Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 30-31, 2014

As if I didn't have enough problems to deal with ... I discovered a huge one last night ... I have to replace part of my bedroom floor/subfloor ... One of the legs of my bed went through it ... So, I pulled the mattress off and slept on the floor ... and, it was more comfortable! So, I might go back to sleeping at floor level permanently. I need to take the bed apart later today so I can see how much of the floor has to be replaced and also move the old cedar wardrobe along that same (outside) wall. But, before that I need to get up my courage to go out in the windstorm to catch the bus to Davis. 30mph winds today ... and cooooold. It's 40°F, but the wind chill is 29°F! Brrr.

Basically, this day is shot. I have to get to the bus stop by 9:30am and won't be back home until 12:30pm. The things I do for my critters ... and, I'll probably have to do this on Thursday, too ... but, at least it won't be so windy then.

I also need to go over on Friday and talk to my cousin about the floor. It's not something I can do myself because I have no way to haul the wood I'll need ... I hate that. If the trunk of my car was just about 6 inches wider, I could slide the wood in when the back seats are pulled down. But, I've tried that before and no go. Plus, I don't have a circular saw and don't like to use them.

Well, if it's not one problem, it's ten ... Lost power yesterday around noon. Not sure what the problem is. I woke up this morning and the power was back ... Yesterday, when I got back from Davis, my mom said the power had gone out about ten minutes before. I checked with the neighbor to see if he had power and he did. I thought maybe that the high winds we are having had knocked down a line or something ... wishful thinking! So, I called the utility company to find out if there was an outage in the area or if it was just me. It was just me ... figures ... I had already checked the fuse box in the house and the main box outside and could see no blown fuses. But, I went out again and flipped the three outside switches. The top one would not stay in the 'on' position. So, while talking with the utility company, they said they would send someone out to make sure it wasn't a problem on their end ... by then it was after 2pm. I waited another hour, went out and tried the fuse again. Still wouldn't stay, as far as I could tell. I called cousin Curtis ... no answer! He always answers his phone! I called four times and nothing! I called Betty, a family friend, and no answer there, either! I don't know anybody else ... Utility company never called, never came. So, we went to bed at 6, just to keep warm. Curtis called at 6:30; said his phone was on the charger and never rang. He saw the message light when he took it off the charger! So, he is coming over today. BUT, the power was on when I got up, so I don't know what is going on! My mom just came out of her room and said the power came on at about 1:30 this morning as her TV came on and woke her up!

Critters are clean and fed.

Curtis came over, but he couldn't figure out what had been the problem with the electricity ... he said to call the utility company again and see if they have any ideas ... but, I really can't see the point right now ... I just know, I am going to have to try to save my money and get an electrician over here at some point ... somehow. Curtis can't help because his stocks took a dive, so he is low on cash right now ... his brother has been bugging him for money, as usual. He offered to pay his rent and utilities for a couple of months, but big brother basically attacked him and cussed him out, etc. Steven can be violent when he doesn't get his way ... he is beyond a lost cause. Curtis has finally given up on him, I think. He even said, if he ends up back on the street, he's not going to help him again. He's had to help Steven out many times in the past and before that it was their mom (my aunt Jeanne) and dad. But, they are gone, now. It's sad. He's nearly 59 years old and has always expected others to do things for him. He's very intelligent, but never has used that intelligence for anything except (as Curtis said this morning) conniving people.

It's been a long day of cleaning and sorting things. Found a few more things to try and sell and more things to take to the landfill on Friday.

And, I've made 10 simple postcards to mail for PostCrossing and friends tomorrow.

We two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dine;
But seas between us broad have roared
since days of long ago. 

Robert Burns

Let's hope 2015 is our best year, yet! 

Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Busy morning already. I cleaned spots with the carpet cleaner in the Critter Room. Something is clogging the fluid line, so I had to use a spray bottle. Don't feel like taking the machine apart to clear it right now. At least the suction still works!

I got the cobwebs out of the laundry room.

Next is measuring the cords and chains for the fans in the Critter Room and my mom's room. And, drilling the holes for the hooks. I hate doing that. I always get dust in my eyes, even with glasses on ...

Had a rice tortilla with cinnamon butter for lunch again. Those are good. But, that was the last tortilla.

Waiting on a FreeCycler to pick up the metal canisters I listed yesterday. She's on her way.

I measured the chains for the fans. I need to get 3 more chain/electrical cord swag sets to get the rest of the lights up. I have one left, so I'll be hanging the fan in my mom's room tomorrow.

