Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31, 2012

Too many bills. I'll have to cut back on them soon. Luckily, my mom's SS came early due to Monday being a holiday, so they will all be paid on time.

My new breakfast alarm did not go off (I set it wrong ...), so no time to eat before I go pay the bills & get the fencing ... will eat when I get back. I hope I can fit all those fence panels in my tiny car ...

It's already been a long day! Got the bills paid and got 'part' of the fencing. They only had 14 panels, so I got them all. I need 20, but will have to wait to get the rest. Might have to go to West Sac. to get them next week. Waiting for Laura (park manager) to come by so I can make sure how far the fence can be to the gas meters.

Load of laundry going, so getting lunch now.

Just made a yummy batch of raw whipped cream. So good. Going to have it on some peaches tonight.

eBook snags:
Vegetable Container Gardening: 7 Easy Steps To Healthy Harvests from Small Spaces

I just discovered how to use my Task Scheduler as a calendar reminder!! I can't believe I have never used this little program on ANY of my computers in the past. I saw an article in How-To-Geek about it. Very cool!

Wow. Had a surprise visit from cousin Curtis. He was here for an hour or so. He wanted to make sure when the car needed to be smogged as the check engine light is on all the time. I'm very surprised he remembered that! But, it doesn't need to be smogged until Feb., so there's time to fix it before then ... And, he wants to bring his mom's huge hutch over in the next month finally. I can't wait. I really want it for my office, so I can get rid of all the old milk crates I have my books in. He really likes my new fence.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children »
MELISSA DURAN. Case Type: Non Family Abduction. DOB: Apr 28, 1995, Sex: Female. Missing Date: Aug 31, 2012, Race: Hispanic. Age Now: 17, Height: 5'4" (163 cm). Missing City: HENDERSON, Weight: 125 lbs...

This is a fun vid:

I loved Magnificent Seven & Ezra played by Anthony Starke was my favorite character. I named my cat after him!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 30, 2012

Ugh. I have to get back in the habit of eating breakfast! I set it up on my tablet alarm, so starting tomorrow I will get my reminder.
Gotta go to work now. I have to fill up the gas tank, stop at the bank for some cash, get millet sprays for the doves & then head out to the farm for milk before coming home.

Got all of the above done. I also stopped at Grocery Outlet for a few groceries and also a couple boxes of InstaBulb Lights for the closets. I've had 1 since they first came out, but decided to get 4 more so my mom can light her closet and we'll have a couple extras. But, I forgot to get batteries!
Have a load of laundry started.
May the sun bring you new energy by day.
May the moon softly restore you by night.
May the rain wash away your worries.
May the breeze blow new strength into your being.
May you walk gently through the world,
And know its beauty all the days of your life.
—Apache Prayer

THE BULB OF THE DAY FOR MID-SUMMER AND FALL PLANTING – The English Bluebell, Hyacinthoides non-scripta–...

Laundry is done. Did a little yard work for about 30 minutes. Pretty hot out there. It's 95F right now ...

My grocery list is getting too long ...

Saving Hope is starting. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29, 2012



It's been a pretty relaxing day, so far. I serviced one store (the traffic in Sacramento was horrible coming and going!) Just spent an hour weeding and measuring the fenceline for the other half of the yard. I'll need at least 20 panels, which I will get on Saturday.

Need to rest now before I do some housecleaning & exercises. I may have to turn on the AC today. It's already 89F. Oops. Gotta go out and close the shade umbrella. I forgot.

Just snagged this eBook:

Oh, my. Almost time to get ready for Criminal Minds and CSI. Where has this day gone!?


Crap. Damn politicians pushed my Criminal Minds to an hour later and no CSI! :( Sucks.

ACTIVE AMBER Alert: Lee Center – Boise,ID « AMBER Alert »
Incident. Verdell R Daniel (AKA Ric Daniel) committed Aggravated Battery to his 17 year old son, Lee Roy Center. Lee Roy Center has serious bodily injury. Verdell Daniel prevents medical treatment for...


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012

I serviced one store this morning. Fairly quick and easy day. Not in the mood to eat lunch, so going to go outside and hang up a load of laundry and sweep the backyard.

It's been a nice day, so far. Swept. Did the laundry. Finally decided where to plant the lemon tree I bought last month. Will do that on Saturday.

It's 91F right now. Hopefully, this will be the third day in a row without the AC on in quite a while. Breeze coming through the window.

Bentonite clay to remove toxic heavy metals, clear diaper rashes, stop stinky feet and more

Snagged ebooks:
A Beginner's Guide To Juicing - 50 Recipes To Detox, Lose Weight, Feel Young and Age Gracefully (The Juicing Solution)
25 Healthy Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes
Easy Quinoa Recipes 
Green Smoothie Recipes: 31 Green Smoothie Recipes ProvenTo Take Your Health And Your Energy To The Next Level Fast!

THE BULB OF THE DAY FOR MID-SUMMER AND FALL PLANTING – The Tazetta Narcissus, Silver Chimes –...

