Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016

Just finished giving Gypsy her first real haircut with us. Bought a cheap Oster clipper at Wally World - HATE shopping there, but 'must needs' and all that. Had to get a clipper and can't get an Oster Golden A5, like I used to have when I was a real groomer, right now due to cost ... So, I got an Oster Calm Clips. Damn thing has no power, but I did what I could with it ...
Her skin is very splotchy and dry, with lots of little bald spots from the fleas and mats. Next month it should be fairly smoothed out and I'll be able to see where she really does have skin damage and scarring. I do think she is missing part of an ear flap and can see/feel scarring in a couple of spots.

She and Nikky are doing better together. Just the occasional growl/nip from either of them.

She has adjusted very quickly to raw food and I'm slowly upping the amount, so she should start putting on some weight soon.

Next week, I start working on her teeth - scaling/tartar removal. Fun ... I do know she has 2 chipped canines and her lower incisors are crooked. Once I assess her teeth, I'll be able to give her bones to gnaw on.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 10, 2016

Is this cool, or what!? My first batch of colloidal silver. The negative wire is 'smoking' and the positive wire is 'bubbling'. Normal. Should be done in a few hours.
This first batch will be mainly for external use, since I didn't have any distilled water - will get a jug tomorrow. This is just straight - blech - tap water. I really need it for Gypsy. Working on her eyes and did not have very much left from the little bottle I had bought about a month ago - damn expensive ($10 or so for only 1 oz.!!!!) Only costs a fraction of a few cents to make my own. About $10 for the .999 silver ribbon, $1 for the alligator clips and however much the distilled water is. The adapter was left from some electronic thing I had in the past and just want to get a TDS meter in the future and that will be less than $5 on eBay. So, distilled water will be the only ongoing cost and 1 gallon will last a very long time. I hope to eventually make my own distilled water, so even that cost will be eliminated!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

July 9, 2016

I think I finally have what is looking more like a Cocker Spaniel today. She got more trimming, brushing, combing and another good bath and blow-dry. She's had colloidal silver sprayed in both ears and on both eyes. She's had her first raw food (beef stew meat) and raw milk. She's sleeping now. She slept an exhausted sleep last night. Nikky is extremely jealous, the little shit.
She has a lot of alopecia on her front and rear from fleas and mats pulling the hair out. Amazingly, her ears had the least mats, so I was able to save most of the feathering. I'll be able to even out her coat better next month when I can get some good clippers. The irritation is almost gone from her left eye, as you can see. The right has the severe cherry eye - didn't get a pic of that right now - but, it seems less inflamed now, too. No facial hair poking the eyes constantly and the colloidal silver will help. And, I don't think she is completely deaf ... I think she does hear certain tones.
Oh, and her new name is Gypsy - Precious Gypsy Calypso.

Gypsy has decided that she likes the corner of my office. Nikky isn't so sure she is happy with that, yet!
You can sort of see the cherry eye in these pics. It was a bright, bloody red when we brought her home last night. Now, it's kind of a dull, rosy pink and doesn't seem as swollen.
I now have nearly everything to make my own colloidal silver. Can't wait to start making it next week ... sooooo much cheaper than buying the tiny bottles. My only ongoing cost (because I think I will be too lazy to make my own) is distilled water. I should look more into making my own, though, since I can't find it in anything but plastic gallon jugs ...

Friday, July 8, 2016

July 8, 2016

WooHoo! Going to pick up my new dog this evening! She is a rescue black American Cocker Spaniel! She is special needs (deaf) and about 7 years old. I can't wait! I've set up my old grooming table and found all my combs/brushes/scissors, etc. I may have to buy a clipper soon. I sold all mine about 15 years ago. Nikky and my mom are going with me to pick her up. Her foster sent me this pic last night.
Will take better pictures this evening.

Whew. I am exhausted! I've spent the past 4½ hours stripping this poor dog and getting the fleas off of her and cleaning the area I cleaned her in ... She was so filthy, matted and flea-infested! Really pisses me off ... I have more work to do on her tomorrow, but we were both fed up. But, she is clean and in bed, now. I could not leave it all until tomorrow. I don't need Nikky or the rabbits to get fleas! Here is a pic of her and Nikky when we brought her home. More pics of the clean dog tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 6, 2016

Well, this past weekend did not go as planned ... nothing new there! Went to the shelter in Sacramento to see about adopting a dog. Took my mom and Nikky. Had a specific dog I wanted to see. Was SECOND in line ... once we all got through the door, two ladies (that came to the line nearly an hour after us) rushed to the kennel and grabbed the paperwork of the dog I wanted ... Very disappointed in the way they had things set up. Very unorganized. So, we didn't get another dog, yet. I think I will stick to looking throught the individual ads on Craigslist and FaceBook. And, to top that off ... spent Sunday and Monday working on plumbing again ... Put in another access point to the drain line ... Pretty soon there will be more access points than pipe ... I have never lived anywhere with worse drainage ...

