Friday, January 31, 2014

January 31, 2014

Hmm. I just discovered what 'planking' is and tried it. It is a different position than I thought ... I'd never really looked it up. It is actually kind of easy ... surprisingly, it really worked my abdomen ... will keep doing it and see if it tightens the muscles up.

This day has flown by! I just finished the headband. Took some pictures and packaged it up! I can't mail it until Monday, though ... her birthday is today but her party is next week, so it will arrive before then. Pictures on my craft blog: Loom Knit Scarf and Headband

Well, this totally sucks. The monitor just went out on my desktop ... so, I am on my laptop now. I'll have to hook up my TV to it later so I can finish some things I was doing. And, answer the mail I was just about to reply to when it went out ... Ugh. I wonder if I can hook the laptop monitor up to it ... I'll have to research that.

I cannot access FaceBook with my laptop ... this has been ongoing for quite some time and I can't figure it out ... so I can't post a pic or update to the 30/30 challenge ... :( I wonder if I can on my little tablet thingie. I'll check later with that.

I told my mom earlier about Museum Day tomorrow. She's going with me to the Ag Museum. And, I will take pictures.

Huh. That was weird. I moved the plug for the monitor to a different socket and it is working now. Looks like I may have more receptacles to replace ... oh, joy. So, back to the desktop!

Ooh, I've just found my next fermenting experiment! The ginger bug! I need to get some fresh ginger on Monday. I only have jarred ginger and powdered ginger right now.

I've got a headache. My mom's been watching BraveHeart for hours ... can't stand Mel Gibson ...

I did not get the little air gap thingie on the sink cleaned today, as planned. I could not get the diverter off. I need to soak it in vinegar and I am out of vinegar, it's so corroded! ... So, will have to wait until I get some on Monday.

Almost didn't get my 30 minutes of squatting in. Did some in my desk chair and also on my mini trampoline, so it added up finally.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 30, 2014

Can't believe it is already the last day of January tomorrow! We finally got a little rain yesterday, but certainly not enough to help with the drought we are in!
Twelve days until my birthday ...
I finished the scarf I was making for the birthday present. Starting on the headband tonight. Shouldn't take too long. I'll post pics of it all before I package it to send and post on my craft blog.

I'm on Day 5 of the 30/30 Squat Challenge. I didn't take pics the past 2 days, but here is today's pic:
Working at one of my stores ...

I made a couple of ATCs for a swap and you can see them on my craft blog: Postage Stamp ATCs

Saturday is Free Museum Day in the Sacramento area. We have one museum participating here in Woodland and I live very close to it. But, I've never been there! So, I am going! And, I'll drag my mom along ... It's the Heidrick Ag History Center I wish I had some cash left after paying bills and getting some other things today ... I just found out about it today - after my cash was all gone ... Would have been nice to have some lunch there, but it will at least get us out of the house for a bit! We might listen to the band, though ... And, I'll take a few pictures.

And, Sunday is the craft circle at the Co-op in Davis. I think I will be starting on the blankets for the bucks' cages.

Feb. 21-22 is California Duck Days. I'd love to go, but it would be $50 for both of us and I doubt my mom would want to or be able to walk through certain areas of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area with her bad knee ... It is between here and Davis and West Sacramento, so not far from us. I pass part of it every time I go through Davis to get to Sacramento ... so, several times a week! Love seeing the flocks of birds there. I'd love to go on the Grizzly Island tour to see the Tule Elk ... oh, well ...

Wow! White Collar's season finalé was a real cliff-hanger! Waiting impatiently for the season 6 announcement!

It felt kind of weird today when I finally went to my cable company to cancel the TV portion of my bill. I wanted to pay down my bill more (it was 1.5 months late ...) before I did it. So, just have my internet with them now after all these years ... they will be coming to disconnect in the morning. I was amazed that the Dish guy followed through on setting up a special through the cable company for my internet to be nearly half price for the next year, too! I really didn't think that was part of the deal, but it was! I confirmed it when I went to the cable company. $30, rather than $55 per month! That will really help me out. As well as the special I got for the Dish which was free set up, first month free and $55 per month for a year. My first bill was actually -$17! So, I won't have to pay anything until next month!

We just had a downpour that lasted about 10 minutes that woke my mom up. She came out and asked if she heard thunder. I didn't hear anything but the very heavy rainfall. And, now it's gone ... :(

Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26, 2014

It's another nice day, but much cooler. We are getting a storm front moving in that will bring us rain by Thursday, supposedly. It's cloudy.
I just finished steam-cleaning the floors and vacuuming the cabinets. I don't want to do anything else today. So, just playing on the computer and listing a few things and then finishing my knitting project.
Auction: 10 Tea Bag Covers, plus 6 tea tags - for crafts - USED
Auction: 10 Bread Clips for crafts - used

Believe it or not, those little things that most would just toss in the trash do get bid on every time I list them! Surprises me, too.

Can't believe postage went up again, effective today ... .49c to mail a freakin' letter and .34c for a little postcard! Outrageous ... but, I am addicted to mail ... :\

I joined in a 30-day challenge for the flat-footed squat. I already do this daily, but it's a good reminder! The challenge is on Facebook here: 30/30 Challenge Squat It may take a few hours to have your request accepted, but you can still read the posts until then. Here's my pics I took for the challenge:
Nikky had to make sure I was doing it right! I was kind of tense. I can squat lower than that ...
I hate having my picture taken ... even by me ... :\

Listening to another Daniel Vitalis interview. Always good stuff! How to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Hormone Health in 4 Simple Steps!

200 jumps on the trampoline and 5-minute squat on the trampoline. I had to stop because Nikky almost knocked me off!