Dad Wears Dress in Solidarity With Dress-Loving Son

New Orleans is being hit by another big hurricane with lots of rain. 

Been watching the hurricane coverage on the Weather Channel. It's really nothing like the Katrina coverage was ... thank goodness. Other than the freaky reverse on the Mississippi River due to the storm surge, I don't think it will be as devastating.

Can't wait until White Collar starts in 45 minutes!!

Well, that is cool. I just discovered that I can use my Calibre program as a reader! I don't have to keep converting everything to .pdf! I like that.

OK. It's dark in New Orleans. Sheeting rain. So, what idiot in wardrobe puts dark pants and hooded jackets on the idiot weathermen standing in the middle of the road. Al Roker almost got run over.

White Collar was so fun to watch!

Some of you (my online friends - you know who you are!) know that a few years ago I was really panicking about getting jury duty. I did everything in my power to avoid it. I was still in the midst of severe depression and we were living in that dreary dump of an apartment. Well, I recently decided that if I got yet another summons, I'd go for it. But, then I actually got one and promptly forgot about it! So, I called the number for rescheduling and today got another summons. And, it is on the same day as my mom's next appointment with her heart doctor!!!! So, she is going to call and reschedule. Anyway. My first foray into jury duty is on 9/24. Hmmm. I'll have to check their website and see if there are rules about bringing eReaders and if they have free wifi in the waiting area ... ;)

My mom has now started bugging me about getting an exterminator for the ants and other bugs. Ugh ... if she'd actually help clean, it wouldn't be a problem ... now I need to call around and research whether any local pest companies are green. I'd rather put up with bugs than intentionally poison my home ...

Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

Today's eBook snags:
Heads or Tails 
In a Family Way 

Made some cough syrup base this afternoon. You can find it on my other blog: QuinGem's Quisine I've been wanting to make something like it for ages.
Serviced 2 stores today and of course, each had small resets and the store misplaced parts of it! Had to inform my manager. Hopefully, the missing items will be found or replaced by my next visit.
Another lovely day that I didn't use the AC. It was a little warmer than yesterday, but still a nice breeze coming in my window right now.

New Perception episode tonight.

My mom may be convinced not to buy TVGuide now! There are no daytime listings anywhere in the magazine any more! WTF! What a waste of money. 

I did something to my bad shoulder yesterday and it still hurts. I think I twisted it where the clavicle sits on top of the humerous (which is where the end of the rotator cuff joins - the opposite end of which I tore out several years ago ...) I can move it, but it aches badly. Especially above shoulder-level. Might have just strained the AC joint ... I hope.

My mom has been bugging me for a Shark Steam Mop. So, I just ordered her one from Home Depot. It was $5 off and free shipping. Should have it by next Monday. For some reason I couldn't get it to Ship to Store ...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26, 2012

It's been a lovely day so far. It's only 82F right now. I don't even have the AC on yet.
Walked Nikky to the mailbox. Did a load of laundry; hung it out and already put it away (as well as hung out a load for my mom.) Worked in the yard for 3 hours. It's looking pretty good. Still a looooong way to go to finish it all. Also had a freecycler come by for some books. I may have some more for her next week. But, I have to go through some stuff first.

I'm sitting here in my bedroom at my desk in front of the window with a nice breeze coming through. I love this kind of weather. Not too hot and not too cold.

Today's eBook snags:
Edible History: Easy Ancient Celtic, Gallic and Roman Techniques for Leavening Bread Without Modern Commercial Yeast 
Clydesdales: The World's Most Magical Horse
The Wisdom of the Native American Indians

Just finished repairing 4 kitchen drawers and a corner of the counter. Really needed them fixed quite some time ago, but kept putting it off. Needed to drill holes for small nails as the old drawers kept falling apart. They had little staples in them! Not long-lasting.

Time for some crossword puzzles before bed. Have 2 stores to service tomorrow. Should be another nice day, so I hope I'm home early enough to get some more things done outside.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 25, 2012

Temps are supposed to be down to the 80s-low 90s this week. Great! Can't wait to get outside and start getting some things done out there. Have to find food first, though ...

Well, I walked Nikky to the mailbox. Then hung up the load of laundry and got right to work weeding. I weeded for 4 hours! I didn't even realize I'd been out that long. Under the shade of my big umbrella, it was nice! I didn't get overheated. Had my little timer set for every 30 minutes to take a good drink of water, too. I've eaten a late lunch and now going to clean the doves' cages and vacuum their room.

I am so glad I don't have human kids! I feel sorry for the parents who are required by law to poison their kids: Vaccine Exemptions Under Dire Threat

Another day seems to have flown by. Hope it's another nice day tomorrow so I can work in the yard again. I have a freecycler coming for a few books sometime tomorrow, too.

Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24, 2012

Huh. I thought I wrote something here this morning before work. But, there's no saved draft, so I guess not!
Anyway, got these eBooks today:
4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleo Breakfasts (4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleo Recipes) 
4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleo Lunches (4 Weeks of Fabulous Paleo Recipes)
I really need to get all my eBooks synched into my eReader! They are all over the place. Some on my computer's Kindle for PC, some on my external HD & some in my Kindle Cloud on Amazon ... Project for this weekend, I think!

Another ebook:
CELIAC : Gluten-Free Recipes

Well. This day just breezed on by! I've been reading fanfic and lost track of the time. So, going to close up and work on some crossword puzzles before bed.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23, 2012

Slept really well last night. Melatonin is helping. Woke up at a normal time.
I now weigh 111 lbs. I have to figure out what to eat to put some weight back on. Of course, if I start eating an actual breakfast that will probably help ... Eggs & bacon will be on my plate this morning.

Ezra decided to steal my vest that I had in the bathroom waiting to be put on before I go to work. My mom found it in her bedroom! Strange little thief. Now I need to swipe it with the lint brush to get all the hair off of it.

White Buffalo Was Not Murdered, Texas Authorities Say

Off to work I go ...

Today was a long day for me. Got 3 stores serviced. I was late getting to the farm & missed them. So, will have to go tomorrow.
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children »
GABRIELLE SWAINSON. Case Type: Endangered Missing. DOB: Jun 26, 1997, Sex: Female. Missing Date: Aug 18, 2012, Race: Black. Age Now: 15, Height: 5'2" (157 cm). Missing City: RICHLAND, Weight: 115 lbs ...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012

Nice day out today. It's 93F right now. Got my load of laundry for the day done and put away. Got 2 stores serviced with no problems today.

Snagged these ebooks today:
Wanted Dead or Alive (Slippery When Wet) 
Naked Organics: Healthy, Made From Scratch Scones

Wow. This has been a lazy afternoon. Just reading fanfic! Hope I get a little more done tomorrow! Off to bed. I have 3 stores to service tomorrow ... and have to go to the farm for milk afterwards.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 21, 2012

Up early again ... I may need to 'up' my melatonin ...
This month seems to be going by quickly.

Ugh. It has not been the best day. My first store went well. The second was a big pain. It's bad enough when the customers mess up my displays. That's normal. But, when the store's employees literally fuck up my planograms so badly I have to spend double my time in the store straightening up their mess, it really pisses me off. My signage was switched around. Pegs were moved. Glasses on entirely wrong displays. There are stickers under each peg to tell what glasses go where. Don't touch my damn displays! Told the manager. He said it won't happen again. Plus, their A/C was out!! It was hotter in the store than out. I'm exhausted. Haven't had such a bad time in a store in a looooong time. And, it is one of my favorite stores, normally. I've serviced that store for almost 12 years. For a couple of years with another company and the past ten with my current one. And, it has had the same manager all that time - which is really rare.

Can you believe TV Guides are $4!!!! My mom has been bugging me to get her one since I turned in the digital cable boxes & we are back to extended basic. So, no interactive guide on the TV. She's going to have to deal with Channel 17. It defeats the purpose of saving money getting rid of the digital cable if we pay that same amount for the stupid magazine!


Endangered Runaway: EMMA STEIN-LOWERY (PA): EMMA STEIN-LOWERY, Age Now: 15, Missing: 08/08/2012. Mis...

THE BULB OF THE DAY FOR MID-SUMMER AND FALL PLANTING – The Snake’s Head Fritillaria, Fritillaria Meleagris –...  

I just have no energy right now. I must have gotten overheated in that hot store. I don't have a headache, though, thank goodness.

New ebook:

Wow. White Collar was really good tonight. And, Neal didn't even get in any trouble!
Need to take a good dose of melatonin tonight. I really need a good sleep after today. Have 2 stores I need to get done tomorrow and hopefully won't have as much trouble as today! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

August 19, 2012
Woke up and couldn't fall back asleep ... I took melatonin last night, too!

I'm bored. Nobody is up in my online world ...

Hmmm ... I think this is censorship of some kind. I personally don't use any Google searches (I still use Yahoo and like it): 
Google Shopping blocks all vitamins and natural products - glitch or deliberate censorship?

Weeded for over 2 hours. It is nice outside. Had my umbrella open, so had plenty of shade while I worked. Nikky enjoyed herself, chasing bugs and rolling in the weeds. She had a nice walk to the mailbox before we went out there. So, she is sleeping now. Recharging!
Just finished lunch.

August 20, 2012
Got distracted reading fanfic most of yesterday and didn't do much else!

I've serviced 1 store today, stopped at OSH and got another can of flat black spray paint & the store for some pork rinds and rye crackers. Just got done hanging 1/2 the wash on the line.
It's 90F right now. Supposed to 'only' get to about 95F today.

Need to get my exercises done.

Sad news about Phyllis Diller. She sure had a wild life.

I love cast iron pans (& wrought iron decorations), so this is an interesting Q&A:
Any luck restoring old cast iron?

