Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016

I am feeling much better today! No migraine!

I didn't find the key to the red trunk, but I was able to pick the lock without wrecking it! Some of the books I'll be keeping went in there. All of John Barrowman and Chris Colfer's books that I have and the dictionery that my grandpa John bought when my mom was 6.

My mom has gotten 2 of the aquariums cleaned for me and is working on a third one. Without prompting! Taking pictures of the first one today, to post on the selling sites. There are 6 more to go.

I've been getting a little spackling, sanding and painting done in my bathroom, each day. Little-by-little, it is getting done.

Well, I have to work tomorrow, and on Friday I'll be working with my manager - time for my yearly raise ...

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30, 2016

Ugh. I feel awful. Migraine.

Not accomplishing anything today, other than work this morning. Luckily, the migraine hit after I got home.
I have so many things to do!! I really need to find the key to my big red trunk. I want to put the books in that, that I am keeping. I don't want to break the lock on it, like I had to years ago with the blue trunk ... most of my vintage dolls and toys are in that one ...
And, I need to paint more in the bathroom ... but, not gonna happen today.

Here are a few pics I took of the rabbits the other night. Sheriff's old cage is history. He had one identical to the one Robin is in. But, nice and fancy (and expensive) does not mean long-lasting. The metal is too thin for long-term use. It could not handle male rabbit pee. The corner of the floor where it joins the leg and the upper part of the leg rotted through from rust. As heavy as Sher is, I'm glad it didn't fall! So, he is now in a regular rabbit cage. I'll most likely have to get one for Robin, eventually.
I got my old XP desktop computer running last night. It runs better than this Vista laptop! But, it does have some issues of its own making it slow. I think that was why I had stopped using it ... Still need to work on both the Win7 desktops to figure out why they won't boot up ... hopefully, I'll feel up to it tomorrow!

I have a big project I need to do - transfer all the stuff I have on hundreds of 3.5 floppy disks onto one of my external hard drives. Clean them up and then sell them. I was surprised when I did a recent search on eBay ... people still buy them!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 27, 2016

Got my freebies out on the driveway for the day:
Recipe magazines, styrofoam for crafts, microwave cookbook, drain kit and more.

And, we have our very first chicken egg!! Have no idea which hen laid it, but I don't care! It's small and soft-shelled, but that is normal for a baby egg. Most likely it is from Gracie, the Ameracauna, since she is the oldest.
Thawing out marinated carne asada to make jerky today. Tomorrow, I'll be dehydrating rabbit livers, hearts and kidneys for the dogs. So, I should get those out of the freezer, too ...

Have a bunch of stuff I'll be taking pictures of today to list online for sale. First up is my entire collection of The Cat Who ... books by Lilian Jackson Braun - just missing 3 from the set. My favorite! But, I have all the books as eBooks AND audiobooks, so don't need these.

Well, pooh. I should have checked before I started tearing the back stairs out ... Home Depot will not let you order wood online, so I can't use my PayPal money!!! Grrr. So, I have to wait until Thursday, when I get paid to get the treads and risers ... So, after tearing the old stuff down, I had to go through and find the best pieces and lay them back in place (not nailed) and show Nikky and Gypsy how to climb stairs they can seen under! Crazy dogs. So, I will be finishing the stairs next Saturday. The following week, they will be painted to match the house.
Can't believe it is already time for lunch! I've got the jerky dehydrating and all the rabbit parts thawing out.

My mom's task today was to clean the smallest fish tank - 10 gallon - and its hood and light fixture. She has it soaking with vinegar and baking soda on the bottom (it had hamsters in it, at one time.)

Check out my listings on eBay ( )!

Did some more sanding, hammering, taping and painting in my bathroom. It's coming along ...

Clipped the dogs' nails. And, combed out Gypsy's ears and legs, and trimmed around her eyes. I need to clip the rabbits' nails after the dogs go to bed tonight.

Need to have my mom help me take all that broken wood around to the driveway this evening after we put the chickies to bed.

This damn laptop is being difficult! I can't post things to the yard sale group! I was able to post on eBay and Craigslist, but not the FaceBook group ... maybe tomorrow ...

Door-to-door politicians disturbing my dinner tonight! Grrr.

Got all the rotted wood from the steps around to the other side of the house, on the driveway. I was worried Gypsy might run into a nail, since she's partially blind. Will get rid of all of it this week.

Rabbits' nails are all clipped. It's been far too long since I did them and Kayla's were looking well overgrown!! Shame on me!!

Can't believe I got everything done on my list for the day!

Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26, 2016

Washington State! Here I come! ... Well, in 1-2 years! Ha! I just told my mom the plans and she wants to do it. She's all disappointed that she can't help me with all the repairs, etc. But, I told her that I will give her a task each day that will really help me and I know she can do. So, she said she would do that.

Now, I'm nervous. I haven't seen my best friend since we were about 20 years old ... almost 34 years ago ... one day I saw her and the next I couldn't find her ... never again. I know where you live, now, Darla! And, I will track you down! haha! Can't wait until we are neighbors, again! <3 p="">
I'm so stressed the past few days, I have hives! Haven't had that for a while ...

Well, my ancient hamster, Cassia, died two nights ago. She was well over 2 years old.

Just heard back from my district manager about my move. I can transfer to Washington as a floater if there are no stores without a current rep when I get there. And, she'll give a high recommendation to my new manager! Yay! I've been with the company nearly 16 years, so I figured it wouldn't be a problem continuing in another state. So, I will still be working for Foster Grant. But, I may also start grooming part-time again (small dogs only) and do some doggie daycare/boarding for small/elderly dogs.