So, now, I am squatting in my desk chair for about 20 minutes and that will be my 30 (or more) minutes for the day adding what I did earlier in the day.

Finally making time for some tea before I get to my knitting. Barley tea. I tried it a while back and really didn't like it. I think I may have steeped it too long, so trying for a shorter steep and hope it's not too strong. I'm going to add a cinnamon stick and butter.

Ugh. OK. I still don't like barley tea and I have 13 more bags of it ... blech. I even added sugar and it still tastes like coffee.

Ick. Even cold, it is awful. I think I will have to swap out the rest of them ... need to find some tea swaps ...

Great. I have a headache ...

Dang. I'm at the end of my scarf, but I need to find a crochet hook to finish it ... I've got probably dozens of them, but I don't feel like hunting for one right now. So, I'll have to finish it tomorrow after I get home from work ... :(

Well, the headache passed quickly, thank goodness. 

My first batch of kombucha will be done with the second ferment tomorrow! Can't wait to drink some! Just burped the bottles.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 25, 2014

Just got home! We were at the Home & Landscape show from about 11-3:30. Long day. My mom hasn't done so much walking in years! Saw a lot of interesting stuff and got some ideas. Took pictures of the things I liked. Mostly for the yard.
I am starving. Just took nuts to snack on while there ...
I like this idea of a fold-down bench in the shower.
I thought this was a fun idea and pretty easy to do. I can think of a couple of spots in my little yard I'd like something like this.

A full view. I don't think I'd want a fireplace outside!
I have 3 or 4 spots that this little set-up would look great in!
My mom loves rock gardens. One of these days, I might get something together like this. But, what I should have taken a pic of was the building in the background. Made entirely of pallets! It was really cool.
This was the other side of the pallet structure. These little rock gardens were made with lava rocks.
This is the type of raised bed I am planning on building once I get my patio leveled.
My mom had never seen a vertical garden, so had to get a shot of this. But, I loved the little water feature below it with the copper pipes.
I think this was my favorite display. It was a rustic little garden work-bench area. This has some features that I had already planned to do around my shed once the patio is done. I want to get an old wooden window and hang it on the side wall with a little wooden flower box beneath it.
And, on the backside of the shed, I want to build a little work area like this.
I'd love to have a fountain in the yard somewhere, but it would have to be much smaller than this. I like the layout of this, though, with the rustic doors and flowers around it. There were a LOT of water features displayed throughout the show.
I really enjoyed myself and I think my mom did, too ... other than complaining about all the walking (she has a bad knee and was using her cane) and all the people getting in her way ...

Trying to catch up with good podcasts and other interviews from Dr. Chris Kresser, Daniel Vitalis and Mark Sisson and some others. Some of my gurus. ;)
Eat like a caveman, save your life!

Check out this site and sign up for the sequel to The Gluten Summit from last Fall (which I missed!) "Now That You Know, Where Do You Go?" Gluten Summit webinar Once you sign up, you have access to some of the interviews from the first The Gluten Summit, plus a cute cartoon from NPR about gut health. The sequel summit starts Jan. 30! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

January 24, 2014

It's really been a busy few days. Work is kind of ridiculous right now with the number of special projects in all of the stores ...
I had to take today off. I was determined to get the light working in my bathroom and in the corner of the kitchen. When I replaced all of the sockets, etc. the other day, I think I re-wired the GFCI in the bathroom wrong since nothing would work. I tried every way I could think of to wire it this morning ... Still nothing. The little button would not reset right ... I finally got fed up and just put a regular outlet there and then everything worked perfectly! Gah! I will try again in the future when I can think about it more. But, at least I have light again!
This little fixture in the kitchen corner gives more light than the old one did. I love it! Can't wait to have time to get the rest of the kitchen lights replaced!

I bottled my first batch of kombucha tea today. It's on it's second ferment and will be ready to drink by Monday! Check it out on my food blog: Kombucha Recipe

I also made a new batch of milk kefir.

We are watching Blazing Saddles right now. Hilarious. Haven't seen it in years!

We are having a heatwave. Really. It got to 79F and broke all kinds of weather records. Crazy. Supposed to be warm all week.

We are going to the Home & Landscape Show at CalExpo in Sacramento tomorrow with the free tickets I got a couple weeks ago. We'll be going after the cages are cleaned. I'm taking the camera with me in case we see any interesting ideas we want to use.

I have a really bad headache (not a migraine, thank goodness ...) Annoying!

Time for some tea! Still have a headache. Took some willow bark and feverfew a few minutes ago. Hope that helps ...

I had thought I was going to have to re-do the scarf I'm knitting as I am running low on the yarn I am using for it and won't have enough to make the headband. But, I decided to make the headband in one of the matching colors in the variegated yarn that is in the scarf. So, they will still match somewhat. We'll see what's left when it is done. I'm about half-way, I think.

The scarf is now 2 feet long! I want to do a few more inches and then finish it off. I should be able to finish it tomorrow and start on the headband!

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

OK. So, I went to Home Depot to get receptacles (sockets), switches, switchplates, & another light for that corner in the kitchen. Started working on replacing all of the sockets and switches in my bedroom, bathroom and the switch to that corner light. They are all on the same line, even though they are in 3 different rooms! The wiring grid of this place is nuts! Anyway, I bought a GFCI socket for my bathroom. I do believe I wired that one wrong, as still ... nothing works ... :( But, I am so tired, it will all have to wait for another day ... Luckily, one of my sockets in my bedroom is on another line, so I can still have light in my room from the hanging light plugged into that one. I replaced that socket, too, so I haven't forgotten how to do it right! But, I have never wired GFCI outlets before ... Only other thing, if I did do it right, I will have to replace the fuse for that line. If that doesn't solve the problem ... I'm screwed. I have re-wired walls in the past. I do NOT want to have to resort to that ... it is so not fun.