Archaeologists dig for a colonial-era black school

Ebooks I got today:
Healthy Herbal Tea in Just 5 Minutes
Beauty Gone Wild! Herbal Recipes for Gorgeous Skin & Hair (Herbs Gone Wild!)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18, 2012

Happy 50th Birthday to Darla! The best big sister I wish I could have had. Wish you were here.

New ebooks today:
Michael Taggart Photography: The Men

Spent 2 hours outside pulling weeds and doing a little maintenance on my car. Rode my bike to the mailbox, too. (Nikky was not happy that we didn't take a walk.) Have a load of laundry started.

Have part of the load hanging on the line. Will go take them down and hang the rest in about 30 minutes. Made a yummy lunch. Will make 4 different quarts of sun tea after I'm done eating. Then will clean the doves' cages & vacuum their room.

Got the doves' cages clean; vacuumed. The last third of the wash load hanging (sheets take up a lot of room on a line); sun tea almost ready to come back in; bed half-made (waiting on the sheets); and some computer stuff done. 

We've decided to sell Squabbie (rather than eat him ...) & Little Boy. I'll check with the pet shop I sold the oldest doves to a couple years ago & see if they will buy these 2. So, then we will just have Big Boy and Little Girl. I will be getting a few finches next month, too. Any babies the birds have will be sold. Just don't seem to have it in me to butcher any more. Used to do it all the time ...

Bed is made. Searched under my mom's bed for scattered puzzle pieces. Found none. Ezra knocked her puzzle board over yesterday and now she's missing five pieces ... who knows where they are!

My bad shoulder is really bothering me right now and I haven't even done my exercises yet ...

Cleaned out some items in my Bonanza and Webstore shops. Some of them were sold at the yard sale last month & I forgot to delete them. And, some went to GoodWill. I'm giving a couple of things to my neighbor tomorrow, too.

Trying to make some price changes in my Bonanza shop, but it's not letting me! Will deal with it tomorrow.

Just came in from reading 2 chapters of Supernatural: Witch's Canyon. Nikky was getting upset from the noise echoing from the Fairgrounds. Sounds like the Demolition Derby is going on. I thought that was usually on the last day of the fair which is tomorrow. I don't know. It's been over 20 years since I've been to it.

Got all of my exercises done except the exercycle since I rode my bike this morning. I also added a new one, working with the big ball. It's a hard one, so could only do one. Going to work up to ten.

Friday, August 17, 2012

August 17, 2012

Woke up with a bit of a stomach ache. I might just stay home today. None of my stores are really due until next Friday ...
I have 45 minutes to make up my mind or feel better ...

OK. Staying home. Hope to be back on track by Monday.

Today's books:
Green and Clean: Getting Started with Natural Cleaning
Green and Clean: Natural Cleaning in the Kitchen

Starting a load of wash. Still don't feel great, but some things have to be done.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children »
RAIDEN LYNN. Case Type: Family Abduction. DOB: Jan 21, 2012, Sex: Male. Missing Date: Aug 4, 2012, Race: White. Age Now: 6 Month(s), Height: 2'5" (74 cm). Missing City: DELAND, Weight: 22 lbs (10 kg)....

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children »
SAKARI LYNN. Case Type: Family Abduction. DOB: May 6, 2010, Sex: Female. Missing Date: Aug 4, 2012, Race: White. Age Now: 2, Height: 3'2" (97 cm). Missing City: DELAND, Weight: 36 lbs (16 kg). Missing...
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children »
KIMBERLY ABIGAIL ORELLANA. Case Type: Endangered Missing. DOB: Jul 7, 2000, Sex: Female. Missing Date: Aug 9, 2012, Race: Hispanic. Age Now: 12, Height: 5'2" (157 cm). Missing City: FALFURRIAS, Weight...
Have not accomplished much today. Feeling better, though.
I finished a load of wash, mopped my bathroom floor and shook out the rugs. And, sorted through lots of ebooks on the computer.

Got another ebook to add:
Savory & Unusual Ice-Cream Recipes
Oh, the Chipmunks movies are on TV. Going to have the TV on in the background. Still haven't seen the third one. I have the first two on DVD. Still have to get the other.

Dinner was soooo yum. Made oven-grilled salmon and sweet potato with steamed broccoli. So good. And, very Paleo! I should have taken pictures and done a recipe for my other blog.

That was a relaxing evening watching fun movies. I might just watch Chipwrecked tomorrow.
Crossword puzzles before bed.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16, 2012

Must work today and tomorrow whether I want to or not. I don't want any of my stores to be late! Have to get gas, go to the farm for milk & stop at the store for a few things, too.

THE BULB OF THE DAY FOR MID-SUMMER AND FALL PLANTING – – A Lollipop in the Garden – Allium Rosenbachianum –...