Yay. The FreeCycler picked up! I love when they don't flake! :)

Finished making the Chia Chillers to have with dinner tonight. We're having game bird with salad.
Now, to find all the ingredients to make a chocolate cake! Hope I have everything ...

The cake is in the oven! I made this recipe: Sweet Surprise Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake on page 63 of this book:
B00926FAMG 13 Quick & Easy Gluten-free Cake Recipes (The Ultimate Collection of Gluten Free Recipes)
Emma Charles

Oh, man. This cake is pretty good! I almost forgot to take a pic of it.
I've been doing a lot of cleaning a la FlyLady lately. I've really made a dent in some areas. My bedroom has almost no clutter. I even found a few more things that I decided to list online to sell. My exercycle has been uncovered so I can start using it again, too.

Set of ten stoneware cups. Made in Japan. Early 1980s.
 More stuff to list tomorrow. I just hope something sells this week!

I'm going to 'try' to start a jigsaw puzzle tomorrow on my big craft table. Hopefully, my mom won't finish it for me like the last one. She frustrates me so much. She spends her days reading or making puzzles. But, when I try to make one, she takes over. So, I gave up on them years ago. But, I miss making them! The computer ones just aren't enough sometimes. I started making 1000+ piece puzzles by the time I was 5. So, that may be a 'resolution'. To make puzzles again! And, I want to find a couple of them that were damaged years ago that I grew up with. Mainly a circular giraffe puzzle - I think it was a Big Ben. I did replace my Napolean Bonaparte about 10 years ago. I think I want to make my old Quan Yin on a Rockery first.

Tomorrow will be fun. I have to take the bus to the co-op in Davis for bunny greens. Need to dress warm and take my e-Reader with me, along with the buckets.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 28, 2014

I'm trying to get up the motivation to get ready to go out into the cold. I need to go to the co-op in Davis for bunny greens and maybe a couple of potatoes ... I've scraped up a few dollars here and there.

I made it home. Barely. Driving on fumes. So, I'll be taking the bus on Tuesday and probably Thursday to get more greens. I have enough money left on my bus pass for 3 round trips. I was able to get potatoes for us and some extra salad greens for the bunnies and us.

So, tonight's dinner will be some spicy chicken wings and a salad with blueberries and cheese. Not bad.
Oh, and I also got a box of raspberry tea through Freecycle this morning! So, I need to put something up on there in exchange.

Rice tortilla with cinnamon butter for lunch. And, some of my new raspberry tea with lemon syrup.

I think I'm going to make a Chia Chiller for dessert. The recipe is #39 from Chia Seeds: The Ultimate Collection. I'll be using thawed, frozen fruit rather than fresh, though. The only problem with some of the recipes that call for chia gel ... You have to hunt for how to make it. It's not its 'own' recipe page ...

FaceBook is acting up again. Keeps timing out and freezing. This has been happening at least once a day for a week or so ... No problem with any other sites, so it's not my browser.

Hmmm. What should I put up on the FreeCycle page ... I guess I'll try some books ... later. Gotta get the laundryroom rearranged so I can get to the exhaust hose and clean it out. Fun.

Whew! All done with the laundryroom. It was filthy! But, now I can get to the vent hose much easier and be able to clean it more often. I do need to replace it soon, though. I hate those tinfoil things. I'm surprised it has lasted this long.

Almost forgot to make the chia gel! It's in the fridge now.

Just listed these metal containers on the local FreeCycle page.
And, posted some pet supplies on another local site for $15.

 I'm in a quail group on FaceBook. The more I see and hear them, the more I want them!! I hope I can finish the flight cage next month. And, get the colored leg rings for the doves ...

Auction: 10 Tea Bag Covers, plus 10 tea tags - for crafts - USED

Well, my mom made a good-sized salad and more chicken wings than I thought we had left. So, it's good that I was late starting the chia seeds. They are not gelled enough - still slightly crunchy. So, we'll have the Chia Chiller tomorrow.

My mouth is on FIRE and my nose is running. My mom made that chicken almost too hot to bear! But, it was good!