My mom is happy to have the power back on ...

I did not get to paint today ... :(

Have to get my paperwork ready for tomorrow ...

I am screwed this week ... same as last week, I'm short on gas until Thursday ... And, I am really not sure if I have enough gas to get to the stores I need to get done tomorrow in Sacramento ... I can scrape together about $5, so can get a gallon or so of gas, so that might get me there and back. I have about a 1/4 tank right now.

This is a great site for finding healthy, sustainable foods:

I'm finding some cool channels I've never seen before. I'm watching some old Roy Rogers series on FETV. Last night, the old comedies I watched were on HDNet TV. Nice to get something different once in a while. I still have what seems like hundreds of useless channels to lock out, though.

Wow. The Lone Ranger not played by Clayton Moore! It's John Hart. I don't remember these. Still had Jay Silverheels as Tonto, though.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 19, 2014

I'm freezing again! I did have to go forage for weeds for the bunnies this morning. Outside. In the cold. The things I do for my critters ... Thank goodness I'm going to the co-op this afternoon for the craft circle and can pick up another bunny box of free greens.

Almost time to turn the power off so I can work on the light in the laundry room. Fun ...

I did it! I had to go back to Home Depot and get the right adapter, though. Laundry room has a new light and it works great ... BUT, it did not solve my problem in the bathroom. So, tomorrow, I'll get new sockets and switches. I just might get them for the whole house and replace them room-by-room a few at a time. I haven't decided, yet. But, it really needs to be done. I really want to get GFCI sockets for the bathrooms and kitchen ... those are expensive, but necessary.
It gives off a much better light than the old one did. I'll be getting a couple more of them for the kitchen, too.

Another day of no painting. And, no pompoms made. I have to leave in a couple of hours to go to the craft circle. So, I think I am going to have to give up on making the pompom pillow or rug for another time when I have more time! I didn't give myself a long enough deadline for this. So, what to make for a 2-year-old girl ... Something quick and easy and cute. I need to look through my yarn stash again ...

I found a couple of cute patterns that look pretty easy. A headband and scarf. If I have enough left of the colors I'm using, I might make a hat, too. Pretty sure I have enough. Got everything ready to take with me. Going to eat some lentil soup before I go.
I got my e-Reader charged and .pdfs of the patterns I found on it. Picked out my colors and have the yarn and loom I'm going to use packed and ready to go.

Just got home a few minutes ago. Enjoyed my time away! I got this done:
I'm combining 3 fingerweight yarns to make a bulky yarn. I like how it is turning out so far. This will be the scarf. I've got about 6 inches done of a 36" scarf. So, not bad.

I've been knitting since I got home. This scarf shouldn't take too long to finish. I just caught the tail-end of Spaceballs and Young Frankenstein is next! Fun. Love these comedies.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 18, 2014

I am so cold this morning. It was 41F when I got up at 7 and it has gone down to 37F right now ... odd.

Got all the cages cleaned and critters fed and floors steam-cleaned. Cleaned Nikky's yard and we walked to the mailbox. It's nice out now. 60F.

Going to have some chia tea for lunch that I made last night with pomegranate white tea.

Need to add veggies to the bone broth in a bit.

Second load of laundry is in the washer.

Dish installer should be here soon.

200 jumps on the trampoline.

Ah, dish guy just called. He's finishing up an install down the street and will be here in about 20 minutes! I think that most of the homes in this park are switching to dish as the cable has gotten so expensive. And, keeps going up!

Finally! My Home Depot payment finally went through to show on their website. Maybe they'll stop calling and not leaving a message! And, I can go get new sockets & switches for my bathroom and hope that will fix my problem in there and I can use my lights again ... Will go after the dish guy is done. I've been using my jumbo flashlight in there!

The install took longer than I thought it would, so no painting today. After he was done, I went to Home Depot and got some nuts, jerky, toilet paper and a new light and ceiling adapter for the laundry room hallway. It turns out (most likely) that the problem in my bathroom is due to the fact that the ceiling light adapter (damn plastic!) had broken and the light fixture was hanging by its wires!!!! I didn't even notice it (I don't look up in there!!), but my mom did! The light still worked! But, the ground wire had come loose ... So, I will be replacing that in the morning and then see if the rest of the line works again.
This is the light I got to replace it: Hampton Bay Oil-Rubbed Bronze 2-Light Flush Mount
It sort of matches the lights I got for the kitchen, which are discontinued ... so, I can't get the actual matching pendant and flush-mount, so I will probably get another like this one for that corner of the kitchen that blew out earlier in the month ... I'm going to have to replace all the lighting, etc. little-by-little. I'm not really surprised, since the place is nearly 40 years old and almost all original ...

Waiting for the bone broth to cool off so I can strip the meat off the bones. We were going to have lentil soup, but it is getting too late. So, we are having the last of the pork shoulder steaks and eggs.

It's going to take a while to get used to all these weird channel numbers with this satellite dish!

I need to call Wave to discontinue the cable TV service ... I'll have to do that in the morning ...

It got to 71F again today. Nice!

Looks like I am going to have to figure out how to lock some of the channels or whatever to make sure my mom can't get them. I don't want to pay for some PPV thing she accidentally orders ... she's driving me nuts with this already.

Well, so much for doing anything else tonight. I've been watching old eps of The Virginian. I forgot how much I enjoyed that show when I was a kid. Trampas!! I always watched everything that had Doug McClure in it!