"The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses."
--Utah Philips, folksinger
I got home about an hour ago. Ate a late lunch. Fixed my mom's VCR (she paused it and couldn't figure out how to get it to play again!!!) I serviced one store, shopped at the co-op, then went to the farm for milk.
Today's books acquired:
Read 2 chapters of Supernatural: Witch's Canyon outside. It's still pretty hot. 96F. It got to 100F today. Supposed to get cooler (90s) the for the next week. Hopefully, we're trending down towards Fall now.

Not doing all of my exercises today. Might do a few of the yogas, though.

Sucks. Saving Hope and GLEE are on at the same time & I don't have the recorder hooked up & don't think I'll have time to do it before 9. Other things to do.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15, 2012


Endangered Missing: CECILLIA BLOYD (CA): CECILLIA BLOYD, Age Now: 10, Missing: 08/14/2012. Missing F...

OK. So, I really am lazy! I decided not to work again today. No gas (my gauge doesn't work, so I could have half a tank or just fumes). I get paid tomorrow, so will fill up on my way to work. Going to work in the yard for a bit, before it gets too hot.

Weeded for about an hour. Have a load of laundry started now.

New books for the day:


This really annoys me - They've already been missing for FIVE days and NOW it's reported on:
Stockton girls missing from foster care »
Two Stockton girls upset about being in foster care ran away from the home, police said Wednesday.

Listening to John Denver albums again.

Just came in from reading outside. It's nice out right now. But, almost time for Criminal Minds.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14, 2012

Three years ago today, I bought my home.
Back to work after a week off. I don't wanna!
Just sent for a free pet sample pack from Nordic Naturals. Should be here in a month or so.

106F predicted for today ...

So lazy. Decided to take one more day off. Doing some room rearranging and decisions about the big room at the front end of the trailer. It's too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The furnace & AC just don't push that far as they are at the back end of the trailer. So, most of the year, it is uncomfortable! Such a waste! Until I can figure out something, we won't be using that room much - haven't for the past 2 months, anyway. My office, the living room and the dining room are in there ... So, I've moved my good printer, the laptop, my work files into my room since I'm in here all the time anyway now. My desktop computer is in here. We will be moving the big fish tank into the dove/exercise room so they will get more attention. And, Nikky & Ezra's toys have been moved in there.

Bought this ebook today:
Among The Stags


OK. That was odd. Lucky (Pekinese) who lives about 2 blocks down the road somehow ended up in my totally fenced yard along with his little black kitten that follows him. I just carried him back home and the kitten followed us. How they got IN my yard is a puzzle. Pekinese don't jump over 3-foot fences and there are no pawholds for him to grab onto ... I'm thinking someone read his tag wrong & put him in the yard. It says 28, not 38. 
Need food.

Not sure why I keep hitting the publish on this page. I've done it twice this morning! Keep having to revert it to draft.

I have not accomplished anything today. Just a really lazy day. I did get blisters on my feet, though. From walking on the hot tarmac to take Lucky home ... It wasn't even that hot out yet at the time. 

Just got the whole collection of Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason in eBooks!! And, the Chet & Bernie Mysteries by Spencer Quinn!!

I just set alarms for all my favorite upcoming TV shows on my Tablet. I rarely watch TV anymore & if I don't do this, I probably won't remember what's on, when & what channel! This should work out well.

Time for dinner. Spicy hot wings and veggies.

No exercises today ...

'Only' got to 98F today, so heatwave is officially over. Still too damn hot.

Almost time for a new White Collar!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Got more ebooks!
Weekend Homesteader: August 
 Delicious and Nutritious Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes: Affordable, Easy and Tasty Meals You Will Love (Bestselling Recipes)

"It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment."
--Ansel Adams, photographer 
"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves." ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi
Done outside for the day. It is just too many days of hot for me. Walked Nikky to the mailbox and got a nice surprise. Photo of my friend, Darla's, grandson Zachary. So cute. Then got a load of laundry hung. And, trimmed a few Ming tree branches that I could reach from the step-stool. Really need to get the ladder out and trim the higher branches that are laying on the roof edge. Project for another day ...
Also, vacuumed the dryer vents and doves' room.
Need to rest & cool off before I tackle anything else today. 

Just got an appointment scheduled for furnace maintenance for next month.
Tried calling the local VFW to see about retiring our old flag, but there was no answer. May have to drive by the post tomorrow. 
Must find some lunch & then bring in the laundry.
Need to dig out some old picture frames & frame a few pictures I want to hang up.
Yet another Spare the Air day! The bus lines are going to go broke since they are free to ride on these days!
Lunch was yummy. Slow-fried eggs with homemade salsa.
Boiled a dozen eggs, so need to get them shelled now.
Also, have to plant some garlic that decided to sprout in the fridge. And, going to experiment with the root end of an onion & see if it grows in some water. Will plant if it does. I think I'll put it in my bedroom window as it gets the best light and Ezra won't be able to get to it.

