Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4, 2012

Well, it's been a week or so since I've blogged. I've been deciding how to move my website (QuinGem's Creations) onto Blogger. I renewed my 3 domain names (quingem.com, quingem.info & quingem.net,) but not the hosting with GoDaddy, due to some of their positions on censorship last summer. SOPA, anyone? Ugh.
I'm not going to abandon the 3 blogs that I have, but since I can have 100 blogs on Blogger ... I will be making one just for the website this weekend before the hosting expires on 12/12. So, QuinGem's Creations will still be found at http://quingem.com
quingem.net will somehow be made into a blog for all my artwork, including all of the Incredimail stationery that I've made over the years - it will be an adult site due to some of my nekkid male artwork. That will take a while to get sorted as I have to find a site to store the files that I'll be linking. I also have to sort out my 4Shared site and my PhotoBucket site since my Picaso site is full to the brim! This will all be ongoing for the next month or so, but hopefully, all will be set up by February! So, stay tuned!!
In the mean time, check out this adorable dollhouse! It would make a great Christmas gift for your favorite little doll!