Well, I'm pretty disappointed in the satellite. It's going to take me several hours to lock out all the useless channels that I don't want. When the guy talked to me about it, I asked him outright whether there was a level that did NOT have sports or foreign language channels. He said yes. There are so many that I lost count! Grrr. I would not have signed up for this if I knew I was just going to get all the same crap I had with the cable! Actually, there's way more crap channels! Plus, my mom is complaining that we don't get TMC now ... can't win. Stuck with it for two years now, so we'll have to get used to it.

Friday, January 17, 2014

January 17, 2014

Whew! This crappy week is finally over! I should have a decent pay next week and be able to catch up on a couple of things. But, gas is still going to be a problem until Thurs. I have less than half a tank left ...
Tomorrow, we'll have the satellite guy coming to install the dish. I might be able to get some painting done, too, after I clean cages.
Sunday is the craft circle at the co-op.
Monday is a holiday, so I will get some more painting done then.
Back to work Tues.

Just started a crockpot full of bones for bone broth. We'll use some of it to make some lentils tomorrow. We are getting down to the dregs of what food we have left ... :(

Going to make some chia tea later ...

Load of laundry in the washer. I've gotten behind in my load a day (aside from the critters daily laundry) and have a mountain!

I'm going to cut more yarn for pompoms before dinner (broiled pork shoulder steak with broccoli! And, milk!)

Second load of laundry in the wash!

I made a postcard and an ATC for a couple of swaps & they are on my craft blog: I Love Tea Postcard & Above The Crowd ATC

I've pretty much downgraded what I am making with the pompoms, since I have such a short deadline ... I'm going to make a pompom pillow instead of a rug! Much more manageable in the short amount of time I have ... I think ... I'll still need to make about 63 pompoms!! Maybe I'll make my mom cut out all the 3-inch lengths for me! Ha!
Check out this holiday sale at QuinGem's Creations Little Online Shoppe!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16, 2014

Well, I got a bit more money in my direct deposit from work than expected, so can get some food and gas and hay for the bunnies. Just hope my oil check is in the mailbox ...

My mom is in a better mood this morning, I guess. She's finally checked her blood sugar since starting on the potato starch and it is way down. (She lied to me the other night and said she had been testing and it was still higher than she liked ...) And, she's only taking 2 tablespoons at this point (working up to 4 T. soon.)

And, now, I'm having issues with the wiring on one of my walls. I think it is one of the sockets going out either in my bathroom or the bedroom wall it backs. So, can't use it right now ...

I am freezing this morning!

What a very long day! I did get my oil check ... but it was waaaay lower than it has been in a few years. Only $300. But, I got the Home Depot CC caught up so hopefully they will stop calling! And, I paid part of the utility. I'll pay more on that next week. I got home after 4 and I no sooner started on my paperwork than someone came to the door. And, it was not a bad thing (I hope!) It was a rep for the local dish network with a pretty good deal on a dish. So, we are switching to satellite for the TV, but I'll stick with Wave for my internet for now. I got the installation fee waived and a year of discounted TV with a 2-year contract. I'm not really thrilled with having a locked-in contract, but I can always change back to the cable after that time ... We'll get all the same channels we already have, too. And, possibly more. We'll be getting it installed on Sat. & get the complete channel line-up at that time.
Tomorrow looks to be an even longer day than today! So many resets, so little time!!! It will be a full 8-hour day tomorrow.

Getting some mailings packaged for tomorrow in a bit. Making tea now.

New White Collar tonight!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15, 2014

Well, thanks to my mom, it's the start of another crappy day. With no escape. She's already made me cry for an hour this morning. I feel like I'm trapped. And, it's still illegal to kill people ... right? :(

I'm so depressed I don't want to do anything now.

Good. The bitch is going to hide in her room today.

Stop threatening my cat ...

Well, so much for that ... now, she's rearranging the damn kitchen again ...

It's been nice & quiet for a while. I've gotten 4 pompoms made. I made a little one for Ezra, since he can't seem to find his other 2. That one was just the right size for him. But, way too small for the rug. That was using the largest Lion Brand pompom maker. So, I had to make my own form using a CD and cardboard. Perfect size for what I want.
Huh. I guess making me lunch is supposed to be an apology for the crappy morning she caused ... :/

Well, since I had such a bad start to the day, I am really not in the mood to paint ... oh, well ... I'm making more pompoms ...

OK. I found a much easier way to make the pompoms! I just cut 120 three-inch pieces for each pompom and tie them in the middle. And, my fingers don't cramp holding the round form ... it's going a bit faster now.

This rug will be in various shades of blue with a white initial in the center. I should have quite a few pompoms made before the craft circle on Sunday and will be able to take them and tie them to the backing while I am there.

So, I have 9 pompoms made ... this will take a while! ;)

I have been dizzy for the past 3 hours. It's pissing me off. I hope I don't get a migraine. Dizziness is one of my various auras that will precede migraines occasionally ...

And, my bad shoulder is hurting ...

But, I got my paperwork ready for work tomorrow ...

Time for tea and making more pompoms ... I'm having some Gotu Kola holy basil tea. Not one of my favorites. But, I am trying to use up all my tea so that when I stock up again, it will just be with the ones I really like. Sometimes I wish you could just by a single pack of tea just to try it out instead of a box of 20 or more and be stuck with something you don't like much. I'm hoping to get more loose bulk teas in the future, too. That's the best way to just get a small amount to sample.