Got the peppers ready for dinner. I had saved 4 of the peppers that Daisy had given us last week. Sitting on the counter they have turned completely red. They are now stuffed with Cheddar & cream cheese & wrapped in bacon. Ready to cook tonight.
Listening to Tonic Herbs & Wild Foods with Daniel Vitalis This guy always has interesting interviews.
Dinner turned out so good!!
I feel like I should be doing something ... so, going to watch another episode of Perception.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12, 2012

Remembered to take some melatonin last night and slept the whole night through. Got up at my normal 7 am.

Got this book this morning: Gay Gene Rising (Book I: The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy)

Done outside for the day. Spent 2 hours cutting burlap to size & stapling it into 4 very old wooden vegetable crates that were my grandfather's. Two of them now have potting soil in them, but I ran out of potting soil so the other 2 don't yet. I also transplanted 2 root-bound geraniums into the hanging baskets. So, the shed decorating is almost done other than painting it next year.
Took the pic from my bedroom window. Hopefully the geraniums will get healthy again. I think I might plant garlic or onions in the wooden boxes. There is another under the other hanging basket. The other two are on the back-side of the shed.

It's another 'Spare the Air' day. Unhealthy air. We've been having a lot of those this summer.

I wasn't going to do any laundry today, but I changed my mind. Starting a load now.

Going to make more Lavender Lemonade & some Paleo cheesecake for lunch.

Laundry's all done for the day.
Whipping raw cream. Going to be here a while.

That whipped cream ended up as butter, which is just as good, but certainly didn't go with my dessert!

Got more ebooks!
Outburst (A Todd Mills Mystery)
Running Dry

Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11, 2012

Well. Can't sleep. I think I slept a little over an hour ... too hot, I guess. Or, too much on my mind, or something ...

Went back to bed about 4am, but that didn't go well, either. Just doomed to no sleep last night. So tired, now, though.

Just got these books:
The Closet Case
47 Tasty Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes (Fast, Easy and Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes)
The Paleo Diet Solution Cookbook

Done outside for the day. I finished slatting the chain link fence!! Except for 1 slot where the old wooden fence is attached, but that will have to wait. Glad it didn't take too long as it's already 88F & that sun was beating down on me. Have a lot of things I need to get done inside, anyway. The doves' are waiting for their cages to be cleaned. I already finished the dehydrated pepper rings and put them up. Lots of other things on the list of things to do, too.

WooHoo! My mom came and asked to use my scale. First time she's weighed herself since she stopped going to the clinic and stopped taking the last of her 19 Rx a few months ago. She said her shorts nearly fell off when she was going down the deck steps! So, she wanted to know. She weighs 168 lbs!!! She has lost nearly 100 lbs. in the past 11 months since we started weaning her off all those awful Rx and started eating a low carb/high fat diet! She now has normal blood pressure, more energy & blood sugars getting better all the time. She is 72 & healthier than she's been in nearly 15 years.

Great. Another Spare The Air Day. And, it's already 93F. No wonder I feel awful (besides the no sleep thing ...) 

Gotta go eat & then clean cages.

It got to 105F ...
Got one page of artwork done for a birthday present. Have 2 more to make.

Just got this book:
Tribe (A Todd Mills Mystery)  

Just finished making 5 Memory walls for a friend's birthday - 3 was not enough. Brought back so many memories that I'm still crying. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10, 2012

Woke up early ...

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
--Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher
Got done outside by noon. Walked Nikky to the mailbox & visited with the manager & her little Papillon for a few minutes. Load of wash still has to come in off the line in a few minutes. I think I did quite a bit for it being so darn hot out there! I got the umbrella stand painted black & the umbrella up. Made me some really good shade for pulling weeds. I pulled a path so my mom could use the clothesline and not worry about tripping over the weeds. So, she's happy about that!
 The umbrella is a burgundy color. I thought it would match the redwood slats and the future barn red trim the house will have next year better than the ugly orange and dull dark brown they also had available.
 Clear path under the clothesline. And, my now-black umbrella stand.
 This is as far as I got on the fence the other day. You can kind of see the section that needs to be finished on the left.

Clothes are all in.
Banana chips are done. Washed the banana peppers & will cut them in a bit to put in the dehydrator overnight. Saved 4 big ones out to make for dinner tomorrow.

Going to make lettuce-wrapped lamb burger tacos tonight. Yum!

There just are not enough hours in the day for everything I'd like to do.

Decided to lay my computer on its side and set the monitor on top of it. Made a tiny bit more room on the table & raised the monitor up more to where I like it.

Got the peppers in the dehydrator for the night.
Rearranged my computer & I really like it better. I can use the CD slot easier with it laying down & the monitor is a better eye level for me.

I don't think I will be doing all of my exercises today. Just not in the mood. I think I did enough working outside.

Dinner was sooo good.
I really want to get a barbecue, but I think it will have to wait until next year. I've splurged quite a bit this summer. Still have to get the other side of the yard re-fenced.

Just got this book: 20 Easy Grilling Recipes: Amazing Grill Recipes That Will Wow Your Family And Friends Day After Day.

