy lady images from title nine and other catalogs that I get as mailings that I get paid for. Better than just throwing them away!

Wow! I won a 3-pack of manure tea for my plants in the #supersowsunday chat!!

Martin started working on his deck again an hour ago. Please stop now!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4, 2012

Wow! I just won this for free, Handkerchiefs a Collectors Guide  
I don't collect them, but I want to get ideas from the vintage pictures for other crafts. Although I do have some very old ones still in their original boxes!

Gotta get ready to go shopping now that my mom finally came out of her room for the day ...
'Do we gotta go shopping today ...' says the ... still in nightgown ...

It'll probably be after 10 when we go now. Gah!

I survived (& so did my mom ... grrr. Her Eggo waffles & Kashi cereals ...) Didn't get any meat other than uncured bacon and hot dogs ... well, I did find frozen game hens and more elk burger, though ... oh, well. Maybe next week.

Going to have a salad for lunch, though. Yum! Need to hard-boil a few eggs first.

OMG! I just got a $34 payment from CafePress. Two months in a row I actually made money there! What's up with that! Coool!

So tired. Cleaned the doves' cage, vacuumed their room, fed the wild birds and hummers. Had to rest after that.

Using my glass straw for the first time. It will take some getting used to as it is a bit bigger around than a regular plastic straw, but I like it.

My mom is going to attempt to make 'pizza' using tortillas as the base ... hmmm. Going to be messy.

Dinner was actually pretty good ... more like quesadilla than pizza, so not too messy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012

Francisco (Frank) Moreno was born on this day in 1893, in Malaga, Spain. He died 76 years later. I still miss him.

Got the bills paid for another month! Although, I could only do partial payments on the cable & PG&E bills until I get my oil check or I wouldn't be able to go shopping for food tomorrow! PG&E bill was ridiculous last month ... nearly $300! Ugh. I hate gas ...

Just found this out and am happy for the clarification as I was going to stop shopping at Whole Foods!

Need to make more flour from the pulp I dehydrated last night. Then put the last of the pulp in to dehydrate. I'm almost caught up!

And, making carrot/pear/apple juice for lunch before BlytheRawLive starts at noon.

Is sad. Couldn't stay for BlytheRawLive. It wasn't streaming right for me & the chat kept stalling & bumping me out. I even changed browsers. Was missing too much, so got frustrated. Will just have to watch their recorded vid later. Bummer.

Sooooo lazy today. I haven't done much of anything other than make almond flour.

Damn. I wanted to get 2 screens and 2 roll-up trays to add to my dehydrator. They are cheaper on the Nesco website, but they don't take PayPal! Will have to wait a couple of weeks. Bummer.

Just won a macrame pattern for a doll swing on Listia.

I should get some sprouts started ... but I don't feel like it right now ...

Listening to more Winter of Wellness podcasts. I'm only 4 sessions behind now.

Just finished reading St-st-stuffed by Anyta Sunday. Good story. It's sort of a sequal to Shane & Trey. Hope she writes more in this 'universe' in the future.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2, 2012

Where did all this wind come from. I didn't see it in the forecast! Ugh.

Got a load of laundry started. Now, Nikky & I are going to walk to the mailbox.

Well, the wind was too chilly, so we went in the car! So lazy! But, she enjoyed it. Then Styx & Puppy had to come and greet her (quite loudly) when we got out of the car. Styx tried to follow us up the steps!

Wow! I got my glass straw from & my sprouting seeds from Dollar Seed that I just ordered a few days ago. Fast shipping from both companies!

Just bought some acerola powder on Bonanza (was cheaper than the same brand on eBay) as my co-op still is not carrying it!

Have a couple of label auctions ending. Need to get some more things added online today. But, first to start moving some things around in my bedroom before I finish fixing the back wall of the wardrobe. Will be doing that after lunch. Don't want to miss the #herbchat. It's all about lavender today & things to do with it. And, I have lots of that!

Well, that #herbchat was fun. Lots of ideas for using lavender in cooking, etc.

Got the eggshells powdered in the blender. Made about 1/4 cup for the doves & the outside birds. Will all be used on Saturday. Got another batch of almond pulp made into flour. Have another batch in the dehydrator to make into flour tomorrow. Will be making more almond milk in a few minutes. Waiting for my grilled cheese to finish cooking.