Just took this cute picture of Robin. My mom says she always thinks he is dead when he sleeps like this. But, he has always done it. He's just comfortable sleeping this way. He opened his eyes just before I took this pic.
The 'new' vintage wheels arrived in the mail for the old TV stand that I am using as the base for Freddie's cage. The stems were too small, so I wrapped them in black felt and they fit perfectly. Now, we can safely roll it without worrying the wheels will crack further!
New wheels
Hopefully, tomorrow, I will get home early enough to paint the old stand. My mom has wanted to get rid of it for years because it is so rusty and the wheels were in terrible shape. It was our very first TV stand when I was a baby. I kept telling her we would have a use for it one day!

I finally got around to 'waking up' my poor kombucha SCOBYs! I gave one away and I am brewing two and one is still in the SCOBY Hotel with fresh tea on top. I am experimenting with the new batches. I thought I had enough black tea ... but, I only had 2 teaspoons or so!! So, I mixed in about 3 teaspoons of hibiscus tea! It made for a pretty pink tea. It will turn my SCOBYs pink, but that's OK!
It's hard to tell in the picture that they are pink. Should be ready sometime next week!

Oh, and, of course ... the idiots doing the road sealing (they are sealing the roads in the park that were re-paved a while back) are doing the map ass-backwards from the one that was given to all of us who live here. The map we got shows that my street should have been done today, which would have worked out great since I am always off on Wed. and would not need to move my car ... but, noooo. They did it yesterday and I had a hell of a time getting my car out and then having to park it across the park last night when I got home! Neighbor Martin has 5 cars that he had to find a place for (his wife owns a house-keeping business and has a fleet of them!) It's been a crazy few days with the parking problems for everyone around here that had made previous plans to the map we got ... There are now 6 cars parked in front of my house in the road ... hope I can get out in the morning ...

Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2, 2016

It's finally been decided ... we're getting another dog! I've actually been looking for about a month ... Just found out that one of the shelters in Sacramento is having free adoptions this weekend! So, we are going tomorrow at noon to check them out. There is one named Alicia that I am really interested in. There's also one named Chi-Chi at another shelter that is 11 years old and we may go up and look at ... both are Chihuahuas. But, we are open to any small, female dog.

The chickies had watermelon for lunch ... loved it! They also got their first day of having the 'big' yard open to them. That is where their coop is, so they have to walk from the tiny backyard through it to their coop at night ... They had a blast. But, they kept going to the backyard because it is shady and their water was there. Hope to have my fence back up permanently by the end of the month and they will be safe in that yard. We took it down when neighbor Martin put up his picket fence. But, the space is too wide between the slats and their chickens and dogs can get through, so I am sure mine can, too! I was not happy about that. So, there will be a double fence for about 20 feet. Right now, I just have the panels leaning along his fence. They just need to be re-attached to my metal posts that I never pulled out of the ground.

Today's to-do list:
100 jumps on the trampoline - done
Rip 2 DVDs - done
Vacuum cobwebs from ceiling - done
Clip Nikky's nails - done
Clean under computer and monitor and floppy disk file box - done
Make fly bait and hang fly catcher jar in chicken yard - done
Make strawberry/yogurt popsicles - done

Just had one of the popsicles I made earlier. Held the stick out for Freddie and he tried to attack it and got a taste. Surprised him! Then, he wiped his beak on the perch! Not sure if he liked it!

Firecrackers going off ... :/

Friday, July 1, 2016

July 1, 2016

So, I saw this fun idea on FaceBook the other day and decided to try it. Freeze veggies and fruit in a bundt pan for your chickens to help keep them cool in hot weather! They love it! They have mixed veggies and mango, today. The two oldest chicks are too bossy and try to keep the younger ones away!

And, of course, the beginning of my 4-day weekend is starting off with a migraine!! I had so much planned ... :/
At least I got the bills paid, the grocery shopping done and bought 3 more fence panels and 10 border bricks ...
Today's list of things to-do (on top of the above and so many other things not on the list!):
Clean shelf above computer - done
100 jumps on the trampoline - done
Rip 4 DVDs - done
Make strawberry gelatin - done
Cut my nails! - done