I am amazed. The pedometer that is always giving me problems by shutting off when it gets too much sweat on it survived being accidentally washed today. It dried out and is working!

I'm getting so frustrated. I have been looking for this picture for 3 days. I know it's here somewhere!!!!

I found it!!! I would have never thought to look in an old negative envelope. But, I was getting desperate! There were only 2 copies in existence & I don't know if the other one actually still exists. So happy. I can't share it here yet. But later in the month I will share it and several others from the same timeframe.

My mom wants me to check out the new series, Perception, with Eric McCormack in it. So will watch the first ep tonight and see if I want to bother catching up with the 3 or 4 other eps that have aired so far.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 9, 2012



It's supposed to get to 105F today. Yuck. 
I have a lot of shopping to do this morning. Have to run to Trader Joe's in Davis for a couple things, pay WalMart bill, stop at OSH for the umbrella stand, and go to the farm for milk and eggs. Hope I will miss too much heat.

Hmmm ... Personally, I think this can become dangerous: Google to include people's GMail in search results

I'm so tired from the heat. It's 100F right now. I got home about 2pm. I don't know if it was a wasted day or not. Feels like it with all the running around I had to do to find a damn wrought iron umbrella stand! It's late in the season, so the 3 Home Depots, OSH, Target that I went to didn't have any. So, I finally found my way to the Ace Hardware in Davis & found one painted ivory. It will do. I will be painting it black tomorrow. I also got the rest of the fence slats I need, as well as a few things at the Yolo Fruit Stand and a couple other stores. Then, I finally made it to the egg farm. Caught them just as they were leaving! I got 2 gallons of raw milk, 6 dozen eggs and the Mrs. also gave me some butter & mozzarella cheese she made for being their best customer! Sweet!

Fricken' Facebook won't keep stories hidden after I hide them. Pissing me off. It's happened before. But, it won't let me hide anything today! I have like 200 stories to wade through on there, damn it!

Got most of my exercises done, but feel bored. Listening to John Denver albums again. I need to make some artwork, but don't feel like it. Don't feel like reading right now. Caught up with answering email, Twitter, G+ & FB ... Should be hunting for some pictures I couldn't find yesterday that I really need to find ...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8, 2012

Got more ebooks early this morning:
Quantum Paleo
The Slow Cooker Cookbook: 87 Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes for Slow Cooked Meals

It's going to be a busy morning. Need to go to OSH to get the umbrella stand, coir cloth, garden soil, clear coat paint and a couple rebars if they have the right size. 
Then digging more weeds when I get home.

Ooh. Change of plans. OSH is having another No Sales Tax sale starting tomorrow. So not going today! I'll have more money tomorrow, anyway!
So, will walk Nikky to the mailbox and then start on the weeding.

Done outside for the day. Laundry is in. Chain link fence is nearly done. There is just a 5-foot section that I need to get more slats for. It looks really nice. So happy I decided to do this. Didn't do any weeding.
Going to watch this episode tomorrow: Transgender Adoptive Parent Featured on Oxygen Documentary Series

32 “Slow Living” Inspired Ways to Savor Summer

Now to find something to eat! Starving!

Have banana chips in the dehydrator. I am all 'puckered' from drinking the excess lemon juice from dipping them! Dried eggshells have all been 'blended' and poured around the lettuces to deter snails.

13 Simple Aerobic Tips

Dusted and vacuumed 2 rooms and cleaned the cabinets under the stove. Since I had all the pots and pans out, I finally took pictures of my cast iron collection. There are several pieces I still want to get in the future. My favorite is the square pan. I use it almost every day.
The four round pans between the Dutch oven and the muffin pan were my grandmother's, as well as the biggest pan on the far right. They are probably 100 years old or very close to it.

I hope this happens: State recommends listing gray wolf as endangered

It's 99F ... waiting for the chickens to finish cooking in the rotisserie. So hungry & tired right now. Still need to ride the exercycle after dinner. Have all my other exercises done for the day.

Mass grave in London reveals how volcano caused global catastrophe

Too tired to ride the exercycle tonight, but I'm going outside to read a couple more chapters of Supernatural: Witch's Canyon. Criminal Minds will be on in an hour.

It got to 100F today. Start of a heatwave.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7, 2012


THE BULB OF THE DAY FOR MID-SUMMER AND FALL PLANTING - Keizerskroon, The Oldest Tulip Variety in the World Still...

Whew! Done outside for the day except to bring in the laundry when it's dry. Got a whole section of chain link fence slatted - emptied one package. One to go. But, I will have to buy 1 more to finish off our space. It is looking really nice!
I got my oil check, so I went to Home Depot in hopes of getting a wrought iron base for the outdoor umbrella. They only had one square, ugly base, so didn't get it. Will have to go to OSH & see what they have in the morning. But, I did get 2 more fence panels that I am going to make gates for the stairs on either side of the house. One for the front of the deck and one for the carport stairs. Paid a couple of bills, too. Have one more to pay tomorrow & will be all caught up for the month. I also turned in the digital cable boxes and reverted back to Extended Basic cable, but upped my internet speed to the highest level. Even doing that, my bill will be nearly $20/month cheaper!