I got 12 pompoms done by 5pm. I should make more, but want to get some other stuff done tonight. Plus new Criminal Minds and CSI on later.
I sure hope my oil check is in the mailbox in the morning ... We are nearly out of food other than frozen fruit. I need to get gas and food with my little work money that gets direct deposited. But, I REALLY need to pay the utility bill and the Home Depot CC bill with the oil check (I've been getting too many calls from them on the answering machine - but no message! I had to look up the damn number!) I'll probably have to change the phone number after this mess is fixed ...
I really don't want to borrow more money from my cousin ... I had hoped to be able to pay him back next month for what I borrowed in Nov. ... :(

Time for some chocolatté maté tea and Criminal Minds ...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 14, 2014

I got the 3 stores serviced as planned today. Got home at a decent time. But, sadly, no oil check in the mail yesterday or today ... so, no work tomorrow since I don't have enough gas to get out of town and back ...
The weather is supposed to be nice again tomorrow. So, even though my wrist is still bothering me, I'm going to paint in the afternoon ... if the wind doesn't come back ...

I'm trying to decide what craft I want to take next Sunday to the craft circle. I did not like how the choker was turning out, so I will wait and re-do it when I have some waxed floss that's a little stiffer than the plain embroidery floss. I might go through some of my yarn later and get a small blanket started on my long scarf loom. We are running out of old towels and sheets for Robin and Sheriff to lay on. I change them out twice a day and wash them, so they're getting really holey ... So, I want to make a bunch of little blankets (about 18x24 inches) for them that have a fairly tight weave.


Auction: Jumbo Rubber Bands - 5

I think I found the craft I will take with me to make on Sunday. It's a simple baby blanket made with a fashion stitch. I'm also going to be making something simple for a baby's 2nd birthday present later this month. Searching for an idea now ...

OMG! I just found the perfect craft to make. A pompom rug! I have everything I need to make it, including the rug base! And, I already know the design I want to make on it. Her initial!

And, I found an old project on my vintage Straits loom that I can use as the start of a blanket for one of the bucks! I already had 2 squares done and 1 started. I probably started it ten years ago! I'll take some pics tomorrow.

I also found an old finished cross-stitch I'd made with a Hallowe'en design. It's cute! I need to frame it and put it up for sale ...

I have to go through my yarn tomorrow when I have more light.

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Yay! The start of a new week. Hah! Hope it's better than last week and my oil check arrives ... I'm about 13 days away from no utilities if I don't get part of it paid soon ... we shall see ...

I have 3 stores to service today. All with special projects. It's going to be a very long day. I have to stop at the co-op for a bunny box, too. Thank goodness that is free or the bunnies would be very hungry! I would be doing a LOT of foraging for their food ...

Moving up to 3 tablespoons of potato starch today. My mom moves up to 2 tablespoons. Annnnd, we will be out of that in a couple of days if I can't get some more ...

Oooh. My PayPal transfer hit my bank this morning! I have a whole $20 now. I can get some food. :) Seriously. All we had left is a roast and lots of frozen fruit and some odds & ends.

It was a very long day. Nearly dark when I got home. I can't drive in the dark. The lights bother me badly.

But, I got the 3 stores serviced and was able to get milk, eggs, butter and potato starch, and a bunny box.

More projects at 3 stores tomorrow. Luckily, here in Woodland, so won't use much gas. I might be able to stop at the 2 banks and compare their loans, too. Should be an earlier day, too.

If my oil check doesn't come tomorrow, I will be off on Wed. since I won't have enough gas to leave town ... but, I get paid from work on Thurs. so will work Thurs. and Fri. (if I can't work Wed.) I am trying not to work on Fridays ... we'll see.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12, 2014

I got a free voucher in the mail yesterday to go to the big Home & Landscape Expo in Sacramento (at the CalExpo fairgrounds.) I just printed out the coupon for it. It is later this month. I've wanted to go to one of those for a while, so this was a nice surprise. It's for 2, so if my mom wants to go with me, she can.

It's foggy today. First noticeable fog of the season. It will probably burn off soon.

My wrist is still in pain, so no painting again this week ... still wearing the brace and used the last MSM cream. Switching to arnica later. Taking willow bark, too.

Huh. I just got invited to an art journaling group on Swap-Bot. So, I joined. I've never done it, but my friend Inger is really into it. Maybe I'll get inspired ...

Gotta finish making a button fairy for a swap today so I can get it mailed tomorrow. It's due tomorrow! And, I'm nearly out of stamps ... better find the buttons to match the wings and head ...

I also have an ATC I need to make that's due Tues.

My oil check better come this week ...

I finished the button fairy! I like how this one turned out. See it here: Vintage-style Butterfly Button Fairy 

Ugh! I've blown the fuse in my office 4 times today!!! And, I don't know what's doing it as I don't have anything extra plugged in or anything ... I may have to replace it ... figures, since I have no money!

Snacking on my last pine nuts and cacao nibs ...

I finally opened a account. What I'm going to do with it, I haven't decided yet ... but, I want to eventually get my blogs off of Google, so I'll probably shift them over there at some point. I hope to get a account later on, but have to decide on a host when I actually have some money ...

My mom has been on a Stargate-watching kick. She's watching the dvds all out of order, though ... She's watching season 1, but watching them all mixed up! ugh!

Eggs and buffalo cranberry sausage for dinner. And, water with potato starch.

Check this out: WATCH: After 46 Years Together, Grandfathers Tie the Knot

Shop QuinGem's Creations Little Online Shoppe for reusable canvas tote bags!

We have wind again! What is with this crazy weather. A nice calm breeze would be nice, but not this 15-20mph winds all day. But, I guess since I wasn't able to paint because of my wrist, it was alright today ...

Having chocolate maté tea with butter! I have no cream or milk, so this is the next best thing! I may try coconut oil next time. Mmm.

This wind is ridiculous. Just had a gust that shook the house! And, it is a cold wind ...

