Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 27, 2015

Surprisingly, it's a better day, so far. Other than my back killing me ... I got the cages cleaned and moved around. Moved the hamsters' cabinets, too. The beginning of my rare furniture-moving effort. I want to move part of my office and open up my crafting area so I can start getting more crafts done. It's so hard to get to everything right now. I can't even really open the drawers of the 2 dressers that are full of yarn. I want to move all the book shelves that are against the wall to the edge of where the rabbit cages start and make a wall with them. That will separate the crafting area from the critters. After I rest and finish my smoothie, I might move a couple of smaller shelves and the tallboy. Depends on if my mom will help and how my back feels ...

Oh, I put a nest box in Patty's cage. She is due in 8 days - June 4. Getting her used to it and letting her play with it. This weekend, I'll be moving rabbits around. Kayla's 2 girls will go in their own cage. Then, Kayla will move into Patty's cage and Patty will move into Robin's cage and Robin will move into the playpen! haha! It does make sense. Really! The only one not moving is Sheriff! But, mainly doing all that because Patty has to be in a cage with the bars and floor grill close enough that the newborn bunnies can't fall out!
All the bookshelves in the pic above this one will go in the area in the middle of this pic.
These shelves (there are two small shelves stacked) will go behind the door by the hamsters.
The tallboy will replace the stacked shelves and my printer table will move where this is.
Hopefully, I'll be able to get most of this done next week. That's the plan, anyway ...

Our little yard is getting so crowded ...
Can you spot Nikky?
Got the stacked shelves moved! Can't do any more. My back won't let me.
Woke up this morning with a terrific urge to lie in bed all day and read. - Raymond Carver

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26, 2015

So, now ... my mom is begging me not to get rid of Ezra! She constantly threatens to kill him, cusses at him, throws him out of her room and slams the door, tells me to get rid of the damn thing ... and, now, wants to keep him. 'He's one of your babies ...' Yeah, I told her that quite a few months ago when her threats were starting to get over-the-top ... I told her that if they were human kids, she wouldn't be threatening them and wanting them gone because she was upset with them. The critters are the only kids I'll ever have or ever wanted ... She has known this for over 30 years, really. But, now, she remembers something I yelled at her a couple months ago ... gah! I've been putting up with this shit for 52 years! And, no, she isn't bi-polar, manic-depressive or have Alzheimers. She's just manipulative ... She's been like this my whole life ... Now, it's 'oh, feel sorry for me. The cat doesn't like me. He scratches, he bites.' ... Of course, he does! He's defending himself against someone who hates him! If it was legal, I'd bite and scratch, too! Or, more ...


And, I thought someone was going to come and buy the shop-vac, but - no show ...

I did get a great swap in the mail. A whole BUNCH of fabric! And, they are all great designs (two actually match fabric I already have!) and will definitely be used on upcoming crafty projects!

I hate roller coasters ... my life ...

Check engine light came on again on the car today ...

One of Little Boy and Squabbie's chicks died yesterday. And, both of Big Boy & Little Girl's eggs were no good ...

Tomorrow has to be better ...

Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

My mom is at it again about Ezra. Can't take much more of this ...

I'm so upset I forgot to take the flag out earlier. I'll do it now.
My mom is such a bitch ... grrr.

I hate my life ... nothing new. I always have. But, I'm stuck here and always will be.

Soooo ... I wrote this last month ... exactly a month ago ... April 25 ... I had hoped things would work out, so I deleted it from my post that day and saved it to text - guess I knew ... it will be done ...
"4-25-2015 ...

Not a happy day for me ... I've made the very hard decision to take Ezra to the shelter on Friday. I don't want to ... but, my mom is becoming impossible about him and he has begun attacking her more and more as he feels her constant anger towards him ... I can't take it any more ... I have to wait until Friday because they charge a fee to drop an animal off there ... $25.00 ... I might do it Thursday and go later to the farm ... I haven't thought it all out, yet ... But, I do know I'll never get another cat. I am not a cat person ... supposedly, my mom is. Oh, she loves cats, blah, blah, blah ... But, Ezzie is not the first one she's had a permanent dislike to. I won't go through this again. I am going to get another dog by the end of the year, though. A buddy for Nikky and me. I'll be looking for an older dog - no puppies. I might start checking up in Yuba County shelter where we got Nikky. It's a small, rural shelter. I am so going to miss Ezra ... :( I just want to cry, but I can't ... weird feeling ... I'm so angry about this, though ... The only other alternative is illegal ..."

I know this won't really solve anything. Once he is gone, she'll find something else to complain about non-stop. She always does ...

My stomach is burning so bad. Stress ... I really need to get some things done today, but just can't function right now. I did get a bunch of 18-gallon bins shoved under the house and found a lid for the next compost bin to start. Need to drill holes in the bin, but not going to today ...