Now, to find food for lunch ...

Making chicken stock. 
Cleaned and cut a bunch of carrots - some for lunch, some for the stock, some for later.
Need to clean & cut the peppers to cook & dehydrate after I eat. Have a bunch of eggshells that need to go in the dehydrator, too. I was going to dehydrate some bananas, too, but I don't think I'll have room on the trays on this session.

Laundry is all put away for another day.

I don't feel very accomplished right now. The eggshells took up all the room in the dehydrator, so the peppers and bananas will have to wait until tomorrow.
Going to move the cable modem and the phone into the doves' room now. Need to reboot the modem anyway since the speed got changed earlier today.

I'm stuffed. Rotisseried pork short ribs. Yum!

I got the phone, modem & router moved into the doves' room. Everything worked out perfectly as I'd planned. Wireless reaches all the rooms!

It got to 99F today ... Supposed to be over 100F the next 4 days. I had planned on going to the Tomato Festival on Saturday, but it may get to 108F, so that will be a no go ...

Nikky & I sat outside & I read 2 chapters of Supernatural: Witch's Canyon while she played in the yard. Pookie & Chewy came by to visit through the fence for a bit &, of course, Pookie had to try to get in my lap! She is such a friendly dog. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012

I just bought this ebook: Weekend Homesteader: July

Poor Ezra is sick today after his shot. Threw up all night and just blah today. Poor baby. Damn vaccine.

I'll be passing by this today on the way to one of my stores. I use Richards Blvd. quite often to cut between freeways in Sacramento. Firefighters: Large warehouse fire expected to burn into afternoon

I so want this book! BOOK EXCERPT: Elton John on the Friends He's Lost to AIDS

Got the 3 stores done. I'm now off until next Tuesday! A full 7 days off. Yay! I stopped at Home Depot & got 2 more packs of redwood vinyl slats for the chain link fence. I also stopped at the Cash & Carry on Richards Blvd. (I got a big bag of lemons, big bag of ginger and paprika) & saw the mess the firefighters are dealing with! The warehouses are still smoldering. They are right behind the Cash & Carry! Very lucky they didn't get any damage from flying embers.

Going to make lavender lemonade today, after I deal with the peppers I got last night.

Got a load of laundry done, off the line & put away. Making lavender lemonade right now. Found a yummy recipe for some of the peppers we will have tomorrow & also a tutorial for dehydrating the rest of them.

Donner Summit land to be preserved as open space

I bought these ebooks this afternoon:
At Table with the Lord - Foods of the First Century
The Beekeepers Digest: Recipes and Formulas
Natural Soapmaker Recipes and Techniques
Turbulence 2: Autopilot Engaged

Got all of my exercises done then went outside to read a chapter of Supernatural: Witch's Canyon under the carport while Nikky played in the yard.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5, 2012


Going Green: 4 Simple Suggestions

Forgot to mention yesterday that I bought a cast iron grill! I've wanted one for a long time! Cured it last night in the oven, so it's ready to use for some spare ribs tonight. It fits just right in the oven. I mentioned to an online friend a few months back that I had a collection of cast iron pots & pans. Some were my grandmother's, so are probably close to 100 years old, but still work just fine. I'm going to finally take the promised picture of them all tomorrow when I clean my cupboards.

Wow. I was outside for 3 hours and only got about 2 square feet dug out of weed roots & black mesh. It's going to take forever! FYI ... weed barrier cloth DOES NOT WORK, people! Whoever laid it down in this space was an idiot or was conned (both!)

About to load Ezra up for his trip to the shots clinic. Yes, it is today - at 4pm. My mom is even ready to go. Get this over with ...

Well, Ezra has his rabies shot for another year. Sucks they won't give the 3-year to cats any more. We also bought a new male Betta. He's gorgeous. We are going to put him in the big tank & hope he gets along with the rasboras, danios & tetra. There are 5 of them & it's a 29-gallon tank, so hopefully, there will be enough room they all have their own territory. The 20-gallon hex that the other Betta was in is filthy, so need to clean it before anyone else can move in. The pictures are a little blurry. He's a fast mover!

My mom forgot that we were going to have OVEN grilled pork ribs tonight and tried to cook them with the grill on 2 stove burners ... Um, just no. So, I just moved the hot cast iron grill into the oven ... Need new hot pads. The old ones are really getting grungy & it's not washing away anymore.

Got all of my exercises done. I think Nikky & I will go out and read for a bit under the carport.

This is a good story: Tahoe Shakespeare festival produces 4-legged star

Our neighbor, Daisy (Martin's wife) just brought over these beautiful peppers. She didn't know what kind they are & neither do I! I think I will cut them up and dehydrate them tomorrow.
I'm watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead tonight.