Nikky learned something new today! How to use a doggy door! She still won't push on the flap herself, but if I lift it she'll go through. It was in the house when we bought it, but we've never used it. Mainly because I won't let the cat out unsupervised. And, when we used the living room as a living room, the shelves with all the VHS tapes on it was against that wall blocking the little door. But, now nothing blocks it. So, I thought I might as well use it. That way I don't have to take my lazy butt out in the cold! Just remove the door-block, lift the flap and let her out. When she comes back, let her in and put the door-block back in. Luckily, she's pretty good at asking to go out. I'd really like to make cute little doors inside and out to replace the ugly plastic door block and big opening, but can't think how I'd make it work on both sides. Oh, well. Something to ponder.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

December 27, 2014

Yesterday was a weird day. Today already feels like it will be, too. I just feel kind of 'off' ... not sick, but hard to explain.

It's only 34°F right now. My hands are freezing. My mom has already blew a fuse with her little space heater. She keeps moving it to already over-loaded sockets. I put it where it won't blow them, but then she moves the furniture around and it's not next to her chair ... ugh. Annoying ...

Critters are fed and clean. Second load of laundry is in the wash.

Still cold. I can't warm up today. Having some tea for lunch. With some rice crackers and cinnamon cheese.
B00ECOVS3S Tiesta Tea Eternity Herbal Tea, Blueberry Wild Child, 4.0 Ounce
Tiesta Tea

My mom cleaned all the knickknacks on the shelves in the TV room yesterday after she took the decorations down. So, today I cleaned the shelves and put all the knickknacks back up for her.

Waiting on a possible buyer for some vintage bowls I have listed in a FaceBook group.
Hoping to bid on some more seeds on Listia that close later today.

Got a couple more things listed online.

I have so much 'stuff' I should be doing ... :(

I hate waiting for people to get back to me about sales, too ...

But, I got my exercises done!

No show on the sales. And, outbid on the seeds. And, my mom is obsessing about there not being enough food to last until next Friday when her SS money comes ... We have enough ... barely. But, there is enough.

So, I finished watching the British series, The A to Z of TV Gardening last night. It was an interesting series and I learned a few things. One of the reasons I'm finally trying to grow ginger was a spot about it on that show. Tonight, I'm going to try a series I used to watch as a kid - Ark II. Should be fun. There are 15 episodes, so it'll take me about a week to watch them all, since they were half-hour shows.

We are having baked turkey wing; and fried potatoes & bell peppers scrambled in eggs for dinner.

I need to look up some recipes for the next few days for the ingredients that I do have ...:/

Friday, December 26, 2014

December 26, 2014

It is cold out this morning. Just came in from foraging for the bunnies. I'll be going to the co-op in a little while to get more greens for them. Luckily, they like Bermuda grass! haha. But, they got some cleavers, dandelion, purslane, mallow and a few other plants, too.

Got greens for the bunnies. Hopefully enough to last until Sunday. Finished the laundry. Shredded another bagful of paper. Organized one of my craft drawers. Now, finding more stuff to list online or cross-post to other sites.

Well, I got side-tracked a bit ... I made more eggshell grit for the doves. Now, I'm re-inforcing the frame of the big cork bulletin board that I had hanging in my bedroom (when my office was in there) and trying to get it hung where my office is now ...

Done. I mounted the cork board on the back of the tall-boy.
Those are two very vintage hotpads that I'm going to re-cover soon.
There is so much I want to do, but I don't want to do anything ... I know. Weird. 
Wow. My mom took down all the Christmas decorations without bugging me to do it! And, she packed them up and put them in her closet! I don't have to shove them back in the shed!

Well, I shredded 7 bagfuls of paper today. With what I shredded the past few days, that should last me quite a while for the hamsters. I also eliminated the pile of magazines and other paper I had stacked by the shredder. And, I cleaned out a drawer in my rolling cabinet and organized all my manuals (appliances, computer, etc. in one of my file drawers!) I've been wanting to do that for a long time. Also, shredded all the manuals from things we no longer have!

The bunnies & hamsters are very happy. They got their greens, and even snow peas.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

December 25, 2014

Happy Pagan Holidays Taken over by Christ-mongers & Corporations! ;) Bet that caught your attention!
Yeah, Christmas ain't what it used to be, that's for sure. I don't think I really ever "believed" in it. To me, Christmas was always stressful. I am not a people person and most of my relatives were not all that likeable ... And, "Santa" ... well, Santa always arrived in a little cream-colored convertible Ford Falcon from the Bay area in the guise of my aunt Juanita. She never had kids and had one neice ... me. And, she had money that she didn't have anyone else to spend it on. So, I got showered with bribes every time she visited, especially at Christmas. She brought more gifts than 'Santa' ... and, a lot of it was 'girlie' stuff. She never really 'knew' me ... for that matter, no one did ... 'be a good little girl' ... so, yeah, the gift-giving can be fun, if done right, I guess. But, most really go overboard with 'stuff' that's never going to be used and ends up in the bottom of the closet ... so much money and time wasted (and sometimes lives) to get a gift that's not really wanted or used or enjoyed. And, 'it's the thought that counts' is a load of bull, really. And, 'the reason for the season' ... well, most people don't even know the 'reason'! And, it has NOTHING to do with anyone being born in a manger, for cryin' out loud! Ah, well ... end of Winter season rant ... for now ... ;)

In other news, I'm about to make some yummy food with very few ingredients. Here's the plan:
Slow Cooker Lemon Pepper Cornish Hens 
No Bake Chocolate Macaroons

And, this, minus the cranberries and orange, but added anise stars, pine essential oil, peppermint essential oil and orange zest!

One batch of bone broth done and jarred; another batch started! Two Cornish game birds washed and in the other crockpot! Holiday air freshener on the stove - smells good! Setting out ingredients for the macaroons next! I am OUT of vanilla!! So, I used almond extract, instead.

Macaroons are in the freezer! Can't wait to have some! They were messy to make, though!

We'll also be having cranberries in a wild rice blend. And, an apple/carrot/date salad.

Now, I need to forage for the bunnies, as it's as 'warm' as it will get today - 55°F. I really need to locate another store that gives away veggie cuttings ... Just going to the co-op was fine when I just had Robin and Sheriff, but it's getting more difficult to go to the co-op every other day and sometimes there is just not enough in the buckets to last two days (four feedings for four adults and 2 babies - plus 3 adult hamsters.) So, I am having to buy more. It will be better in spring, when there is more forage in my yard. The rains we had last week really helped, though. So, there is a lot of new growth.

Sadly, our 3 little Meyer lemons that spent most of the year growing got attacked by slugs and ants ... :( I pulled them off the tree ... better luck next year.
I was able to salvage most of them. The rotted-looking one, I cut the bad half off for the compost and the other half I sliced into my holiday air freshener on the stove. The other 2, I will juice into ice trays. So, not a total loss!
The macaroons turned out really good, but are very cold!
A bit too much flash from the camera!
I'll have 5 lemon ice cubes! Not bad for 2 lemons!

Nikky is savoring her dinner (an hour early ...) She had ground turkey/beef raw pet food mixture (the co-op grinds it from the whole animal - meat, bones and organs), one piece each of dehydrated duck, liver, fish and lamb lung, and this chicken foot. Ezra had the same, except for the chicken foot - he won't eat those yet.
The bunnies and hamsters are having what I foraged this morning, plus cucumber. The doves got a millet spray earlier.

So, I didn't get any sewing done today. I'll finish that hotpad set tomorrow after I get back from the co-op - gotta get those bunny greens ... And, I 'might' lay out the big ceiling fan/light and see where I want to install it in the critter room. I'll at least measure the chain and cord, to see which socket it will reach. I'm still not sure if I will need to get something extra to attach to the ceiling to support it. I'll have to really look it over and read the manual. It is big and heavy.

I am stuffed. Dinner was yummy. And, now that the second crockpot is empty, I'm starting another batch of bone broth. One of my freezers was getting over-run with bones waiting to be cooked down.
The quality of my photos seems to be going down (blurry) ... I may need a new battery for my camera soon.
Exercise - 100 jumps on the trampoline, 4 rolling squats, 10 counter push-ups, 10 seconds door jamb reach.
I'm working up to where I was before I stopped purposely exercising a few months ago. I want to start riding my bike to the local park and using some of the equipment there occasionally. And, get Nikky out more.

I have a bunch of stuff I will be putting up online tomorrow and in the coming week. Hope I get some takers! Need the money. There will be more antiques, a few more books and some animal supplies. And, more affiliate links.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 24, 2014

So, this is gonna be fun. I have $30 to last until January 2. I have to get gas, hay and meat today to last until that time. Hmmm.

Cages are clean. Critters are fed. Making hummingbird food. Need to find me something to eat. Might just make a slushie (I don't want to use up all my milk to make a smoothie, since it has to last ...)
I did get some gas, some meat, hay and the bunny greens. Should be enough greens until this Friday for them.

Mmm. I made this strawberry slushie. I used 1 tablespoon maple syrup for the sweetener, juice from ½ a lemon instead of citric acid, and added a banana.
Need to get load #3 into the wash ... and fill the hummingbird feeders and put them back out. Some pissed off, hungry hummers keep buzzing past the window in the TV room! haha!

I got the grow light put up!! Hope my ginger appreciates it and grows! My mom never did plant the herbs the other day, so I should get those up in the next few days and also the feverfew & skullcap that I won on Listia. So, I'll have quite a few little planters sitting under that light soon.
I really should get those hotpads sewn, but not in the mood today. So, I am going to take pictures of a few things that I hope to sell soon.

I got 2 sets of bowls listed on the local antique site on FaceBook. I don't know if I want to try to sell them on eBay because of the shipping cost. They are heavy ...

Set of 6 Anchor Hocking Fire King bowls. These are avocado green 8-ounce bowls. My mother said she got them out of Duz detergent before I was born (1963.)
Asking $25.00 for all.
Woodland, CA.
 Set of 3 white nesting mixing bowls by Lynn's Stoneware. My aunt got these in the late 1970s. Nice, heavy bowls.
Asking $40 for set.
Woodland, CA.
I think we have taken a turn for the colder. Getting into the 30s at night. And, very cold wind right now when I took Nikky out. Supposed to be 20-30mph tomorrow.

I must get more things listed online tomorrow. Gotta make some money! But, I also have to cook some stuff. I'm making 2 gamebirds in the crockpot, some macaroons, and maybe something else.

Whew. Got everyone fed and in bed. And, did all of my exercises (100 jumps on the trampoline, 3 rolling squats, 10 counter push-ups and 10 seconds of reaching up to the top of the door jamb while standing on my tiptoes - just started doing that.)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 23, 2014

Just used the last of my gas and my last $4 cash to go to Food4Less to get veggies for the rabbits. I knew I didn't have enough gas to go to Davis ... I'll get some cash tomorrow, for the store I serviced last week, that has to last until Jan. 2 when my mom's SS arrives. And, my forced vacation ends that day. I just hope I can sell a few things this week ... but, my mom is already bugging me this morning to put another of the lights up in the kitchen ... it never ends with her. :( My plans each day don't matter ... I get everything organized in my head the night before what I plan on doing & how long it may take and it all gets shattered before 9 am. So, the nightgown she begged me to repair for her today is not going to get done, either ...

We have another light in the kitchen ... big whoop. I'm not in a good mood.
Headache! Gah!

Need food.

Gotta start some bone broth. Getting too many bones stacking up in the freezer.

OK. Bone broth is started. I was nice and sewed a new hem on her nightgown. Now, to try and get the pattern cut for the hotpad/mitt set I want to make!

Well, I got the hotpads cut out. I love the fabric for the square, but not happy with the hanger. May save those for another project and make different hangers for this one. I'll sew them together tomorrow afternoon. I might get the mitt cut out later. I should have just enough batting to do that.
I received the seeds I won on Listia the other day. Hope to get them planted in the next few days. I still need to hang the grow light ...

Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

It's been a long day ... busy day. I went to the co-op for bunny greens, the post office to drop off the presents which will arrive late. Came home and did some cleaning a la FlyLady in my bedroom. Then, I set about sewing. Of course, the old machine decided to act up. The bobbin kept jamming ... :( But, I did finish the two mug rugs I had planned to make. They did not turn out as good as they should have because of all the stopping and starting. So, I just rushed them together to be done with them. They will serve their purpose, but not for sales. I gave my mom one and kept the other for myself. My old one needed to retire, anyway. I let her choose which one she wanted and she picked the butterfly. Yay! I like the blue one better! ;)

I'm trying to finish a gift for a group challenge and my PSP is acting up! Grrr. It's due tomorrow!!

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.― Albert Einstein

Wow. Getting late. Just finished my holiday challenge artwork! With time to spare!

FaceBook sure does 'freeze' a lot, lately. Very annoying. I have to unpin the tab and start a new one or it just sits there and does nothing, other than the cursor spinning ...

This was not my day for things to work right. First the sewing machine, then the PSP, and all day FaceBook was a pain ...
But, I spent some good time with the 2 bunnies. They are getting better about being held.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 21, 2014

Well, it is dark in here ... looks like I may be putting up more lights today ... my office and craft area are like a tomb. Not enough light coming in from the windows (very cloudy) or the other rooms ... sucks. I wanted to sew today ... :(

The sun tried to come out ... and failed. But, I will have light in my office in a few minutes. I found my hanging craft light in the closet! And, my mom moved one of her floor lamps into my craft room. So, we have light!

And, I have the hamsters all cleaned up and 3 extra bags of shredded paper for the coming week. Now, to figure out what to have for lunch and then iron some fabric for the little mug rugs I am making.

I better feed the rabbits their lunch snack! Sheriff is tossing his bowls! Impatient boy!

So, I have my office back in shape. Cleared out a bunch of excess that didn't belong on my floor. Hung the craft lamp up. Now, to eat and then to iron, measure and cut some fabric. 

Finally have 2 mug rugs cut out and pinned. So, tomorrow morning, I'll be sewing them together! These will go in my online shop and cross-posted on several other sites.
Just have to find which drawer I put the batting in so I can cut that to size for the middle of the rugs. They need to be slightly insulated for the hot cup that will sit on it. The little pocket on the right is for an extra teabag or spoon to rest in. You can kind of see my own mug rug sitting on the ironing board in the first pic.

Some people really annoy the hell out of me, yet I can't avoid them ... and, I'm not actually talking about my mom in this instance. ;)

Tea time!
B00ECOWA44 Tiesta Tea Relaxer Fruit Tea, Nutty Almond Cream, 4.0 Ounce
Tiesta Tea
And, I found the batting. I have more left than I thought! Can make more stuff! I have a hot pad and mitt set I want to make, so I'll have enough to do that.

Just had to take a pic of the bunnies eating their dinner. They are 22 days old. They still nurse from Patty, of course, too. And, they love hay.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 20, 2014

I can't believe I didn't get out of bed until 8 this morning!! I am so behind on everything already. So, I just pulled the rabbits' bedding for the washer. Gave the rabbits carrots for breakfast. Pulled bowls and water bottles for my mom to wash and handled the hamsters for a few minutes. My mom is washing the bunny greens buckets as that's what I am transporting the hamsters around the corner to the pet shop in. Then, I am taking a bunch of stuff next door to the GoodWill. After that, I'll head to the landfill to drop off the fluorescent tubes and old light fixtures on my way to the co-op for greens and a few other things. Busy morning. Then, I'll come home and clean cages ...

Got home a few minutes ago. Now, I'm sipping on a very cold smoothie! With my space heater on me! But, I was in the mood for a creamy smoothie.

I can't believe I forgot to take a last picture of my hamster pups! I was in such a hurry this morning to get to everything! :( But, they are all at the pet shop now ... The owners were happy with them and how friendly they were! I didn't handle them as much as I should have, but guess it was enough. They said they would buy more from me in the future, too. And, they might be interested in bunnies if they don't have any of their own in the store at the time (they raise Dutch rabbits and hamsters, too. And, Patty - as well as my hamster Zihna - was originally one of theirs'.) But, not the doves. I can put a sign up for the doves, though, on their bulletin board. So, that's great!
Now, if I could just get Zihna to get pregnant! Damian tries and tries, but it never seems to 'take'. Cassia will have a break until next month. I may need to get another female hamster sooner than I had planned ...

I'm exhausted. I got the rabbit and dove cages cleaned, but the hamsters have to wait until tomorrow morning. I need to shred more paper ...

I did not get the holiday presents packaged in time to send them today, as I had planned, to the few that I normally send to. So, they will not get mailed until Monday and may not arrive at their destinations until Friday. Christmas is Thursday. Sorry. :/

I broke my desk lamp earlier ... It is so dark in here. I'm falling asleep. Fifteen minutes until I start feeding all the critters their dinner and putting them to bed. I might go to bed early, too ...
Flickr user Tom Bronstad/tomsnaturephotos | Morro Bay, California | View a larger image and leave a comment.

You'll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.
~ Theodor Seuss Geisel

Friday, December 19, 2014

December 19, 2014

I'm home earlier than I expected to be. I went to the co-op in Davis first and got the bunny greens. I didn't stop at the GoodWill or the landfill to empty the stuff out of my trunk because it was pouring down hard! I'll do it tomorrow after I take the hamsters to the pet shop. But, the downpour stopped while I was at my store in Dixon, luckily. The reset was at the fuel center across the parking lot from the main store. It's a long walk back and forth, so glad I didn't get soaked doing that!

Now, to get my paper work done and then try to figure out the lighting issue that came up last night! Hope it's just the socket ...

Well, that sucks. It wasn't the socket. So, it's got to be one of the 4 switches on that line. And, I don't have any extra switches and can't get any until after the first! So, I have no overhead light in my office or the laundry room. But, the under-cabinet lights in the laundry room work, as do all the sockets in there.  So, the line runs from the outside carport light by the door to the laundryroom overhead light; then, wraps around to the kitchen to the short wall between the laundry room and my office that has the socket and the switch to my overhead light. Nothing else. The wiring in this place is so weird. It's a double-wide trailer, but there had to be better wiring diagrams than this! So, I'll be using my little desk lamp and opening the shades on the window to get a little light in here. Might give me incentive to change out my overhead light, too. I want this fixture in my bedroom eventually and put one of the new ones in here ... we'll see.

Still can't do my paperwork ... My work website is not updated with this project for me to enter it. I've called my manager, but she hasn't gotten back to me! Annoyed!!

Gotta try to finish putting up that ceiling light in the kitchen today ... so not in the mood, but it's gotta get done!

We has light!! This is the brightest this kitchen has been since we bought the place!
Once I get the other two up on the other side of the island, it'll be the brightest room in the house! :)

Finally got my store entered. Had to email most of the info on the returns to my manager so she could enter them another way ...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 18, 2014

Finally back from shopping. Seemed to take longer than usual today ... weird. But, hopefully, I got enough stuff to last us and the critters about ten days. Except for the bunny greens that I need every couple of days.

And!!! I sold all 7 hamsters!!! My local pet store that is around the corner will buy them Saturday. They are 6 weeks old then. Yay!

Decided to get the one light put up in the kitchen. Resting right now. Got dust in my eyes and it's hot up there!

Well, I got the support thingie installed in the ceiling. The cord is strung through the chain. I'll wire the rest of it tomorrow.

I think there is something wrong with my internet connection. Everything is slooooooooooooow. Can't even get FaceBook open ... weird.
Two Birds
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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
~ Maya Angelou
I ended up restarting the computer earlier. There was some kind of glitch, either in my browser or in Windows. Everything is working now, though ...

Well, isn't that just great. The overhead light in my office and the overhead light in the laundryroom have gone out. Not sure what is wrong, as the fuse did not blow. I think it is the socket in the wall between them that went out and it affected the line. Nothing else in the house stopped working ... weird. So, tomorrow, I'll be changing the socket and hope that is the problem. Luckily, I have extras. It is hard to work on the computer with no lighting. It glares, even though I use f.lux.

I sure said weird a lot in my blog today! Haha! That kind of day, I guess!

Well, the shipment arrived at my store in Dixon, so I'll be working in the morning. Should take me about 2 hours, so hope to be home by noon.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 17, 2014

I thought I'd never get done cleaning cages today! All the doves' cages got extra cleaning (perches/ladders got scrubbed.) Then, I had to figure out how to rearrange the rabbit cages so that Robin wouldn't keep challenging Sheriff and Kayla can't keep starting fights with Patty when she gets out of her cage! And, the male hamsters moved to a bigger tank with a little more floor space.
Gotta rest a few minutes, drink some water and then go to Food4Less for some stuff ...

Look at my yummy apple 'cereal'! Thinly sliced apple, almond butter, cinnamon and cream! Mmmm.
I'm out of nuts or I would've had some on it, too.

Didn't accomplish much this afternoon. My mom wanted to move the TV in her bedroom again. So, of course, that meant moving furniture around ... apparently, it's an all-day thing ...
Didn't get the chains and cords measured for the kitchen lights today. But, I did bring the pot inside that I want to plant the ginger root in! I need to go out before it rains again and gets some compost and potting soil for it ... Yeah. I'll do that now ...

I got my ginger root planted. Took the heat lamp out of the box and decided where to hang it. I'll get it hung up over the weekend, I think. My mom has a bunch of little seeds she wants to plant, so I'll wait for those. Cleaned the empty tank that the male hamsters were in and put it out on the deck. Made a new, bigger nest box for the bunnies. Folded all the laundry and put it away ... my mom is still messing with her furniture ... if I had known she was going to do that today, I would have gotten my sewing machine set up and made some things ...

Raining again! :)

When I went to Food4Less today, I passed by the egg case and they had quail eggs! I almost can't wait to get some quails! But, that won't be until Spring ... but, it was a surprise to see that in a chain grocer.

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Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16, 2014

Just got back from the co-op. Got me some more Wensleydale with cranberries cheese. Love that stuff. And, I got a really good organic ginger root that has a few 'eyes' that I hope to plant later.
Right now I am dismantling the light fixtures in the kitchen. Already took all the fluorescent tubes out to the trunk of my car. Going to eat some lunch and then turn the power off to take the fixtures off the ceiling. Tomorrow, after I clean cages, I'll do the measuring to find the ceiling joists (beams) to support the fixtures and also measure where the cord chains will reach the plugs. I am NOT putting the fixtures on the house wiring. They will all be plug-in lamps with switches in the cords. I will get at least one of them up over the sink and stove area on Friday.

Turning computer off so I can turn the power off.

Yay! I did it! Got those ugly, industrial-looking light fixtures removed from my ceiling! Lots of holes to patch whenever we finally get to painting the kitchen, but now I can get the nice lights up and finally be able to see in there without using a bunch of little under-counter lights that I installed a couple years ago! It's always been so dark in there! The ceiling lights never worked right since we've been here. I removed the drop-ceiling a couple years ago just so I could get to them, but never got around to removing them. But, by Friday, I'll have at least one new light fixture installed. My shoulders are killing me now. I really had no idea how heavy those things would be, so I made my mom get up on the little footstool to help me as I lowered each one (there were 3 of them.) I could have done it myself, but probably would have either hurt myself or ripped bigger holes in the ceiling as it all came crashing down! haha! I tape-wrapped the house wiring and shoved it back up into the ceiling since I'm not going to hook into it with the new lights.
Capitol Reef National Park
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Blue days, all of them gone
Nothing but blue skies from now on

~ Irving Berlin

I am loving this new timer that I found!

Just fixed the space heater my mom is using. Somehow, the no-tip button broke and the heater would not turn on ...

I finally re-arranged the big table and my sewing machines so that I can actually use my sewing machines! I have 2 or 3 things I need to get made this week.

I think I ate too much! We had fried chicken leg quarters; fried fingerling potatoes, bell pepper strips and onions; and milk with potato starch. Stuffed!

It's raining, it's pouring! Love it!

I'm in several groups on FaceBook that, for the most part, are interesting and informative. I just left an animal group that has really been irritating me. It seems many of the members are pretty young, but their insistence on certain things, like the housing size for the animal, gets really dictatorial! And, yet, they insist that the processed garbage they feed is optimal and they wonder why Fluffball, Jr. just dropped dead at only 7 months old, etc. 'Oh, my Fluffball loves those!' Couldn't take it any more, so I left.

I'm loving the color & design combinations of the fabrics I picked for my little sewing projects. Can't wait to make them!

Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

My mom is being very irritating ... as usual. Now, she is bugging me to get the kitchen light fixtures put up (that I bought many, many months ago ...) But, I can't find the swag chains, so it will have to wait. Haha! Plus, I need to buy a part or two that I didn't know I needed when I originally bought them all. So, in January they will get put up. I probably would have put them up already if she hadn't put them in her closet instead of leaving them where I had put them. She's always doing stuff like that! Grrr.

It's been raining all day. Nice. I went out to Food4Less this morning and bought some spinach, cabbage, cucumber, rutabaga and sprouts for the critters. I didn't feel like going to the co-op today. So, I just went down the street and had to pay money for their food. :( Tomorrow, I will go to the co-op, though. Much preferred! But, I will make a salad for our dinner with part of what I bought. We're having lentil & ground pork soup for dinner. So, soup and salad will be nice.

Oh, she found them (just where I told her I thought they were!) in the closet where she had kept the fixtures! So, now, I have to get the damn things up. I'll start on putting them together tomorrow. I have to find the ceiling joists, too. Fun. My shoulders are not going to be happy.

I cleaned out a corner of my office that has been piling up. Several things I bagged up to take to the thrift store tomorrow.
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A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.
~ Roald Dahl
Snowy White Egret
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Laughter can bring a new perspective.
~ Christopher Durang

I won some feverfew and skullcap seeds on Listia today! Yay! Hopefully, my mom won't overwater them like she did my last feverfew plant!
Hope to win some more seeds this week.
I want to get started sprouting some things indoors. I got a heat lamp a few months ago on FreeCycle and it is new in the box. Never opened. So, that will help me get starting growing some fodder for the critters, too.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 14, 2014

I am so over Nikky and her whining. It's non-stop this morning because she is blocked out of the critter room.

I need to start advertising the hamster pups this week ...

Migraine is still tickling at the edges of my brain. Trying to stop it. I need to go to the co-op for bunny greens and a few other things this morning ... then, clean cages that I didn't clean yesterday. They really need it now.

Finally done with the cleaning and feeding. All the critters are clean, fed and happy. Look what I found when I started cleaning ... an adventuresome bunny. Patty says to get that baby out of my hay manger!
Bacon! Yum.

Starry Sky
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For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.
~ Vincent Van Gogh