Oh, I have a lemon on my lemon tree! And, still lots of flowers. And, one of my little pepper plants is loaded with peppers that are nearly ready to pick! Hopefully, we'll have tomatoes soon, too.

My back is killing me ... arnica and willow bark are not really helping right now ... hmmm, it's been 4 hours since I took any, though. Better take more.

Almost out of arnica pellets, but can't get more until Thursday ... but, I do have a new tube of arnica gel ...

I'm making the Blueberry Chia Cardamom Pudding recipe from Yum magazine. Page 49. Soaking the chia seeds right now.

In the fridge to gel again until dinner.
I've got hundreds of pictures of animals I used to have. I can't look at any of them, anymore, except Quinn's and Gemini's ... but, I can't get rid of them. They're all I have left of them ... most of them I let down. Just like Ez ...

Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015

Done cleaning cages. Decided to cancel on my park walk with Teresa. Forgot it was the holiday weekend and the park will be packed, I'm sure. I wouldn't enjoy myself with so many people. So, I'm going to sew again today! I need to measure the PVC pipe and fabric for the hall gate. The one I made yesterday worked great this morning keeping Nikky out of the critter room and since she couldn't see through the fabric ... NO whining!! Yay. Usually, she whines so much I have to put her in her room (crate in the bedroom.) She has a very irritating, shrill whine.

Must find food. Bacon, I think, will do the trick!

Almost done with the gate. But, my back is killing me today. I strained it a couple of weeks ago and it is really hurting today more than it did the past weeks!

I need to finish the hem and add the snaps to the gate cover and then will be done with it.


Little Boy and Squabbie are setting two new dove chicks. Hopefully, they will survive in this hotter weather that started back up! One hatched last night and the second in the past couple of hours. Big Boy and Little Girl are on 2 eggs, so may have more chicks soon.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 23, 2015

It has been a mostly annoying week ... I hate banks and am trying to find a way to totally eliminate having to use them, but it's nearly impossible. My work will only pay with direct deposit. And, I have 2 bills that have to be automatic payments ... very frustrating. One little mistake snowballed into over $200 in overdraft fees. That ate up all of my check 2 weeks ago and a third of last week's check. And, to top that off, the kitchen sink faucet broke. So, I had to buy the cheapest crappy faucet to try to install today. So, no Saturday bike ride again ... and no March Against Monsanto ...

But ... I've done a lot of picture-taking, mostly for email photo swaps and I finally learned what I'm doing wrong in my loom knitting that made the cast on side loose. I'm going to practice the new technique I learned this weekend. This is the vid for it:

So, here are all the photos I've taken this week!
I took these pictures for a swap, showing water in nature. We have a severe drought, so this little man-made pond down the road from me may not have water much longer ... but, for now, this little Snowy Egret has a place to run.
My second attempt at a loom-knit dishcloth. Better than the first one, but still too loose. But, I will try the new trick I learned on the next one.
Another puzzle finished. I really liked this one.
The bunnies at ten weeks old.
Most of my Breyer horse collection.
And, my mom is is in another 'mood' ... most of the week has been 'walking on eggshells' around her ... like I don't have enough stress from the bank problem ...

The following pics were for a swap: "These are pictures of my day, today! Most days of the week are like this, when I work. I'm a merchandiser and drive to various stores and service the reading and sunglass displays."
1. This is a dragonfly that had stopped to rest on the screen on my door! I met it on my way out this morning.
2. This is the trunk of my car. The white buckets (there are two stacked together) are used to get 'bunny greens' from my local co-op for my rabbits. I go nearly every day. The big black thing is what I carry all of my work supplies in. It's like a rolling suitcase, but I think it was originally made to carry craft supplies! It has a long handle that pulls out and wheels. Those are my folders for the stores I serviced today. And, of course, all of my reusable grocery bags, etc. are in the trunk.
3. One of the many stores that I service.
4. I see lots of streets since I have to do a lot of driving.
5. One of the many displays of reading glasses that I straighten and dust.
6. One of my favorite places. My local food co-op. I sit at the patio and read and eat my lunch.
7. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, I feed these critters.
8. Every evening I work on jigsaw puzzles while listening to old radio shows.
9. I exercise every day with these.
10. And, I get cuddles from Nikky.
Well, today, I have to fix the kitchen faucet. Hopefully, it won't take too long. I also want to get the PVC gate done today. I decided to make it shorter than I originally planned, so it won't take as much fabric to cover. Then, I can take the old exercise pen outside and maybe start painting it this afternoon. We'll see. Depends how long it takes to do the faucet.

Oh, and Dish finally sent the box and stuff to return their digital box. So, got that shipped. Not sure what to do with the actual Dish, now, though. Scrap metal? I shoved it under the house when I took it down last month. Don't want to leave it there, though ...

I did it. New faucet installed. Sad that I didn't have the money to get one with the sprayer attachment. Will have to get that next month, if I can. We use it all the time! :/ It's the ugly-ass, cheapest one from WalMart. It was $13. But, I did it in about 30 minutes ... after I went back to OSH because I had bought the wrong size faucet hoses the other day.

Yesterday, I finally disconnected my desktop from the wifi and put it on ethernet. Once I rearrange my desk area and a few of the shelves, I'm going to disconnect the wifi entirely and just hook it up when I need to use the laptop or tablet in another room.

I've got the fabric cut for one of the PVC gates and will sew it after lunch.

Just got back from Davis. I went to the co-op for bunny greens and they were slim pickin's today. So, I stopped at the Davis Farmer's Market and scored! Two HUGE bagfuls of carrot tops and other discarded greens. I may have enough for the bunnies to last until Monday! Yay! I think I found another good source of free food for the bunnies, if I'm able to hit all of them at the right time. There are several other local farmer's markets during the week. I'll have to make an effort to check them out this week.

I've got most of the gate finished. Just need to hem one end and put the grommets in.

Can't find the grommets ... :( I know I have lots of them ... somewhere ... I found snaps, though. So, if I can't find the grommets, I'll put in snaps.

Dinner is smelling goooood. I'm so hungry! I'll finish the gate after dinner.

Huh. I found my rabbit ear tattoo kit. Didn't think I still had that. I have so much 'stuff' ...

Finished! I used snaps. Looks pretty good. I'll measure the frame for the laundryroom hallway tomorrow. It will be smaller.
Oh, here is a close-up of the fabric:

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 17, 2015

I sold a bunny! One of the black ones. So, still have one black and one Harlequin-marked. :)
I didn't go for my walk in the park today. :( I had too much to do with the cage-cleaning and trying to fix the kitchen faucet that has come loose from the sink - the bolts rusted out and I don't have anything the right size and no money until Thursday to replace it. So, I am cleaning around it the best I can and then will caulk it in place tonight. Hopefully, it will dry overnight. At least it will keep it from moving for a couple of days.

And, I'm trying not to have a migraine. I was getting the little 'tingles' in my temple and behind my eye earlier ... very frustrating. But, right now, I just have a mild regular headache. Hopefully, it won't become more ...

It's been a pretty nice day, other than my mom being a bitch about Ezra again ... :/

Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 16, 2015

I did it! I finally finished painting the house! Other than a few touch-ups around the windows and doors ... but, I climbed up on the roof and finished painting the carport and deck eaves. Wasn't as hard to get up there as I expected and the wind held off long enough for me to finish!
The before pics are from October.

I've listed a few more things on Craigslist ... no nibbles, yet ...

Now, I need to dig out a couple of my aunt's unfinished blankets and all the yarn that goes with them. I won't ever finish them and don't like acrylic yarn, so hopefully, someone will buy them and finish them. I need to move some furniture to get to the drawers all the yarn is in ...

I'm going to barbecue chicken leg quarters tonight. I'm also going to attempt to make organic popcorn in a cast iron Dutch oven on the barbecue!! This will be the first time I've had popcorn in several years. Hopefully, my stomach can handle it!
I got one of the blankets and some of the yarn out that was in my closet. Now, to move furniture ...

There was more yarn than I remembered ... hope I can sell it all!

Well, the belladonna bulbs are getting picked up in a few minutes. At least all of the extra plants will be gone until next year when they multiply again.

Well, the bulbs are gone. If I could just sell as much as I can give away!!

Finished another puzzle last night. I'm starting on the doll puzzle now.

Getting the barbecue stuff set up, so I don't have to rush later.

Chicken and onions are on the grill. I'll add the Dutch oven with the popcorn in it when I remove the onions and turn the chicken over in about 20 minutes.

I. Am. Stuffed. We had barbecued chicken, barbecued onion, barbecued popcorn, olives, and raw milk. All of it was YUM! I was surprised the popcorn turned out so well as I'd never made it that way before - in a Dutch oven over a flame! Almost all the kernels popped and I didn't burn it! Now to wait and see if my stomach gives me a problem about eating it ...

I have started making the gates to block off the critter room and my office. Tomorrow, I want to start painting the old exercise pen black. That's what I had been using as a gate, but it is so heavy and many times it just falls over and hits my desk or the shelves ... :/
The fabric will be sewed like a pillowcase or pocket for the PVC pipe frame to slide into. Then, one end will have little grommets along the edge for ties to go through.

Ooh, a possible bunny nibble. Hopefully, he'll come tomorrow and buy one!