Finished the ATC and if can be seen here: Eli Bowen ATC

Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11, 2014

Getting ready to go to the kombucha class at the co-op's teaching kitchen. I scraped together enough money to get some gas and mail a birthday present. I need to get a 'bunny box' from the co-op before I come home, too.

Just got back from the kombucha class. That was fun. And, got my own SCOBY to start making my own kombucha!

Have my tea cooling to make the kombucha. It's so simple to make, but I needed the SCOBY to get started. I could have just used some raw plain kombucha from the store, but it would have taken quite a while for it to make a baby SCOBY on its own. Plus, the class was interesting and lots of good question/answer going on. Once I get a handle on making it, I'll put up a page on my cooking blog with pics. Probably with my next batch in about two weeks.

In the mean time, here's a pic of dinner! Lamb shoulder steak with fried eggs (2 chicken & 2 dove!) Yum! And, water with potato starch.
 Such a nice big chunk of fat on that lamb! Mmm.

My wrist is killing me ... time for some willow bark. Used it too much this morning while cleaning cages.

Friday, January 10, 2014

January 10, 2014

I've been upset with myself for a few days so haven't blogged anything. I've really screwed up with my bills last month due to the 'shutdown' weeks in November & December with my work (which adds up to a month of no work ...) and my mom's Social Security getting cut last month. So, I am hundreds of dollars past due on about 3 bills, so far. And, no way I will catch up soon ... might even lose my internet & cable for a while ... not sure yet. Depends when my oil check shows up (most likely will be late due to the holidays ...) So, started looking seriously into a consolidated loan of some sort. Checked with one of my banks this morning. Will check with the other 2 tomorrow or Monday to compare. I have 3 credit cards (1 is mine, 1 is my mom's & 1 is joint) I want to eliminate that add up to about $12,000 (most of that from the damn water heater and furnace!) I only want to keep my Home Depot card for a while longer. And, I have no money for more gas to work Monday ... fun ... I may have enough to get a daily bus pass, but I have to go to several stores in Sacramento, so that will be hard.

Hmmm. I have about $20 in my PayPal I can transfer to my bank, so that will help for gas.

Well, I won't see that in my bank until Thursday ... damn.

Plus, I strained my wrist the other day, so I'm wearing one of my old braces. Don't know what the heck I did to it. So, no painting this afternoon since I can't hold the brush very well.

On good news, I have the Intro to Kombucha class at the co-op tomorrow. Luckily, I already paid for that.

I need to find a pawn shop ... huh, how odd. No pawn shops in Yolo County ... will have to go to one in Sacramento ... have to find the ring I always used to use in Florida when I needed money ... haven't pawned it in 13 years. Not sure where I put it ... hunting now. It was my aunt Juanita's diamond ring ...

Can't find it. Will have to think on where it could be around here ... I may have to go through grandma's jewelry and find something else.

Or, my mom's or my aunt Jeanne's ... but, I don't think any of them had any real diamonds like on that ring ...

I've listed a couple of things in my Bonanza shop:
Vintage Sterling Silver Rosary with bag
Beautiful Vintage Red Rosary with box
They were both my grandmother's. They are at least 50 years old. I have about 4 more I want to list. Another day.

I got some old cassettes listed:
 Auction: Soul Asylum Runaway Train Cassette Single - used
Auction: Depeche Mode Personal Jesus Cassette Single - used

Auction: Tracy Lawrence Alibis Cassette Album - used

I have about 10 more I want to list, but I'm done for the day. Need some tea and then dinner.

Dinner will be leftover chicken, and some tapioca pudding. My mom used the last of the milk and vanilla!! So, water with potato starch with dinner.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014

Today didn't start out great. I had a tummy ache which doesn't happen often ... only got one store serviced before I had to call it a day ... I started the day taking a bag of clothes to donate to GoodWill. I wanted to get gas at my regular station, but they were closed for some inspections of their tanks or something ... So, I went on to the co-op in Davis and got bunny food and a few other things. Then, I went to West Sac to get the car washed at my favorite car wash ... and THEY were closed! Will have to try again another day. Maybe they thought it was going to rain since it was so cloudy ... stopped at a Valero station and got gas. Then, on to Sacramento. By the time I finished servicing the store, I had to get home. Of course, now, I feel fine ...

Auction: Personalized Monarch Butterfly Address Labels

I need to get more printer ink this week ... somehow ...

Finally decided on a birthday present to make for someone. Hard to decide when you don't really know the person ... but, hopefully, he'll like it.

I had wanted to join in on the local WAPF butter buy, but after calculating the cost I find that it is cheaper to keep buying the pasture butter I've been using. At least for now. If they ever get into doing a RAW butter buy, I will probably go for that. The co-ordinator keeps saying they are trying to find a source, but it's not happened yet.

Getting a bunch of swaps and auctions packaged and ready for a Friday mailing. Almost forgot that I need to make another button fairy for a swap due Monday! I have all the parts picked out already. Just didn't get it put together yet!

Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

It should be a fairly quick day of work today. I just have one reset and 2 stores I need to talk to and set-up a reset schedule for next week. Here in Woodland.

Water with potato starch.

100 jumps on the trampoline.

Looks like feeding the bucks 3 times a day is working out for them. They didn't wolf down their breakfast like they were starving to death!

Shop QuinGem's Creations at CaféPress:
Well, that was a quick work day. I went to set-up a new store and the store personnel had already done it! Yay! So, I got the reset in another store scheduled with their department manager. Then, I went to Home Depot and spent over $300 on lighting and fans. I got 3 of the kitchen lights and 2 fan lights for the living room and my office. I need to order a matching light for the kitchen corner on their website since they don't stock it in the store. Doing that now.

Well, heck! The ones I want are not available online or at any store within 100 miles ... grrr. That suuuucks. Going to check with the store and see if I can special order ...

Milk kefir with potato starch, vanilla & maple syrup and, a slice of ham with a slice of pepper Jack cheese for lunch.


I've decided to finally start getting real spring water. The closest documented spring (on is in Angwin. A 3-hour round trip. It is a free spring (not inside a state/national park with entrance fees.) I want to make the trip once a month, so I need to stock up on big glass containers! The biggest I have are quarts. I need to check the thrift stores and the co-op for half-gallon and gallon containers. I know I would not be able to lift those big 5-gallon carboys, even though I'd love to have some. I hope to make my first trip next week when I'm able to fill up my gas tank. I really want to make my kombucha with spring water in the tea (I paid for the class already that is next weekend!) and also when I start making kefir water. Plus, just for drinking water that I don't have to buy extra things like dechlorinator and minerals just to make it less toxic!

Ribs for dinner! With some bacon. And, a Mandarin orange. And, milk with potato starch.

This has been a lazy day.

It's also a cloudy day. I wish it would just rain! But, nooooo.

Kalahari Chocolatté Black tea Hazelnut Mocha - mmmmm. I don't have this tea often enough. So good.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5, 2014

8 am
I want to go back to bed. But, too much to do every day ...

Listening to some Simon and Garfunkel music.

Water with potato starch.

100 jumps on the trampoline.
Auction: 10 Bread Clips for crafts - used

Floors cleaned and cabinets vacuumed out.

Load of laundry in washer.

Time to hunt for beads and waxed twine for the project I want to take with me this afternoon to the craft circle.

And, then, get my paperwork together for work tomorrow ... yuck.

Well, I got all that stuff done. I didn't have any waxed twine ... so, I'm going to use embroidery floss. The beads are turquoise and shell. So, it should look alright. I've got enough of the beads, that I might make a matching bracelet and earrings. We'll see how it goes.

Now, to dig out my frames and see if one will fit the Indian Boy cross-stitch ...

Huh. I have no frames the right size ... will have to go to GoodWill later in the month when I have some extra cash. But, I did find 2 antique frames that were broken that held my prints of Cockers that were ancestors of Quinn & Gemini's line ... luckily, the prints weren't damaged, but the frames and glass were trash. That's the risk of having things in and out of storage for over ten years. So, need to get those re-framed one of these days ...

Fresh kefir made.

Kefir with potato starch, vanilla and maple syrup for lunch.

Bucks having their lunch. I was feeding them twice a day, but Sheree has gotten so huge, he needs more to keep his weight good. So, now they get fed 3 times a day ... hungry boys.

My mom is making me dinner before I leave. Chicken wings! Yum. So, I'll have an early dinner as I am leaving at 3:30 to get to the craft circle by 4. It is supposed to be 2 hours. So, it will be dark by the time I get home! I NEVER drive at night ... eep. But, the days will be getting longer soon and I won't have as dark a drive home ...

Cleaned Nikky's yard ...

I'm baack! That was an interesting meeting. I watched wool being carded and also some sheep wool/silk blend being spun on a wooden spinning wheel. (It was pretty, but I wouldn't be able to use anything like that since I'm allergic to wool ...) Several others were just knitting. There were 9 of us there. Two others were new, like me. I think next time, I'll take a loom knitting project. Probably the blankets I want to start making for the bucks' cages. Something simple. Anyway, I enjoyed it. We all ended up talking about rabbits! Most of them have at least a couple. Several, for the wool! The meetings are twice a month. I got about half-way through my macramé project.
Bad lighting in my office ... But, you can kind of see the colors of the shell beads and turquoise nuggets.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 4, 2014

Busy, fast morning. I made my mom help with the cages this morning and she actually did some things without being prompted! Shocker. Then, took her to Payless Shoes and she got 3 pairs and some socks. After that, to the co-op for a few things. Pretty much broke again. Didn't go to Home Depot as my mom pissed me off about going there, so I said the hell with it. I'll go when she's not with me.

It's really windy again, so probably no painting this afternoon.

Going to work on my website, I guess. And, get some things listed online.

Wow. My mom came up with a great recycling idea! Use the butcher paper from all the meat we get for my mail packaging! Most of it does not get any 'meat juice' on it, as they actually are wrapped in those little plastic sheets they use to pick the meat up before they weigh it and wrap it in the butcher paper. Not all is re-usable, but a lot of it is.

100 jumps on the trampoline.

Kefir with potato starch, vanilla and maple syrup for lunch. Mmmm.

Boiling some dropper bottles so I can get them listed later.

Numi Honeybush tea with milk. So good.

I've been cross-stitching most of the day. I should have this little Indian done today. Finally. Hope to start on the framing tomorrow.

Dinner was pretty good. Pork burgers with pepper jack cheese & tomato slice on cabbage leaf! Usually use lettuce leaf for the burgers, but didn't have any. Also had Mandarin orange and, milk with potato starch. No pic ...

Finished cross-stitching!! Tomorrow, I'll wash it, trim it and block it. I need to get some things together to decorate the frame when I find it, too.

Then, I need to decide on my next project to finish. Or, a small, easy craft. I decided that I am going to start going to the craft & knitting circle at the co-op. They meet twice a month. Tomorrow is the first circle of the year and I want to go to see what it's like and hope to get incentive to do different things. I found an old beaded macramé choker that I used to wear - below - when I was a kid and want to make some like it to sell. So, I might get some supplies together for that to take with me. Just have to calculate length, etc.

Cinnamon Tempest tea with milk while watching Emergency! Love that old show. Johnny/Roy OTP! ;)

Drying out the dropper bottles I boiled earlier, so I can get them listed on Listia. One of my best 'sellers' on that site.

Auction: 5 Amber Glass Dropper Bottles - Used

Watching Some Like It Hot on TV. I forgot how this movie started, so I almost surfed by it! I rarely watch TV any more. But, I started surfing channels and discovered that this TV is an HDTV and I didn't even realize it. So, we get more channels than I thought we did! My mom kept complaining that we don't get ION and some other channels we used to get before our cable provider changed their line-up a couple of months ago. Well, we DO get it. In the HD section of channels. I'll have to show her tomorrow.

Friday, January 3, 2014

January 3, 2014

I forgot to share the picture of my dinner last night in yesterday's post. It was beyond good.
I did 100 jumps on the trampoline this morning. Trying to do this every morning.
Busy morning. I paid bills, got gas, went to the pet shop, went to the co-op, serviced 2 stores and set up reset appointments for 2 stores to do next week.

Tomorrow will be pretty busy. My mom wants to go shopping for some clothes, then we need to go to the co-op for some food, & stop at Home Depot for the kitchen lighting ... and, I need to clean cages and paint somehow ... I don't think I'll get to it all ...

Zhena's Gypsy Acai Berry tea! Not bad.

Soup for dinner. Potato, cauliflour, rice, ground buffalo and spices. Mmmm. And, milk with potato starch.

Hmmm. I was going to order stamps from for the first time ... they charge a shipping fee - $1.25! Don't know if I will now ... I can't get a good variety from my little post office annex in the grocery store.
I might just have to go to the main post office next time I pass it ...

Auction: Gone With The Wind (2 VHS Box Set) - Used

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2, 2014

Trying to get back in gear to go to work! I just have one store scheduled today. Going to the co-op first for bunny food and a couple other things. Have to stop at the pet shop for hay, too.

Did 200 jumps on the trampoline.

I got home a couple hours ago. Very easy day. Serviced the one store, etc. I've been trying to figure out my schedule for the next two weeks since I got home. Not going to be easy. LOTS of projects; two new stores to set up. Lots of back & forth getting some resets arranged with the stores ... crazy.

We are having pork shoulder roast with Cajun seasoning; green beans with bacon and red pepper flakes, onions and chives; sweet potatoes with lots of butter; milk with potato starch. I'm hungry!

Today is a first! I've been chatting with both of my best friends at the same time! Happy to have both Darla & Velda online at once. Hope it happens more often!

Auction: 50 Small Rubber Bands

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014

Well, as in any new year, gotta get used to the new number. 2014.

Here's a good quote to start off the day:

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making're Doing Something. - Neil Gaiman

Boy, do I make a lot of mistakes! Hah!

My local WAPF chapter is having another 'butter buy' direct from a local creamery. I'm hoping to get into it this time. I haven't had the money when they happen the past couple of years since I joined the group. It only happens about 4 times a year. I hope to get at least 5 lbs. if I can join in with someone else in the group (they only come in 40-lb. blocks & no way I can get that much, sadly.) I have 2 weeks to come up with the extra cash to join in. I'd love to get a whole block, but no way I'll have enough cash to do that this time.

Auction: 12 various used USA stamps

It's been a nice, lazy morning. I got my paperwork ready for tomorrow (just one store scheduled,) listed a little auction and we are watching the BeeGees concert I listened to last night.

That was a fun concert!
Having a pint of kefir for lunch with potato starch, vanilla and maple syrup in it. Yum.

Second load of laundry running.

Three loads of laundry; changed my bedding; foraged for food for the bunnies' dinner; made more kefir.

I need to go to Home Depot this weekend and finally get the lighting for the kitchen. One of the fixtures blew out this morning. They all need new wiring, so rather than risk a fire, I'm just going to stop putting off replacing all of them. Along with the wiring on the old one in my bathroom.
Blurry picture, so you can't really tell that the socket is blown out. The light bulb had separated, too, but was able to unscrew it. This is in the corner of the kitchen.
Luckily, the glass is not shattered, as I want to keep it and the base of the fixture. Just want to re-wire it.
This is my bathroom fixture. It just needs to be re-wired. It matches that single fixture in the kitchen and I am going to wire it all so that the single is going to hang over my toilet - across from this one that is over my sink.
I hate fluorescent lighting. I can't wait any more to get rid of these and get some lights that actually work. As you can see, this one lights up (barely), but the other 2 on the line (you can see the one at the end of the room) do not at all.
This one never lights up, nor the one at the end (the ballasts are no good.) Not good for a kitchen to not have enough light.

So, the fluorescent fixtures are coming down completely and being replaced by some vintage-looking fixtures. Probably 6 of them in total. Only two will be wired into the house wiring. The others will have chains to plug-in when needed and be spaced around the ceiling in various spots.

Cinnamon Tempest tea with milk for a snack.

Having baked whole chicken legs, pomegranate arils in cream, milk with potato starch for dinner. Yum.

As usual, Daniel Vitalis has some excellent info on his blog. I actually have always done some form of squatting when I could. Even when my joint problems were at their worst. I squat quite often now; at least once a day. I've never been able to really get comfortable sitting 'normally' in a chair the way many people do. I can remember when I was a kid, sitting at the dinner table with one foot up on the chair and always getting in trouble for it - 'ladies don't sit like that!' Ugh. I still do it! Hah! As for the potty, I have a wooden box in front of my toilet (which I started using last year - the box, not the toilet - ;)), but it is only about 3 inches high, so I am hoping to get something higher this year.

I never did hear back from that glass straw company last month, after two emails asking for a replacement. Very disappointed in them. I have to find another company to get one from. I won't shop from them again.

Finally got my Desktop Weather program to work again.