Have the space cleared in my bedroom for the wardrobe. Cleaned the wall it will be against with Murphy's Oil Soap. Will be gluing all the slats in place after I make the milk. Need to look through a couple of bins as I am missing one or 2 slats that I know I brought home.

Yay! I figured out how to do 5 trays of almond pulp in the dehydrator. I only have 1 solid tray insert that came with it. So, I traced it & cut out parchment paper for the other trays!

Yay! I won a vintage Watkins Cookbook and Medical Advisor from 1914 on Listia!

Yay! The wardrobe is finally in my room! Waiting for some of the glue to dry on the back wall before I start putting things in it and on it. Have to get my room straightened up a bit or Nikky won't be able to get to her bed!

Why is Visa following me on Twitter? Weird.

Well, I got the bedroom a bit neater! I'm too tired to do much more today.
Still a lot more I need to do, but that's it for today. At least I can walk around in there & Nikky can get to her bed.

This #hobbyfarm chat is fun!

The #eathealthy chat was enjoyable, too. Got some new snack ideas to try in the future.

Just downloaded a couple of free ebooks. One is the sequel of sorts to Shane & Trey that I read the other day.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

8:30 am
Well, can't find the volume control area in the settings of the MP3 player. Should be fine for the day, though.

Can't believe it is already February ...

Rained overnight.

New neighbors are moving more stuff in this morning.

It's been a long-ass day! I serviced 2 stores in Sacramento. Seemed like I was going slow-motion! And, the traffic over there was awful! I didn't get home until 2; did my paperwork; went through some email & G+ stream. Then finished cleaning the inside & out and getting the wardrobe upright. Will repair the back wall tomorrow. I am too tired to do anything else.

My mom said the new neighbors almost took out their carport today trying to back their U-Haul truck under it! Was too tall! Wish I'd seen that! I don't know how that thing is still standing. The young couple that lived there for a few months before it went empty for so long seemed to back their tiny car into the posts on a weekly schedule!

I think I killed my carrots along with the lettuce now ... :( Will have to rethink starting seeds inside like this. Did so much better last year when I just started them in the bins when the weather warmed up a bit.

This is the story on that high-speed chase I watched last night:

Looks like the new neighbors are already getting stuff for some remodeling - baseboards and moldings, anyway.

I had so many Tweets to catch up on (almost 300) that I missed most of the rose chat.

I think seed chat is going to be a bit boring. It's about soil blocks ... oh, well, I might learn something.

Yeah, the more I learn from the chats & from reading articles, the more I'm liking just direct sowing my seeds like I have in the past. I was just hoping to get a bit of a headstart if I started the seeds indoors. But, if I keep killing them in the little pots (egg carton), it's not helping ... oh, well. I will continue with the seeds already planted & see if any survive, but no big deal if they don't. I'll just direct sow the rest.

Ooh. But, I did find out the time for the #hobbyfarm Twitterchat. Thurs. at 6PST, right before BlytheRaw's #eathealthy Twitterchat. These Twitterchats are taking over my life! haha!

My bad shoulder is bothering me. Lifting and moving the heavy furniture is irritating it, I guess.

OK. My goal for tonight is to find my damn incense cones! I know I have some in new unopened packs somewhere that I bought at the co-op.

Got my nails clipped today and Ezra's; still have to do Nikky's.

Didn't get the fish filters changed, so will have to do tomorrow.

The MP3 player really works out well while I am working. I no longer have to listen to the grating pharmacy people pushing their drugs, etc.! Yay!

Finally! Found the incense! Two new boxes! Going to burn some vanilla sandalwood tonight.
Well, how cool is that. There is a tiny ceramic burner inside each box! Me likes! I can use them for spices when I'm cooking. Looks like it will hold a teaspoonful. Hmmm. Or, I can use one to hold the used matches after I light the cone (I use several antique brass burners for the cones.)

Great. Martin is starting in on his deck building again. Late. Dark ... He doesn't work, so why not do this during the day!

Mmm. Smells good in here.

Need some tea now.

Criminal Minds is a rerun tonight ... I'll still watch it, though. CSI is, too ... bummer.

Listening to another Winter of Wellness podcast.

Cholesterol article

This is a good read: