Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Not sure what's up with Google+. I can't get the page to stay up. It starts to load and then blinks out. Just a blank white page. Started doing that last night. I can get into all the other Google stuff - Blogger, GMail, etc. Just not G+ ... I've restarted the computer, cleared cache, etc. No joy.

Just finished re-caulking the carport door finally. Waiting for it to cure before I can paint over it on Wed. I'm going to paint the water heater closet door in a few minutes.

Viola gave me another store to do this week in Sacramento, so I will do that tomorrow when I do my other two stores. It is what I call a 'limbo' store. One that is not permanently assigned to a rep, so anyone can do them.

Annnnd, I have another new store!!! It opens in Davis next week on Thurs. (10/3) so we will be setting up the new displays on Wed. Yay! Love getting new stores that are close to me!

I spent about 3 hours outside working on the house. I got the carport door re-caulked. I painted the water heater closet door and about a 15x4 foot section of siding. I also started painting the electrical box. I'll finish that on Wed. I'm going to paint the air conditioner cover, too, when I get to painting the back of the house.
I was going to paint from the top down, but was too lazy to drag out the extension ladder. I'll have to do that on Wed. I need to cover that bathroom window, too, before I paint up there. I am really liking the gray color and the paint covers that awful green pretty well. I need to get a couple of new locks for the water heater closet and the furnace closet. The old locks don't work (and there are no keys ...) and the furnace closet gets blown open sometimes and I have had to fix the door when it was torn off by the wind ...

I wore the wrong pair of pants for painting today ... Now, they will always be painting pants ... I didn't get ANY paint on my clothes when I painted the shed, but I sure did today! Ugh.

Now, this is odd. I can't access G+ on my desktop, but I can on my laptop! Weird.

Have a batch of alfalfa sprouts started. I need to get back into making them. Free bunny food, almost, except for cost of seeds. Well, for Sheree. Robin doesn't like most types of sprouts. Picky little shit.

Listening to another installment of the WISH Summit - Nadine Artemis. Smart lady.

I love the vanilla incense I got at GoodWill last week. Smells so good.

Already have some good bidding going on for the tablet I put on Listia yesterday.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013

Today is going to be a lazy day, I think. It rained overnight and looks like it might rain more later. Have all the windows open and a nice breeze. Wish I didn't have to do anything. But, I have to get hay for the bunnies since I forgot yesterday and need to buy them some veggies since I don't want to go all the way to the co-op today for a free 'bunny box'. Ezra needs food, too. Then, I have the doves' and bunnies' cages to clean ... Fun. Other than that, I'm not doing anything else ... ha ...

It's raining, it's pouring! I love it! Just got finished with the cages. Got the shopping done early. Found some great greens for Robin and Sheriff. They are chowing down, now! Still have to scrub the floor under their cages, but waiting on the wash as I ran out of the towels I use for that.

Going to start on the next batch of kefir and some lemonade after lunch. I'll have another kefir smoothie today. Mmmm. No sun tea today. ;)

Floors are done. Laundry is done. Kefir cacao/banana/strawberry smoothie is being consumed. I put a bit too much maca powder in it ... but, it's still good! (I put some nutmeg, maca powder and hemp seeds in it for an extra kick.)
And, it's still pouring rain! Yay! My mom had to close her bedroom window or her bed would have gotten wet!

It's only 61F right now and I still have socks on. I might close the door to cut off a bit of the breeze in here.

Nikky is feeling a LOT better today. Yesterday, she wouldn't even look at the little bowl of kefir I gave her. Today, she licked the lids and jars (as far down as her tongue would reach!) and spoon I had used for my smoothie. And, wanted more! I'll give her a little bowl-ful later.

A few of you had wondered how much the bunnies have grown. Well, Robin stopped growing a month or so ago, but I think Sheree has not stopped. He is HUGE. Not that tiny thing I found that barely covered my hand! I do believe he is a California cross. Here's pics.
Robin - 6.5 months
Sheriff - 4.5 months
OMG! I had THE best little furry helper when I made kefir! Nikky had fun licking everything clean! Of course, everything will get scrubbed later. Lucky I have a LOT of jars!
And, the grains have nearly doubled! I started out using only 4 jars and am now up to 7! I need more milk! ;)
Thunder!!! And, it's still raining! Love it! Too light out to see any lightning, though.
Had a yummy dinner. Buffalo bacon cheeseburger! My mom mixed jalapeno jelly in the burger; fried in butter. Then topped with cheese. Add bacon, tomato and wrap in a big Romaine lettuce leaf. Mmmm. Good.

Oh, wow. I've been trying to find an email service that will allow me to receive .exe files. I just found my very first email service ( is still in business. I logged in and my account is still there, even though I haven't used it in over ten years! But, sadly it doesn't offer POP-forwarding ...

Severe thunderstorm warning just issued for my area. Still raining. We've had a great rain day here. It's so rare these days ... especially thunderstorms.

Rain is all gone. Clouds are gone. Stars shining.

Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20, 2013

Took a bit of a break from the blog, but I'm back. Did ya miss me!? I didn't think so. Ha!
Anyway, today I finished the shed!!!! Finally! Those old hinges were a bitch to get off! Looks nice with the new ones!
I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow (mainly clean cages, go to the store, get the hay I forgot to get today ...) so won't get to painting the house until Sunday! I'm doing the back wall first, I think. That is facing the street outside the mobile home park (there is a sound wall behind us, but can still see the house over the wall, which you can kind of see in the pic above.)

Nikky feels awful. She has a bad tummy ache. She threw up during the night a few times and earlier today, too. Drinking water, but doesn't want to eat. Tried giving her some milk kefir, but she didn't want that, either.

Speaking of milk kefir! Mine is doing great! I just started making it a couple weeks ago and almost can't keep up with it, the kefir grains keep multiplying! And, OMG! Kefir smoothies are sooo good. I'm having one for a late lunch right now. Kefir in place of the milk.

My cousin Curtis is back from his vacation. He was gone about 2 weeks with a group of friends to see the Grand Canyon and some other sights that he'd never seen before (he's 54.) I think he really enjoyed it. But, now he is back, he has scheduled his heart surgery. He has had heart problems most of his life (congenital, but discovered at age 20!!!) and has had several valve surgeries. The valves over the years have messed up a lot of his circulatory system and he now has an aortic embolism that he's lucky hasn't blown out yet. So, he's getting that fixed and another new valve (this time it is the kind where he won't have to take Coumadin - rat poison - to keep his blood thin for the first time in 32 years!) So, that will happen on Oct. 2.

Work has been keeping me busy. I gave up 2 of my stores, so I could take over 5 other stores. I think it is working out pretty good. The 2 I gave up were out pretty far and not near any of my other stores. And, the 5 new ones are close to other stores I already service. Tightens my route up a bit. And, it's allowing me to sometimes just work 3 days a week, rather than 4 since there is a bit less driving, even though I have more stores. There is one more store I 'might' still give up. Haven't decided on that one yet.

I'm making this - Omelet Muffins - for dinner. I just took the bacon out of the oven and drained the grease to spread in the muffin cups. I'm subbing kefir for the mayo (I don't own any mayo - yuck.)

Very nice breeze keeping things cool today. It's 84F - ten degrees less than yesterday at this time. Supposed to rain tomorrow, so wind may push some clouds our way soon. It's been sunny and clear all day.

Dinner was very good. We also had baked apples filled with pecan butter. Mmmm. And, raw milk.
And, the clouds are rolling in. Yay!

I must make sun tea tomorrow - if the sun is out - more raw milk kefir and some lemonade. Maybe some hard-boiled eggs, too ...

Ugh. Someone in the neighborhood is trying to play the horn/trumpet ... had to close my windows to try to buffer the noise ... and there is such a nice breeze I had blowing through the house ...

Yay! The Re-Wilding WISH Summit has started. Love listening to these podcasts, especially with Daniel Vitalis! Looking forward to the next pods in this series over the next few days. My mom is even starting to listen to them!

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Serviced one of my new-to-me stores and I am really annoyed at what a mess the displays were! I had to re-do most of the sunglass display as it was NOT set to the planogram ... took me twice as long as normal in one of the stores of that chain ... so, that is the only store I did today ... I did recycle 2 ink cartridges and stop at a produce stand, too.

Just got done with my paperwork. Having a snack of Canadian bacon, Cheddar cheese and rice crackers. After that, it's time to get the fish tank set back up before the fish die. They've been in a big jar most of the day while my mom cleaned out the tank and moved it.

It's 101F already ...

Gah! It's 103F! This is September, right?!

I finally got my kefir grains in milk. I hope they survive. They arrived Friday or Saturday and have been in my mailbox since then and then in my hot car this morning ... We'll see if they make kefir overnight. Hopefully, they like raw whole Jersey cross milk. They were raised on raw Jersey milk.
It's 104F here in Woodland, according to the Weather Channel, but according to the local weatherman, Sacramento got to 102F. Too hot, either way ...

Just finished eating a Cornish game bird. And, a candystripe fig. And, raw milk. Yum.

Going to watch the original The Fly, now.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8, 2013

I got another side of the shed painted! It went pretty quickly today. I'm glad because it sure is hot out there already. I even had the umbrella up for shade and it didn't help!

Next up, working on my office area.

Still working on my office area.


It got to 102F today.
Still getting things settled in my office. Had to fix my printer. Something fell in it and jammed it. It's working now, but I think there is still something in there as it is making a noise it didn't make before.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 7, 2013

I got 2 stores serviced Thursday. Then I stopped at Whole Foods. Hadn't been there in a while. Got some raw kombucha and a few other things. Then I stopped at the WEAVE thrift store and GoodWill on that street. I found a cute swap item, some pants and a really nice file cabinet. I needed another one. We barely got it up the stairs. It's heavy, solid wood! I just need to replace one of the sidebars that holds hanging files. It's bigger than my other one, so I stacked the smaller one on top.

Then, yesterday, I went shopping at the co-op and a few other places. My mom didn't feel like shopping. So, I got most of our monthly food, a free bunny box of veggies and also stopped at Staples for stuff for the new file cabinet.
After that I moved my desk and main computer out to my office in the living room. I have a few more things to rearrange to fit the exercise equipment so we can use it all. But, it's essentially done.

This morning, I'll be doing more painting on the shed before it gets hot. Supposed to have a heatwave (over 100F) the next few days. After that, I'll get all the cages cleaned.

I am so hot! Just got finished cleaning cages.

Earlier I finished painting the side of the shed facing the house, the drain cover box and also some of the house on that side. It's looking good. Two sides to go.
 I'll be so happy to be rid of that horrible seafoam green!

I'll get the other side of the shed painted tomorrow, hopefully.

It is 96F and supposed to get over 100 ...

Huh. Just found out something about my grandfather, John. I never met him, just heard stories about him being a drunk, working with horses, etc. We're watching an episode of Rawhide and Bob Steele is in it. My mom says he was a friend of her dad's when they were younger and both worked as stunt doubles in some movies before Bob made it big. Interesting.

Going to put another bookshelf together that I got for my mom's room.

Got the bookshelf done and in her room.

Made a yummy fresh herb turkey burger dinner. I found the recipe in the newest issue of tasteforlife that I pick up at the co-op, free. I can't find it on their website, so I've scanned the recipe. I didn't take a picture ... but, we had them on large Romaine lettuce with a green fig on the side and raw milk. Click on the image to enlarge it.
Straightened some more of my office. Still have a couple more things to bring out of my room (like the modem/router - trying to get all the EMF out of my bedroom ...), but I'll do that tomorrow. Then, get the exercise equipment set back up to use.

And, yes, that's Mag7 fanart on the monitor. I made it last year. Here it is:
We've been watching/listening to a lot of old westerns on TV today. The Virginian is on right now.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013

Viola and I only serviced the one store, not the 4 planned. It took well over 3 hours to do the reset and we were both tired afterward. We had no help moving all the heavy fixtures off (the old ones) and on (the new ones) the bottom shelf of the gondola. But, it's done. We stopped at the mall and had lunch at Dos Coyotes and she did my yearly review. So, my raise is effective next week. Yay! I stopped at Barnes & Noble after (same mall) and got the Husbands graphic novel. In hardback! Can't wait to read it!

And, I no sooner sit down to this laptop and my mom starts planning out what I am doing this weekend. Ugh. Like I don't have enough to do already!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to put together another bookshelf now ... but, don't feel like it ...

I cut my hand when I was pulling the hay out of the bucket for the bunnies this morning. Cut it on the dry grass! Still stings.

Boy, does my mom know how to piss me off royally! She used my canister vacuum to suck out whatever had her upright vacuum clogged. Guess what!? It clogged my vacuum! I spent the past hour trying to unclog it! Finally did. All I wanted to do was use it for a few seconds to clean out the bottom of the window seat! Got that done and now the window seat is full of all of the old photos, albums and frames from the past 100 years of our families. I emptied 2 big plastic 18-gallon bins. Hopefully, I can start organizing all of it soon. I want to try to label all the old pics of who my mom remembers. Or, that I do. Those who neither of us remember will become artwork in my crafts. I love working old images into my artwork.

I have a headache ... good thing I got the shipment from Puritan's Pride that I ordered. I think I have at least a year's supply of willow bark now!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

This was a very long work day for me. I serviced 4 stores, paid 4 bills, bought another bookshelf (I planned on getting 3, but they were out of the color I wanted), bought millet sprays for the doves, bought a drill bit to finish putting the hinges on the shed, and didn't get home until around 4. So, by the time I was done with my paperwork and getting things ready for tomorrow's work, it was time for dinner ... No painting today ... Did get the window seat moved into my office, though. I'll be moving all of the old pictures, photo albums, extra frames, etc. into that at some point.

My mom actually cleaned the upright vacuum cleaner! I was shocked. She kept bugging me to do it, but I pretty much ignored her. My 40+ year old canister vacuum works better than that damn upright. So does my little Dirt Devil hand vac.

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

I can't believe this! It's actually raining! I can't paint when it's raining!
And, my mom killed one of her fish. She's rearranging things and threw out one of the decorations and he must have been in it ...

So, it looks like I won't be finishing the shed today ... I'll have to do a little each day after I get home from work ...

I will be finishing my office, I guess.

Well, it only rained for about 15 minutes! So, I did get more done on the shed, and painted the box that covers the main drain connection and the house skirting behind it. All the edging around the door is done. So, other than the hinges and some touch-ups when I get those done, the front of the shed is done. I need to get a longer drill bit to put the bolts in right for the hinges, so will get that tomorrow after work. And, hopefully, I will be able to paint for about an hour each day after work. So, I should be able to actually start painting the house next weekend, if things work out right. I hope ...

Now, a smoothie for lunch and then start on my office.

The missing fish has been found. Where the heck he was hiding, we'll never know!

The office is coming along slowly. All the bookshelves are full to over-flowing, but all of the milk crates are gone! I can't move the window seat out here until my mom gets the fish tank moved as I can't get it through her door with it in the way. So, will probably get that done tomorrow since she will probably get the fish moved while I am at work. Once those things are moved, I can start moving my desk and computer stuff and files out of my bedroom.

But, I am done for the day as I go back to work tomorrow. I still have to get all my paperwork organized for the stores I'll do the next few days.

Wow. We're having thunder and lightning. The sky is nearly red. Weird.

Huh. There were over 50 lightning strikes here in Yolo County, within an hour. Wish I'd been able to get a pic.

I just ordered some milk kefir grains! I've been wanting to for quite some time. The starter cultures you can get in the store just don't last and get pretty expensive. So, going for the real thing this time and they will multiply if I treat them right. These have been raised on raw milk, which is what I use, so they should be happy. Once I get used to making the milk kefir, I may try water kefir grains or kombucha scoby next ...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1, 2013

I have been going non-stop since 9am. I am sooo sore and tired. I worked on the shed for 3 hours and then came in to eat. Then, I put the last bookshelf together and did more moving of furniture and books in my office. And, vacuumed. And, did a load of laundry ... I'm done!

My bad shoulder is really hurting the past couple of days. Doing too much, but it's got to be done.

Time to take Nikky out and put her and the other critters to bed. It's been a long day. And, I forgot to take pics of my progress on the shed and the office. Oh, well. Will do tomorrow.