I need a new computer so bad. This laptop is so frustrating! I can't click on links or fill in fields without waiting for several MINUTES for each one and sometimes I have to refresh the page several times before I can even try! I wonder if I can put the hard drive from my other computer into the one that won't boot ... hmmm ... might experiment tomorrow ...
I can't even watch videos on this thing without the buffering stalling out ...

I just realized this will be the first move I've ever made that wasn't forced on me or others manipulated me into ... it has to work. This one will be my choice.

It's a record. Nikky and Gypsy made it two whole days without fighting ... until tonight ... crazy dogs.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

August 20, 2016

Selling quite a few things and some things I can't even give away! Seriously, I have them out on the driveway for free! And, I advertised them several places ... they'll go to the thrift store on Monday if they don't leave on their own merits by then! Ha! I have a lot of little stuff like that, that I will set out on the weekends and what doesn't move will go to the thrift store. Something different each weekend. Lots of other stuff that I will try to sell first, though.

Spackled another wall in my bathroom. Will finish painting the second coat on another section later. Just doing small sections at a time. I think that was part of my problem when I first started on this bathroom, years ago! I tried to do too much of it at once and got very burned out ... plus, my mom wanted me to do this, that and the other thing RIGHT NOW ... so, I ended up doing nothing ... Not this time. End of September is the goal for this bathroom and to replace deck back stairs. October will be replace deck front stairs and painting carport stairs.

Don't forget to check out my wish list on Amazon:

Just finished putting the fence back up in the yard the chickens are in. I had taken it down last year when neighbor Martin put up his picket fence. But, some of the spaces are too wide apart (not spaced evenly ...) and his dogs and chickens kept getting through and a couple of mine could fit, too ... so, there is a double fence there, now. The yard is pretty much chicken-proof, now. Next, will be lining the bottom of the fence with the decorative bricks again to help keep it sturdy. My mom will be doing that next week, I think.

Battling severe tooth hole pain ... upping ascorbic acid to massive levels to get rid of it ... Up to almost 10,000mg, so far. Must take more. I felt great earlier today. Pain started at around 11 ... haven't accomplished much of anything since then ...

OK. I gotta make some more colloidal silver tomorrow. I sprayed some on my aching tooth hole and the pain is nearly gone for the first time since it started. I've taken about 16,000mg of ascorbic acid and no reaction. Probably need to go higher with that ... Been spreading DMSO on the outside of my cheek over the area that hurts ... not sure if that has helped ... swished coconut oil in my mouth - nada. The colloidal silver seems to have done the best job of stopping the pain, so far.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 18, 2016

Wow. It's been too long since I've posted here. Too much on my mind, lately. But, it is all settling down, I think. I've made a decision and I have a goal. Don't know if it will all work out, but we will see! What am I doing? I'm moving! In two years, I hope to have us in Washington! Sooner, if things work out, but I won't push it. I just hope to be in Washington by August of 2018. That's my deadline. So, the next two years is going to be spent fixing this dump enough to sell it for what I still owe on it and $10-15,000 to move. That will be $30-40,000. Well below what I paid. That's going to be the big problem. Mobile homes (manufactured houses ...) as old as this one do not sell well. It's a 1976 ... I'm finishing my bathroom (FINALLY!!) and starting on the back stairs this month and next. I can only do a little at a time, since I have no real help to do it all. I have SOOOO much stuff to sell, too. So, will be posting a lot on FaceBook groups and Craigslist and eBay. Sold a couple of things this week, so that will help get parts for the stairs.
What finally lit a fire under my lazy butt? The space rent in this park is going up nearly $100 a month! The owner has petitioned to do this, even though it is rent controlled! So, my space rent will be around $530 a month, on top of my loan payments and utilities. We can do it - barely - with my mom's social security, but I have to look to the future when she is no longer around. No way can I pay that myself. She gets my dad's SS; I won't even make half of what she does, when I am able to get it. Plus, my oil royalties are next to nothing these days and no way to know if/when they will go up again ... So, my income won't cut it! When we bought this place 7 years ago, the rent control was a selling point for me ... :/ I'm not positive that it has been approved, but I have a feeling that the owner will continue to push for it, if it didn't this time.

I haven't told my mom, yet! Ha. I'm waiting on a couple of things first to surprise her. I know she wants to move and in the past, she's always wanted to go to Oregon or Washington. And, since we found out that my childhood best friend, Darla, lives there ... she's been 'hinting' at it more often ...

OK. I have a bunch of pictures I've taken the past few weeks, I think ... I'll just put them on here in order.
Hibiscus kombucha. This was sooo good.
Colloidal silver.
When is this patio going to be finished!?
Starting to get some weight on her.
A bunch of pictures taken for my local food co-op. The produce manager asked me to send some for a bulletin board display they will be making of all the members' co-op fed critters. I only sent a few of these ... some of my critters wouldn't hold still, so multiple pics.
I can't believe little Cassia is still alive. She's over 2 years old, now! Still fat and sassy.
PROOF! I have proof that Nikky and Gypsy can get along. This was the first time they actually loved and licked on each other. Most days they ignore each other or fight each other. 
Today was actually the first day in a couple of weeks they didn't fight at all for a whole 24 hours! They might start to like each other some day! They are both dominant, but I think Nikky is finally caving in. They are both extremely jealous of my attention, too.